Uncle Harry
Chapter 1: Saturday, the First Day

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Saturday, the First Day - A man is given the opportunity to introduce his niece to the joys of sex. The man's sister joins in and later they meet another family that enjoys engaging in family love

"So what are we going to..."


"Hello ... Just a minute. Sandy, this is for you..."

"Hello ... Oh hi ... What! When did you find this out... ?" asked Sandy on the phone.

Sandy and Cassie had just arrived for what was planned to be a two week stay with me at my cabin about 4 hours from Euston. They'd arrived about an hour ago and had only just finished moving their suitcases into the guest bedroom.

"Well, okay. I can't make it in for tonight since I'm out at my brother's cabin." Sandy continued. "It'll take me about 4 or 5 hours to get home and I don't have a uniform to wear. I'll be able to go on the regular rotation starting tomorrow ... Okay, I'll see you then."

Sandy hung up the phone and turned to Cassie and me. "That was the hospital. Two of the nurses from our unit phoned in sick. One broke her leg when she fell down and the other got food poisoning at some wedding that she was at. I guess about 30 other of the guests also got sick so she's not faking it." said Sandy with a grin.

Sandy looked at Cassie "Sorry dear but I guess we have to cut our holiday short 'cause I have to go back in to work."

"Mom!!" Cassie cried. "That's the pits! I've been so looking forward to being here with Uncle Harry for a couple of weeks. Bummer!"

"Cassie, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. I've been looking forward to spending some time here with Uncle Harry too but I can't do anything about the situation back at the hospital. You better go and get your stuff together so we can start the trip back home."

I interrupted at this point. "Sandy, why don't you leave Cassie here with me–", I turned to look at Cassie, "that is if you're okay with staying with me?" Back to Sandy, I continued "I've already got pretty much all the food and other stuff we need, and if we run low Hatley is only about an hour down the road. I can bring Cassie back to Euston whenever she wants. What do you two say?" I asked looking between Cassie and Sandy.

Sandy looked at Cassie and asked "Do you want to stay here with Uncle Harry?"

"Oh Mom, that would be super!" Cassie almost yelled she was so happy. She turned to me. "Thanks so much Uncle Harry. I've been so looking forward to being up here where I can go swimming and canoeing and just lay around getting a sun tan." With that Cassie ran over to me jumped up into my arms and gave me a big hug.

Sandy looked at me and said "Are you sure you want to take that on? Cassie can be quite a handful."

I looked at the two of them and said "Cassie is my favorite niece and I know she'll be fine ... Oh yeah, I forgot she's my only niece!" I grinned at the two of them.

"Thanks so much Harry, that's a wonderful gesture." Sandy said then turning to Cassie said "You make sure you listen to Uncle Harry. I don't want to hear any bad reports when you get back home."

"I promise I'll be on my bestest behavior" Cassie said then turning to me gave me big hug and whispered in my ear "Well, as good as I usually am!" Cassie can sometimes be a handful for her mom.

With that, Sandy went into the bedroom she and Cassie were going to be sleeping in, repacked her bags then after giving hugs and kisses to both of us and saying goodbye, left to go back to Euston.

A little bit of history about Sandy, Cassie and I. Sandy is not my biological sister but was adopted as an infant when I was about two. We grew up in an upper middle class family and had a reasonably normal younger years (more on that later).

When I finished high school I went off to college about twelve hundred miles away from home. That meant that the closeness Sandy and I had enjoyed when we were living together in the same house diminished quite a bit. I did get home from time to time and saw Sandy but I was still somewhat surprised at the phone call from Mom telling me that Sandy was marrying Frank Wilson.

I had known Frank when I was in high school and wasn't really impressed with him then. He seemed to me to be a braggart and mainly only interested in himself. I couldn't see what Sandy saw in him. I knew Sandy was seeing him and had politely told Sandy that I thought she was making a big mistake, but just left things like that. I figured that since Sandy was an adult, she could make up her own mind about things.

