Chapter 1

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Spanking Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dave hasn't yet met Miss Right but has plenty of fun practising with a bevy of willing Miss Right Nows. Then he meets the enigmatic Evelyn, who rebuffs his advances. Has he met his match?

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The first day I saw her was a Tuesday. The day had been going well. Work was good because no pissed-off clients rang me up with complaints and that always signifies a good day. After work I went to the gym for a vigorous workout, then I swam a few laps in the pool to cool down, followed by a heart-attack grill at the nearby diner. Finally, out of my business suit and into smart casual, I hit Joe's Bar.

Everyone in town knows what Joe's Bar is all about. It's for hooking up. Joe tolerates a few working girls provided they conducted their business discreetly, but you have to be a pretty sad case not to be able to get any for free if you're sufficiently flexible about your standards. I was a regular visitor there and I liked to think none of the women I'd picked up thought they'd been short-changed.

The bar wasn't very busy when I arrived so I noticed the stranger sitting at the bar right away. She was a bit skinnier than my ideal, with a very pretty but rather angular face. Others might call her hair mousey, but it was lustrous and glossy and on her it looked good, even with the librarian 'glasses and ponytail' look she cultivated. Except that she was clearly no librarian - she wore a matching pinstripe jacket and knee-length pencil skirt which emphasised the long, nicely toned legs covered in flesh-coloured hose, her slender ankles leading the eye to her sensible but chic 2" kitten heels. Everything about her screamed 'class'.

She noticed me staring at her and responded with an enigmatic look from her steel-grey eyes, not overtly hostile but not encouraging either. Gary, the barman, leaned over and said something to her, presumably about me because she pursed her lips into a faint smile. Then she turned her attention back to her e-reader.

I was hooked. I made my way over to the next stool and sat down.

"Hi," I said. "My name's Dave Rawson. Would you like to buy me a drink?"

She looked up from her e-reader and gave me a half smile. "Now why would I want to do a thing like that?" she asked, her voice husky and sensuous.

"Because I'm worth it?"

"Is he worth it, Gary?" she asked the barman.

"Hell, no! He's a no good bum. Even a starving dog wouldn't touch him." Gary was only joking, but it wasn't helping my case.

"Tell you what, buy me a drink and if I don't turn out to be worth it, I'll give you a refund," I persisted.

"Are you too poor to buy your own drinks? That's not a terribly good advertisement."

"Okay, let me buy you a drink then."

"Hey Gary, am I missing something here? Is it two drinks for the price of one?"

"No miss, not that I know of," Gary replied, totally deadpan.

I was losing this battle of wits and getting frustrated.

"Do you know what sort of bar this is?" I asked.

"No, I'm new in town. Can't a bar just be a bar if that's what the customer wants it to be."

"Okay, I get the message." I turned to the barman, "The usual please, Gary."

Gary poured me a beer and I took it over to the widescreen to watch the ballgame, even though it held little interest for me. I usually sat at the bar but I didn't want to be near the ice maiden, as I decided to call her.

A few minutes later, although it seemed more like a lifetime, a nice, brown pair of arms wrapped themselves around me from behind, and a pair of large, soft mounds pressed into my back.

"Hi Dave, struck out tonight?"

"Hi Gorgeous. I think my night just staged a dramatic recovery. How's things?"


Luisa Sanchez had the perfect latina body, with curves in all the right places and nowhere else. And she was a sure thing. She wanted a good, no-strings fucking and I had frequently provided it for her. We often ended together by default if we both struck out. She wasn't perfect though, in my eyes. The dyed-blonde hair and cherry red lipstick looked trashy. And I don't think she enjoyed her perfect body to the greatest effect. She liked her fucking hard and fast; she wasn't the least bit sensuous.

Luisa manoeuvred her way onto my lap to publicly proclaim I was booked for the night, then she kissed me, and Little Dave showed his appreciation. I bought her a couple of drinks, we hung around a joked with some of the other regulars for a while, then Luisa decided it was time to go. The last thing I can remember as Luisa dragged me out of the bar was the strange woman watching me with her enigmatic grey eyes.

At Luisa's one-bedroom apartment, events played out pretty much as usual. We were barely through the door when Luisa was on her knees and fishing out my cock. She didn't give the best blowjobs but they were enthusiastic and functional and it wasn't long at all before my throbbing cock was coating the back of her throat with my cum. She wanted to take the edge off so I'd last longer.

Following our time-honoured tradition, we ripped each other's clothes off then I carried Luisa into her bedroom and threw her on the bed. She lay there with her legs invitingly apart, a short landing strip of black hair pointing the way to heaven. I longed to dive between them and taste the glistening moisture that was already seeping from between her plump, reddening nether lips but Luisa is the only woman I know who doesn't enjoy cunnilingus.

I crawled on top of Luisa, twisting her nipples and mauling her breasts until they were bright red. She liked a little rough and a little pain, but not too much. Then fully hard again, I thrust into her hot, wet, welcoming centre.

"Harder, harder," Luisa encouraged, and I responded by pistoning in and out like a jackhammer.

"Oh God, you make me feel so good," she groaned, then she came, her cunt rhythmically squeezing my cock.

I slowed my pace for a while to get my breath back and to allow Luisa to recover, then I resumed fucking her hard and deep. This time, as I felt her arousal crest towards a peak, I felt the cum starting to boil in my balls. This time we came together, the rhythmic cuntal squeezing milking the cum from my balls into her fiery depths.

We parted, panting, and Luisa headed for the bathroom to clean up. After she had finished, I went in to have a pee and clean my junk. When I came out, Luisa was on the bed on her knees, rotating her two fleshy orbs at me by way of invitation.

I positioned myself on the bed behind her and raised my hand. Smack, smack, smack, I spanked those beautiful buns.

"You bastard," Luisa cried out, but I knew she was loving it.

When she was a nice even red, I skewered her sopping pussy anew with my reinvigorated cock. I fucked Luisa hard and deep and soon she was cumming yet again.

I pulled out, unsatisfied but not yet ready to cum again and gave those beautiful buns another toasting. Then I plunged back in and fucked Luisa hard and deep again, feeling the heat from those magnificent glowing buns as they slapped against my belly. Luisa came again and this time I wasn't far behind, coating her cervix with what little cum had been left in my balls.

Both drained, we collapsed onto the bed, my arms wrapping around her, enjoying the feel of her hot, succulent body against mine.

"Dave, you can't fall asleep," Luisa shook me vigorously.

"Oh god, no!" I groaned, knowing what was coming.

"Dave, you have to go. I promised my parents I wouldn't sleep with any man until I was married."

"Luisa, you know this wasn't what they meant."

"But it's what I promised and that's important to me."

Reluctantly I crawled out of bed and began to dress.

"Dave, I like you a lot. You're the only man who always gets me off. Please don't spoil it."

I gave her a kiss to show no hard feelings, then I left.

And that is what I dislike most about Luisa, being turfed out of her bed at 2 in the morning. Still, I had to admit the sex was reliably good, although it's a bit like having steak for dinner every day - sometimes you want a bit of variety. Crawling into my own, cold bed quickly dowsed the remains of my post-coital afterglow.

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