The Second Year - and After...
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cousins, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Food, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the fifth and final part of my story about life at University in Cardiff in the early 1970's. At the start of my second year, I was sharing a flat with three girls. And then it started getting complicated. Very complicated, actually.

In my four previous stories, I told you how my friends Sian, Vee and Julie recruited me to look after them as we explored life at college in Cardiff in the early 1970’s.

My “Prifysgol” series follows the four of us, and our other friends, as we progressed through University and on to our working life.

If you haven’t read them yet, I suggest you do so, to meet the characters, and help you understand the background to this fifth story, which completes our tale.

It’s basically a love story.

Half way through my first year at University, I met and fell head over heels in love with a beautiful blonde, and for some strange and unaccountable reason, Julie decided that she loved me back! The circumstances of our meeting were highly unusual, to say the least, but our being together just felt right. It didn’t hurt that I thought that she was an incredibly pretty girl, and that I’d fancied her at first glimpse.

We knew almost immediately that we wanted to be together; we quickly became best friends as well as lovers, and we just really enjoyed each other’s company. I could always make her laugh, and her very presence made me smile. She was the woman besides whom I wanted to wake up, every morning for the rest of my life.

In my story, I describe quite a lot of sex along the way, but please remember that Julie and I were only nineteen going on twenty at the time, and we took advantage of all the freedoms of being away from home for the first time, including the opportunity to make love as much as we wanted. And at that age, ‘as much as you want’ equals ‘as much as you can possibly get’!

But if you want to read this final episode of my series on its own, then here is a quick summary of where we were at the start of October 1973:

Sian’s cousins had come to stay for a long weekend at the beginning of June 1973 (book 3), and then we enjoyed a few weeks of relative freedom while we waited for our first year exam results.

By the end of June, our first year at University was over; unlike two of my male housemates, we had all safely passed our exams; and an amazing Pink Floyd concert at the Students’ Union had ushered in the three-month-long summer holidays. (book 4)

My younger sister Jen and I had spent the whole summer working long, sometimes very long, hours at our local frozen vegetable factory, and had earned enough extra money to make the next year at University quite comfortable.

Jen achieved the required ‘A’ level exam grades to take up her offer of a place at Reading University; when staying with us in Cardiff for the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ concert, she had confided to my girlfriend Julie that she too wanted to lose her virginity before she went to Uni. Naturally, Julie obtained my promise of silence before telling me of Jen’s thoughts.

Although I could easily see the sense of her wanting some sexual experience before going away to college (it would have been a lot easier and less worrying for me if I’d had some), I had never really seen Jen as an adult with adult needs and appetites, although I was incredibly proud of the way she had tackled her summer job. I now had a great deal of respect for her, and I was really pleased that she had quickly made friends with Julie. But I felt far too embarrassed to talk to my kid sister about sex.

In early September, during a pause in working at the factory, Jen, Julie and I helped Sian’s cousins Adrian and Sheila sort out their new flat in Bristol, and we persuaded Adrian to introduce Jen to what he called ‘the pleasures of the flesh’.

I still wasn’t entirely happy about my little sister, the one I had looked after and protected for the last eighteen years, having sex in the next room to the one I was in, but at least I knew that she was in excellent hands for her first time.

Mind you, I didn’t worry for all that long, because I was delighted to be back together with Julie after two months of separation, and with the three of us in Sheila’s brand new double bed, we had a wonderful night of love making. By a stroke of luck, the twins’ parents were delayed by a problem with their car, so we were able to stay an extra night, and that too was great fun. My sister used the unexpected additional time to experience making love with Adrian several more times, including a ‘quickie’ when the plumber who was working in the flat went to lunch. I was impressed with her enthusiasm, and his stamina!

Jen and I were worn out when we got home, and we had a very narrow escape from our parents finding out that our ‘helping with decorating’ had actually been a cover for other things. Her tummy muscles were complaining about the unaccustomed exercise they had undergone because she had enjoyed a large number of orgasms in a short space of time, but luckily she had the presence of mind to blame her obvious discomfort on too much stretching when stripping wallpaper!

Jen was delighted to find out that having sex was so much fun; Adrian had really pulled out all the stops to make her enjoy it, and she had been a most enthusiastic participant.

She and I had discussed how she felt in several private conversations during the next week, mainly in the Mini on the way to and from work, so that our parents couldn’t possibly overhear.

I discovered quite quickly during these most un-sibling like chats that Julie had told Jen rather more about my sex life than I was really comfortable with.

Quite a lot more, actually.

Jen had REALLY enjoyed the process of learning about sex with Adrian, and she soon tried to persuade me to teach her more techniques and positions than he had been able to in the limited time available to them.