I managed to get home for the wedding and about 8 months later I got a birth announcement telling me that Cassie had been born. Now I understood why Cassie had married Frank. Over the next few years letters from Sandy lead me to understand that her relationship with Frank was going downhill in a hurry so I wasn't too surprised when about six years after the wedding I got a phone call from Sandy telling me that she was leaving Frank and had obtained a job in Euston where, coincidentally, I live.

When Sandy and Cassie arrived they moved into an apartment over on the opposite side of Euston from me but within walking distance for Sandy to go to the hospital. I helped Sandy and Cassie get set up in their new apartment and was a frequent guest at their place for a meal or just for a visit.

I've never married, not that I haven't had women friends (some of whom became lovers), but nothing ever clicked so here I am approaching middle age as a bachelor.

I've managed to look after my money well and two years ago purchased the cabin near Hatley. It needed quite a bit of work when I purchased it so last year I didn't use it as a place of relaxation - most of the visits up here had been to do work on the place. This year the repairs are mostly finished and the cabin is quite livable. Power and phone service come from the local supplier and I have a well on the property for water. I have just over 12 acres of land on a medium sized lake. In addition to the lake, the property has a small stream which runs down to the lake. All in all it has proved to be a wonderful purchase.

Now back to the story.

Once Sandy had driven out of sight on her way back home I turned to Cassie and suggested we get ourselves organized with the day-to-day housekeeping chores. We agreed that we'd look after ourselves for breakfast (I'm an early riser, Cassie, like most teenagers, wants to sleep in), and that we'd share the tasks of making lunch and supper. We also agreed to share the cleaning chores - dishes, floor, etc.

As Cassie went about doing things, I started to take notice of her. In the last year, Cassie started to change from that gawky, gangly girl, and become a young woman. Gone were the flat chest and straight waist. Cassie now sported what looked to be about a 'B' cup breasts and the hourglass shape of her waist was becoming very evident. It seemed to me that she was well on the way to becoming a woman – and what looked to be a very attractive one at that.

Since Cassie hadn't done any cooking here before, I made supper while Cassie help out and looked after setting the table. Pretty soon we were sitting down to a simple supper. Once the supper dishes were done, I suggested that Cassie and I go out and sit in the screened porch and watch the sun go down.

We sat outside for a couple of hours enjoying one another's company and talking about all kinds of things. Cassie was interested in the project I was involved with at work and asked a bunch of questions. I asked Cassie about her school and as the evening progressed and the light started to fade I started asking some questions that were much more personal.

"Cassie, tell me, have you got a boyfriend?"

"What! No, I'm too young!" she replied.

"Well, what are you Cassie, thirteen years old?"

"Well yes ... But I'll be fourteen in five weeks so I think of myself as being fourteen, not thirteen. Why are you asking if I have a boyfriend?"

"Oh just curious, I guess. I've watched you growing up these last few years since you moved to Euston and I figured that a girl with your personality and your figure would have a whole bunch of young guys trailing along behind, all madly in love with you."

Cassie started to blush. "Don't say that Uncle, there aren't many boys my age that like girls, at least not as boyfriend/girlfriend. They all seem too ... immature. Most of the boys in my school are only interested in cars, sports and horsing around with each other. They never pay any attention to us unless it is to tease us. Boys!!"

"Have you ever kissed a boy?" I asked.

"Well ... once..." Cassie replied shyly.

"Tell me about it." I asked.

Cassie was silent for a minute or two then started telling me the story.

"Roberta - you remember Roberta who lives down the street from our place? Well we went to this other girl's house once. Her name is Debbie and she's in our class at school. Debbie invited Roberta and I over to her house for a 'girl's night' but when we got there, there were a couple of boys as well. One was her brother Will and the other was her brother's friend Jason. Us girls went to Debbie's bedroom and talked about boys and school and all that kind of stuff. After a while there was a knock on Debbie's bedroom door and Will said they were going to make some popcorn and watch a movie and asked if we wanted to watch the movie with them. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to but Roberta and Debbie were going to go so I went along.

