The Tames
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Gay, Robot, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Masturbation, mc sex story,mc story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college journalist, researching financial fraud, uncovers a much deeper conspiracy.

"I was going to tell you, James, at our staff meeting later today, but since you decided to show up early, I might as well tell you now." William Ramsey sighed. He was head of the academy's media center and every so often a student came along like this who aggravated him and asked way too many questions. Most just did their work, got a job, and reported the agenda of their company. This boy was one of the exceptions. "I do not see any reason to continue looking into this company."

James threw his hands up in dismay. "Their quarterly reports do not add up as all, Mr. Ramsey. There is definitely something going on." He leaned in, his small frame dwarfed by the taller, athletic man on the other side of the desk. "I think they are funneling money, but for what? That is what I have not figured out yet. I need another week."

Mr. Ramsey put a hand to stop the dark haired student. James' pale, pretty, face seemed permanently in a smug smear. He thought that he was better than most of the other students at the academy and an hour did not go by without him letting them all know. Taking the boy down a peg gave great joy to the professor.

He shrugged at the boy. "This is outside of our jurisdiction. I would really like it if you did other research for your final project." The goateed man leaned forward. "Failure to do so will lead to Improper Academic Research Charges being filed against you."

James threw his hands up. Mr. Ramsey did have to admit the boy was cute when he did that. "Fine! I will write some dumb article about the football team and then, when I am out of this bullshit school, my research will be the thing that makes me famous." The boy was good, really, really, good, and would make a great journalist one day. However, this was not going to be the day.

After James, frustrated, walked out, Mr. Ramsey knew the boy would not be able to stop himself from continuing this investigation. He pushed a button on his desk phone and called to an outside line. "I have a favor to ask of you, old friend," he said to the man who answered.


After James left the office, he went back to the academy dorms and sulked for a bit. However, just as afternoon classes got out and the bustle of a lively campus could be heard around him, he received a call from an unmarked number. A woman was on the other line who he had gotten in touch with a few weeks ago. She said that there was evidence of financial malpractice and wanted to meet him at her work because she was having trouble getting the documents out of the building. Could he come to her, make copies, and then sneak back out? Sure, he proclaimed and was off on his way in the evening to see the woman.

After the call, he made his way to the bank and waited in an auto dealership parking lot adjacent to the bank. After seeing the woman's coworkers leave, and hearing her promise she would leave in a few minutes he entered the building, smiling at the slightly propped open door. The bank was beautiful, much nicer than the one he went to as a student, and he sat down on a couch.

The woman came over to him, black pumps echoing across the hard floor. She was a platinum blond, in her twenties, and wore a very expensive business skirt and jacket. James was 100% gay, but even he could notice her obvious breast implants, which seemed out of place at a bank.

She smiled softly at him. "Hello, James." The blond extended a hand. "My name is Chrissie." James found her vapid smile to be amusing, but could not ponder the doe eyed expression on her face because as soon as his hand pulled away, she was swaying away from him, waving behind her for him to follow into a back room.

Chrissie led James to a room filled with computers and turned on one of the lights as she open the door slightly so they could enter. "We cannot trip the alarms," she explained. The alarm really would have been tripped, but behind the door stood an empty eyed thug who grabbed James and stab a needle in his neck. The boy slouched over into the man's arms and tried to pull away, but the muscular man picked him up and sat him in a large chair that Chrissie had activated out of the wall.

The thug jammed James into the chair and Chrissie strapped him in. From the ceiling, a large helmet came sliding down and snapped into place around him. Pretty, sparkling, pink and purple lights and spirals began dancing around the boy's visual range. The drugs in the needle had muddled his thinking enough that when the lights caught his eyes, it was hard to remove them. After a few minutes, all he could see was the swirling, dancing, hypnotic spirals before him. The thug and Chrissie stood against the chair, at attention, and it dropped into the floor.


When James opened his eyes. At first, he thought it take a minute for his mind to clear, but almost immediately he was aware of his surroundings. The boy whelped in horror as he noticed himself, strapped legs and arms spread, into a standing machine on a three quarter angle. His arms and legs were tightly snug and he could not move them at all. Suddenly, he noticed that all of his body hair below the shoulders was shaved off so completely it looked like it had been lasered in some experimental process.

"Hello, James." A French accent could be heard from the man in the corner of the room, not even looking up before firing off a message on his phone. The man was probably around 35 years old and wore a business jacket with a button down shirt untucked partially. He looked up, green eyes focusing on the boy. How did he know who James was?

