Claimed by Carnal Desire
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, TransGender, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dean yearned to be the property of an assertive woman, his dabbling with submission to his girlfriend not sating his lust to be dominated. A truly superior mature woman makes him pledge his life to her before making him hers; he soon becomes immersed in a life of slavery and degradation, used, processed and delivered to a life beyond that he could never have dreamed, or had nightmares about. 'Be careful what you wish for, was never so prophetic.

Dean had asked for it. Now here he was, trussed on the bed while he licked deliriously at the asshole of the woman he had lusted after for so long; she sat, indulging in her victorious dominance over the victim she had so easily lured to this position of punishment while her three equally lusty friends applied a stinging cane and laughed as he bucked in pain. The rope about his neck was strangely comfortable as his mistress laughed and taunted him.

"You can't hold back forever, you know you want it. As soon as you surrender your mess to the sheets we shall enjoy your end, and you did promise you'd die for me; I'm only keeping my part of the bargain." The deliciously buxom and mature woman held her large thighs back as Dean's cock pulsed and rubbed the sheets, bringing him ever closer to the final glorious orgasm that would announce his execution. His mature mistress rubbed her clitoris urgently as the doomed male sniffed at her full arousal, the taste and warmth of her asshole bringing him to the teasing brink of ecstasy as the severe brunette took her turn with cane, while the stern blonde grinned and toyed with the rope which looped over the beam and down to the trussed male's neck. The other curvaceous madam taunted as she stood and enjoyed his punishment, awaiting her turn with the rattan which was readily cutting his tortured ass cheeks.

"I can't wait to see those balls in a jar with the rest of Martha's collection; it is so gratifying to taunt new males with the story behind each pair." Dean's mind went back to when he had been in that very position; his mouth agape in horror at the cruel satisfaction expressed by his mistress when he had been shown her gruesome trophies. Each taunt brought him closer to complete submission as much as each sound of the approaching cane and the stinging cut that followed the sweet noise. He bucked and slithered in the warm patch of pre-cum, his stiff cock tantalised by the rhythm of the spiteful caning as it rubbed divinely while he squirmed in the tight bondage, the atmosphere filled with the scent of feminine arousal; his mistress's sopping cunt providing the prime aroma. He fought hard not to come but knew he could not hold back forever; he knew the pleasure would be sublime, but oh so final. Martha sneered with pleasure as she sensed the urgency of his tongue as it probed frantically at her asshole; he would keep his promise now. She laughed as he began to stiffen all over and the moans of divine pleasure began to take over from the cries of pain as the wicked cane continued to be applied relentlessly.

"You are mine now Dean, I shall so enjoy your surrender; the rope is ready for you, Miranda shall take you to your blissful end, we've seen before how you've enjoyed her domination by cane." The brunette quickly passed the cane to the raven haired Miranda, and joined the smiling blonde at the rope. Dean writhed in fear and ecstasy, the tight bonds ensuring his submission as he felt the noose tighten when the slender hands grasped the rope, the laughing women ready to enjoy his dance of torment and pleasure; Miranda tensing her shapely thighs and ass as she applied the strokes which would deliver him. His tongue probed at full length into Martha's asshole, mimicking the actions of his cock which now thrusted out of control; he was coming, and the fiercely dominant Miranda showed no mercy as she thrashed him to orgasm. Dean gasped in a spasm of pure ecstasy as he looked up through the cunt of the woman he had promised his life to; he saw her cruel smile of victory as he now willingly accepted he would pay the price, she had enticed him, humiliated him, and now she would dispose of him. He moaned in defeat as his cock shot forth the first succulent jet of semen in absolute submission, his tongue still worshipping the woman who would destroy him; she showed not the slightest hint of mercy and wallowed in dominant ecstasy as she looked into his eyes with a contemptuous smile.