"The boys made a big bowl of popcorn and we all went down to the basement to Debbie's family's rec room. They have a big house - her dad's some big shot with a company downtown but I don't remember which one. Will started the movie and I saw that it was an "R" rated movie. I'd never seen it before but some of the girls at school had been talking about it - how there were some pretty sexy scenes in the movie.

"The popcorn was in a big bowl on the table in front of the couch I was sitting on and once, after getting some popcorn, Jason sat down on the couch beside me instead of going back to the chair he'd been sitting in. For a minute I thought that was strange, but then decided he wanted to be closer to the popcorn. Pretty soon one of the 'sexy' scenes came up and I started to feel funny ... you know, down there...

"I looked over at Jason and saw him looking at me. He slid over until he was right up against me and put his arms around me and pulled me to him and started to kiss me. At first I tried to get his to stop but soon I decided it felt pretty nice and began to kiss him back."

Cassie paused, looking somewhat dreamy, then after a moment she continued with her story.

"Once Jason tried to put his hand up under my shirt but I told him to stop and he did. We kept kissing one another as each of the sexy scenes came up on the movie and I kinda liked the feeling. After the movie Debbie, Roberta and I went back to Debbie's bedroom and talked about the movie. Roberta teased me about kissing Jason but I told them it was okay, and that I'd enjoyed the kissing. They both started giggling and told me that they'd set this up. Jason had told Debbie's brother that he thought I was sexy and wanted to be able to get me somewhere where he could try to kiss me. At first I was mad at them but then I started to laugh with Debbie and Roberta.

"Not long after that Roberta and I left to go home and as we were walking Roberta asked me if I wanted to meet up with Jason again. I told her I needed to think about it. About then we got to my place and I went inside. I guess Roberta has forgotten about the question 'cause she's never said anything about me seeing Jason since then."

Cassie turned and looked me right in the face and asked. "Why did you want to know about my kissing a boy?"

I didn't answer immediately but finally started to explain things to her. "Cassie, I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions. Some of them will surprise you and maybe embarrass you but please answer me truthfully. You've heard adults joking about 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' haven't you?" She nodded 'yes'. "Well, I promise that what we talk about here tonight will stay right here. Okay?"

"Okay ... I guess ... but why?" Cassie said.

"You'll understand why in a while. Can we go ahead with the questions and answers? I'm going to go and have a pee before we start so that we don't interrupt what we're talking about - maybe you should too."

"Okay." Cassie answered.

"Ladies first." I said.

Once we'd both relieved ourselves, we went back out to the porch and resumed our places, Cassie in a chair and me on the couch. "Why don't you come over here and cuddle with me, Cassie? It's going to get cool soon and I'll keep you warm."

Without a question Cassie come over and snuggled up against me. "I love cuddling with you Uncle Harry." she said.

"I like to cuddle you too." I said. "Can we carry on with the questions?"

"Okay, but I still don't understand why." she said.

"Like I said before we went to the bathroom, the questions will make sense later, Okay?"

"I guess..." she said.

"Okay, question number one. Have you started having your period's yet?"

"What!?!" she almost yelled. She sat rigidly upright and looked me straight in the face. "Why do you want to know that?"

"Please humor me," I said, "and answer the question. As I said before some of the questions might embarrass you and might seem strange but the reason for these questions will be clear later. Can you answer my question now?"

There was a long pause and Cassie looked down at her lap. Finally, in an almost whisper Cassie answered "Yes."

"How long have you been having your periods?"

Again, very quietly Cassie answered "For about a year now."

"I know when girls start to have their periods at first they aren't regular - sometimes a long period between them then after a while, they settle down and come fairly regularly. How about you - are yours coming regularly or are they still not settled down yet?"

"They're regular now." she whispered again. "Mom got me some pills to make them regular."

"They're a pain to have in more than one way" I said. "I guess your mom had a talk with you about them and what is happening when they happen?"


"Can you tell me what you understand about what is happening in your body now? Don't be embarrassed - I'm not even looking at you - just listening."

I could sense her turning to look at my face to confirm my statement. Cassie turned her head back and started in. "My ... my body produces eggs and if they don't get ... if they don't have a man's 'stuff' ... if a man's 'stuff doesn't get into them, they get pushed out and that's what the blood and stuff is. Is that right?"

