The Colony
Part 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, sci-fi mind control story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Part 1 - After years of studying Earth's population, the Aliens established colonies within remote mountain areas. Their initial agenda is to observe and learn all they can about human sexuality.

1.01 Alien Introduction:

1.02 Acquisition and Preparation, Jamie and Lisa:

1.03 Jamie, Preparation for the Semen Extractor:

1.04 Jamie, Semen Extraction:

1.05 Lisa, The Sybian:

1.06 Lisa, Jamie, Deep throat:

1.07 Jamie, Lisa, Oral:

1.08 Jamie, Lisa, Mating:

1.09 The Return of Jamie and Lisa:

1.01 Alien Introduction:

Their deep space probes have orbited the earth for years without being detected. The initial observations were general in nature, gathering information on earth's populations, their customs and languages. As time progressed, their studies became more detailed and personal. Being asexual, they were particularly interested in human reproduction versus animal reproduction. Humans were sexually active without the intent of reproducing and animals were sexually active for the purpose of reproducing. They also wanted to find out more about the small percentage of males with breasts and individuals with both male and female genitalia. When they felt the time was right, they established colonies in the rugged and hard to reach places within earth's mountain ranges. Having the ability for teletransportation, shape shifting and telepathy, they integrated themselves into the surrounding populations where they could research and select their subjects.

At the center of the Colony's complex is their research theater with a large stage and a seating capacity of five hundred. The stage is where the Colony's population can observe a subject's mind conditioning, sexual enhancements, corrections, transgendering and age regression, using nano-particle technology. Imax-like screens hung throughout the seating area so all can see what is happening on the stage.

At the back of the stage are eight, six foot wide glass-like enclosures resembling walk-in showers. Under the stage are beds, mattresses and devices that can be raised up to any location on the stage's floor. The enclosures are where the subjects are conditioned. An invisible, odorless gas is released which contain the programmed nano-particles, personalized for each subject.

When a session is completed, all remembrances of where they were and what had happened to them are removed from their minds.

Subjects that are transgendered only know that they were born that way and are integrated back into society through the Alien's established network which provides them with new legal documents, clothing and employment to match their education and skills.

The Alien agenda was in three categories, Observation, Transgendering and Entertainment.


Part-1 Heterosexual

Part-2 Hermaphrodite

Part-3 Shemale

Their sexual reactions would be studied and their bodily fluids would be

analyzed. All would be returned to their acquisition locations without

remembering where they were or what they did.


Part-4 Female and Male to Hermaphrodite

Part-5 male to Shemale, male to enhanced Gay

The Alien's network would establish a list of subjects who were confused or

didn't like their current gender.


Part-6 Aliens and Humans

The Aliens would use their invisibility to provide sexual entertainment for their population and at the same time provide humans with a new level of sexual gratification.

1.02 Acquisition and Preparation, Jamie and Lisa:

There was a sudden glowing light in two of the enclosures and the bodies of Jamie and Lisa materialized. Both were fully clothed, unconscious and in a standing position, with their bodies about two feet above the floor.

A flurry of translucent shapes began removing their clothes, putting them on the floor in front of their enclosures. When they were naked, their arms were seen rising outward from their sides and their legs were spread apart. The shapes moved away and the doors were closed. The first flow of gas caused each of them to regain consciousness. It took about a minute before reality set into their minds. They looked through the doors and saw themselves in the screens, they were elevated and held in spread eagled positions. With only limited movement, their panicky eyes and screeching voices registered their rising fears. The second release of gas contained drugs that quickly calmed them, inducing docility and an openness to suggestions. The third flow of gas contained the nano-particles. Since this was an observation session, only the hair below their shoulders would be removed, except for Jamie, whose rectal sheath and nipples would be enhanced for the Semen Extractor.

It started when a wonderful warmth spread throughout their bodies and they felt light tingling sensations on their arms, chests, backs, abdomens, thighs and legs. The sensations intensified and they squirmed within the forces that held them. What felt like, thousands of bursting bubbles, were saturating their bodies and each looked at the screens with wide open eyes, seeing their hair falling away onto the enclosure's floor. They were stunned and dazed, all wondered why this was happening to them. Soon a sense of acceptance filled their minds and they just looked at their hairless bodies.

1.03 Jamie, Preparation for the Semen Extractor:

Just as Jamie's acceptance flooded into his mind, the nano-particles focused their attention on his breast areas. A tightness gripped each of his areola and nipples. His body squirmed and twisted in a futile effort to stop the sensations. Lisa looked at the screen wondering what was happening to Jamie and saw that his eyes were tightly closed and then she saw his nipples begin rise up inthe center of his areolas.

A nervous moan was heard as his areolas and his nipples flooded his mind with sensations that he had never felt before. His nipples felt as though they were being caressed and suckled and his areolas felt as though they were being massaged by unseen finger tips. He opened his eyes and gasped when he looked at the screen and saw nipples expanding.


As his nipples grew, the suckling sensations intensified and Jamie began to unconsciously shift his chest back and forth.


The sensations rippled downward and seeped into his stirring penis.


Jamie's nipples had reached their targeted size. Again, the nano-particles filled his mind with acceptance and the first sigh of pleasure escaped his mouth.

The nano-particles didn't give Jamie a chance to think about his enhanced nipples. Suddenly he gasped and his hips shot forward when a flood of new sensations filled his rectal sheath and he instinctively began grinding his hips in circles as the nano-particles created a thick nest of sexual nerve endings throughout his rectal sheath to a depth of seven inches, including his anal opening. His 'womanhood' would form when anal stimulation was applied.

