First Meeting
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Mind Control, TransGender, Horror, Paranormal, FemaleDom, Transformation, mc sex story,mc story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An accountant leads a safe, predictable life until one day he takes a chance and follows a sexy woman home from the subway. He gets more than he bargained for in this tale of sexual corruption and power. The story will develop in unexpected ways as it goes along.

He had never had an adventure before. He was a man who didn't take chances, but he sometimes got bored with that. Like today. It was Halloween, and he felt different. All day he had felt strange, like he was all of a sudden bored with his predictable, conventional life. His Accounting job, that had once seemed so good because it was so safe, now seemed suffocating.

He met her in the subway on the way home from work. She was dressed in black satin, a wide brimmed hat and gloves and a figure hugging dress. What the hell, it's Halloween, he thought. She must be some eccentric lady who's going to a Halloween party.

Then she looked at him. Her eyes were green under long black lashes, and she stared right at him. She was sitting across from him in the subway car, and she smiled lasciviously at him. She was like a tiger that was looking at its supper, like she was going to open her mouth and devour him. He felt his cock get hard, and at the same time he shivered with fear.

He had never been with a woman who looked like that. His girlfriend Penny was waiting for him at home, probably with a dinner of meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Little round Penny who liked to babble on about nothing, about the color of drapes she saw at her girlfriend's house, or what book she was reading for her book club. She suddenly seemed boring and pedestrian and he dreaded going home to her.

The woman across from him kept smiling, and then, as the train slowed down coming in to a station, she mouthed the words, "Come with me."

The train screeched to a stop, and she got up and winked at him. She sauntered toward the door, her hips moving with an arrogant flip to them, and before he knew it he was following her off the train.

On the platform she didn't stop, she just kept walking, her heels clicking along the cement. He couldn't take his eyes off the rotation of her hips. She walked up the stairs ahead of him, and it was a sight to behold the way her hips swayed in slow motion going up each step.

At the top of the steps she moved among the crowd of people as if in a bubble, never touching anyone and never moving aside, simply going her way as if she were the only person walking on the street. He followed her in awe, conscious of a strange power she had. She walked two blocks along the crowded street, then turned right and went down a side street, never looking back at him, simply going along her way as if nothing unusual was going on. She made a few more turns, and finally they were on a street that was strangely quiet, with no cars going down it and no people around anywhere.

The houses on the street were ancient, with big porches and pointy roofs and gables, and ornate woodwork everywhere. She turned at a house in the middle of the block and went up the wide steps, then stopped and turned to look at him for the first time since the train.

He was about fifty yards behind her, and the sight of her standing there looking at him, those green eyes glittering in the fading rays of the sunset, took his breath away. He had never had a woman who looked like that pay attention to him.

She smiled, that same ironic half smile, and then she curled her finger and beckoned him. She turned and went in the house, leaving him dumbstruck on the street.

What do I do? he thought. This is crazy. I just followed a strange woman from the subway to an odd looking house, and now she's inviting me in. This could be some kind of a trap, and she could have guys inside just waiting to hit me over the head with a baseball bat and steal all my money. Who knows what could happen in there? I'd be crazy to go in, wouldn't I?

He went in. It was the most exciting thing that had happened to him in ages, and he could not resist.

He walked up the steps and put his hand on the ornate brass door handle, turned it, and opened the door. It creaked like a door in a B grade horror movie, and he almost smiled. If there's scary organ music playing in the next room I'm going to start laughing, he thought. This is too much.

There was no organ music, but he could see the house was furnished like something out of the 1800s. It had overstuffed red couches, ornate lamps with colored glass, and old photographs hanging on the walls. There were actually gas lamps burning in wall sconces, casting a flickering light everywhere.

Well, I'm here, he thought. I can't believe I did this. What happens now?

As if to answer him, a woman's voice said, "Come over here."

He peered into the half darkness and saw her sitting in an armchair at the other side of the room. She had taken her hat off, and a cascade of red hair fell to her shoulders. Her green eyes were glittering, and she had long red nails that looked like claws. Her dress was cut low in the front, and her full breasts strained against it.

She was magnificent.

He went over to her, prepared to make some excuse up about why he'd followed her into her house, something about a mistaken identity, something that would allow him to save face and leave fast in case she threatened to call the police.

But when he got there he could not speak. She was so beautiful it took his breath away. His penis stiffened in his pants, and seemed to want to break through his clothing. It had never felt that big before, and it seemed like it was itching to get closer to her.

"Good," she said. "You take orders well. That's a good sign. I can make use of you."

"Pardon me?" he said. "Take orders? I don't know what you're talking about. I must have been mistaken, coming here like this, and I apologize. I, ah, I thought you were someone else. I'm sorry. I'll be going now."

He turned to leave, but she said, "Stop!" and her voice was so commanding he stopped in his tracks.

"You will not leave," she said.

He knew his cock didn't want to leave, because it was pointing at her like a dowsing rod in the presence of water, but his mind kept telling him to get out of there fast.

She noticed his predicament, looking down at the bulge in his pants with interest. "It appears you would rather stay. Good. Now, let's see what you have there. Take down your pants."

"What?" he said. "I don't believe what I just heard. I have no intention of--"

She reached out and grabbed his crotch, and it was like an electric current had just gone through him. He shivered with involuntary ecstasy, and his cock twitched. Her hand had an icy electricity to it, and she fondled his cock and balls like they belonged to her.

"Take your pants down, little man," she purred softly. "Take them down and let me see what you have between your legs."

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