Money Making Cheerleaders
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, First, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike, a professional photographer, opens the door to a neighborhood cheerleader selling candy and she opens the door to sexual adventure. She opens that door even wider to other cheerleaders on her squad. Fun to read. Imagine yourself as Mike, what would you do? Pure fun fantasy.

It was June 1st, the summer was starting for most kids. Mike Johnson had just set up his office in his basement. A recession had set in and his commercial photography business was having a tough go of it. He had gotten all settled in and was going to save lots of money by not paying for a studio each month. Less expenses meant more profits, and Mike needed to get into a better financial situation.

It was a beautiful Friday morning and Mike had gotten most of his work done for the week, he does photography for businesses both locally and nationally. Photography was a bad choice for his profession. In recent years with every one getting digital cameras, not many were hiring photographic services.

Mike had just gotten a cup of coffee, when the doorbell rang. It was 9 AM and he still was in his robe. Standing on his front doorstep was a little petite girl with blonde hair done in a short pixie cut. She was wearing a cheerleader uniform from the local high school. She looked up at him as he opened the door and smiled.

"Good morning Sir, my name is Tara Jones and I am the head cheerleader for the local high school cheerleading squad. I am trying to raise money for our squad to go to nationals in Florida next year. I am selling candy from this catalog, so if you're interested in buying anything, that would be great."

"Well Tara, let me take a look." Mike looked through the catalog while also checking out the girls sexy legs. He found some chocolate covered almonds that looked good.

As he was looking at the catalog, Tara looked at him. 'Wow this guy is cute.'

"Okay Tara, I think I found a couple of things I'd like to try. I want the chocolate covered almonds and the short bread cookies."

"Okay sir, I think it takes about a month for everything to come in and I will deliver them to you then. I don't need any money today, but I will collect it when I drop off your order, the total will be $20."

Mike was in a flirtatious mood. Here he had a little beauty at his doorstep and he didn't want to let her go. She looked incredibly in shape. Her cheerleader uniform clung to her tiny muscled body like a second skin. She seemed very confident and very capable yet somewhat unsure about him.

"So what year are you in school, Tara?"

"I am going to be a Junior, sir. I want to make our cheerleading squad the best, and the money will help us go to nationals. I am raising money for the whole team not just myself, because, that's what a good team captain does," She said as if rehearsed.

"So, are you selling anything else or providing any services, maybe looking for a job?

"Well, I hadn't thought of getting a job, only fund raising. Do you know of anything I could do to make some extra money?"

"I have a couple of things that maybe you could do. I am not a very good house-keeper, so cleaning my house once a week is a service I need. I don't alway have time to walk my dog. Are these things that you might be interested in doing?"

"Yes sir I might be, I could do those things, and if I'm busy I know of other girls on my squad who would gladly pitch in, but I would love to have a real job. How much do you pay?"

"How much do you charge?"

"I don't know, maybe I should talk to my parents and come up with a rate? Since I don't know you, my parents may want to talk to you and maybe have another girl here with me. Is it okay if I ask my friend Michelle Roth to help me, and then you can split what you pay us?"

"Can you come inside and I will show you what needs to be cleaned?"

The girl hesitated, not knowing if Mike was a bad man.

"Do you have a cell phone?" She nodded her head yes. "Call your mom and tell her what address you are at and that you are going to go into my house to see about a housecleaning job. After you talk to her hand the phone to me so I can talk to her. I want to make sure that you both feel safe about this."

"Okay, that is a great idea. I'll call her right now."

Tara, told her mother about the job offer and also that the man wanted to show her what needed to be cleaned and that he encouraged her to call her mother to make sure she knew where she was and so that she was safe. Tara's mother was impressed, she knew her girl was so focused on making money that she would do nearly anything. Tara told her that the man wanted to talk to her and handed him the phone.

"Hi, my name is Mike Johnson I live at 255 Maple St. Tara stopped by to sell some candy, and we got to talking and she said she was looking for things to do to make money. I need some housecleaning done and my dog walked, so I offered her a job and asked her how much she would charge, but she didn't know. I wanted you to have my phone number. After you and Tara decide on a price, have her call me. I would like to have her start working as soon as possible I think a couple hours a day would be sufficient if she's got that much time. I would also suggest that you come along with her on her first day. She wants to bring her friend Michelle. I want you to both be comfortable with the arrangement."