His straining hardness showed no signs of softening and his need to ejaculate had never been stronger.

The doors were opened and both were moved forward through the air until they were about ten feet in front of the enclosures. As they looked at each other in the screen, the feelings of arousal intensified, Jamie looked withgrowing need at Lisa and her hairless sex, as did Lisa at Jamie's engorged erection and heavy testicles, unobstructed by any genital hair. Small pants were heard from Lisa as her nipples stiffened and her clitoris began protruding out from its protective hood. Unrecognizable murmurs were heard from their audience as they looked at the human's aroused nakedness's.

1.04 Jamie, Semen Extraction:

Jamie looked around him with frantic eyes when he felt himself moving toward the center of the stage. At the same time a transparent saddle shaped bench rose up on the stage in front of him. As his body neared it, the bench began to glow, showing its internal mechanisms. A nervous Jamie felt himself being put into a prone position, then was lowered onto the surface of the saddle shaped bench. The soft warmness surprised him as his chest, abdomen and spread thighs nestled onto its surface. A quick gasp escaped his mouth when he felt invisible hands manipulating his erection into a rippling opening on the surface and then felt his testicles slipping into a wonderful massaging pouch. Another gasp was heard when two depressions opened under his chest and he felt his enhanced nipples being encased within suckling mouths.

Jamie, despite his positioning, loved the feelings that the bench was giving his body. His erection throbbed within the rippling sheath, his balls felt bloated as they were massaged and his suckled nipples felt like bullets. Inside the saddle's vaginal sheath, thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers started massaging and caressing his throbbing hardness from its base to the tingling gland. The incredible sensations flowed into his balls and rippled outward toward his flared anus and up onto his excited nipples. A long moan of pleasure was heard from Jamie as all the sensations merged into each other.


At the same time a warm gel-like mass pushed upward between the spread cheeks of his buttocks and formed into the saddle's anal massager. Jamie tried to shift his hips in an attempt to evade the advancing mass but his encased body prevented any movement. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists as the massager settled onto his anal opening and the moan got louder when his rectal area responded to the exquisite massaging and caressing. His excited anal lips swelled and his rectal sheath was filled with a strange and unexplained need. Another gasp was heard when his 'womanhood' formed.

"Oh God ... Oh God..."

The screens showed graphic close ups of Jamie's suckled nipples, his caressed anus, massaged balls and the sheath as it glided back and forth over his erection. His precum was now oozing out past the puckered opening of his thick gland the saddle's vaginal mouth began feasting on the clear nectar.

The probe's glistening head secreted a chemical that loosened the tight sphincter muscle and a pleasurable warmth seeped through the opening and into his rectal sheath. His anal lips began to tingle and an incredible need to be penetrated filled his rectal sheath. He held his breath when he felt a nudging pressure building within his anal opening and gasped again when he felt the entrance to his rectal sheath being stretched opened. With an ecstatic 'pop', the saddle's phallic slowly slipped into his excited rectal passage with a wonderful twisting and turning action. It slithered full length into spasming passage, expanding in length and girth as it went.

1"... 1.5"... 2"... 2.5"

His mind was filling with sensations that he had not felt before and again he tried to shift his stretching anal opening onto his unseen Lover. The velvety sheath intensified its squeezing actions on his engorged hardness and the satiny pouch began to lift and massage his heavy balls. The mouths renewed their exquisite attention to his enhanced, erect nipples.

"Ohhh ... That feels soooooo ... good..."

With a sudden gasp, Jamie eye's shot open and his hips squirmed as the head of the probe settled onto the sensitive tissues of his prostate with an exquisite caressing action. A flood of warmth flooded his testicles and the tingling head of his erection oozed more of its precum as his prostate was massaged. Jamie's mind was reeling from sensations that he didn't know existed. He shifted his hips trying to get more of the sensations and squealed when the probe's head pushed deeper onto the spasming tissues.

"Ohhhhhh ... Godddddddd..."

The probe's slow, soft massaging motion was constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of joy ricocheted across his loins. His preseminal fluids spurted out the opening slit of his thick gland and was quickly sucked away to the analysis container. Within a minute small orgasmic explosions were rolling throughout his body like a series of freight trains. His body trembled and shook as a string of small orgasms rippled across his loins and his engorged erection flexed wildly in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

Jamie's mind was a whirlwind of sensations. He didn't know what was happening, all that mattered to him was the intense sensations at the head of his excited erection and the exquisite pressures that were building within it. Jamie's ejaculation was just moments away. Blinding orgasmic flashes of light danced across his eyes. His body froze as his enhanced, thick semen exploded out of his hyper-excited gland and into the thirsty mouth, enroute to the container.


Jamie's sudden and quick ejaculation left him gasping and panting. His stunned mind had never felt himself ejaculate that before and was trying to figure out what had just happened. All he knew was that he liked it and wanted to feel it again. The probe's prostate massaging now settled down to low level 'purrs' and Jamie slumped onto the soft surface of the saddle. His erect nipples still strained into the suckling mouths. His sexual rejuvenation was on the fast track and he gasped as his hardness and testicles were filled with fresh need and arousal.

The phallic now expanded, moving further into Jamie's excited rectal sheath. It twisted, turned as its seven inches of warm flexing thickness made Jamie's mind reel with its wonderful fullness.

