The Presidents Assasins

By the middle of the 21st Century, terrorism and drug wars were threatening the whole fabric of society. War as it was fought for centuries was in the past. With modern communications and transportation there were no borders or battlefields. The whole planet was at war with no one knowing the combatants or rules. There was no semblance of wars as in the past but a façade letting no one know who or where attacks were coming from. To fight this war the nations of Earth developed groups of Special Forces men and women. Governments were too bulky and corrupt to control these men and women. Control of these forces went to one of the only unquestioned source of credibility. Family loyalty and trust governed the actions of these warriors. Invisibility was a must so often no more than ten or fifteen persons knew these warriors identity. Stealth and diversion were the tools of trade. A small group of these Special Forces warriors will be the focus of this story.

The Davidson family had lived in Colorado for two centuries. The early Davidson brothers drove cattle from Texas to the plains of Colorado and established ranches on the plains and in the foothills of south and southeastern Colorado. The brother's families grew and with the friends that attached themselves controlled almost one half of the state. No politician was elected without the backing of the Davidsons. The family avoided politics and chose to serve their country in the military services. Davidson men fought and sometimes died in almost all the conflicts of this country. With the status of the world in disarray, the Davidson family took control. At the time of this action there were several Davidson men and women who had sufficient training to form one of these Special Forces groups. When a census was taken 57 of these men and women between 18 and 38 called the Davidson family theirs. When trusted friends were factored in the available pool of warriors was 215. Now these Davidson warriors were not employed as soldiers or Marines but instead had everyday jobs. They were doctors, lawyers, and presidents of industry. Teachers, policemen, firemen, ranchers and farmers answered the call. The common denominator of these men and women was a Love of their country, prior military experience and a devotion to family. A training facility, containing the best in training gear and programs was built in a remote section of mountain property that was easily concealed from wandering eyes. A chain of command was established and six squads of Special Forces operatives created. Two twin brothers Bob and Bill Davidson were selected to command the groups. Bob Davidson was the President of an IT company in Pueblo Colorado and his brother was a noted trial lawyer. Cousins Linda Eckhart and David Davidson, along with a friend George Ley, policemen In Colorado Springs were selected to lead three of the teams. All three had served with Force Recon in the Marines. Brothers John, James and Jeff Davidson all former Seals lead the remaining three teams. The three brothers were ranchers in their real job. Thus we have the immediate command of the group. Grandpa's David and Dean and Grandma Diane composed the council that made the decisions. The Davidson Special Forces Group was activated July 4th 2036. The chapters of this story will cover the missions and participants of these teams.

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