Tara's mom agreed and Mike passed the phone back to Tara. When she finished talking to her Mom, she hung up and actually did a little cheer she was so happy.

Mike walked her around the house and showed her what needed to be cleaned. He also introduced her to Rufus his dog, and they seem to hit it off. As Tara got down on her knees to play with Rufus, Mike admired her beautiful little teenaged ass. Her skirt rode high up on her thighs and he could see her white panties. 'This little girl was a knockout.' He wondered what her mother looked like?

Tara left the house that morning and Mike finished his coffee and the paper. He showered and made a couple of phone calls before he got a call from Tara.

"Mr. Johnson, it's me Tara Jones, the cheerleader, I was thinking minimum wage or $7.50 an hour, but cleaning a house is hard work, how about you pay me $10 per hour. I will work really work hard and do a good job for you. I have been so busy with sports and cheerleading that I have never had a job before. If I do a good job maybe you can be a reference for me at my next job?"

"Tara, that sounds good. If you do a good job I may even bump your pay to $12 per hour but you have to do what I need to have done and not complain."

"Sure, Mr. Johnson."

"You mentioned you want your friend Michelle to work with you, I am willing to extend the same deal to her."

"That is great, I can't wait to tell her. Can Michelle and I come over at two o'clock this afternoon to work for you?"

The answer was yes, and the two girls showed up promptly at 2 PM. They were dressed in shorts and T-shirts, and worked their little tails off for two hours. Mike helped them clean and together they had the whole downstairs cleaned up and looking good, but the upstairs and basement hadn't been touched.

"So girls, you worked so hard today that you deserve $12 per hour."

"The girls jumped up and down and hugged each other. Tara even gave Mike a quick hug.

"Thank you Mr. Johnson. I hate cleaning the house at home, but it was fun to do it with you and Michelle," Tara said.

"We haven't even touched the upstairs. Do you want to work on it today or come again tomorrow and finish it," asked Mike?

"How about if we come back tomorrow morning at 9 AM and finish the rest of the house. We will work as long as it takes."

The next morning the girls showed up promptly at 9 AM. Mike, not being a morning person was still in his robe drinking coffee when the girls showed up. Today, they were dressed in cute little, "tight," and I do mean "tight shorts". They also wore tank tops, that ended right above their belly buttons which was the style. There was not an ounce of fat on either of them. They were teenage dreams, and Mike couldn't help staring at their luscious little bodies.

Mike asked them if they wanted some coffee or orange juice, and they each had some orange juice as they talked. Michelle looked out the back patio door and saw the swimming pool.

"Oh wow, I didn't even notice you had a swimming pool yesterday. Would it be okay if maybe sometime we went swimming after we were done cleaning the house?"

"Sure, the pool is always available to you and your friends as long as you work for me. Just call me and let me know when you want to come over."

"Wow, fringe benefits too!"

They all worked together cleaning the house. It looked spectacular, the girls even helped Mike rearrange some of the furniture and redecorate rooms so they looked better. It was fun for all of them. Next Mike wanted to tackle the office in the basement, but he didn't want to go there yet. Mike and the girls were all sweaty, so Mike got them each a glass of water and asked them if they wanted to go swimming.

"We don't have our suits?"

"We could all wear underwear," Mike teased?

"Michele and Tara looked at each other. Tara whispered to Michelle, "I didn't wear a bra."

Mike had overheard her whisper and offered, "Maybe you could swim in your panties, I have a couple of t-shirts?"

"I guess that would work, but you can't tell our mothers. They would freeeak out if they knew we went swimming in your pool in our panties."

The girls went into the bathroom and came out wearing the T-shirts and they covered the girls asses like a short dress. They looked incredibly sexy! Mike also noticed that both girls weren't wearing bras under their T-shirts now. The T-shirts were white and he knew that as soon as they got wet, he would be able to see their tits completely.