2.00"... 4.00"... 5.00"... 6.00"... 7.00"

It then partially withdrew and slithered back inward, starting an ecstatic in and out stroking rhythm. Every thrust was in sync with the rippling squeezes that surrounded his enflamed erection. His totally restrained body could do nothing but absorb the orgasmic sensations that were flooding his body.

Once again, Jamie was being hurled toward his orgasmic trip point by the saddle's milking sheath and thrusting phallic. It would lunge into his 'womanhood', stop for a few seconds, then, with ecstatic twists and flexes, slip outward. On Each inward thrust its thickness began to expand,

1.00"... 1.25"... 1.50"... 1.75"


Jamie was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

The flexing phallic lunged into the depth of his spasming rectal sheath and and began unleashing its ejaculant. Jamie's mind reeled as the ecstatic pressures ballooned deep within his 'womanhood', sending waves of orgasmic sensations bolting across his genitals. Suddenly his enhanced prostate exploded. His erection strained into the saddle's vaginal sheath as his enhanced streams of semen, surged up his spasming erection. The spewing streams jettisoned into the clear sheath and all saw Jamie's thick semen gushing into the analysis container. He lifted his head and wailed with the power of his orgasm.


Jamie's exhausted and drained body slumped onto the saddle gasping and panting, moaning as delicious aftershocks rippled throughout his body. The phallic slowly, almost teasingly, withdrew with a loud slurping sound and Jamie moaned as the wonderful fullness left his body.


The screens showed,

SEMEN: 4 ml

SPERM: 30 million/ml

The Aliens would program the nano-particles to enhance a male's ejaculate to 10 ml and sperm count to 150 million/ml.

The pouch opened and released his testicles and the saddle's vagina-like sheath slipped away from his slick, oozing penis. The delicious suckling 'mouths' loosened their grip on his erect and tender nipples.

Jamie sighed as his 'womanhood' returned to its normal state.

The saddle released its hold on his body and Jamie felt himself being lifted up and put into a standing spread eagled position. A dazed Jamie watched as the saddle bench was lowered into the stage.

It was then that Jamie's eyes opened wide with disbelief, as did the eyes of Lisa. Both saw a basin of warm water, sponges and towels floating in the air toward him. As if guided by unseen hands the sponges cleaned, caressed and massaged his softening, slick penis, drained testicles and rectal area. He cooed as the sponges and towels reawakened his arousal and his penis stirred. Soon the delicious attention stopped and he was returned to his place beside Lisa.

1.05 Lisa, The Sybian:

Both saw a smaller saddle like seat rise up onto the stage floor and a startled Lisa felt herself being moved toward it. As she approached it, a nervous Lisa felt her body being put into a sitting position with her legs being bent at the knees and brought back to her sides. Her forward movement stopped when she was about four feet in front of the transparent saddle seat.

The case was made of a soft, clear gel like material and closely resembled a saddle without the horn or cantle. The internal mechanisms could be seen and Lisa looked at it mounting apprehensions. She wanted to struggle and cry out but her conditioning was keeping her emotions in check.

The most distinctive visible features was the multi-lipped labia and clitoral massagers. The labia massager was soft and pliable and was made up of dozens of small, self moving, suctioning 'lips' and 'mouths'. The clitoral massager was a velvety 'mouth-like' tube that would close over a clitoris with internal suckling 'lips' and a 'tongue'. A 7.00" x 1.75", deep ribbed phallic rose up from the center of the labia massager and Lisa watched wide eyed when the ribs began to independently pulse and swirl around the slick phallic. It made three upward stokes and then the phallic was lowered into the seat. She could see the tip of the thick head resting within the slit in the center of the massager.

As she looked at the stroking thickness, she tried to stop an unwanted need from building within her vagina and the twitching of her moistening inner lips. She felt herself being moved so she was positioned over the saddle's seat. She looked up at the screen, and with panicky eyes saw her flared and unobstructed sex was directly above the center of the saddle.

The Aliens waited for the 'lowering'.

She saw the 'mouths' and 'lips' of the labia massager start to move and then felt her body slowly being lowered. Her eyes were fixed on the screen and she held her breath as her sex neared the massaging 'lips' of the Sybian.

Lisa's labia made contact with the slick, suckling massager. A flood of sensations gripped her outer folds, spread into her vagina and shot up into her disbelieving mind. A soft mouth-like tube pushed upward from the surface and Lisa gasped as its 'mouth' closed over the pink tip of her clitoris. Her hips bucked her sex toward it and her clitoris leaped outward from its protective sheath into the tube's suckling 'throat'. The 'lips' that were between her swelling folds pushed them further apart and began sucking on the excited entrance to her vagina.


Lisa closed her dazed and aroused eyes and began moving her swollen sex back and forth on both massagers. Her mind became saturated with wonderful waves of joy that were cascading across her body. Soft slurping sounds could be heard as her juices mixed with the massager's slick 'lip's. The rippling 'throat' began to suck her organ of joy as though it were an erection. It slipped back to the excited tip and then squirmed its way back over the highly sensitive organ.

"Oh God ... Oh God..."

The clitoral 'throat' began ecstatic clenches and flexes, accompanied by gentle but relentless squeezes. The actions catapulted Lisa into a sexual frenzy and toward her clitoral orgasm. Her hips bucked and jerked and her enraged organ jumped wildly within the clenching 'mouth' and 'throat'.