"Hoist him ladies, he'll hang for us now; his life is over!" As the two women heaved on the rope, Martha learned forward and lifted his shoulders with the aid of Miranda, to ensure his neck was not broken, and wriggling mid-orgasm he was hoisted first to his knees and then high up to the beam. With his cock spending generous loops of semen the women laughed as he danced on the rope, wriggling in heavenly submission against the delicious bonds which ensured his fate, and taking in the full pleasure of the noose as it squeezed the life from him. He had been hanged by his mistress and his balls continued to spurt his just submission to her as he enjoyed the total defeat that many submissive males could only dream of.

Miranda worked his still erect cock as he dangled for their pleasure, teasing the last gratifying spurts of sweet submission from him, while the women laughed as they watched him hang. His head buzzed as began to lose consciousness, staying long enough to see the beautifully stern shape of his goddess Martha take the evil knife from the table with which she would make a trophy of his balls. As she smiled with satisfaction and said 'goodbye you poor fool' his mind flashed back to when he first met her as he passed out, spent and utterly defeated...

He'd always had a thing about being dominated by strong women, and chose his girlfriends carefully; Carrie was an assertive girl and he had managed to coax her into a little bdsm, getting her to playfully cane him once, but she was none too impressed when he came on the sheets, leaving her unsatisfied but for the fingering he gave her in exchange which resulted in a poor orgasm. She would not entertain oral sex despite Dean's constant suggestions that she'd enjoy it; this left him somewhat unsatisfied with the relationship, and he often resorted to masturbating while watching internet porn featuring dominant women; he found older women especially attractive.

It was at the large department store where Carrie worked that Dean's fate was sealed, from the moment he first saw Martha Grant. Carrie worked in the clothing department and Dean had arrived to pick her up one evening when he saw a curvy mature woman in a tight pencil skirt who instantly caught his attention. His cock stiffened as he watched the superb movement of her ass and lower legs in black nylon, balanced on severe looking black stilettos. She seemed to home in on his presence too, and turned to display full breasts in a silk blouse as she looked at him with an inquisitive sneer through brown eyes behind stern glasses. Her hair was up in a bun, making her look to Dean every inch the strict headmistress type; his cock now awkwardly stiff in his underwear. He was sure he saw a mild smirk in her bright red lips before her face took on a more serious look as she strutted importantly toward Carrie.

"I see the line in leather skirts is selling well Miss Chandler; I knew there would always be a market for them in this town; we have a very diverse female clientele here." Dean was immediately captured by dark and sexy tone of her voice, and looked on with mouth agape as he listened intently.

"Yes Ms Grant, I'll have to call for some more from the warehouse tomorrow morning; they've been very popular with women of all ages." Dean was transfixed by this middle-aged female's womanly presence, and her full figure was perfect in his eyes; Martha smiled at him with a knowing look, her sex tingling; she had a sixth sense which told her she was in the company of a submissive male, she had known so many. She tensed her ample thighs and stood upright, lifting her chin and expressing her large breasts, watching for signs of confirmation of potential willing enslavement in Dean's body language. She postured dominantly with hands on hips and delivered her next line as sensually as she dare, careful not to make her interest in the male too clear to his young girlfriend.

"Yes, I have purchased one myself and I know they have been particularly popular with more mature, shall we say, independent women." Carrie simply smiled and agreed, innocent of what she really meant; Dean swallowed hard and his cock stiffened obediently, as if to salute the superior woman, he knew exactly the true meaning of her statement. Martha's cunt began to moisten in her silken panties as she saw the confirmation she sought; he was younger than her and attractive and was obviously on a different level to his girlfriend; she was always ready to take on males, the role that she played at the moment was taken on, purely so that she might have such an opportunity; to Carrie and the other staff at the store, she was simply a Buyer, in reality she and and several other women actually owned the store. They could not know her true agenda; it was known that Martha Grant was a spinster, and as she was so physically attractive many rumours abounded about her being a lesbian, but the truth was that she had enjoyed many men but strictly on her terms. Martha Grant's appetite for dominating males to absolute submission was insatiable. Her nipples pointed excitedly as she warmed to Dean's obvious interest, and she saw an opportunity to lure him to a life of slavery within her private and erotic circle. She turned her attention to Carrie for a moment, her mind already set on having her male.