"Yep, that's it in a nutshell. Let's continue. As I said before some of these questions may seem strange but please answer them honestly for me, okay?" I asked looking at her.

She looked up at me and nodded her head 'Yes'. I continued with my questions.

"You've had some Sex Ed at school, right?" She nodded her head. "Okay then if anything I say doesn't make sense or if I use a term you don't understand, stop me and I'll try to explain, okay?" Again she nodded 'Yes'.

I paused for a moment to decide the best way to proceed. After a couple of seconds I decided to continue exploring her own knowledge and experience. "Have you ever seen a boy's penis?"

Looking back down at her lap, she replied in an almost inaudible whisper "No."

"Don't be embarrassed, Cassie, almost all of us find questions relating to sex embarrassing to start with - it's normal. You'll find you get less embarrassed as you get older. Let's move on. Do you play with your own private parts to make you feel real good?"

Again a very quiet reply "Yes."

"That's normal for everyone. If you find someone who says that don't you can bet they're not being honest. By the way, do you remember what playing with yourself is called?"

Her reply came out a bit louder this time. "Mast ... masterb ... master something - I forget the word."

"That's okay. The word is 'masturbate'. Have you ever masturbated when you've been visiting with another girl?"

I didn't hear an answer but I did notice a movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over at her and said, "Sorry I didn't catch you answer." A nod – yes.

"Have you ever played with another girl while she played with you?"

Another nod – yes.

"Tell me about it."

Again there was a long pause before Cassie started to talk, still looking down at her lap. "Roberta and I have been sleeping over at one another's places for a while so we aren't really shy about undressing in front of each other - we kinda were at first though."

"That's perfectly normal. Continue with your story."

"Well once when I was over for a weekend, we accidentally saw Roberta's older sister - her name is Gloria - master ... whatever that word is, and it made us feel funny.

"We'd gone downstairs to get a snack and while we were in the kitchen, Gloria came home and went up to her bedroom. I guess she wasn't careful and didn't get her door closed tight. When we went back up to Roberta's room, we had to pass Gloria's room and when we glanced in the partly open door we saw Gloria laying on her bed with no clothes on and she had her hand ... you know ... down there.

"When me and Roberta got back into her room, we talked about what we'd just seen and she said 'Let's do the same thing. I play with myself almost every night 'cause it feels so good'. At first I was going to say 'no' but then I thought that since we'd seen each other naked so often what the heck. We took our nighties off and lay down on the beds and started playing with our ... you know..."

I interrupted "What do you call that part of your body when you're talking to Roberta? It's okay to use that word when you're talking to me. I've likely heard it before along with a bunch of other slang names."

Cassie continued "We started playing with our 'cooties' and pretty soon we were both feeling real good. Then we went to sleep. On Saturday night - we'd seen Gloria on Friday night - we got undressed and started to play with our ... our cooties again when Roberta said 'Let me play with you and make you feel real good then you can play with me.' I wasn't sure about that, but I said okay and Roberta started playing with me. After I'd felt real good..."

I interrupted again and said "'Feeling real good' is called having an 'orgasm'. You can say 'feeling real good' if you like or 'orgasm', whichever you want. Continue."

Cassie started up again. "After I'd had an ... orgasm - is that right... ?" I nodded. "After I'd had an orgasm and rested for a bit, I did Roberta and she had an orgasm. After that, almost every time we slept over at one another's house we'd either play with ourselves or play with one another."

I paused for a moment before continuing to give Cassie a moment to relax. "When you play with one another do you do anything other than play with one another's cooties? Do you kiss each other? Do you play with each other's breasts?"

Cassie paused for a bit before answering. "Un-hun ... does that make us 'lezzies' like some of the girls at school say?" she asked looking at me with a worried look on her face.

