Caught in the Act
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Well it has been two years since I started my "sexcapades" with Shania,with her blossoming into a very seductive 16 year old.Her father still the same,her mother now abusing drugs even more and my wife visits the club more often as business was booming. Everything was going well for me...that was until,well... I think it's better you read what happened.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Food   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   Slow   Violent  

So now two years had passed and 16 year old Shania visited her mother more often to either bring her some cash or tend to the household seeing that her parents were now divorced and her mother had now went into deep drug abuse and also had to visit rehab often. My wife spent more time at the club as business began booming and there were a lot of refurbishing and even an extension was to be erected for extra dance floor space, we even promoted one of the staff members, John to managerial position, but still she had to be there to make sure things went smoothly.This gave Shania and me more time to play around. It was the morning of the weekend and my wife had left early to catch her flight. I awoke and went to freshen up, threw on my robe afterwards, headed downstairs and poured myself some coffee and proceeded outside to get the newspaper. As I picked it up and looked at the front page walking back to the front door, there was the sound of a car door closing at the front gate. By this time it was Shania dropping off from her taxi and began walking up to meet me as I had now reached the front door. With me acting coy as I held the door open with my back, one hand holding the coffee cup and standing sideways to allow her entry to the house while still looking at the front page of the newspaper with my other hand. Upon reaching me I pulled the newspaper closer to my chest, looked at her and said

"Good morning my pet"...

She smiled seductively and as she reached directly in front of me replied,

"Good morning lover".

As she extended her hand and grabbed my cock giving it a gentle squeeze and kept walking into the house.

"I'll be in the bathtub hun". She said as she walked past me, kicking off her high heels, then peeling off her overcoat and tank top, pushing down her leather skirt and dropping each article of clothing on the floor as she headed for the stairway. By the time she had reach the first tread of the stairs she was down to her bra and panties. I must admit she had definitely become more mature as i noticed she wore the tightest thongs I've ever seen outside of a porn movie and her well developed teenage ass shimmied side to side as she walked up the stairs and her asscheeks moved in a hypnotic motion while she undid her bra and held it out sideways with her index finger releasing it as if beckoning me to follow her into the bathroom.

With my cock instantly becoming half erect, I began closing the door as i walked in, but there was another vehicle pulling up to front of the driveway as i was doing so. It stopped and it was heavily tinted so I couldn't see the occupants inside the vehicle. After a few seconds as I was looking at the vehicle I saw the front passenger door opened, a body alighted from the vehicle and I then realized it was little Timmy and before he closed the door I saw the driver was Stone, the drug pusher, but why was he riding with Stone?, I asked myself. I was out the door standing on the porch as he approached me, vehicle driving away hastily.

"Good morning Mr. D". He said

"Good morning Tim".

I replied not knowing there was a confused look still on my face.

"No Mr. D, it's not what you think. You see Stone's my step brother, he was passing through and saw me walking in and decided to give me a lift". He said

"Oh, that ... no it's other things on my mind Tim, that's no big deal".

I said, as i tried to keep a straight face.I gave him his cash and told him I might be resting later on so he might not see me outside for the rest of the day, he took the cash and then went around to the back to do his chores.I closed the door and headed up to the bathroom to join Shania in the tub, picking up her clothing that was strewn on the floor.

On reaching the bedroom I heard soft music playing in the bathroom. I threw her clothes on the bed along with my robe and walked towards the ajar bathroom door. The odour of sweet scented candles filled the room and there were rose petals on the suds and in the water of the tub. Shania was seated on the side, testing and stirring the water and rose petals with her fingers in a playful manner. The ambiance of the bathroom along with the view of Shania's teenage, petite, naked body only had my adrenaline rushing causing my fully erected cock to throb. She looked up at me and motioned me to enter the tub. As I stepped into the water and began to slowly slide down make myself comfortable she turned and reached for my cigarettes that were on the table near the wall next to her and lit one for me placing it to my lips as I settled down in the tub. Her hands cupping the water and pouring it on my neck, shoulders and chest and gently caressing as the water ran down back into the tub. I laid back smoking and enjoying the moment as she did this silently until i was finished smoking.

