Chapter 1

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story inspired by the tales of Barsoom by E R Burroughs. This time, the hero is transported to a world very much like his own Earth with a few minor exceptions. He is from the Wild West and Horurie is nearly as advanced as our Earth of the 21st Century. The main difference is that the society is feudal. Under the right circumstances, he could be king! This is his adventure in trying to foil a coup d'etat.

Dammit, I've been chasing that bastard for three weeks, and now that I've found him, I wind up chasing across this prairie dog town after him. Shit, I know that one of us is going to regret this when his horse steps in a prairie dog hole...

Oh, shit! It must have happened to me, but how the hell did I survive the fall from my horse at a dead run like that? All I can say for sure is that I must have landed on my head when I fell, judging from this God-awful headache. Hell, what am I complaining about? I am lucky to be alive after such a fall.

Come on, if it ain't one thing, its another! Where am I, and where is my horse? The damned fool must be lying around here somewhere with a broken leg. I have to find him to put him out of his misery. Besides, he was carrying all of my food and water, my Winchester, and my spare ammunition except for the few rounds in the pouch on my belt.

On top of everything else, I am surrounded by trees big as those pecans that Grandpa had planted for a cash crop. West Texas ain't got anything like this, so where can I be, and where is that desert that I was riding through?


Hell, I just heard a gunshot, so somebody must have found my horse and put him out of his misery. I better get moving if I want any help from that jasper. The noise came from that direction, so I guess I had better get my ass in gear and head that way. I traveled about 20 feet and came to a sight that near came to curling my hair!

There was a woman sitting on a rug kind of thing beside my dead horse. She was holding in her hand what had to be some sort of pistol, but I ain't never seen anything so geegawed and filigreed as that thing and still be called a weapon. The crazy thing was that the gun had all of that decoration, but the woman had nothing of the sort!

She was dressed, if you can call it that, in a kind of loin cloth like the Indian men wear, except that it was bright yellow and and barely covered her privates. Her tits were standing out real proud, and they ought to be, from the way they looked. Her tits were not overly big, but they were just right for her body and were down right beautiful. Her nipples were pink on pink and right good looking nubbins: neither too big nor too small. The only other clothes she was wearing were a pair of slippers like what a lady would wear in her bedroom.

On the other hand, not only did she have that ostentatious-looking pistol, but she was wearing a mean looking short saber on her back and a large knife at her waist. Lying behind her was a medium-sized round shield.

Oh, I forgot to mention the circlet of gold holding her hair out of her eyes and her long red pigtail that hung down her back. For a moment, I had thought that she was a saloon whore from the way she was so lightly dressed, but those weapons and her general bearing made that seem impossible.

"Was this your horse that I just shot? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself for leaving the poor animal in such dire distress."

"Yes, Ma'am, that was my horse, but we got separated in the last few minutes, and I have been hunting for him. Thank you for doing the necessary. My name is Henry Douglas, but most of my friends call me Hank. May I ask what your name is?"

"How dare you ask my name!? I had not thought you to be such an ignorant lout, even though you are dressed so oddly. Where are you from?"

"Ma'am, I did not mean to insult you. I suppose that there are other conventions that I am not aware of. I must beg you to bear with me until I can learn your social norms. I am originally from the state of Virginia, but lately, I have become a resident of the state of Texas. Does that answer your questions?"

"Humph! I have never heard of Virginia or Texas, and I don't know what a state is. Yes, I can see that you are from far away. Well, my name is Lady Anslee Hipselburn. This is my father's estate. What are you doing here?"

"Up until a few minutes ago, I was chasing a criminal whom I was endeavoring to capture or slay. He was a dangerous man, and worth a lot of money dead or alive."

"Ah, then, if you are a law enforcement officer, you should meet my father. He is the local judge. Have a seat beside me on my flying carpet, and I will take you to him."

I had recognized from the way that she had said her name that "Lady" was a title and not her first name, so I was beginning to get some idea of the kind of society that I was facing. I begged indulgence to strip my horse before boarding her carpet. That was granted, and we were soon flying at an altitude of about three feet through the forest. We were following what I assumed to be a game trail so we did not spend much time weaving back and forth between trees.

