Preface: How This Story Came About.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Preface: How This Story Came About. - An early middle aged man starts out on a relaxing overnight sail for the weekend intentionally alone on his sailboat. As he is motoring down channel, out of the harbor, he is passed by a fully loaded party boat. A young college girl on the party boat sticks her head up and sees him on his boat, moments later she jumps overboard and swims over towards him. He brings her aboard and thus starts an unexpected relationship between them which includes a rescue, an education (for her) and a romance.

How This Story Came About.

This story is primarily told from Rob's point of view. It was actually started by Oyster50, when he posted the first chapter, under his name, in August of 2013.

I read what he had and was immediately drawn to the story, it resonated with me. I waited for a few months for him to continue the story but he had other projects he was working on and they took up his creative time, so he did not return to this story, much to my chagrin and frustration. I couldn't get this story out of my mind though, and the next few chapters almost wrote themselves for me. When I couldn't stand it anymore I wrote down the chapters that were rattling round in my head and sent them to Oyster50. At the same time, I told him I wasn't looking to hijack his story but felt it deserved more attention. He read what I had written, praised me for it, and encouraged me to go on with the story, for the SOL community. It is with his permission that I have written the remaining chapters of "OVERBOARD".

The story is set in San Diego, California with other lesser locations as well. There is a lot of reference to Kansas, its agriculture, its industry and its schools. I intend no slight to that great state and I hope no one takes offense to the literary license I've taken.

This is my first attempt at any writing of this type, entertainment story telling. I hope what I have written measures up to the high standards of Oyster50's normally (in my opinion) great work and that the readers out there who use the SOL web site enjoy my work.

Cast of Significant Characters (in order of appearance within the story):

Robert (Rob) Roosevelt Lister: a forty-four year old bachelor, computer specialist, an independent contractor specializing in commercial networks, in good shape, brown hair starting to get some grey, with brown eyes.

Kaitlyn (Kay) Marie Sandersen: a twenty year old university student in San Diego State University's Aerospace Engineering program, trim, blonde and blue eyed.

Todd: a SDSU football jock and dirt-bag who tried to roofie Kay.

Robert and Janice: Kay's parents back on the family farm in Kansas.

Junior: Kay's older brother, just graduated with an Agronomics degree.

Tommy: Kay's younger brother, starting in an Animal Husbandry program.

John: Kay's Manager at the Outback.

Robin: Kay's roommate, also in the Aerospace Engineering program but failing out.

Sammy and Sandi: Rob's Siamese cats.

Phillip (Phil) and Danielle (Dani): Rob's parents retired in Florida.

Sue: Rob's twice a week housekeeper and cat watcher.

Albert (Bert) Symes: Kay's advisor on campus.

Billy: the pizza delivery kid and Kay's classmate.

Kenny, Steve, Jeff, Paul, Gary, Pete and Jim: Kay's study group members.

William and Mary: Rob's best friends and Florida competition.

Garrett Johnson: the senior I.T. technician in Rob's Colorado resort, client's office.

Darren Williams: the T.A. responsible for Kay's Friday afternoon class.

James Pietro: the I.T. Manager at the Aerospace Engineering firm that is Rob's client.

Marcus Peoples: the H.R. Manager at the Aerospace Engineering firm.

Benjamin Kramer: the Engineering Department Manager at the Aerospace Engineering firm.

Reyna Swanson: The young woman Junior is seriously interested in.

Bridgette Lynn Sandersen: Kay's still born sister, she weighs heavily on all of the Sandersen family.

Mark Sheppard: the Sales Manager at the Honda car dealership where Kay gets her car.

Wayne Benton, Ryan Edwards and Lincoln (Linc) Palmer: Kay's co-interns.

Lyndsi Shaker: The H.R. Manager's assistant at the Aerospace Engineering firm.

Ian Thompson: resort holding company Senior Vice President.

Dale and Amy: junior I.T. technicians who worked with Garrett.

Leland Olander: Justice of the Peace (J.P.) who is a family friend of Kay's family.

Joyce, Samantha and Andrew: Garrett's family.

Henry (Hank) Stein: I.T. Manager for the resort holding company (in Denver).

Guy Portman: Production Assistant Manager at the Aerospace Engineering firm.

Edgar (Ed) Cofield: Research Manager at the Aerospace Engineering firm.

Betty, Russell (Russ), Lori and Cody: One of two families that shared the cove with Rob and Kay.

Sally, Theodore (Ted), Hope, Gregory (Greg) and Lukas (Luke): The other family that shared the cove with Rob and Kay.

Chuck and Lucy Singer: fellow cruisers who became friendly with Rob and Kay on their cruise.

The Bentons and the Holts: the two families cruising with Rob and Kay.

The Peters and the Ventnors: also cruisers at the Captain's table with Rob and Kay on their honeymoon cruise.

Troy Stoddard, his wife, Alice and his two children Holly and Gary: Kay's assigned mentor in the Engineering Department and his family.

William Daugherty: the General Manager at the first of the Atlantic City properties.

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