Breeding Station Sierra Echo X-ray
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Military, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A virus has damaged the majority of nubile female reproductive systems leaving fertile females with the need to serve a minimum 2 years at Breeding Stations. Each female will supply the government with two offspring to maintain the labor pools for economic success. This was not supposed to happen in the brave new utopian society of free health care for all.

Alison thought back to the first time she had heard of such places like "Breeding Stations". It was back in the early days of the Government managed Health Care Service. She was only a young girl then and not very concerned about such things as managed production of new citizens. In fact, she was happy that the federal security services would be responsible for such activities. She would be able to enjoy the fruits of unfettered copulation without any fear that her reproductive system would be subject to unwanted complications. It was a major concern of hers to enjoy life to the fullest while she was still young and eager to learn every new kinky fetish imaginable.

The rumor was that the virus that spread rapidly after the terrible mistake made with the flu vaccine distributed in 2018 destroyed the vast majority of fertile eggs in the female population. It left only about 1 out of 5 females with the capability of having a child. Some pundits speculated that this was the result of some sort of experiment with unexpected consequences foisted on an uninformed public when they were most vulnerable. Alison was of the opinion it was just sloppy production methods and outsourcing of the vaccine to foreign countries, some of which were not very well disposed to the United States.

She was only finished with her first year at the university when she received the induction notice that as a fertile female she would be called up for two years of service at a "Breeding Station". It all seemed so unfair that only females would be drafted in service unwillingly for at least two full cycles of pregnancy under government supervision. Of course, all medical costs and other expenses would be paid in full by the government and she would receive a government grant for two years at any university in the country. Still the impact of the strict discipline and obedience at a government facility sounded more like a prison sentence than service to her country.

Her lawyer Ronald told her any attempt to forestall the period of service would be thwarted because the induction order had already been issued. Even if she were to force her body into a pregnancy or even married a male with approved sperm, she would still have to perform her government service at the end of her pregnancy and her "husband" would have to wait two years to have his opportunity to impregnate his own spouse.

In the week before her reporting date, Allison slept with a different man every night hoping to have some "swimmers" get to her womb before some assigned sperm donor.

She had found out from a covert source that Breeding Station Sierra Echo X-Ray was one of the newer facilities and that they had perfected a rotating round robin of sperm donors to perform physically until a new recruit was certified as "with child". Once a female was so certified, she was forbidden to receive any male equipment into her vagina to protect her baby-making equipment and keep her safe from any contamination of any category. Apparently, oral and anal coupling was still allowed at the inductee's preference.

Allison relaxed in the shower and let the water flow over her naked back all the way down to her twin rounded globes barely outlined in the steamed up mirror. She spread her legs and felt for her tight little pucker hole. She liked to clean inside the rim with her middle finger making sure it was sparkling clean for any lips or tongue that might be interested in exploring her anal capabilities. She was stroking it pretty hard imagining some huge black male inserting his greedy meat deep inside. Allison didn't know why she always liked to dream about a black man mounting her from the rear and making her perform kinky tricks to his exact demands. She knew that she would be embarrassed if a real black man were to ask her to open her legs for him because her parents were adamant about staying with her own kind. Still, the thought of the long black shaft of meat splitting her labia or even stretching her brown-eye never failed to make her juices flow nicely.

The bus was crammed with young girls. They were all in the 18 to 22 age bracket and none of them had ever been pregnant or were married. She began to think the story about not using a loop-hole to get out of serving was just made up to stop girls from trying to do it.

The girl next to her was called Molly and she told Allison that she was still a virgin and did she think that would be a problem for her at the Breeding Station. Allison was tempted to laugh thinking the strange girl was making a joke but stopped just in time because she saw the religious necklace around her neck and saw that she was carrying a bible just like some street preacher itching to spread the word.

When they arrived at the isolated camp, she was struck with the high rolls of barbed wire strung completely around the encampment and the barren nude sameness of the white-painted buildings. The uniform of the day seemed to be form-fitting shorts and halters showing off lots of belly skin and bare back. All of the female recruits wore flip-flops with a handicap for running that was most likely intended to be the main reason for using them.

They were all hustled off the bus and told to stand close to each other on the yellow line on the sidewalk. The tall black man in uniform who looked at all of them with perceptible scorn and derision was lean and mean looking enough to bring them all to silence.

He looked them all over and then sent most of the girls with two female soldiers to get their linen and blankets at the supply building. He selected Allison, Molly and one other girl called Rita to follow him to the "Administration" office.

Allison was quiet and subdued knowing that she had been taken out of the "herd" for some unknown reason. Molly was all bubbly with unexplained enthusiasm as if she was starting summer camp and away from home for the first time. Rita was obviously a "street-wise" female hoping for the best but prepared for the worst to come.

"All right, girls, shed those civilian pieces of shit and put on these uniforms."