"Not necessarily," I replied, "and especially since you seemed to like kissing Jason. Exploring your body and the bodies of others of your age group is as normal as can be. Don't worry about what the other girls say, just enjoy what you and Roberta do, but be very discrete about your activities. As you've already seen, some people can be very mean in their comments and I'd hate to see you get hurt because something slipped out and nasty rumors about you and Roberta started flying around."

Cassie looked at me, relaxed and started to smile. "We never tell anyone what we do."

"Okay, let me continue with my questions. You said you kiss and play with each other's breasts but do you do anything else? Some women like to have their nipples sucked on and some also like to have someone else lick their 'cootie'. Do you two do either of those things?"

"No!!" was her instant and indignant reply.

"That's okay, don't get concerned, I'm just trying to find out what you know and what you've tried. Okay?"

Cassie nodded her head again and I continued. "Let me ask you some questions about your experiences with boys. You said you'd kissed Jason and had stopped him from putting his hand up under your shirt but have you done anything other than kiss with any boy?"

"No." was Cassie's reply.

"Next question, you said earlier that you've never seen a boy's penis? I guess you've probably seen the penis of the little boy you sometimes babysit, but other than that no one, is that right?"


"Okay, let me tell you a story. This may take a bit of time so do you want to go to the bathroom or get a drink before I start?"

"No, I'm okay."

"All right then, but before we go on I'm going to be honest with you up front and tell you that your mom didn't have to go back to work, it was a story we came up to let you stay up here with me. The phone call was a fake, to make it possible for you to stay here with me without your mom."

Cassie turned and looked at me and started to open her mouth but I put my finger over her mouth and stopped her. "Wait a bit and let me finish telling you my story then you'll understand, okay?" I took my finger away.

Cassie nodded again and I continued. "You know that your mom and I are not biologically sister and brother, that she was adopted by our mom and dad." Cassie nodded. "As we were growing up we became quite close and as we got older we started to do things with one another - the sort of things that you and Roberta do together."

Cassie looked at me in horror and started to open her mouth but I put a finger on her mouth again to stop her. "Just wait and things will get clearer." Cassie turned and looked back down at her lap.

"As I said, your mom and I did the things you and Roberta have done and more. By the time I left to go to college, we'd done just about everything most husband and wife couples would have done."

Cassie turned to face me with a look of shock on her face. I continued with my story.

"Okay, now back to the present. One of your mom's friends has a daughter who's a bit older than you are - no I'm not going to tell you who it is. Your mom and her friend have been talking about some of the bad situations your mom's friend's daughter has wound up in as she's been dating boys of her own age. At one point your mom's friend made a comment to the effect that she wished she had an adult male who she trusted who could help her daughter discover what sex between two caring individuals could be like. It seems that her daughter has almost been raped a couple of times and often comes home in tears after a date."

Cassie continued to look at me, now with a look of wonder.

"Your mom thought about that comment for a long time and when it became obvious to her that you were soon going to be dating she started to become concerned. One day she started thinking back on the good times we'd had together growing up and the thought came to her that maybe the best way to handle this was to have me be your first real 'lover'."

Cassie's eyes got wide and her mouth opened at that statement but didn't say anything.

"Over the next few days I'm going to try to show you just how wonderful sex can be when it happens between two caring, loving persons. I believe you care for and love me as much as I care for and love you. We'll go slow and by the time you go back home I hope you'll understand what sex between to caring individuals is all about."

I stopped here and looked down at Cassie. She was now looking at me with a look that was somewhere between confusion and horror. Finally she looked down into her lap again and started to speak.

"What's going to happen?" she asked quietly.

"Tonight, nothing, but tomorrow we'll sit down and start to discuss various things. From there we'll just play things by ear. Is that okay?"

"I guess so ... I'm scared though ... Do I have to do this... ?" She paused and finally took a big breath then started speaking again. "Can we talk about this in the morning?"

"Sure" I said, "in fact that's exactly what I want to do. In addition, in the morning, I want you to call your mom and talk things over with her. She's not going in to work as she made believe on the phone and she's expecting your call. Does that sound okay?"

"Un-Hun..." she murmured.

"Okay, let's go in and go to bed." and with that I got up, took her by the hand and we went inside.

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