Mike got a couple of towels out of the linen closet and gave them to the girls. He led them out to the lounge chairs sitting beside the pool, then loosened his shorts and took them off, underneath he had on a pair of nylon boxer shorts. He then pulled off his T-shirt as well. He was in good shape for a 32-year-old man. He usually worked out over lunchtime and was in great shape. The girls looked at him and then looked at each other. Tara had a look of, 'see I told you so, ' on her face, but they didn't say anything. Mike climbed down the steps into the pool and swam a lap. When he stood up he noticed that both girls were sitting at the edge of the pool with their legs in the water looking at him.

"Hey, come on in, the water's great."

"Okay, but we just thought about something. Our T-shirts are going to get wet and you will be able to see everything. So we're afraid to get in."

Mike reached down and took off his boxers. He was now completely naked in the water. The girls stared at him as he threw his boxers on the cement with a plop.

The girls jaws dropped.

"Come on in, I won't bite you and this will be our little secret. I won't touch you, or do anything you don't want me to do so don't be afraid. If you still feel uncomfortable I will leave the pool and let you guys swim by yourselves."

The girls looked at each other in some unspoken understanding.

"We aren't afraid, we'll come in but since you're naked maybe we should be naked too that way we don't get our panties all wet," said Tara?

"Tara!," Michelle questioned? "Mr. Johnson, would you turn around please," asked Michelle?

Mike turned around and the girls quickly took off their T-shirts and slipped off their panties, giggling, and dove into the pool. It happened so fast that Mike didn't even get a chance to sneak a peek. The girls swam up next to him still giggling.

"I can't believe were skinny dipping. I hope you don't think were sluts Mr. Johnson," said Tara. "We've never done anything like this before."

"I am just fortunate to be swimming in the same pool with two girls as beautiful as you two are."

The girls both blushed.

The three of them swam, splashed each other, and Mike even grabbed them by the arms and threw them high into the air so they would splash into the water. The girls were getting braver and less self conscious of the nakedness. They were having a lot of fun, and they were all getting quite turned on too. When they were done swimming the three of them filed out of the pool and the girls ran to the lounge chairs and their towels. Mike had gotten some suntan lotion and asked the girls if they wanted him to put some on their backs. The girls looked at each other and Tara said, "I don't know about that, biting her bottom lip. Promise you won't grope us or anything?

"I promise, but you need to cover your skin or you will get sunburnt, especially those parts that don't usually see the sun. You can do me after I am done with you."

As Mike started to rub the slick lotion into Tara's skin she moaned with pleasure. He slid his oily hands over her back and she stretched out like a cat being petted. Her skin was soft but her body was hard. Michelle watched from her chair as Mike rubbed the oil over Tara's buttocks. Tara subtlety raised and lowered her ass to meet his hands. He could tell she was turned on, but kept his word and didn't rub between her legs or scare her in anyway. After he had her safely covered he moved over to Michelle.

Michelle was dark-haired, she had emigrated from Russia but had been in the United States her whole life. She actually spoke Chechen and had a wonderful Russian accent when she wanted to, but for the most part she sounded just like any American teenage girl. She was taller than Tara nearly 5'8" tall. She had dark hair and exotic looking eyes. Her cheekbones were high and her lips were thick and luscious. She was long and lean and had big C cup breasts. She looked like a budding playmate. Tara on the other hand looked young, very young, with perky little nipples and a compact yet lithe, thin body. She was tiny, a foot shorter than Michelle. Her hips were narrow, skin light, and her waist was strong and thin. She also had a striking, beautiful face, perfect hands and feet. Her hair was honey blonde, cut in a short pixie style. She was a little doll.

As Mike applied the suntan lotion to Michelle, she seemed very nervous.

"Relax Michelle," he massaged her shoulders. I would never do anything to hurt you, and I would never touch you in a way that would make you feel uncomfortable. I will only put suntan lotion on you, okay?"

"Okay, Mr. Johnson. I trust you, I just never had a man put his hands on me before or see me naked for that matter. And you have such a big penis, it makes me a little nervous. Mike knelt down next to her and looked her in the eye.

"My penis isn't that big. Just remember, I will never hurt either of you, trust me on that. Now, what can I get you to drink?"