All she could do was sit in her unseen supports and let the ecstatic sensations flood throughout her body and mind. Her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard and her wide open eyes saw nothing. Her entire body froze as her first orgasm was unleashed. With a deep intake of breath, Lisa's orgasmic wail echoed around the stage.


The suckling sheath and massager slowed to delicious purrs as Lisa came down from her orgasmic high. Her vaginal fluids gushed into the saddle's feasting 'lips' and were sucked away to the receiving container.

Lisa was jolted out of her euphoria when she felt a slight pulsing pressure nudging into her clasping inner lips. The nudging pressure built and Lisa gasped when she felt the entrance to her vagina being gently stretched opened. She knew the head of the saddle's phallic was at the portal to her womanhood.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh..."

She felt the warm liquid oozing from the thick head and a delicious warmth spread around her eager entrance. She felt the opening widen and the warmth spread inward. Her inner lips stretched ecstatically over the pulsing head and Lisa moaned as waves of intense pleasure flooded her sex.

"Oh God ... Yes ... Yes ... Yes..."

Lisa pushed down and ground her vaginal entrance against around the slowly advancing head of the phallic. Her body now hungered for more of her Lover. The Sybian was in no hurry and nudged inward slowly and deliciously. Her arousal exploded and she moaned in joy as the ecstatic sensations rippled into her enflamed vaginal passage. As the phallic slipped inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. Lisa wailed in ecstasy as her vaginal muscles rippled in sync with the ribs. The suckling clitoral 'throat' made her organ of joy feel as though it was going to explode as the probe pushed upward into her enflamed passage. Soon its seven inches of warm, flexing thickness made Lisa's mind reel with its ecstatic fullness.


It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out then all in, slow then fast. The massaging 'lips' now extended themselves and began a delicious suckling action all around the swollen folds of Lisa's excited labia. The relentless thrusts of the phallic twisted, turned and flexed as it explored her enflamed vaginal passage. Her engorged clitoris jerked and throbbed as orgasmic tingles radiated outward from it.

"Oh God ... Oh God..."

The stroking phallic thickened. Thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the body its surface and started massaging and caressing Lisa's sensitive vaginal lining. She screeched as bolts of joy shot throughout her sex and the clitoral massager began pushing her toward her orgasmic trip point. The clitoral 'throat' as though dozens of warm, wet tongues and lips were swirling and suckling on her enraged clitoris. The phallic began deep, full length thrusts, its girth expanding to two full inches inside Lisa's clenching vagina. The pulsing ribs along the phallic's flexing length teased and tantalized the sensitive nerve endings of her enflamed virginal walls. She hunched downward onto the saddle and her hips ground her excited sex onto both massagers. Suddenly, the phallic lunged inward and stopped, unleashing forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into her spasming passage, causing it to ecstatically balloon with it's warm, thick essence.

Lisa screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded her body. Her vagina went into deep spasms and her organ of joy jumped and jerked as her climatic orgasm exploded across her body. Lisa screamed as the first orgasmic waves hit her, her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled. Her legs shot outward in the air in a wide 'V' and kicked frantically in the air as the orgasmic waves saturated her mind and body.


Her body went into sensory overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she recovered, her body was in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks. The phallic was still twisting and plunging. Her body quickly rode another orgasmic wave which pushed Lisa into a sexual frenzy. Her convulsing body thrashed and squirmed within the Harness, her head twisted from side to side. She gasped and wailed. Her clitoris was jerking wildly within the suckling 'throat'. The phallic exploded again. The thick mix of Sybian ejaculant and vaginal juices gushed past her swollen and flared folds drenching her thighs and the surface of the Sybian.


The phallic remained deeply imbedded within her body as the aftershocks rippled throughout her body. As her mind cleared, she moaned softly knowing that her 'purring' Lover was still deep within her spasming vaginal sheath.

"Ahh ... Ahh ... Ahh..."

The clitoral tube slipped away from her clitoris and it leaped into the air like a bright pink beacon. She felt herself being lifted upward and gasped as her clasping vaginal sheath was raised upward, off of the saddle's long, thick phallic. A loud slurping sound was heard as her reluctant inner lips cleared the head of the phallic. Torrents of ejaculant and vaginal juices gushed from the gaping entrance and were drained away into the container.

Lisa moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body and her vagina returned to normal.


Lisa was moved away from the saddle seat and put into a spread eagled, standing position. The saddle was lowered into the stage.

Both Lisa and Jamie saw the basin of warm water, sponges and towels floating in the air toward her. Looking into the screen, she saw and felt the unseen hands wash and clean her still aroused sex. She moaned as the soft sponges caressed her rigid clitoris and teased her clasping inner lips. The soft swirling towel added to her rising excitement.

When she was returned to her place beside Jamie, both looked into the screen and saw each other's aroused state and feelings of deep sexual need filled their minds. They saw the strange audience in front of them and neither cared. They didn't know each other's names and it didn't matter. Their conditioning was complete.

1.06 Lisa, Jamie, Deep throat:

Lisa felt herself being moved again, this time it was in front of Jamie. She was lowered so her feet were on the floor and watched as he was being put into a sitting position. His bent legs were pulled back toward his hips and spread apart. She looked intently at his erection as it twitched in front of his abdomen and saw his heavy balls swaying in the air. A compelling need filled her mind to touch them and she reached out, one hand wrapping around the engorged hardness and the other lifting the bloated testicles. Both gasped at the contact. Lisa's mind reeled as Jamie's erection throbbed within her hand and she couldn't believe the soft heaviness of his balls.