You will realise that I was not at all happy with the idea of having sex with my sister, gorgeous as she was, and things became a little fraught, as Jen refused to take my ‘NO!’ for a final answer. If I hadn’t known her so well, I would have said that she was teasing me with the way she was rubbing herself up against me at every opportunity!

I had promised Jen, as part of the deal of Adrian helping her to give away her virginity, that I would answer any questions she had about sex to the best of my ability; but because Julie had blabbed so much to her, the questions actually got rather more personal than I had anticipated.

I had also, in a moment of weakness, agreed to give Jen a few lessons in kissing, which with hindsight was a bit of a mistake, as it crossed the dividing line between just talking and actually doing. She was a fast learner, and I had to be very careful that our kissing didn’t get out of hand. My dick, who Sian had nicknamed ‘Gustav’, had no such moral scruples, and he just enjoyed me kissing a girl, and made it quite clear that he hoped to get involved!

Jen massively increased the pressure she was putting me under late one night when we got home from work, by stripping off and joining me naked in the shower. I couldn’t kick up much of a fuss at the time because it would have woken our parents, but I wasn’t happy, and I told her so over our supper downstairs.

She wasn’t at all sorry or apologetic, and saw nothing wrong in it. (I have to be honest here, and admit that my main objection was that I wasn’t at all sure that I would be able to resist the temptation, and once we were started on that slippery slope, it could well spiral out of control.)

I lost several nights sleep worrying about it. Although I had always been taught that incest was taboo, I had actively encouraged Sian’s twin cousins Adrian and Sheila to make love to each other, and Jen most probably knew that from talking to Julie. I was also terrified that Mum and Dad would realise that Jen was making sexual advances to me, and blame me entirely. I had no idea how they would react; but I suspected they would be fiercely protective of their ewe lamb, and treat me as the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When I had telephoned and asked Julie’s advice on what I should do, she had argued strongly on Jen’s behalf and demolished all my arguments, so I finally caved in, and agreed to Jen’s demands.

Jen was delighted that I was now willing, but also very grown-up about it, and in total agreement with me about our parents’ likely reaction if we were caught. She did some thinking, put a groundsheet and a our parents’ picnic rug into the Mini’s boot, and a couple of nights later she took me to a quiet field near the vegetable factory and asked me to make love to her, which I did.

I made love to my sister again in those last few days before the holidays ended. I have to admit that, (apart from huge initial guilt, and the ever-present fear of being caught by our parents, and being torn limb from limb before being force-fed my own testicles, ) it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both of us. Jen was a very enthusiastic pupil, and she was also developing into an extremely attractive young woman.

This is the fifth and final part of my story, and describes what happened to Julie and I, and our friends, after we started our second year at university, in October 1973.

What a difference a year makes! At New Year 1973, I had been an eighteen-and-three-quarters-year-old virgin who had never had a girlfriend, and lived for my studies, beer and food.

Nine months later, I had enjoyed sex with five different girls, all of whom I was still sleeping with. I was going to be living with three of them, my girlfriend Julie and her flatmates Vee and Sian. Sian’s cousin Sheila was now living in Bristol, only an hour or so by train, and Jen was at Reading, less than two hours away by Intercity 125 train and Student Railcard half-price fares.

It was looking as if I had a busy year ahead!

On the Monday, the first of October, Mum and Dad took Jen (and what seemed like all her worldly goods) by car down to Reading to start her university career.

Before they left, while Mum was filling the flasks and Dad was checking the car’s oil level and tyre pressures, Jen and I took a few minutes together upstairs in private to say goodbye and promise to keep in close touch; our love-making had brought us to a new intimacy in our brother-sister relationship, where we felt we could talk about anything and everything; I wanted Jen to know that she could now question me on any subject, and that I’d do my damnedest to help her, as would Julie.

It felt as if far more than six days had passed since we had gone to the hayfield after work and first made love together; our joining had been so perfect that it seemed to have reset our relationship.

I was really sorry to have to stand out in the road and wave to her through the back window of the car as she vanished in the distance. I was already missing her!

Mum and Dad were impressed by Jen’s modern accommodation in her Hall of Residence; they said that it was institutional, but far more hygienic than the house I’d started my University life in! I was just very glad that they never found out quite how far from being house-trained my four male housemates had actually been...

They had made good time on the return journey; although they didn’t really like motorway driving, the M1 brought them home more quickly than the cross-country ‘A’ roads they had intended to use. Mum was a bit quiet coming back to a house without Jen living there any longer, but she soon cheered up when Dad suggested that they’d be able to go out and about more without worrying what Jen was up to.

