Low in the Cold
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Humiliation, Water Sports, Workplace,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the cold weather of Vienna, a young designer sees his life brought down to degradation by a woman above his pay grade.

It is another morning in the cold winter of Vienna, with Philip sitting at his desk with the laptop in front of him displaying Photoshop and Illustrator. Philip, a 24 year-old designer, gazes through the window and contemplates the gloomy, grey weather outside, with snow and rain falling on the streets around the building he works in. Being on the fifth floor, he can see much of the city and spends a few minutes immersing himself in the dim and unwelcoming landscape.

Reality kicks in with no warning and for no apparent reason, as he hears the multitude of sounds from the other eighty or so people that work around him in open office space.

"Shit, I forgot my headphones," he tells himself, realizing that he will have to cope with the annoying noise from other people without the relief of his playlist.

"Wanna go outside with me?" Ilene asks.

"Sure. I just can't focus today. Just let me grab a cup of coffee." Philip password-locks his laptop and goes to the coffee machine while Ilene calls the elevator down.

While listening to the sound of coffee being poured into the cheap plastic cup, he notices how sleepy and tired Ilene looks. His girlfriend, who had only entered the company four months ago, is clearly feeling the pressure of a newfound job and all the new skills and rhythms she has to get into.

For some reason, he thinks, she looks paler than ever. She was already kind of pale when he met her at university during Design Graduation, but not as much as today. Probably because, then, they spent much more time outside, unlike these days that kick them from work straight to home and back the next day.

That doesn't bother him too much, though. She still makes his thoughts wander to sex every time he takes a good look at her 21-year-old thin figure with long, straight dark hair. Even with her puffy white jacket on and blue jeans, Philip thinks of her slender pale body beneath all that clothing.

As they get in the dimly lit elevator, while staring at Ilene's light-skinned freckled face, Philip wonders if she's also getting even thinner.

"I think you're getting thinner."

"Yeah? Probably ... Maybe it's the smoking? I didn't notice anything myself," Ilene says, her dark brown eyes giving away that she knows she's smoking a lot more than she should.

"Have you been working out? I mean ... Well, I guess, no, right? Since we spend all our time together..."

"No ... The only exercise I see is yours." Ilene unenthusiastically says. Unlike him, she never runs or does any type of exercise. Her thin shape comes to her naturally, even with a considerably unhealthy lifestyle, with smoking and the regular beer part of her afternoons and nights, followed by scant dinners prompted by her lack of appetite.

Leaving the elevator, Ilene goes ahead and exits outside the company's building for a smoke, and Philip follows with his warm cup of coffee.

"It's fucking cold out here," Philip remarks.

"Just a quick smoke," she says.

While Ilene reaches for her smokes, Philip's greenish eyes wander down to notice what he notices a lot of times in her. Her jeans always manage to show behind her a bit of her crack. Although she is so very slimly built, her ass is nicely rounded. Not big, but rounded enough that the jeans she buys most of the times show a bit of that hot, sexy butt crack.

He isn't going to say anything to her about that, though. Not a tease, not a compliment, nothing. Ilene's a quiet and reserved person, and more often than not resents sexual comments, or any kind of observation about how's she looking.

That, strangely, made sense with her, maybe because of her continuous depressed look, with rare moments of pure joy or happiness. She's maybe like the cold and dim weather that was freezing the hell out of his bones, Philip thinks. So cold, that it takes away that throbbing feeling that was building up in his dick seeing Ilene's crack.

He wonders if Ilene is freezing as much as he is. He's considered well-built for a 24 year-old guy, 6 feet tall, that works out two or three times a week at home, with a toned body that usually stands out due to his choice of tight clothes, and most of the time he doesn't feel any cold. That's not the case today, and not this year, one of the worst winters to ever punish the streets of Vienna.

"How's the digital signage project going?" Philip asks.

"It's going well, I think. I'm still doing the graphic mockups for the different stores, but, yeah ... I think today I'm done at about 7 or 8 PM. And you?"

"I got my portal design approved; now I just have to code it ... But, I'm not really in the mood today. I haven't even typed one line of HTML. Fuck it, I have time, I guess."

"Let's go inside, I'm done," she says, throwing the cigarette to the street. "I'm freezing here!"

So, she's cold, after all, Philip thinks. Just goes to show that she doesn't show emotion at all.

They get back to the fifth floor, passing by some colleagues and cordially greeting them, even though Philip and Ilene don't know most of them that well. Philip notices some of the guys checking out Ilene's butt crack as they pass by.

A sudden pinch of envy hits him. Philip smirks. He can't blame them, he would do exactly the same. After all, besides being thin, pretty-faced, and relatively tall, compared to the other girls around with her 5 feet and 7 inches, no one could ignore that ass crack in the middle of a bunch of people who were wearing clothing to their teeth.

Back at his desk, Philip's day seems to race through lunch with the software development team, more coffees and smokes with Ilene and a lot of street gazing, for the lack of motivation to pull through some tough, tedious coding work, his least favorite part of his job as a web designer.

"I'm just having this meeting to give a quick status update on the portal with the Project Manager. Wanna wait for me to go home?" Philip asks Ilene, who sits across from his desk.

