Seven Parsecs Is Not That Far
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Princess Moonbeam is cast into the far reaches of space and finds her way to the planet Earth. Nothing has gone according to plan so she anticipates utter failure in her mission to mother a new race of superior beings.

Princess Moonbeam stirred in the jellylike ooze inside the triple lined transport pod. She was experiencing periodic flashes of memory across her suspended consciousness. In the distance, the sound of an alarm bell was disturbing the delicate balance of her sleep cycle with infinite layers of arousal pricks pre-programmed by the shipboard systems.

The readouts from her physical organs scan and the blood analysis was top grade and the pod was operating at 99.99% of efficiency which was really 100% but the display didn't take the third number. Both the pilot and the co-pilot had transitioned quite a number of earth-years ago but their crumbling life-forms were still present inside their pressurized flight suits as if they were still alive and kicking. The backup auto pilot had been engaged for quite a long time. It was still functioning perfectly and was a credit to their advanced technology.

The ship brilliantly disguised as an errant meteor from the depths of space was not on any radar or any tracking station because it was far too small and much too typical of normal space-junk to be of any interest.

The star system of Princess Moonbeam's point of origin was one that had not yet been subjected to any sort of in-depth review for the possibility of existence of alien life-forms but that was not unusual because there were far too many to expect any sort of complete grading system. The concept of infinity was difficult to grasp but most of those concerned with such thoughts were looking more for signs of danger or trouble rather than establishing contact with others.

When she would exit the pod only six minutes and thirty seconds in Earth time in the future, Moonbeam would see the puddle on the deck that once was Prince Harrison. He was the most handsome of the sons of Quark II royal society and selected to mate with her on the new planet picked as a breeding station for their kind. At this point in the space-time continuum, it didn't look encouraging for Princess Moonbeam being able to follow that agenda without the handsome Harrison to assist her in mothering a new empire. The seeds of Quark would be sorely disappointed to be denied their casting web into the dark corners of surrounding star systems.

The jellylike suspension compound was beginning to bubble slightly now and Moonbeam's hand slowly reached up to scratch her nose still submerged in the icky stuff. There was a sound of hissing from the outer shell of the pod as pressure was released and the seal disintegrated. When the outer shell fell apart, her form could be easily seen if there was anyone alive to witness the re-birth. The inner two layers were transparent and her naked body was starting to twist from its face-up position into the face down stance needed for exiting from the third and final layer of protection.

The jelly was suddenly liquefied and drained from the bottom of the blossoming pod onto the deck not being able to pass through the scupper as remnants of the handsome Prince Harrison were still blocking the slits.

Moonbeam was up on her knees and elbows. Her startling white bottom was exposed as the jelly compound was sucked out of the pod. She shook her flanks and allowed her hanging breasts to swing in unison the way they did when she was back in training school on Quark II. Her eyes opened and she took in the horror of a transitioned crew and a soul-mate reduced to soup at her feet. Things were not A-OK onboard the fake meteor that was carrying her to the surface of planet Earth transforming into a meteorite of unknown origin.


She expressed her feelings in Earth-speak using the English translation in her vocal cord implant. She was able to communicate in the 25 most common languages found on the strange planet of many languages and cultures. English was not her favorite language. It lacked the smooth flowing grace of the Romance languages like French or Spanish and was not well-suited to flowery insults and dirty words.

Stepping over the puddle that once was her beloved; she entered the cleansing stall and washed away the slime of the transport goo from her skin. She sucked in some of the potable water inside the anti-weightlessness stall and let the stuff drain from her internal systems in the normal manner for her Earth-like life form. Once she was completely clean, she exited and donned the skin-tight uniform of a full Major in the Quark II Star Exploration Force.

As the only survivor, Moonbeam considered the mission to be a probable failure by any standard of Quarkian measurement. It was distressing because she had so much wanted to begin the process of copulation she had heard so much about in her indoctrination classes. It was a process that had not existed on her world for many eons ever since the need for gender had disappeared. She fully liked her "female" status in this new role and was looking forward to steady and prolonged periods of cleaving with the handsome Prince Harrison on this new and exciting world of many contradictions.