I went back to Cardiff by train the next day, even though lectures for us second year students didn’t actually start for another week.

There were a number of reasons for my wanting to go back to college early.

The official ones, for parental consumption, were that I needed to sort out my new accommodation in Malcolm’s shared house, and that I wanted to get a head start on the serious work of my Chemistry degree.

The real reason was of course that I wanted to be back with my darling Julie, and have a good time with her before our studies formally restarted.

There was also my fear of accidentally letting slip something to my parents that might give a hint that my relationship with my sister was no longer just that of siblings, so I felt that I would be better out of their way until I had more control of myself.

I had already caught myself on Monday morning sniffing Jen’s sheets before I put them in the washing machine, just to get another whiff of her now-familiar scent!

The train journey to Cardiff was reasonable as I had a seat all the way, although it was a grey Autumn day, and the time and the miles passed slowly as I thought of seeing Julie again. I hoped that she would actually let me make love to her before we started the Spanish Inquisition about what I had done with Jen – Julie was sure to be incredibly curious about that!

Even with daily phone calls, it had still seemed a very long three weeks since I had last kissed her as our bus stopped in front of Bristol Temple Meads station, and Jen and I had then scrambled out of the door to run for our train.

Eventually, the train pulled in to Cardiff, and I carried my stuff up to the house from the station, and rang the bell at the front door.

I could hear the thumping on the stairs as Julie ran down to let me in, and we had a long kiss and a hug on the doorstep. She felt absolutely wonderful in my arms, and I was most reluctant to let her go.

“It’s all clear, Jon, our landlady was in yesterday to start the lease off from the first of the month, and we’re all sorted with her, and the new girls in my old flat don’t arrive until tomorrow.”

She helped me pick up my baggage, and together we lugged it up the two and a half flights of stairs to the flat I was illicitly going to share with the three girls. We dropped it off in the sitting room, and went into the kitchen to chat and have a cuppa.

Julie had waited in for my arrival; Vee and Sian had gone out to the shops to get a few things for supper.

Julie passed me my mug of tea, and as I was drinking it, she told me that she needed a big favour from me.

“Jon, can you please scratch Vee’s itch before she drives us completely mad?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, and told her so.

She explained. She was clearly very worried about Vee, and her story telling wasn’t as coherent as it usually was. I had to stop her several times and ask questions before I understood exactly what Julie was asking of me.

The problem, it seemed, was that our highly sexed flatmate was absolutely desperate for a really good fuck.

Her summer package holiday with her fiance Jeff had been an unmitigated disaster; on the first night he had got far too drunk on the free ‘welcome party’ Spanish plonk to be of any use to her whatsoever.

She had hoped, with the help of some cheap booze, to loosen his inhibitions and get him to be more adventurous sexually.

The only things that seemed to have been loosened were his bowels, as he got a severe case of the shits from drinking the local tap water to help his hangover; and she had ended up nursing a smelly, whining and ungrateful boyfriend in a cramped and swelteringly hot hotel bedroom for the rest of her ‘holiday’.

She hadn’t even got her toes in the hotel swimming pool!

Her sex life had not been much better on their return home, and after some twelve weeks of orgasm deprivation, Vee was understandably keen to make up for lost time.

Julie pleaded with me to help Vee out before I unpacked anything; they had already moved Bryony’s old mattress into their sitting room ready for my arrival.

My excitement at being back with Julie had been building up for the past week, and although I had fully intended her to be the beneficiary of all that repressed passion, the teenage male part of me had absolutely no objection to a good wrestle with Vee first.

“I’d much rather make mad passionate love to you, but if you really do want me to start with Vee, of course I will!”

“Yes please, she’s driving us mad! The poor girl is in a real state, and we need to tackle it as soon as we can. Last night, I was telling Sian what we had got up to at the twins’ flat, and we also talked about our time at her place. Poor Vee burst into floods of tears and ran out of the kitchen. I suppose it was tactless of me, but I genuinely had no idea then what a rotten holiday she’s had.”

The front door downstairs was opened and shut, and we could hear our two flatmates coming up the stairs. As they came into the kitchen with their shopping, I stood up and kissed both of them.

Julie didn’t even give us time to ask each other how the holidays had been!

“It’s okay, Vee, he will help you out.”

“Thank god for that – is now too soon, Jon?”

I finished my tea in two gulps, and Vee led me into their old sitting room, which was to become the bedroom for Julie and I.

As I started removing my clothing, Vee stripped off too, and lay down naked on the makeshift bed. Julie helped her adjust a pillow under her hips to give me the best possible access.

