Hollywood Noir
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Group Sex, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Porno filmstrip editor Larry, bored with tat, is introduced by Penny to a female-run company who promise to make life more challenging and fruitful. He soon sees that the production is not the only thing they are in command of, and he soon finds himself under the complete control of the mature and sexy Penny. Their productions demand absolute committment from those involved, and he finds himself in a dark society he could only previously have dreamed of.

Larry Parker had just put another shift for Candid Films Inc.; as a filmstrip editor for a smalltime porno outfit, he had seen his fair share of sleaze, and was bored with the same old scenarios of 'stud meets bimbo by chance and ends up filling her well-used gash with cream'. He yearned for something a little more erotic, and had been peddling his talents around town for some time, looking for something a little more challenging, but to no avail. As he left the small suburban studio he received a smile from Penny Adams, a middle-aged and shapely brunette who was a script editor there; the shapely woman in tight maroon dress was one of the small perks left for Larry at the dismal studio; he had not had many opportunities to engage her in conversation, but seeing her kept him alive, there was definitely something very horny about her but he had not discovered what. He watched her plump ass wiggle as she stepped toward her car and he smiled to himself, his cock showing its usual automated interest in her as it swelled in appreciation; he'd seen many naked bimbos, but this woman with her natural un-modified physique would look superb in the flesh, something special. He had put his keys in the car door, when she called over to him.

"Hey Larry, if you fancy a quick drink with some friends of mine, I'm going to Paulo's downtown; they're in the industry and we'll be chatting about something that might interest you. I get the feeling you're about as excited about 'Candid' as I am." Larry could not believe what he was hearing; even if this was just another bunch of 'Farm hand meets blonde stable girl' film makers, he'd have the chance to break the ice with Penny. He'd heard she was divorced, and he was too ... still, feet on the ground, one thing at a time. He smiled.

"Why not? I don't have anything better to do, that'd be nice, I'll see you there." He fired up the car and headed south to the sleazy bar area downtown. Penny smirked to herself; she had also found Larry interesting, and his experience with computer editing would be an asset to her and the friends he was about to meet; she was sure he'd have more than just a passing interest in the genre of films envisaged, she'd love to have him under her wing in more ways than one. She puckered her lips and touched up her lipstick in the vanity mirror mirror before driving off, her sex tingling as she thought of Larry's first encounter with her friends; she hoped her hunch about him would pay off.

Larry parked up and awaited Penny, he felt a little awkward as he stood in the glow of the neon sign, the sun now dipping below the horizon. His cock maintained it's interest in the situation as he watched the sleek stilettos and black stockings step from the car, Penny then strutting over to him with purpose, clutching her bag and smiling warmly at him; the shapely woman had a certain look in her eye which did nothing to subdue the blood pressure in his nether regions, her blossoming maturity accentuated by her confident manner exciting Larry as he took in her soft scent as she neared him.

"I am so glad you came, I can assure you that you won't regret it; I know how bored you must be with Candid, the people we are here to see are interested in a little more sophistication in their works, I'm hoping it will be more to your taste." Even it were not to his taste, he was more than pleased at the opportunity to get a little closer to this superb woman; her sophistication would be enough for him.

"I'm sure it will; I'm keen to try anything which involves something a little more comprehensive than Candid's productions." She smiled knowingly and led him into the bar.

"Oh, I'm sure it will be." Larry followed her in, his eyes transfixed on her glorious ass. He looked up as she led him to a corner where several other mature women sat with one male. A buxom blonde of about fifty, dressed in a tight black trouser-suit stood up and smiled.

"Penny! So nice to see you; and this must be the editor you had spoken so much about." Larry's balls tingled as she looked him up and down with a strange air of contempt, as though he were a prospective actor rather than an editor. Her full breasts swelled as she took his hand.

"My name is Hannah Bond, I'm co-owner of Venus Films, with Amanda Hart here." A stern looking redhead merely lifted her chin, and gave a soft smile as she too, eyed him like produce. A meek looking male sat beside her and said nothing, just raised a vague look of recognition. Another slender and attractive brunette of about forty-five, sat cross-legged, displaying sleek black stockings, smiling down at the male beside her, as though keeping him in check. She also gave off an assertive air, and smiled at Larry whilst smoking a cigarette. Hannah continued.

"Penny says your work is very efficient and you get the best out of some dire productions; we usually insist on women as part of our production team, but Penny thinks you may fit in; sit down and have a drink whilst you introduce yourself; a gin and tonic for Penny and?" Larry went to move for the bar.

"Oh, I'll just have a red wine." Hannah stopped his progress.

"You just sit with Penny." She gave a smug look toward Amanda, who snapped her fingers, making the meek male jump.

"You heard Blake, what are you waiting for?" The male rose immediately and stepped timidly past the women, and made for the bar with some urgency. Something about the situation made Larry's cock stiffen a little. Penny moved close to him and whispered in his ear.

"We like to show a firm hand to males in this team, I hope that you won't mind that too much." Larry didn't mind at all as he looked into Penny's smiling eyes as the mature woman crossed her legs and stiffened her back.