Mike went over and grabbed his wet boxers and carried them into the house. He went into his bedroom to get a pair of cargo shorts. His cock was so hard, he had to have relief or he would end up doing something really stupid with these girls. He looked out his bedroom window and saw their naked bodies on lounge chairs below and stroked his 7 inch cock. He didn't need oil because pre-cum was leaking all over it, and making it slick. He grabbed some tissue from his nightstand and exploded hard into a wad of it, as he visualized thrusting his cock in and out of the beautiful teenage girls.

After he cleaned himself up he put on the shorts and went to the kitchen for the drinks. When he came outside the girls sat up and took the beverages.

"No fair, you put on shorts, and were still naked. Take'em off, then it's our turn to put oil on you," said Tara. Michelle shook her head in agreement.

"Sounds good to me, said Mike. So he slipped off his shorts and laid face down on the lounge chair, his cock soft and floppy. The girls got the suntan lotion and Tara worked on his shoulders and Michelle started at his feet. They massaged and oiled up almost every part of him in a slow erotic hand dance. When they got to his buttocks each one took a cheek and massaged in the suntan lotion thoroughly. Tara was the brave one, she slipped her hand into the crack of his ass and covered his anus thoroughly with a suntan lotion. Mike ground his cock into the lounge chair cushion and could feel it harden as they kept massaging his ass. They spread his legs slightly more to give them better access.

Tara slid her hand down to his inner thigh and grazed his scrotum with her fingernails. Michelle massaged the oil into his inner thigh with her soft touch.

Michelle watched what Tara was doing, and copied her every move on the other side of his body. When they finished, they were flushed, hot from touching him. They quit and went back to their chairs and each of them laid face down, letting the sun tan their bodies for at least a half hour. Tara's phone sounded an alarm after 30 minutes and the girls turned over.

"Mr. Johnson, did you want to put lotion on our fronts too?" asked Tara giggling.

He hopped up and grabbed the lotion. Mike couldn't believe Tara was asking him to rub his hands over their naked titties. It wasn't very long ago when they were afraid to get into the pool with their T-shirts on. Now they stretched out naked on the lounge chairs as he put oil in his hands and started on Tara's stomach. Her stomach was tight lean and flat. As his hands ran over her body she put her hands above her head and stretched out her arms even more as he massaged her upper body. Mike looked Tara in the eyes as he moved his hands over her pert pointy breasts, he saw only pleasure and no resistance. Tara sucked in her thin stomach and you could see her prominent hip bones and pelvic bone almost rise up.

"Oh, this feels so good," she swooned."

As Mike continued to apply the suntan lotion over her body, she spread her legs apart just slightly. He rubbed the oil onto her hips and sunken tummy, and her legs spread even wider. He then started on her feet, her perfect little dainty feet, and he moved up her legs one at a time. When he got close to her pussy, he moved to the other leg. This was building up great sexual tension in Tara's little body. When he had done both legs, the only thing that was left was her pussy.

He poured some oil directly on top of the triangle patch of pubic hair on her mons. Tara now wanted his hands on her pussy, she bent her knees, and opened her pussy to him. This was too much for Mike, her pussy was perfect. The labia stood out proudly in a "V" formation. Mike sat and straddled the lounge chair with his legs just below Tara's pussy. He rubbed suntan lotion all over and around her pussy except for directly on her pussy lips and quit. He left her, aroused and grinding the air as he went to Michelle. When Mike wasn't looking Tara slipped a finger into the groove of her pussy and then massaged her clitoris.

Michelle had been watching what Mike had done to Tara. Mike's cock had gotten fully hard and was bigger than ever. She was very nervous, but wanted Mike to touch her body too. He started with a suntan lotion on her stomach he massaged it in and made his way up to her breasts. When he slid his hands over her nipples she moaned, "oh fuck!" Mike continued to massage her upper body and returned to her flat muscular six pack. He massaged her lower abdomen and right around her pelvic bone. As he moved to her hip bones, she sucked in her stomach. He could see her face was flush with desire. He moved to her feet as he had with Tara and massaged her long toes and high arches. He moved up each leg as she nervously bit her lip. She too spread her legs open slightly, but he didn't touch her pussy. He was done with her, but asked her if there was anything else he could do for her.

"Well, I don't want my pussy to get burnt. Would you mind putting some suntan lotion on it and I will rub it in?"