I stood naked for a moment to savour the anticipation, my erection proudly displayed, and then I got down on my knees and moved towards Vee. I covered her body with mine, and we shared a long and lingering kiss. I rubbed my chest across her partially erect nipples and she moaned. She had obviously been working herself up in anticipation, because she was already trembling with excitement. I decided to carry on with the foreplay anyway, because we both enjoyed it so much.

I worked my way down her lovely body, kissing her nipples and trailing my tongue around her aureolae until she panted, and after dipping into her belly button, I teased her by licking the inside of her thighs. As I moved back upwards, I could see her looking pleadingly at me for release.

I moved to part her labia with my fingers. Her freshly trimmed pubic hair opened up to reveal the moistness which betrayed her arousal. I savoured the aroma, and touched my lips to the folds of skin which hid her clitoris. She moaned even more loudly. I looked up at her face, to see that her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

I nodded to Sian and Julie, who moved forward and each took one of Vee’s nipples between their lips, as I took my first lingering swipe of the tongue around Vee’s labia.

Vee screamed as the different sensations hit her nervous system.

“Oh god YES! DO IT TO ME!”

With the help of the others working on her nipples, my tongue and lips on her genitals very quickly took Vee to a noisy first climax. I sprang up her body to hold her tight and she shuddered against me.

As she regained the power of speech, she mumbled something about the unfairness of three against one, and how it was all over far too quickly.

Actually, I’m not sure it was a complaint, probably more an expression of a regret that she hadn’t thought of it herself.

Sian, Julie and I exchanged a smile of triumph. It wasn’t often Vee got beaten at her own game!

“Okay, then, Vee, if three against one isn’t fair, now let’s try one against one!”

I stood up, and Julie applied a generous coating of Vee’s KY Jelly to Gustav before giving me a kiss. She whispered in my ear.

“If I’m your princess, then you are my champion. Go and slay the dragon for me!”

I knelt down and held Gustav’s head against the entrance to Vee’s vagina. She lifted her legs even more, to give me a clear shot.

“Are you ready for another, Vee?”

“God yes, that was a great start, but I’ve got so much to catch up on, and a real itch inside me now!”

Knowing that there was now plenty of lubrication, I had no hesitation in probing Vee’s clutching canal with Gustav’s whole length in one long smooth thrust, and soon I was balls deep inside her, and resting until she got used to me again.

“Fuck, you’re tight, Vee! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, but it’s had so little use for the last three months, that I might just as well have been a virgin!”

Vee was clearly still feeling very sorry for herself; we’d have to try and do something about that.

I cursed Jeff and his insensitivity; Vee was a lovely girl and deserved much better than the treatment she was getting from him. From what I had seen already, she wasn’t at all the self-confident happy-go-lucky girl she had been in June. No wonder Julie had been so worried.

“I’m not going to last very long this time, because I haven’t seen Julie for a fortnight! You’ll have to bear with me.”

I started moving slowly, trying my best to give Vee all the pleasure I could.

She was a very sensual girl, and a huge orgasm or two would cheer her up no end. I took care to grind my pubic bone against the hood of her clitoris at the end of every stroke, and I tried to deliberately rub my chest against her nipples.

She whimpered with desire, and I detected a note of frustration.

“Do you want me to go faster?”

“Yes, I just want to come, please!”

So I shifted up a gear, humping her as hard as I could so that she could achieve her much-needed release. I only just managed to hold off my own climax for long enough; as she wailed and spasmed, she set off Gustav.

It was strange to think that my last ejaculation before this one had been inside my sister Jen in the shower at home. I wondered what Jen was doing right at this moment, and hoped that she was settling in okay at Reading. Perhaps she’d already found herself a boyfriend?

I held Vee tight until our breathing slowed enough for us to talk.

“Thanks, Jon, god how I needed that!”

We cuddled and chatted with the others; Sian brought in another pot of tea.

I tried to cheer Vee up by telling the three of them stories of what it had been like working in the vegetable factory during the best weather of the year, and how wrinkled my hands had become from constant immersion in water.

At least I managed to make her laugh.

I suspected that genuine rib-tickling laughter had been completely absent from her summer holidays, and I felt very sorry for her. She was a really nice kid at heart, despite being older than her years because of her harsh upbringing in a traditional coal-mining community, and she certainly deserved better than she had received.

I drank my tea, and resolved to try to give Vee some special treatment, to try to bring back the laughing and mischievous girl of three months ago. She had clearly managed to be lonely and alone during the holidays, despite living at home with her family; I suspected that they couldn’t understand her wish to do more with her life than marry early and bring up children in the same streets that her parents and grandparents lived in.

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