Lisa leaned forward toward Jamie's upper body and started planting soft butterfly kisses on his neck and shoulders. Her hands reached in and her palms slowly massaged Jamie's firm areolas and enhanced nipples. A soft sigh escaped his lips and it grew louder when the soft finger tips moved onto his excited nipples, with an exquisite caressing and swirling actions.


Lisa's suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and Jamie's breathing quickened. Her mouth and lips now trekked downward and Jamie held his breath as they neared his right areola. He felt a warm, moist breath bathe his erect nipple and then he felt it being sucked into her warm mouth. A gasp was heard as Lisa's lips and tongue kissed and sucked on the erect nipple.

In a few seconds the suckling mouth kissed its way over to Jamie's left areola and her mouth and lips adorned Jamie's left nipple. Lisa divided her attention to both nipples and Jamie's breathing came in quick pants and gasps and he instinctively started pushing his excited nipples into Lisa's wonderful mouth.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh..."

While her mouth continued to suck and suckle on his straining nipples, her hands massaged their way down over his abdomen. Jamie's pants deepened as the exploring hands grazed his throbbing hardness on their way to his inner thighs where they massaged the soft skin. Jamie shifted his hips trying to get Lisa to move her hands inward toward his straining manhood.

Lisa saw Jamie's body being lifted upward until her face was aligned with his glistening erection. Her hands shifted inward, lifting Jamie's heavy testicles with a slow massaging motion. His hips jerked upward and he lay back against the unseen supports gasping as his jerking erection began oozing more of its clear preseminal fluids.

A bottle of massaging oil appeared beside Lisa and she smiled as she poured some of the slick liquid onto his right hand and fingers. Her lubed hand slipped between the cheeks of his buttocks, spreading them further apart. Jamie felt exquisite tingling sensations flooding his enhanced rectal area as Lisa's hand moved inward toward his anal lips and a louder gasp was heard as the caressing, slick fingers caused his 'womanhood' to form.

As if being guided, Lisa slowly slipped a single finger inward, twisting and turning making Jamie squeal excitedly and grind his hips against the exploring finger. A second and third finger wiggled their way inward and Jamie gurgled with joy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh ... Yes ... Yes..."

While Lisa's fingers pushed Jamie's arousal level higher and higher, he saw Lisa's face move inward and he closed his eyes, waiting with baited breath as the open mouth came nearer to the glistening head of his penis. He suddenly felt a wonderful, warm, moist breath bathe his tingling, thick gland and then gasped as the sucking mouth descended onto the head of his straining manhood. Lisa's lips and mouth suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and the tongue swirled around the highly excited crown.


Jamie's moans intensified as Lisa's mouth and throat started a slow descent onto his engorged thickness. She raised up a bit and tilted her head, allowing the excited tube of flesh to sink deeper into her clenching throat. Jamie gurgled with joy as Lisa's warm throat muscles ecstatically kissed and squeezed the pulsing hardness as it glided into the depths of her milking throat. At the same time a fourth finger twisted its way in to Jamie's clasping rectal sheath causing him to screech loudly from the dual sensations.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ... Goddddddddddd..."

With a torturous twisting motion, Lisa lifted her head and Jamie's throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reached Lisa's mouth, she closed his cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Jamie wanted to grasp Lisa's head but the unseen forces held him firmly. His gasps became louder and his hips bucked and jerked. Lisa smiled inwardly at Jamie's torment and then skewered her loving throat back down onto Jamie's enraged organ. Again, he felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into the depths of Lisa's incredible mouth and throat. All the while, Lisa's stroking fingers fed the hot coals of Jamie's sexual frenzy.

"Oh God ... Oh God ... I ... I..."

Lisa knew she was pushing Jamie toward his orgasmic trip point. She pulled up on his erection so the aching head rested inside his mouth and clamped her cheeks snuggly around the head with a torturous twisting motion. Jamie felt Lisa's finger tips began circling the walls of his rectal passage as if were searching for something, and then she found it ... his prostate. He arched up, wailing at the incredible contact. His erection jerked wildly and Lisa's tongue swirled around the tingling head, playing with the oozing opening. She curled her tongue and sucked up Jamie's preseminal fluids as if it was a straw.


Lisa's fingers began a slow, soft massaging action motion over the sensitive mound and within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted throughout his body. His preseminal fluid gushed out of the open slit and Lisa feasted on his flowing nectar. In a few more seconds the small explosions intensified and Jamie began moaning and gasping, flexing his engorged hardness in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh..."

Lisa's throat and fingers now picked up momentum. His internal ecstatic explosions were causing his body to jerk and spasm and the hyper-sensitive gland at the head of erection felt as though it were going to explode. His spasming prostate was unleashing small orgasmic explosions that were rolling throughout his body like a series of freight trains.

His hips thrust desperately, plunging his enraged manhood deep into Lisa's mouth and throat and then down onto the twisting, lunging fingers. Lisa began moving her head in quick twisting motions pushing Jamie into a sexual frenzy. His orgasmicly denied body was finally allowed to unleash its reservoirs of ejaculant. The first stream of thick semen entered the base of erection and surged up the straining tube of hard flesh. The liquid joy reached the straining head of his erection and stalled as it swirled around engorged gland and then exploded into Lisa's eager and thirsty mouth.