The Sergeant whose name was Tyrone expected them to hop to it because when Molly hesitated, he didn't say a word, he just gave her a good tap on her soft behind with his walking stick. She yelped like a startled puppy and hastened to follow instructions. It was so funny that all the girls giggled including Molly. Allison wasn't sure if she was supposed to take off her bra and panties, but when Rita shed them with easy confidence, she followed the tough girl's example despite the piercing eyes of the strange black man.

When they were finished, Allison was aware of the fact that the three of them were probably the hottest looking new recruits and that was most like the reason Tyrone had selected them.

"You three are going to be the "house mice" for the duration of your stay here. You will get your food first and will each work 8 hours a day right here in this office. You don't do anything unless I tell you to do it. I will tell you up front that the male soldiers assigned here will take the first week to "test" all the new female's capacity for performing physical services in lots of different positions and under a lot of stress. You three will be only under my command and will only be asked to do what I tell you to do. Do we understand each other?"

The three of them answered the question in the affirmative and shouted even louder when Tyrone told them he couldn't hear them. Allison was given the go-ahead to go to the supply shed and get the bedding for all three of them and then went to the quarters and made the beds for all of them. Molly was in the office organizing all of the files on the 40 some odd females assigned to the new Breeding class. Tyrone and Rita were nowhere to be seen but she saw Molly nod in the direction of Tyrone's sleeping quarters and when she stood outside the door, she could hear Rita's voice.

"Oh, please, not back there, sir. I don't even let my boyfriend do me back there."

Then, she heard the unmistakable slamming of the bedstead into the wall and Rita's grunts punctuating each and every bang of the metal against cement. If there was a keyhole, Allison would have been down on her knees to peek at the sight of the slender girl being butt-fucked by the Sergeant in charge. Just as sure as she was the sun would come up in the morning, Allison knew both she and Molly would be in Rita's position before very long. She was a little unsure of her exact feeling at the realization but she remembered she had signed the induction warning and swore to follow the orders of everyone at the Breeding Station. Anyway, it was far too late to back out now.

When she was alone with Rita in the room, Allison asked her what had happened.

"Well, he did give it to me good in my poop chute and he held my ankles up real high when he poked my pussy, but I would have to say he was very gentlemanly about the whole thing and treated me pretty good all things considered."

Allison was surprised that they would be used in this manner before the actual Breeding program started but could see it would not make any difference because they were basically "hard dick" fodder for at least the next two years. She hoped she would get pregnant right away so she might be able to get released sooner than the full term of induction. From the window of the administration building, she could see the advanced Breeding group was exercising in the dirt yard behind their building. The girls were all sporting swollen bellies indicating that the program was highly successful in producing workers for the new society.

Every now and then, during the first week, she was called to Tyrone's office for indoctrination. He was fairly considerate and started slowly with oral sessions and when she was able to perform without gagging, he introduced her to the anal joys of stretching her brown eye for his cock. Actually, Allison was truly comfortable with the muscular Sergeant long before he opened her knees and slid his long cock into her private area. After that, it was a reflex action to bend over, get on her knees or spread her legs for his pleasure whenever he gave her a command.

By the time for their Breeding program to begin all of the girls were fully stretched and ready for serious sperm receiving efforts. The busload of sperm donors arrived from the nearby camp. They were all convicted felons and political prisoners who had committed crimes against the new society. Some of them were merely tax evaders or men who had opened their mouths at the wrong time and in the wrong place. She was assigned two males. One was an Irish lad who was not too bright and the other was a muscular black man with a persona that made everything all about music. The Irish boy was only about 19 and he had a cock that scared her the first time she saw it. Still, he gave it to her two or three times a day and never got tired of exercising her exhausted pussy. The black donor was so happy to be pounding her that he kept up a constant barrage of lyrics and rapping with his enthusiastic humping.

Rita got pregnant first and because she had twins, she got a reduced induction period getting out after only 10 short months. Molly was the second to get pregnant and she was fair to glowing with health humming little songs to her child to be.

Unfortunately, Allison was slow to get pregnant. She went through both the Irish boy and the horny black man wearing them both out without results. Then, they assigned her two "bad boys" from death row that had nothing to lose. They played with her and made her weep with continuous orgasms and still no results. The final sperm shower came from an older man who was one of the founders of the program. His name was Claude and he sprayed her cervix and womb with his magic seeds making her pregnant the very first time he entered her. She closed her eyes when he was giving it to her because his age turned her off but she had to admit his forceful spurts splashed with firm authority on her womb entrance.

Thus, it was in her 14th month that she had her first child and she knew she would be in the Breeding Station for the full 24 months. The most delighted person in the Station was Tyrone who was much accustomed to using her pretty body nightly. Unfortunately, he was quite low on sperm count and unable to contribute to her production quotas.

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