"No, not at all; I've been managed by women before." The other women chuckled and Amanda began the questioning, her prim breasts poking forward as a curt grin embraced her face.

"We intend to make some epic productions with a 'femme fatale' theme; the women in our films will be very much in control; we have several ideas on the go, all of a similar theme, is that something that would be of interest to you?" Larry suddenly felt Penny's hand on his thigh, dangerously close to his semi-erect cock; it was as though she were trying to coax a positive answer from him, and also affirm her hunch about him. He found the courage to respond, not so much through his need for work, but more because the idea excited him in a way he had not felt previously; sure, he had been involved in the odd production at Candid which had centered around the dominatrix theme, but these had always been somewhat tacky, with the lead female always young and bimbo-esque; something about working in a production outfit run by assertive mature women gave him a deeply erotic thrill.

"It is something that interests more by the minute, I would love to be involved, at whatever level; I like the sound of it." Penny rubbed his thigh, her fingers ever closer to the growing bulge in his crotch, and smiled with approval; it was as though she had not only introduced him, she wanted to mentor him, even control him. Just the scent and presence of these elegant and assertive women was making him hornier with each passing minute and the return of the timid Blake with the drinks confirmed his strange arousal; when he had passed the drinks to the respective recipients, the stern Ms Hart snapped her fingers and pointed to the seat next to her.

"What took you so long? I think you're slacking again; I'm going to send you to Maria Garcia's for some more corrective therapy when we get back." Blake sat like a scolded schoolboy and said nothing, while the women sneered and smiled smugly at him. Larry's cock stiffened at the next comment from a slender auburn haired woman in the party; she chuckled as she sneered across at Blake with righteous contempt.

"Oh yes Amanda, it will do us all good to see him on a leash again, and Blake knows it will do him good; we've all seen how he still thinks he's the head of your household, he needs to be put firmly in his place. I'm so glad another male is here to witness his poor service to you, shaming you at a business lunch; Maria will show him the firm hand he needs." The women laughed as Amanda's eyes burned into her squirming husband.

"Yes Kay, he is a disgrace, he knows Maria will be coming along when we begin filming on location; she has such a power over him, and will ensure he performs to perfection when wearing the gimp mask as an 'extra' in the production. The practice takes we did with him naked on Fay Redmond's private beach were so enjoyable; she kept him erect and completely subdued throughout the shoot; Fay and the other women were delighted when they viewed the shots, it helped convince her to allow us to us to use her premises, she's so excited at having her place advertised in a production where women have absolute rule that she's happy to let us use it free of any charge." Amanda crossed her legs, straightened her back and wagged her stiletto, then smiled wickedly at Penny and the new male who she had edged even closer to.

"It will be so refreshing to have another male in our grasp; Penny has access to the takes at her house, I'm sure she'd be delighted to take Larry back and show him the rough copies we've thrown together, and prepare him for the production in earnest." Larry's cock was now fully rigid as Penny smiled knowingly at Amanda's sultry tones; the hand on his thigh stretched a manicured little finger to the tip of the bulge in his leggings and covertly stroked it.

"Oh yes, that would be a pleasure; I can show him what we women are really about, and advise him on what he'll need to pack for the location." Larry knew that there was no going back, and his balls tingled as he viewed the subdued Blake; he had the strangest feeling he would soon be reduced to his level and there was nothing he could do about it. As Penny stood, bade her goodbyes to the other women and led him away with a satisfied smile, he was already thinking of Blake's position with a strange jealousy.

Larry parked his car alongside Penny's in the driveway of her tidy suburban house, and looked at her through longing eyes as the mature woman smiled through pursed lips at him, wile she waited at the front door. He almost tripped up the steps, his legs were numb with a strange mixture of desire and trepidation. Yes, she had fondled his cock, he had not imagined it; what sort of relationship would unfold? She was no teasing youngster, and had shown her strong independent character to him before; he knew that any intimacy with her would be strictly under her terms. He felt as though he were a fly entering a sticky and unrelenting web as he he stood close to her while she opened the door. As soon as they were over the threshold and the door was closed, she put him at ease by holding his hands and looking him straight in the eyes.

"I know from your attention to detail where a certain genre of films are concerned, that you have a passion which you may not fully recognise as yet." She smiled softly and squeezed his hands tighter, his cock stiffening in awe of her; she somehow had complete control of him.

"I know you are in need of a strong woman to guide you. You may kiss me now, and then you will come and sit with me while I introduce you to a new path in life." Keeping his hands clasped firmly in hers and without embracing, the two pressed their lips together and closed their eyes; Larry's head spun as he sampled the soft warmth of Penny's controlling affection for the first time, Penny teetering on tiptoe, her cunt buzzing as she applied restraint in stopping herself from giving too much at once; her thoughts were that she must keep him firmly under her command. Larry gave out a small gasp as she pulled away with a smile.

"Good boy. Now let's go and get comfortable; I know you are going to love what we ladies have in mind."

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