Lisa feasted on Jamie's gushing nectar and increased her exquisite milking actions. Jamie's hips arched again and Lisa almost gagged as every inch of Jamie's spasming organ lunged into the depths of her throat. His toes curled and his hands fisted as bright flashes of orgasmic lights saturated his mind and eyes.

Lisa's twisting and thrusting fingers triggered Jamie's rectal orgasm and the sheath began deep clenches and ecstatic spasms. Jamie's mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. Another huge stream of thick semen pulsed up his erection and again, Lisa feasted on the spewing gushes of his thick essence.


Jamie slumped into his unseen supports gasping as he came down from his orgasmic high. Lisa pulled her head back from Jamie and his spurting hardness slipped out of her throat and mouth. He felt Lisa's fingers still buried within his spasming rectal sheath and moaned as the ecstatic aftershocks rippled throughout his body. Lisa slowly withdrew his fingers from Jamie's anus with an audible slurping sound causing Jamie moaned again as they left his body.


His penis slowly softened slipping down over his drained testicles and his 'womanhood' returned to its normal state.

In a few seconds, Jamie was cooing as the wonderful, warm, wet sponges cleaned his penis, balls and rectal area. As Jamie was being attended to, the unseen forces once again, took hold of Lisa and position her beside Jamie. She was put into a sitting position, with her legs bent and spread apart. She looked at herself on the screen and feelings of anticipation flooded her loins when she saw her exposed and flared sex between her spread thighs. She knew she had been positioned this way for something to happen and excitement filled her eyes when she saw and felt her clitoris extending its way out of her clitoral hood.

1.07 Jamie, Lisa, Oral:

Lisa saw an aroused Jamie being moved in front of her and then into a standing position and they looked at each other's nakedness and with mounting passion. She reached out to him and Jamie shuffled between her spread thighs. He leaned inward and their mouths touched, their lips parted and they kissed for the first time, moaning into each other's mouths as Lisa pressed her flared folds against his throbbing hardness.


Lisa had never felt such sensations and her hips began a sensual sawing motion. Jamie's erection slipped ecstatically over Lisa's engorged organ of joy and she broke the kiss gasping and panting.

Jamie hand's reached out and began massaging Lisa's breasts. His fingers slowly worked their way over the firm mounds and began to caress and manipulate the erect nipples. At the same time he started planting light suckling kisses on her neck and shoulders.

Lisa cooed and mewed as her rising arousal radiated across her chest. Jamie's suckling lips left her shoulder and trekked downward toward her right breast.

Lisa's position was adjusted upward.

She felt the warm kisses nearing her right breast and held her breath when she felt a warm, moist breath bathe her right nipple and then the suckling mouth descended onto it. Jamie's lips and tongue began to caress and manipulate the erect nipple and Lisa gasped, pushing her breast into Jamie's nursing mouth.


Jamie's wonderful mouth slipped off of her right breast and suckled its way over to her left breast. The massaging and kneading hands switched to her right breast. Lisa's moans became louder and the contortions of her upper body became more frantic as Jamie's lips and hands paid loving homage to both of her breasts and erect bullet-like nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhh ... Yes ... Yes..."

Jamie kept his suckling mouth in play and reached down between Lisa's wide spread thighs and formed his hands over her swollen labia. The contact shot jolts of joy across her sex and Lisa ground her hips upward in tight circles, into his massaging hands.


While his hands kneaded her flared folds, his suckling mouth left Lisa's right nipple and started a delicious trek down across her abdomen.

The unseen forces adjusted Lisa's body to Jamie's downward movement and tilted her hips forward, giving him and their audience, full view of Lisa's wet, swollen sex.

Lisa knew where the mouth was headed and she held her breath as Jamie's suckling mouth joined his massaging hands.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh..."

Jamie slipped a finger between the folds and began to explore the moistening furrow. He traced around the sensitive inner lips and then upward toward the engorged organ that was standing out of its clitoral hood like a bright pink beacon. His slick thumb pressed and swirled around the rigid organ causing Lisa to squirm and squeal with joy.


The exploring fingers slipped downward and renewed their caressing of her sensitive vaginal opening. He repeated the ecstatic cycle again and again until he heard continuous moans of pleasure from Lisa and felt her hips pushing her enflamed sex against his assaulting thumb and fingers. He leaned inward and Lisa breathed in deeply when she felt his warm, moist breath bathe her labia. And then, the most ecstatic sensation griped her loins as his lips, mouth and made tongue contact with her rigid clitoris and began sucking on the straining organ.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Goddddddddddddddddddddd..."

Her thighs spread wider, her hips bucked upward and her hands shot downward, grasping Jamie's head as jolts of joy exploded across her enflamed labia. While Jamie's lips and tongue adorned her exploding clitoris, a finger nudged inward past the excited inner lips, twisting and turning into her eager opening. Another finger joined the first and both were now stroking into her spasming vagina while his mouth was devouring her jerking clitoris. Lisa's soaring arousal threw her into a sexual frenzy. Her bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode, her vaginal muscles clenched around the lunging fingers and her clitoris was sending jolts of joy cascading throughout her body. She felt the long twisting fingers circle around the lining of her vagina as though they was looking for something. One of his fingers found the rough, bean shaped area of her excited 'G' spot.

Jamie began to ecstatically massage and caress the hyper-sensitive tissues and Lisa's hip bucked her enraged sex into his mouth and hand, screeching loudly as shards of joy exploded across her loins. The other finger joined in on the manipulation of her spasming sweet spot and Lisa's body exploded and began convulsing uncontrollably as her first orgasm was unleashed.