As I was finished smoking, she then stood up and started to climb into the tub with me. The sight of her body and her legs spread across my thighs, sight of her neat pussy directly in line of sight as she squatted down slowly into the cowgirl position, making my throbbing cock feel as though it would explode at any minute. She leaned forward and held me by the shoulders, kissing me gently on my lips, then to my neck, down to my chest, sucking and nibbling on my nipples and moved back up, biting my neck and lips pulling slightly with her teeth, licking and sucking on me as if I were an exotic fruit. She rested my cock between her pussy lips and move her hips forward and backward causing her pussy to gently massage my cock from the base of the shaft, up to the tip, very slow and deeply. The tension was building and I had to act before she made me cum without even penetrating her soft, warm pussy.

I raised up causing her to sit in an upright position, reached around her waist and began to squeeze her asscheeks, kneading them as I kissed her deeply, searching for her tongue to lock mine wit her's. I kissed her gently down her chin as she tilted her head back sighing and gasping, slowly moving her hips inward and outward to match the kneading movements of my hands on her ass, holding the back of my head tightly against her chest and lightly scraping my back and shoulders as I sucked and her breasts and rolled her hard, erected nipples between my teeth, making circular movements around them with my tongue causing her to bite her lips and moan softly. By this time I knew she was totally relaxed and ready for penetration of my rock hard shaft.

"I want you to fuck me sweet ... much more sweeter than you would ever fuck Mrs. D"! ... She whispered in my ear, breathing deeply before sticking her tongue into it. I then held her ass tightly and lifted her upward, she knew what this meant and she reached forward with one hand and guided my cock to the opening of her pussy, she rubbed it twice on her clit before placing the tip midway past her pussylips. As she stayed poised in that position, returned her had around my shoulder and began to slowly ease down on the shaft of my cock. I felt it entering as she kept a firm, slow, downward motion easing every inch in and i felt the strong warmness of her insides engulf the sensitive head. As she reached the base of the shaft, she changed from the squatting position and wrapped her legs around my waist and locking her feet together behind me. As we kissed deeply, she now seated firmly on my shaft buried deep inside her, began to gyrate her hips and rode back and forth on my lap. I could feel her clitoris rub on the shaft as she moved backward and her asscheeks pressing hard against my balls on her forward thrust. She began to pick up pace, I synchronised with her movements, the water in the tub began to splash around and fall out, suds were building as she heaved and bucked her body hard on me. Groaning long and loud, me grunting as her thighs would hit my lower abdomen. She was definitely having the time of her life with this ride. We maintained this position and movement till almost half of the water that was in the tub had bailed out from the hard, deep fucking. Then it was time for the big finish.

I reached down and held her tightly just above the hips, with her being petite it fitted nicely, well enough for me to give her the strong fucking she requested of me. She realized my intentions and brought her feet back to the side of my thighs, back to the cowgirl position with my cock throbbing and deep inside her now hot pussy. She then leaned back slightly, hands outstretched and fingers locked behind my neck, giving herself space between our bodies so I can see her breast and stomach fully.

"Oh yess! ... fuck me like a stallion, wanna feel you deep and hard"!! ... She yelled as she tilted her head back, closed her eyes, bit her lips and groaned loudly. With her fitting into my hands like a doll, I raised her off my shaft till it was almost out and with the tip almost out of her pussy I pulled down on her hips very hard and strong causing her to come back down hard on the shaft and her pussy lips and groins slapping harder against my body that before, causing the water to splash out of the tub even more, her wet hair bouncing wildly as she arched her back to take my shaft deep and hard everytime I thrust inside her.

"Fuck yeahhh ... ohhh ... so fucking deeeeep ... ungh! ... you're gonna wreck my pussy"!! ... She yelled as I began pumping upward. After some time I could feel my cum ready to explode, I pulled out from inside her and she lay back on the other side of the tub facing me, the water was almost empty from the tub so she can get a full view of my fully erected cock as I jerked vigorously. It wasn't too long afterwards I shot my load. Jets of gooey cum shot out in intervals and ran down the underside of the shaft. To this she was contented knowing that she had definitely pleased me to the maximum and with one foot up on the edge of the tub, elbows resting on both sides and biting on her index finger with squinted eyes and a seductive smile. She brought herself forward afterwards as i lay back on my side of the tub, resting entirely on top of me and gently stroking my cum filled cock, she rested her head on my chest and whispered,

"Get some rest ... we'll be going for a night of fun out in the town"...

I reached over to the table, got myself a cigarette and catch my breath as I slowly felt myself weary and drifting away with slow, deep intake of smoke.

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