It was a fairly long trip, so I had plenty of time to tell her of my previous life. I told Lady Anslee that I had been a student at Winthrop Military Institute and had served as an officer of artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia. I also told her that after the ignoble defeat at Appomattox, I had traveled west and become a bounty hunter.

She told me that not only was her father a judge, but he was head of the nobility in this area of Horurie, and a brother-in-law to the King. I have to admit to myself that I am a staunch Democrat in all meanings of the term and was not very happy with the thought of a king, but I did not comment on that and waited to learn more of the father and the king before I passed judgment.

The conversation had drifted into a simple exchange of this and that when Lady Anslee let out a startled scream. Standing in front of us in the path was a monster animal which closely resembled a lion, except that it had four eyes and six legs. It took me so little time to recognize how fearful she was of the beast that I did not hesitate to draw my LeMat and fire the shotgun load into the beast's face.

I quickly thumbed the selector on the hammer to .44 pistol cartridges and emptied eight shots into the beast's face alongside the shotgun pellets already there. Dammit, that was a tough animal, but the seventh or eighth shot was enough to kill the beast at last. I swapped the cylinder in my LeMat just in case there happened to be other similar creatures around and looked for more danger.

What I saw was Lady Anslee standing behind me with her saber raised to strike if I could not stop the creature, and she was holding her shield so that we would both be protected. It was a pleasure to finally know a woman who knew how to use weapons and to fight!

She sheathed her saber and laid down her shield before she sat beside me. She seemed calm at first, but suddenly broke into tears and hugged me fiercely. "Oh, Sir Hank, you saved us both from a cruel death! I was so foolish not to reload my pistol that I would have been killed had you not been here to save me. My life and body belong to you, and I hope to fulfill your every desire as your wife."

Needless to say, I was absolutely flummoxed by her statements. Of course, I automatically returned her hug as that was something that I would have done anyway. But this business about being married to her caught me completely off guard.

"Please, Lady Anslee, please explain the reason for your assumption that we would be married. I am not familiar with that custom, and I would appreciate an explanation."

"You mean that you know nothing of our custom that when a man saves a woman from certain death that she becomes his wife and, for practical purposes, his chattel slave."

"Please understand me, Lady Anslee. I am not rejecting you. I am just confused at what I should do. Where I come from, a man must have the permission of the woman's father before he can marry her. I knew of no other customs."

"Well, you frightened me there for a moment. Everything is perfectly all right, then. I will tell my father what happened, and he will approve of the marriage as custom demands. Now, Husband, are you satisfied?"

"Of course I am satisfied, dear Wife! I have no other wives, and I can tell that you will suit me just fine.

There was a stirring in the bushes unnoticed by Hank or by Anslee. A dark figure crept away from the trail, and he was about to explode with rage. The perfect plan had gone awry. Now, a new and much more complicated plan would have to be worked out so that he could marry Anslee. The main point of the plan would have to be the death of Hank! The question of who would be King rode on the successful completion of the plan.

We finally arrived at the manor house, and Anslee gave the necessary orders about what should be done with my stuff. She led me inside and called for the chamberlain. He showed up almost immediately, and Anslee announced that she had to see her father on vitally important family business. Fortunately, that was not a problem, and we were ushered into the working office of Anslee's father, Sir Jorst.

Sir Jorst greeted his daughter as he normally would with a kiss and a hug, but he was somewhat taken aback when she said, "Father, I want you to meet my new husband."

There was some sputtering by Sir Jorst, but Anslee's explanation of her words caused him to calm down, and he turned to me. "Welcome to the family, Sir Hank. First of all, I must thank you for saving my daughter from that liongrith. They are known to keep their victim alive as long as possible while eating it. I am sure that you can imagine how horrible that can be."

"Yes, Sir Jorst, I can imagine that. I am very happy to have saved Lady Anslee from such a fate for more reasons than one." That produced a laugh, and you can see how close to death these people lived if they thought that idea was funny.

Sir Jorst then said that Anslee should find me some suitable clothes before she and her mother started planning the wedding. His advice to me was just to stay out of the way and let the women do all of the work. He was sure that was the only way that I could remain sane.