Jamie didn't stop his massaging fingers or the deep suckling of Lisa's engorged organ of joy. He knew he could coax another orgasm from Lisa's flailing body. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across her mind and eyes. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward past the thrusting fingers drenching her thighs and the floor.

Suddenly, Lisa broke out of the orgasmic freeze and her wail echoed around the room.


Her body had absorbed all the ecstatic sensations that it could and she slumped onto the unseen supports. Her body continued to shake and tremble from the power of her orgasm. Jamie withdrew his loving mouth and fingers and she moaned as ecstatic aftershocks rippled across her body.

She looked down her body and saw the smiling face of her Jamie looking up at her. She reached out with her arms and he stood up, moving between her spread thighs. Lisa was lowered until their faces were aligned, their lips, mouths and tongues met and they kissed deeply and passionately.

The unseen forces broke their kiss and Jamie was moved away from Lisa, Both saw the basin of warm water, sponges and towel moving toward them. Lisa smiled as she welcomed back her unseen cleaner's.

1.08 Jamie, Lisa, Mating:

When Lisa was ready, she was put into a standing position beside Jamie. They heard a soft whirring and floor tiles near the front of the stage were lowered and a large bed with two pillows, rose up in their places. The lights in the theater's seating area and the stage were turned off, except for those over the bed.

They looked at the bed and heard the unintelligible murmurs of their Alien audience and both knew that everything that had happened to them up to now, was in preparation for this moment. Lisa smiled and took Jamie's hand, leading him to the bed.

She quickly got on the bed and laid down on it with a pillow under her head. She bent her legs at the knees and reached for the other pillow, positioning it under her hips. As her sex was raised up, she spread her thighs just enough to give Jamie a teasing view of her sexual treasures. She saw the intense stare from his eyes and again witnessed the rising of her Lover's erection.

5.50"... 6.00"

Lisa looked in awe as it grew longer and thicker before her wide open eyes.

6.50"... 7.00"

Her breath quickened and her spreading thighs matched that of Jamie's soaring hardness.

7.50"... 7.50"

Lisa's eyes were riveted to Jamie's glorious manhood and her rigid clitoris stood out like a bright pink beacon. She had seen it so many times before and her breath quickened, knowing, that this time, it was going to penetrate her womanhood.

Her only thoughts were,

'Oh God ... It is so beautiful... '

Jamie flexed his straining member and Lisa as if in a trance, lifted herself up from the bed and crawled toward the pillar of joy that was beckoning to her. A sharp intake of breath was heard as her hands wrapped themselves around it with soft squeezes and massages and her vagina and clitoris rippled with anticipation as the massive thickness throbbed in her hands. Her hands dropped down lifting Jamie's swaying balls and her mind reeled as the heavy, soft pouches nestled within her hands.

She settled back down on the bed and adjusted her hips on the pillow. Her breathing quickened and her vagina twitched with need as Jamie got onto the bed and shuffled forward between her spread thighs.

His hands grasped her legs behind the knees and positioned them on the bed beside her breasts and slithered up and over her panting body. He smiled as her swelling folds were pushed upward, pressing onto his engorged hardness. Lisa cooed as Jamie began an ecstatic sawing motion, up and down, up and down, causing her to twist her sex in a futile attempt to get the thick gland to nestle into her clasping inner lips. Her body and mind screamed for penetration and she reached between their bodies and grasped the tube of hard flesh with both hands. With a sense of urgency she guided the slick head so it slid up and down her swollen, wet crease not letting it lose contact with her sex until it was poised at the clenching opening to her womanhood.

Lisa looked at her Lover with pleading eyes,

Jamie smiled and nestled further between Lisa's clasping inner lips. Her loins rippled with ecstatic sensations as the head nudged against the entrance to her enflamed vagina and then slowly slipped inward. Her elastic entrance stretched eagerly to accommodate the wonderful thickness and a sharp hiss of joy escaped her mouth as the thick gland 'popped' inward and her vaginal entrance kissed and caressed the slick crown of her Lover. Jamie nudged the first inch of his manhood into her seething vagina which eagerly stretched to accommodate the throbbing thickness. Jamie pushed further inward and was rewarded with a deeper groan.

1"... 2"... 3"... 4"

Lisa felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness. Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her enflamed passage. Lisa wanted more, she begged for more. She gurgled and mewed as Jamie sunk into the depths of her sexual being. Her eyes opened wide as her vagina was ecstatically stretched and filled. She gasped as the thick erection kept slipping into her, inch by glorious inch.

5"... 6"... 7"... 7.50"

Lisa could feel every fleshy ridge of the massive organ buried within her. Her vaginal muscles expanded and started to clench around the massive organ. Jamie waited patiently for Lisa to became accustomed to his thick hardness, flexing gently deep inside her, but still not moving his body. Jamie waited a moment, flexed again as another moan of rising pleasure escaped her open mouth. Jamie slowly withdrew, almost all the way out, and then slipped all the way back in. He withdrew part way, and seemed to wiggle slightly as he adjusted his position. The angle of penetration changed, and pressed oddly into her for a moment, dragging back and forth until ... something electric shot through her enflamed sex. An intense wave of ecstatic joy surged through her highly excited vagina and shot upward, connecting with her rigid organ of joy and then into her erect bullet-like nipples. She wailed as the flexing head teased and caressed her excited 'G' spot as it ecstatically stroked across the hyper- sensitive tissues. Shards of electric joy charged across her dazed and stunned body. Her rigid clitoris throbbed and ached as it tried to extend further outward from its protective hood.