She moved to the control panel and took over from the dubious auto-pilot. It was time to strap into the empty pilot's seat and bring this thing to a landing somewhere in the Western part of the large land mass called "America". Moonbeam never could quite grasp the concept of Americans speaking English when it was on the other side of wide water surface and not connected in any way with the old England described in her indoctrination flash tapes.

Thank God there was a hair dryer under the control panel. She knew she had to have her hair dry before she could think clearly and she had no idea why she was calling on this God person when such a thing did not exist on Quark II which only considered Quark the original as its deity.

Moonbeam set a course for the wide valley located in the Nevada wastelands under the assumption it would be so remote and so difficult to access that they would only send some small air machines to inspect and more likely just make a note of it on one of their circling "eyes in the sky" for future reference. It was highly unlikely that there would be any witness to her landing.

She braced herself for the fiery descent and hoped the exterior shell would hold up after the long journey. The sphere bounced several times before rolling to a halt just before a steep cliff that fell away to a sandy ravine that was probably a river bed thousands of earth-years ago. She allowed the sun to trace its way across the sky and give way to the darkness before she exited the craft. The sound of a wolf looking for a mate rose up into the cloudless night sky.

Moonbeam looked up uncertain exactly where her home was located. She knew she could find it easily once she had a star-map in front of her and she could recognize the familiar patterns. They all looked so strange and unfamiliar from the surface of this strange world.

She quickly got used to the gravity because her life-cells had been programmed to them and her pod kept her body ready for immersion in the atmosphere of the planet. It would have been so nice if Prince Harrison were here with her. They could have celebrated by copulating on top of the rocks under the light of the full moon creating their firstborn. She knew her firstborn would be a "boy" because her eggs were programmed to follow a pattern of boy first and then two girls. It was the best way to accelerate the re-population sequence. In just a few short centuries, they would have sufficient forces to take over this ideal world for Quarkian II expansion into the far reaches of the universe. Of course, the Earth planet was primitive but they showed promise of progressing rapidly because of their complex human nature and a driving urge to procreate. It was really in their best interest that Quark II intercede at this junction to save them from their own foolishness and wind up destroying such a lovely planet.

The one thing she had been warned about was not to have physical relations with one of the human inhabitants of the planet because it was unknown what the combination of DNA would produce. One school of thought was that the only result would be monsters with an aggressive desire to destroy anyone and anything in their path. Another school of thought was that the offspring would be so obsessed with the urge for sex that they would soon over-populate the world into extinction just like so many other animal species. Moonbeam thought the very concept of mating with one of the human creatures would be a fate worse than death and she would end her existence rather than endure such torture.

After making a good effort to hide the craft from prying eyes, she rolled the "all-terrain" motorbike off the ramp and checked that the fuel tank was filled to the brim. It was a long range version but she had no idea how far it was to the next available fuel point. On a straight line, it would be well within range but she did not know how many detours she would have to make to get to the edge of civilization.

She took several of the water containers and stuffed some tubes of nutrient into her leather jacket for use on the trail. It would be interesting to try some of the Earth sustenance that she had seen pictured and described in training. The "cheeseburger and fries" sounded so tasty that she could almost smell the ingredients and hear the sizzle of it cooking on the grill.

Moonbeam would find it difficult to fit in in most situations without attracting attention. She would make a terrible spy or agent working undercover. First, there was her height. She was almost two meters tall which was much too high for an Earth female unless you considered basketball stars. Then, there was the matter of her boobs. They protruded too far in front of her with nipples designed for having many children requiring feedings on a regular basis. Her hair was now of a silver tone brought on by the atmosphere of the strange planet and the moisture in the air. Her long legs and generous heart-shaped bottom rounded out the delectable presentation of female sensuousness crowned by an exquisite face of smiling eyes and the whitest of teeth between twin lips of ruby red moist with the dew of nubile anticipation.

In short, she was really HOT!

Fortunately, Moonbeam had an unintentional internal compass that automatically told her which way was North and which way was South. She also was able to look at the terrain and select the best route to take to make tracks to the objective with the least possible effort. When the sun started to rise in the East, she was already in sight of a small town that was just beginning to wake up in the cool foothills leading into the well-traveled roads of civilization.

She had finally arrived at her destination.

Now it was time to meet some humans and see if she would be able to mingle with them in their confused society.

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