"Okay, do you want some too Tara," he asked as he looked over at her?

She was staring at his erection and jerked her hand away from her pussy and nodded her head yes as she looked up at him as if she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Tara thought rubbing in more lotion might give her an excuse to cum and she needed to cum badly. He squeezed a dollop just above her clit and sat the bottle down

"I have to check the chlorine in the pool room and I will be back."

Mike knew that watching them rub their pussies would be too much for him and had to get away. His cock was throbbing and he knew if he stayed, he would blow their trust. After 10 minutes he came back and laid on his back. His cock was now soft yet tumescent.

Tara said to Michelle, "Come on, we have to put suntan lotion on his front too or he will burn. They knelt on both sides of the lounge chair and started on his stomach. Each girl rubbed him all over and very sensually I might add. They did his powerful arms and chest and Tara even moved to his face and sensuously massaged his cheeks and ears while Michelle did his neck. That for some reason caused his cock to get rock hard. Both girls loved caressing his body and wanted to be lying on him. They moved down to his feet and rubbed in the lotion all the way up to his groin. As they did his hips, he pushed his pelvis up slightly and his cock flexed up in the air obscenely.

"Sorry girls, you are turning me on something fierce."

"Massaging us turned us on too," said Tara. "Do you want me to rub some on your penis?"

"No, if you did that I would cum all over the place."

"Really, I'd like to see that," said Tara. Michelle was totally engaged in this conversation as well.

"I can't, now you two go lay down and get some sun."

"Oh poo!," said Tara.

After another 30 minutes Tara asked if they could use the shower before they got dressed. Mike had an outdoor shower right around the side next to the house with a privacy wall. He walked them over to it and adjusted the temperature of the water. Then he handed Michelle the soap and asked if she wanted him to soap her up.

"Okay," she said smiling nervously.

He had them both get wet and got his hands all soapy and rubbed the soap all over Michelle's body getting it really sudsy. Mike asked Michelle if he should do her hair too, and she agreed. It was very sensual to the young girl, having a man massage her scalp and wash her hair so lovingly. He spent a long time on it. While Mike was doing that, Tara began to soap him all over. She even ran her hands over his scrotum between his legs.

"Tara, easy does it there."

She smiled and went to his legs. When Michelle was done Mike handed her the soap so she could do her pussy. She quickly got her hands soapy and handed the soap back to him.

"Are you ready now Tara?"

"Yes, make sure you get me really clean and you can shampoo my hair too if you want."

Mike put some shampoo in his palm and ran his hands through her wet hair getting it all soapy. He soaped her body up too, but didn't touch her pussy. While he was shampooing her hair Tara leaned back and put the back of her head against his chest. She then pinched and pulled her nipples. Mike's cock was so hard it pushed against the small of her back. Mike then spent time on her neck and shoulders and reached around her and squeezed her nipples and rubbed his cheek against her neck. He caught himself and pulled away a little as he continued washing her. He then went back to her head and massaged in the shampoo some more.

Michelle massaged Mike's shoulders while he was washing Tara. After Tara had rinsed off, the girls asked to wash Mike's hair.

"You two need to get home before your Moms get mad."

"Well, Mom is going to pick us up when I call her and that way she can meet you," said Tara.

"Well, in that case, finish washing me and then we'll get dressed."

They did a good job and shampooed his hair, but when Tara started to wash his balls, Mike moved her hands to his hips. She smiled while he rinsed off. They got dressed and then he opened a bottle of wine while Tara called her Mom. Mike got some chips and salsa out and got some diet pepsi's for the girls. While the girls waited for Tara's Mom Sandy to arrive, they went around the house and made sure everything was in good shape, and then left with the dog Rufus for a short walk.

While they were gone, Mike heard a knock at the door and Sandy was standing there waiting. Mike let her in and introduced himself and told her the girls took the dog for a walk.

"Do you want some wine, I just opened a bottle," said Mike?"

"Sure," Sandy said. "Nice home."

Mike led her into the kitchen and she sat on a bar stool. He noticed how much she looked like Tara or rather the other way around. She was young too, she looked to be in her late 20's. Slim and trim with blonde hair and tits that fit her body. She was around 5 foot 2 and she had bright blue eyes and a little nose.