Jamie thrust fully inward then withdrew to tease her magic spot again and again. It was incredible. Lisa was overloaded with raw pleasure, and she knew she was rapidly climbing toward her orgasmic trip point. The massive member continued to enrage her enflamed vagina, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body was frozen, spread open and lewdly thrust upward, unable or unwilling to move, not wanting the incredible connection to be broken.

"Oh God! ... Yes ... More ... Deeper ... Faster..."

Suddenly, Lisa thrust her enraged sex forcefully upward impaling herself completely on her lover's granite hardness and her legs shot outward in a wide 'V' kicking franticly in the air. Her eyes and mouth snapped open as her body ecstatically exploded with her first orgasm. The orgasmic lightning struck inside her ecstatic body and she screamed. Her arms curled around her Lover's neck tightly, her toes curled and her hands fisted.


Lisa couldn't stop convulsing or screeching as her body wide orgasm exploded throughout her sexual being. She was so completely full and her orgasming juices squished and gushed around the hard organ which was giving her so much joy.

Lisa's foaming wetness gushed outward past her swollen and clenching folds. Her inner muscles squeezed and massaged the pulsing flesh that was deeply embedded within her body. Her rigid, jerking clitoris felt as though it was going to explode. Her whole body shook and trembled with the power of her orgasm.

Jamie let her rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within in her. Soon, Lisa cooed again as her lover withdrew and began to stroke into her with gentle, full length thrusts. She felt his huge, heavy testicles push between her spread thighs with each inward thrust as delicious aftershocks continued to flood her satisfied body.

He lunged inward and Lisa felt incredibly full when the wonderful thickness entered her cervix and pushed against the flowering portal to her womb. She breathed heavily in quick pants in response to the delicious impalement. Jamie withdrew so the thick head teased the sucking inner lips and then slithered back into the depths of her seething passage.

Lisa once again moaned and gurgled as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

Both of Jamie's hands grasped Lisa's thighs and again started a slow, building rhythm as his member stroked steadily in and out of her, frothy, excited vaginal passage and her deep gasping sounds registered her body's rising levels of ecstasy. She began thrusting and grinding her hips back onto the long, thick organ that was plunging into the depths of her sexual being. For the first time she was hearing Jamie's deep, gasping pants as his strokes took on a sense of urgency. She wanted to return the joy that he was giving her and began clenching her vaginal muscles with exquisite squeezes and massages. Jamie gasped as his straining manhood became encased within a deep sucking and milking sheath.

Lisa now wanted, now needed and now craved for Jamie's thick essence to extinguish the fires in her enflamed sex. His deep strokes intensified and Lisa tightened her arms and legs around her Lover and skewered her raging sex upward in tight circles. Suddenly Jamie plunged fully inward and froze. His engorged manhood began to pulse and flex wildly within her milking passage.

Lisa felt the most ecstatic sensations that she had ever felt in her life. An exquisite liquid pressure was building rapidly within her cervix and the ballooning sensations flooded into her vaginal passage. It was warm and thick as it gushed into her with the force of a fire hose. Her entire sex spasmed with joy as Jamie's wonderful thick essence jettisoned deeply into her womanhood.

Jamie pulled his straining erection outward and then thrust inward again and again as his spasming gland unleashed another forceful, flood of semen. The ecstatic feelings spread throughout Lisa like a series of freight trains, rumbling from her vagina and connecting with her exploding clitoris, up to her breasts, nipples and then flooding into her mind.

Lisa's second, climatic orgasm was total and all consuming.

Her toes curled and her hands again tightened around his neck. Her orgasmic scream drowned out the deep moans of her lover. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her wide open eyes. Every cell in her body vibrated with ecstasy. His spewing essence went on and on, his hips grinding is turgid shaft deep into her frenzied sex, flooding her clenching womanhood again and again with his thick essence.

Lisa screamed in orgasmic joy.


Her sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for several moments. Her body continued to orgasm as Jamie continued to flex his erection as it continued to ejaculate.

He leaned over Lisa and waited for her to regain consciousness. She awoke to intense multiple aftershocks and felt her Lover's huge member still flexing within her. She wrapped her arms around him and aggressively kissed him as her body spasmed and convulsed. She moaned into his mouth with sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. Jamie hunched up his hips and slowly his softening member slipped out of her reluctant and stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound. Torrents of vaginal juices and ejaculant gushed out of the gaping entrance and flowed down her thighs onto the sheet.

Jamie bent down and planted a suckling kiss on each of her erect nipples as his hands formed over her swollen, slick labia folds. She moaned and ground her sex against his hands.

In about a minute they both stood up and the wonderful, invisible cleaners once again attended to their bodies. As they neared the finish, each felt a puff of air rushing into their noses and they slumped unconscious into the supporting unseen forces. They were returned to the enclosures and put into a standing position, with their bodies about two feet above the floor. A flurry of translucent shapes began dressing them with their clothes.

1.09 The Return of Jamie and Lisa:

The memories of Jamie and Lisa were altered so they remembered none of their sexual encounters, what did remain in their minds were fragments of each other. The Aliens would arrange 'chance' meetings and it would be up to each of them to discard or pursue an ongoing relationship.

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