"You have been one of our star sales people; I've been asked to invite you to our annual sales people's party, it's at Miranda Moore's house on Friday; you know, the lady from Marketing. Of course, the company directors won't be there, so we can let our hair down ... partners are more than welcome of course." Carrie was shocked at being invited to such an 'up market' event, it was not the sort of event that humble sales personnel were usually invited to.

"That would be great, but I'm not sure Dean will be bothered." Before Carrie had even had time to think about what she'd said, Dean cut in immediately.

"Oh I'd be delighted to come." Martha was delighted too; she already intended that she would see him 'come' in more ways than one in the near future.

Dean took Carrie home then had a few drinks with her before returning to his modest flat. He went to bed and fantasised about the supreme Martha, masturbating to satisfaction as he dreamed of being dominated by her; he would soon find to his cost that those dreams would become a reality, one so sweet and punishing that he would be consumed completely by her. Martha phoned Miranda and enthused to her about her next 'project' in her usual down to earth style; she would take Carrie out for a few drinks during her lunch break at the store and loosen her tongue to gain as much knowledge about Dean, and then contrive to break off the couple's relationship together as painlessly as possible for the young girl. Now her dominant lust had focused on a new prey, she intended to have Dean for herself as quickly as possible.

Carrie was flattered by the attention lavished upon her by Martha that week at the store; so much so that she too pondered on the rumour that the shapely spinster might be a lesbian, though this thought was dispelled on the Thursday when an extended lunch with Martha, Miranda, and two other mid-management and mature ladies resulted in their imbibing perhaps a little too much alcohol, and the discussion turned to one of sex. Carrie could not know that the blonde Dee and brunette Thelma were more than just casual work friends who happened to turn up; all were equally intent on enjoying the pleasures and torment of the male selected by Martha, all took part in the humiliation and submission of males selected by each. Carrie felt obliged to divulge the known kinks of Dean, Martha having casually suggested she once had a boyfriend who liked to be spanked, Miranda knew one who liked to be tied up; when Dee and Thelma had divulged their experiences, Carrie naturally spoke at ease about Dean's pleasure at being caned, and she and the others giggled as she disclosed how he had not been able to stop himself messing the sheets. Martha's cunt tingled at this solid proof that he would be easily owned, and smiled covertly at the other three. Learning that he lived alone was an unseen bonus; she had planned that Carrie would forget he existed after a very short while, and this was perfect. They all looked forward to Friday's party; Martha would make her first moves there, Dean was doomed.

Martha wore a tight black dress to the party, which displayed her curves to the maximum, and tall steel spiked stilettos; her make-up gave her a severe look like Elizabeth Taylor in her prime, no male who was remotely submissive could fail to surrender to her completely. Her three associates who mingled with the growing crowd appeared equally dominant to those aroused by the natural and correct progression of the inevitable succession of womanhood. All four passed comments to each-other about those males who looked upon them with starry eyes; their women and other ignorant males, oblivious to the delicious power which emanated from them. Martha's nipples poked firm with excitement the moment that Carrie entered with Dean; she tried to remain completely nonchalant as she greeted Carrie, but she was instantly drawn to Dean: she was impatient to have him owned as soon as possible. She was saved by Miranda who whisked Carrie away immediately, Thelma stepping in to ensure her route back was blocked, should she try to retrieve him. Martha stood in all her magnificent dominance looking Dean in the eye with the merest hint of a smile, he looking back without saying a word, taking in her stern beauty. The look seemed to confirm that they both knew they were there just to initiate his surrender; he stood awkwardly as his cock erected, he was close to kneeling at her feet automatically, he wanted to be owned by her and he knew she wanted to dominate him. Martha gathered her senses, her whole body buzzing.