"So, how did the girls do with the house cleaning?"

"They worked their tails off. I know they want to show you around so I will leave it to them."

They got to know each other as they sipped their wine. Sandy was a single Mom that worked as an executive assistant for the largest corporation in the city. She had a teenage pregnancy and was never married, her immature boyfriend didn't want anything to do with a baby and left for less responsibility. She had raised her daughter by herself. Mike told her of his photography business, how the economy had dried up and he had to move his business home. He also told her how he was never married and had just not met the right woman. He figured since he was only 32 that he had plenty of time.

The girls walked in with Rufus and said hello to Sandy. Tara wanted to show her the house and they took her all around to show her what they had done. Sandy was pleasantly surprised by the girls enthusiasm and praised their efforts.

"Is anybody hungry? I can order a pizza if you're interested.

Sandy said she had a rough week at work and just wanted to go home and take a bath. The girls wanted to have pizza but had already committed to going out with some boys to the local hang-out. Mike was going to have to hang-out by himself again.

"I guess I will probably rent a movie and just hang out tonight."

Sandy said goodbye and Tara said she would see Mike some time tomorrow to walk the dog. When everyone had gone, Mike felt kind of lonely. It had been a great meeting the young cheerleader at his door step yesterday. He wondered if maybe he had a shot at dating Tara's mom Sandy. From the way she wanted to go home and take a bath, he doubted it.

Mike went down into his basement and worked on some business for a few hours. It was nearly 9pm when his doorbell rang.

Tara stood outside dressed like she was going out.

"What's up Tara?"

"Well, I went to the burger barn for a while with my friends and got bored. My Mom actually had a date tonight, the first one in like 10 years. No one is home so I thought I would see what you were up to?"

"I was just editing some video. I am about done though."

You didn't take us downstairs to your office, can you show me what you do down there?"

"Sure, come on down."

Mike took her into his basement. It was set up with two editing rooms, a voice over sound booth and a little studio with lights and a several backgrounds. He showed her the video stuff, what he was editing and some of his portfolio showing his best work. Tara was really impressed. She thought his photographic images were outstanding.

"This is so cool, I can't believe you have all this stuff and that your work is so professional."

"Well thank you for the compliment."

"Can you take some photos of me? I don't have any good ones and I need to have my cheerleading pictures taken while I am still somewhat tan this summer. I could pay you? I bet I could get all the cheerleaders to let you take their cheerleading photos."

"I will give you a 20 percent commission on any business you get me. I would also be honored to take fun photos of you. Maybe you can come over sometime and we can shoot a few poses."

"Do you have time tomorrow," asked Tara?

"It's Saturday, I am just hanging out, so sure, bring some different outfits and I will shoot a bunch.

"Cool, I don't have to be home until midnight so do you want to do anything now?

"Well, I rented a movie, we could watch it if you are interested."

"Okay, can we go swimming again first?

"You can if you want, I will make some popcorn for us."

"No, skinny dipping with you was so fun that I want to do it again, just you and I."

"Tara, I would love to go skinny dipping with you, but I will want to do more and today I had a hard enough time controlling myself."

"Oh, I know what you mean. Let's just watch the movie."

Mike started the movie and the popcorn. Tara grabbed a blanket and sat on the couch. Mike brought in the popcorn and a couple of cokes and put the popcorn between them as he sat on the couch too. The movie was a romance and after 20 minutes, the popcorn was finished and Mike laid against the left side of the couch.

"Mike, lie down and I will lie next to you. It will be more comfortable."

They laid together and spooned on the couch and watched the movie. It was a tear jerker and Tara cried at one point. Mike put his arm around her and held her. When the movie ended, Tara turned toward Mike and gave him a hug.

"Thanks for today Mr. Johnson. I had the best day and I am really glad we met."

Tara kept looking at Mike.

"I had better get home," she paused and looked unsure. "Thanks for being a gentleman." She leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips and again looked into his eyes. Mike wrapped his arms around her and slid halfway on top of her and gave her a full mouth passionate kiss.

After the kiss, Mike got up and helped her up off the couch and showed her to the door. She left quickly, smiling.

Mike was torn between being a good guy and wanting to fuck the living shit out of her.

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