"Who are you? Why am I here?" James sneered at the man, trying again to struggle out of the restraints, but realizing his tiny frame would not allow it. Being small and cute was not an advantage here!

The man nodded. "You are here because we were concerned about your investigation. Little one," he began, moving closer, "you were getting a bit too close to an associate of mine, so I had one of my ... employees ... trick you into coming to the bank."

"I knew it!" James smugly smiled. "I knew there was some kind of inconsistency in the reporting." He thought for a moment. "That was why my advisor did not want me doing more research." He got lost in thought again. For some reason, this gave him a minor headache. "But why would he care?"

The man nodded and smiled approvingly. "You ask the right questions, little one. He is a friend of mine from our college days that I have kept up with. Mr. Ramsey has done certain, hmm, favors for us over the years and we reward him by making sure any of his more unruly students are eliminated."

James laughed. "And how do you do that? Torture? Ship me off to some labor camp? I know about that stuff!"

"Actually, that would be quite crude. My ... business ... certainly does not concern itself with any of that. In fact, we have stopped those things before." He looked behind him at a two way mirror James had not noticed before and made a motion with his head. "My business works in other matters."

In walked Chrissie, the banker from ... how long had it been? James suddenly realized he could not tell. The girl wearing a skintight pink latex dress and sky high platform heels of the same color, curtsied before the man. She looked up at him with a look of worship on her face. "Master, how will Chrissie serve you?" Her bimbo smile shone in the reflection from the bright lights above them.

James stared at her for a moment. "So you turn some cunt bimbo out to trap reporters? I am gay, that won't work on me."

The man laughed and shock his head. "No, little one, but that could be one of her duties." He motioned at the girl. "Tell the boy about yourself, Chrissie."

The blonde beamed proudly. "Chrissie was a bad girl who discovered what her bank was doing. She tried to report it to the police, but ended up here. She was a very bad girl, but is a good girl now. Master brainwashed the bad girl out of her and left only the good girl."

The man looked indifferently at her. "This is what my business does. We create what we call 'Tames'." She looked over at him for approval, looking desperate to please."

He nodded. "Good girl. You may leave." He did not acknowledge her further as she swayed out of the room.

"Brainwashing, what are you, some kind of sci-fi dork?"

"Perhaps, the little one needs a demonstration." He took a few steps forward. "My name is Jean-Paul, but you will know me and address me as Sir."

"Yes, Sir," James quickly replied to Sir before gasping. How had that happened? A sense on panic came over him as he realized Sir's name ... was Sir. Did Sir have another name? The thought drifted away.

"Relax," Jean-Paul softly said and the boy obeyed. He put a gentle hand on the boy's face. "Good boy." He smiled at the boy's empty stare. "You have been here a week being programmed. I am gay like you, which is why you may have noticed my indifference to Chrissie, whose aesthetic is popular I have to admit, and the first thing conditioned into you was a need to obey me. I am a very handsome man and you want to please such a man, don't you little one?"

James stared at Sir. He was very handsome. Soft blond hair cut short, but not too short. Beautiful blue eyes, pale skin. "Yes, Sir." He was lost in Sir's eyes, forgetting everything but Sir. The boy did not notice that his cock was now standing up straight and rock hard, nor did he realize that the phrase "little one" was a hypnotic trigger to make him more agreeable. A passive smile came over his face.

Jean-Paul continued. "The first three days, you were drugged and conditioned for general submission. On day four, one of our surgeons installed a chip in your brain that can directly control you." He pulled out the controller again and pushed a button, which made the boy's cock soften. James continued to docily stare at Sir. He tapped the button again and the boy got hard again.

"After a day for recovery," he stopped and smiled, "we do a lot of after care for our subjects. The past two days..." James stopped listening, still lost in Sir's beauty. He was a lovely man and the boy was eager to submit to him. He was a boy and good boys did what men told them.

Two boys, probably around his age, in tiny shorts and tank tops, had entered the room while Sir was speaking to James. Each wore a collar, one of them named "jamie," and the other "robbi." Both had doe eyed looks on their face as Sir instructed them. James was still staring at handsome Sir when one of the boys gently placed a pair of wireless ear buds in his eyes. The next few statements Sir made were muffled beyond the state of the art headphones, but James nodded along.

Suddenly, his world went dark as a black helmet came down from above to wrap itself around his head. Hypnotic, dancing, spirals lit up his world and the gentle orchestral music playing in the ear buds put him in a suggestible state. "There is still plenty for you to learn, little one," made him sigh; hearing Sir's voice brought James to a contentment that allowed his brainwashing to continue.

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