"Come with me young man, I shall allow you a drink." Dean said nothing as she clasped his hand and he watched her beautiful round ass move in the tight black material; he so wanted to kiss it. She squeezed his hand tight as she led him, already exerting control over him as they walked through the throng of chatting people who remained oblivious to the feverish lust which was developing between them. As Martha took him to a quieter corner, he looked through the crowd and saw Carrie happily chatting with some colleagues; she smiled at him and continued to chat; after all, what mischief could he get up to with an older woman? Martha led him to the kitchen area and poured him a large drink of his choice, and he watched as her delicate hands did so, every thing she did seemed so elegant; he felt so powerless in her presence. She smiled warmly as they sipped at their drinks.

"I've been thinking of you since I first saw you; I know you find me attractive, you needn't be embarrassed about it. Carrie has told me all about you, I know what you like in a woman; I found it so pleasing." Dean was speechless at first, and gulped at the drink as though it would cool the warm flush of his face as he heard her assertive tones; he had practiced what he would say to her in order to break the ice, but she had already gone way beyond his perceived point of their first direct verbal exchange. He could not deny her perception, and he simply blurted his response automatically, his balls and anus tingling like some cornered animal about to be devoured by a ruthless predator.

"I have thought about you endlessly, I feel so bad about it because Carrie has been so nice to me and it's been you on my mind from the moment I saw you; I think you are wonderful." He tried to sound as humorous as he could but the sincerity of his statement was undeniable, as he blushed like a schoolboy before a headmistress who was about to chastise him; he could not believe what he had just said. Martha's ego swelled at the ease with which she had made him open up to her; she would be in complete control of him before the evening was out. She smiled wickedly and moved closer to him, making him tremble as he took in her warm overpowering scent.

"I think you are in need of a much stronger woman than Carrie, but if I take you there will be no going back; I would accept nothing other than absolute obedience from you, and your life would belong to me. Could you ever be ready to commit yourself to such a destiny? I know you are submissive, but this would be no sexual game for evenings and weekends; you will become my property, to be disposed of when I tire of you. You will know complete and absolute domination." Dean's cock was rigid as her words enveloped him like an opiate, he was truly in fear of her and this only increased his submissive desire to be owned by her; she now became a goddess to him, he yearned to be, reduced, humiliated and disposed of by her. She looked sternly at him, impatient and hoping he would accede to her demands and begin his own destruction. Dean wanted to be owned by her, she utterly consumed him and he decided that the dominant brown eyes which burned into him were inescapably those of his mistress. His voice broke a little as e passion within him uttered the words which made her cunt ooze.

"Yes, I would willingly pledge my life to you." Martha did not smile, she restrained her victorious dominance and softly placed her hand on the bulge to feel the honest excitement of his cock for the first time, the cock which now belonged to her.

"You will not play with your cock when you think of me tonight, as I know all feeble males do; the next time you spend your worthless seed will be when you are at my feet, and you shall learn the scent of your mistress. You will not see Carrie again after tonight; I shall take great pleasure in telling her that you made a pass at me, and Miranda will do you the honour of saying she experienced the same animal advances You will be made to thank her for that honour when you are introduced to her as my new property; l shall be most pleased to see her cane you." He nearly came as she softly rubbed his bell-end and softly kissed his lips, before passing him a small card from between her rounded breasts.

"You'll be at my home at ten tomorrow morning with what you can carry, you will not need too many clothes; I will dictate what you wear from now on, you will not be late, you will bring all your documents and credit cards, you will never return to your flat. Now go to your ex-girlfriend and savour your last night of freedom; your life will begin its downward spiral tomorrow." Dean clutched at the card and stared at her, speechless with his heart pounding, Martha stood back and raised her arm, pointing to the door with smug satisfaction; he went and joined Carrie, in a cold sweat; Martha watched with delight as Carrie's eyes revealed she knew something was not quite right with her boyfriend; this was perfection, she would believe the stories that Martha and her friend would reveal as she began her Saturday shift at the store.