Looking outside, Ilene sees the heavy grim night already sweeping the streets. It's already 8 PM, and she wouldn't go alone, even though their apartment is only nine blocks away. "Sure."

Grabbing his 19-inch laptop, Philip goes to the meeting room, hoping to get through quickly enough and go home. Maybe Ilene is in the mood for a fuck today. Philip managed to get through the day with thoughts of her thin body splashing in his mind, alternating with the snowy landscape. Occasionally, he did feel a hard-on beneath his pants while looking at her face.

She's beautiful, he thinks. Always with a kind of sad, empty expression, but at the same time beautiful, with her light skin, brown eyes, and freckles that aren't too obvious, but are there, nonetheless.

His mind quickly refocuses when he steps into the meeting room and realizes he's the last of the invited people to arrive there.

"Hello Ruth, hello Agatha," Philip smiles, while sitting down with his laptop, next to Ruth.

"Hi, Philip! We just got here, too. I was already showing Agatha our progress this far."

Ruth is a thirtyish year-old project management assistant that has worked with Philip on the same projects for about three years now, practically since he entered the company. He likes her a lot. Not only because she's a pretty, nice, curvy, long-haired brunette, but also because she's very amicable with him all the time.

Philip notices that Agatha hasn't said a word, not even the obligatory greeting that he's used to from colleagues.

"So, do you want me to give you a quick update on our work? Daniel, from the development team, asked me to update you also on their side."

"Okay, go ahead," Ruth says to him, with a smile that motivates him enough to go through the explanation of last month's progress without looking excessively bored.

As Philip goes through the progress report, explaining the design, coding and integration with the other teams, he notices Agatha isn't really paying much attention, contrary to Ruth, who's clearly following what he says and taking some notes as well.

Agatha's distraction and apparent "couldn't care less" attitude makes Philip wonder if he's saying something wrong, or if he simply isn't interesting enough for her, or both.

"So, that's about it, and I think we're doing pretty well," Philip concludes.

"I don't really know if we're on time. We may have to speed things up," Agatha says, to Philip's surprise.

"Well, Philip and the software team are well within the project planning, why are you..."

"I know the senior partners of the company this project is for, and I want to show them something in production next week," Agatha says, her tone underlying the severity of the situation.

"We can't just..."

"Ruth, we need this to sell them more of our support services in our meeting with them next week. We can't do that if I don't have this right in front of their ignorant faces. I don't care if Philip and the others have to do overtime, the company needs to sell."

With that, Ruth and Philip remain quietly seated while Agatha gets up and starts packing her laptop in her case.

Philip notices what he only glanced at in the corridors. While Ruth is a bit smaller than Ilene, Agatha is as tall or taller than his girlfriend. With long, straight brown hair and blonde nuances, she clearly has a fit body, with a curvaceous ass and reasonable sized breasts. All that, topped with very sophisticated clothes, clearly show her position in the company as a senior partner.

Too bad she is, apparently, such an obnoxious bitch, he thinks. His late-day tiredness and astonishment at Agatha's remarks stop him from trying to argue anything in favor of Ruth and himself.

"I'm expecting you Friday in my office with good news, Ruth. Get this going."

Ruth and Philip become alone as Agatha exits the room. And, along with her exit, some of the tension goes off as well.

"Fuck, I never knew she was so harsh," he says. "That was tense..."

"Yeah ... She's a total bitch..."

"I mean, I don't know much about her. She's a company partner, right? How old is she, anyway?"

"She's also into Public Relations and occasionally helps the Sales Department. That's probably what's happening here: she got our company this project and she wants to look even better by selling more stuff," Ruth concludes while angrily looking at her laptop's project planning map. "Now, I probably have to allocate more resources to this project, fuck the other people's projects, right? Fucking bitch ... Oh, she's 41 or so, I think. You guys think she's hot, right?"

Admittedly, Philip thinks, she is probably the hottest 41 year-old in the company. But that doesn't linger in his thoughts for long. Her tone and pissed-off look threw a bad vibe into a project that was running pretty well, up until now.

"Not as hot as you," Philip smiles and winks, while closing his laptop.

"Hey ... Want to go for a drink right now?" Ruth smiles, with her angry look suddenly turning into a very enticing invitation.

"Ilene's waiting for me," he replies. Philip can't help but get a bit aroused by the sensual look Ruth is giving him.

"Yeah ... Always locked away with her. It's just ... I don't get it. You're so much more, you know, lively than she, I never get what you see in her," she says, with a touch of disdain while referring to Ilene.

"Hey ... We're dating a few years now. I like her. Opposites attract, right?"

"Sure, dating the opposite of fun must be great in..." Ruth abruptly muffles the last word of her mocking remark." Anyway, c'mon, how about a quick drink this Thursday, at least to help me get ready for Friday's appointment with that bitch. And maybe you could call Daniel or someone else from the development team."

Philip lingers a few seconds on what Ruth implied about Ilene, somehow a touch angry about the manner she discards and refers to Ilene. But Ruth is his friend and colleague for so long, and, deep down, he could feel the sexual urge inside him building up each time she tries to get him to go with her somewhere, without Ilene.

"All right, all right, I'm in. We'll set time and hour during the week, cool? I like you too much!"

"Ooh, that's my boy. All right, I'm going off, too; see ya tomorrow!"

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