Anslee led me to another part of the manor house and showed me where I was to sleep. The room was monstrous with an equally monstrous bed. I had no opinion since I had not seen any of the other bedrooms, so I meekly sat down while Anslee went out to find the chamberlain to get me dressed properly.

I had the opportunity to enjoy some excellent wine, the best that I had had since leaving Virginia. Very shortly, the chamberlain returned with Anslee, and they stripped me naked in preparation for "dressing properly." I was only a little embarrassed when I was naked before Anslee because I had seen so much of her body in the last few hours that I had known her. I did ask to bathe before putting on fresh clothes because I felt a bit gritty from all of that desert sand earlier today.

Dammit, speaking of earlier today, I wondered what time it was. I already felt like I had been up and on my feet for at least 20 hours, and I was getting a little tired. Oh, well, as a soldier, I had often been up for 36 hours or more, so I figured that I could manage somehow.

Anyway, once I was clean to my satisfaction, I was dried off by Anslee herself, claiming that it was the duty of a wife, and I enjoyed the attention, so I did not argue with her. Once I was dry, I was dressed in a loincloth similar to the one worn by Anslee, but mine was brown. She said that mine would be yellow after we were married and I was inducted into the family.

I put on some slippers, brown, but otherwise similar to Anslee's. Then, I was dressed as a proper male of the household: I was decked out with a long saber in a baldric over my back, a round shield, and a large knife. They tried to fit me with a pistol similar to Anslee's, but I insisted that I wanted my LeMat with the crossdraw holster. The chamberlain was shocked at this departure from custom, but Anslee convinced him that it was the pistol that had saved her from the liongrith, so I could wear it if I wanted to.

Finally, I was ready to be seen in public. A page was found to act as my guide, and he led me around the manor house so that I could see the general layout. The building style was reasonably familiar. There was a formal entrance leading to a large room with corridors leading to the left and right and stairs leading to the living quarters on the second floor.

To the right off the main entry was the formal dining room with a capacity of 100 guests. Behind that was the family dining room which could seat 20, but never did. Beyond that was the kitchen. The servants quarters were grouped around the kitchen.

To the left of the main entry was a ballroom that could accommodate no less than 100 dancing couples with additional room for people to sit, and a raised stage area for the orchestra. Beyond that was the judge's formal chambers with the associated offices, holding rooms, and such.

Upstairs, were the bedrooms, sitting rooms, dressing rooms, and, wonder of wonders, indoor toilets. My estimate of the general level of civilization went up when I saw them.

You may wonder how I was able to take in this new culture so easily. Well, while at Winthrop, I had read extensively of the wonders of the East with their flying carpets and other magical things. I had not yet seen a jinn, but I would not have been surprised to encounter on at any moment. That, coupled with meeting the liongrith told me that I was no longer on my version of Earth, and that I should be prepared for strange happenings at every side.

Corely, the page who was acting as my guide, led me outside so that I could see the outbuildings. This was not a normal part of the tour of the manor grounds, but we still had about an hour before supper, so why not? We were walking between two buildings when Corely shouted, "LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU!"

I didn't know what to expect, but I did turn as quickly as possible and saw Corely accept a sword blade through his body that must have nicked his heart. Now, I did not know Corely beyond the fact that he had been my escort for a couple of hours, but I could not abide his wanton murder. Therefore, I charged the three men behind me with my saber and shield at the ready. While a Winthrop, I had taken a liking to exercise with bladed weapons and had become the recognized champion of every one I used. Therefore, I was prepared to wipe out the miserable murders of a boy who had done no one any harm. At the time, it never occurred to me that I was the principal target.

Anyway, my opponents probably thought themselves to be good with the sword or saber, but I cut my way through them with little effort. The saber is an excellent weapon because it is designed for point work as well as blade work. The point of the saber can do terrific damage in the hand of an expert, and the curvature of the blade enhances the cutting effect of the sharp edge. The net result was that I was able to lay low the three murderers without a scratch being given to me.

While all of this had been going on, someone had sounded the alarm, and six of the regular manor guards showed up to assist me. Of course, by the time they got to me, all of the murderers were dead. I certainly earned a reputation as a swordsman that day!

Anslee's reaction was, "Oh, so what, there were only three against Sir Hank."

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