Mart got very little sleep and paced about his flat having selected what he could carry as soon as he had returned after saying his goodbye to Carrie. He had wanted to tell her, and end the relationship with some degree of sense, but was compelled to oblige Martha's commands; he bade her goodbye and said nothing. He managed to sleep, albeit fitfully as whenever he closed his eyes he saw the irresistible face and curves of his supreme mistress, his erection maintained perpetually, his balls yearning to spurt as he dared think of how she would dominate him; he would soon know.

He got a cab across town, and looked wistfully at the department store as they passed on the way to the more affluent part of town. He had the cab drop him a couple of streets from the address, and walked through the grandiose avenues to the residence on the card. He began to feel as though he'd made a mistake in doing so, as he felt a little exposed in such surroundings, dressed as he was in casual attire with a back on his back like some hobo; he received scant glances from the occasional well-to-do resident as he increased his pace to the address. At five to ten he arrived at the house; a large detached Art Deco building, way beyond the means of a department store buyer, making him panic a little into believing he'd been made a joke of. As he walked up the long drive and ascended the steps, the door opened and there stood Martha, resplendent in one of the tight leather skirts that Carrie had been so proficient in selling. She left the door open and strutted down the hall in her heels, laughing and talking to someone else in the house. Dean stepped up and paused for a moment before going in and closing the door behind him; he moved to the room where Martha and another woman's voice resonated from. She postured and pointed to a corner.

"Put your things there and take your clothes off." A tall athletic yet mature woman with black hair, crossed her long legs and smirked contentedly as he revealed his body, laughing with contempt as his excitement made itself apparent. Martha turned to her.

"Yes Miranda, this is the filthy animal who squeezed your ass and asked if you were into sado-masochism last night. Carrie was so upset to here the truth about him, but she'll soon get over it. She may have forgiven him the one deviance, but having heard how he'd already tried to to fondle my cunt, she's glad to be rid of him." Dean stood red faced and naked as the two laughed at how upset Carrie was, and how she'd soon learn to loathe men and become perhaps become fully dominant herself; they had told her how glad they'd been to help expose him, now she could find herself a real man. The two had told Carrie they were that upset themselves with the experience, that they had only attended briefly that morning to let her know; she too had been given the rest of the day off, they having 'spoken to management' about it. She could begin to seek a new, worthier relationship as soon as she had got him out of her system.

Martha looked sternly at him, anxious to begin shaping him to her own requirements.

"Get down here and kneel next to Miranda so she can have a good look at your ass." He did as he was told and the raven haired domme stroked his ass cheeks and smiled. Dean quivered as he felt her hand explore his flesh, still trying to take in being naked before two assertive women; their soft scent exciting him further.

"Yes, he will take a caning well; I shall find my appointment here at noon tomorrow most stimulating; he'll be so glad he squeezed my ass last night." She sneered at Martha's latest capture and then stood and poked his ass with her stiletto, making him tense as a shiver ran down his spine, before moving to leave.

"I shall go and have a little warm up with my own slave, I know he'll be pining for me; he's been bound since before the party and is overdue some discipline; I shall leave you to introduce yours to his new life, and will look forward to enjoying him tomorrow." She grinned as she saw Martha's mood had already hardened in anticipation, and let herself out as she watched her slowly unzip the tight leather skirt, her eyes fixed on Dean. He looked up at her as she let the tight skirt slip down her legs revealing black panties, drawing his eyes to finely expressed camel-toe between magnificent white thighs topped with black stockings. She paced slowly around her new slave, his balls tingling as he viewed the severe black stilettos, awaiting his fate. She rang a bell on the wall and then moved close and stood dominantly over him. He looked up to see her smiling down wickedly at him, her breasts heaving.

"You poor fool, you've sealed your fate now; I told you there would be no going back. You may sniff my sex now, and masturbate for me. I want you to drain your balls of the lust from the past before I take you upstairs and allow you to pleasure me. Sniff my cunt and begin." He leaned forward and his cock went rock hard in his hand as he gently slipped the tip of his nose to the cleft in her panties; he felt her cunt flex as he took in the delicious womanly scent, and she laughed at him as he stroked his eager cock. The door opened and a severe looking Asian maid in black satin walked in, summoned by the bell; she sneered at the naked cur abusing himself at her mistress's feet, Martha smiling with pleasure at the extra humiliation she knew Dean would feel at being viewed.

"Yes Suki, this is our latest toy; we shall have much pleasure from him before I tire of his presence. You know what to do with his clothes and license etc. He has already pledged his life to me; we must let the world know he has gone forever." His mind was in a tumult over what was said, and only served to enhance his submissive pleasure as those words and the spice of Martha's cunt made him buck closer to orgasm as the maid picked up his things. Martha grinned with spite as she felt his urgency.

"You may join us in the main bedroom when you return Suki: I shall have him thank you in the usual way." The maid laughed as Dean began to groan in ecstasy; she hurried out with a broad smile, her cunt nicely aroused by her own spite after watching him begin to spurt, anxious to be back for her reward from the new slave. Dean now took in the full magnificence of his new mistress as he lifted his nose from her bulging cunt and looked up to her in complete submission, consumed by the ecstasy of relief as he began to jet hot semen in tribute to her superiority. Martha postured dominantly and sneered down at him with contempt and inner satisfaction, her clitoris swollen and more than ready for the services of his tongue as she felt the warmth of his semen on her legs, her anus tingling as it too awaited the warmth of the new slave's worship. Dean moaned with pleasure as his balls pulsed and spent while the mature shape, curves and commanding presence seemed to suck the seed from him, the shot loops dribbling down the mesh of her stockings, milky white blobs contrasting exquisitely against the black patent stilettos they fell on. Martha laughed as he jerked endlessly; he was hers now.

"Good boy, get all that old mess out from your balls; you'll lick every drop up, and then your worship will begin in earnest." She pointed down at her legs and shoes, Dean not hesitating in tasting his own semen for the first time; his cock not remaining flaccid for long, swelling again as his tongue rasped the mesh of his mistress's stockings, devouring the salty slime from them, and slipping on the shiny patent leather of the stilettos as he chased each drop of his own seed. His cock was semi-erect once more, and his anus tingled as he found this act of submission more pleasurable than he could have dreamed. Martha stepped away when satisfied he was done and picked a fine-linked choker chain from a chair; she smiled as she noosed him with it, her cunt bulging as she took pleasure in pulling it tight about his neck, making him gasp.

"There, you're ready to come with me now; you will follow on all fours, it's time for you to get to know your mistress properly." Dean was ready to come again as he was led up the stairs, his eyes transfixed on the beautiful mature ass and thighs ascending before him, Martha stepping with deliberation, ensuring he savoured the ass he would soon be licking.

Suki chose her moment, ensuring no onlooker saw her arrive and place Dean's things at the end of the dock; the turbulent sea surged against the wooden legs of the structure, rising and dropping several feet in menacing fashion. She waited a while then seeing several men pass by toward a nearby jetty with fishing gear, she cried out for help. She ran to them as they ran to her; several other people appearing from the opposite direction on hearing her cry for help. She pointed to the pile of clothing, her face expertly acting out a look of distress as the first men reached her.

"There was a man there ... naked! He was ... playing with himself, then he just jumped in!" One man ran to the end of the dock and peered into the murky swell, while another picked up the clothing. A shocked man questioned her again, many others now appearing and in earshot.

"He was ... masturbating?" Suki lowered her head as if in shame, and repeated so that the gathering crowd may all hear.

"Yes, he was masturbating and then he jumped in." She moved slowly back through the crowd who were now focused on the sea, several of them phoning the police and coastguard, others smiling at yet another 'Looney' having taken his life at a notorious suicide spot. A vicious rip tide and undertow carried those who jumped in at this point far out to sea, their bodies rarely found, the flesh stripped from their bones by the sharks and scavengers of the deep. No longer the focus of anyone's attention, Suki slipped away before the police arrived.

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