Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Cousins, Black Male, White Female, Slow,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Preface - A young man suddenly finds himself rooming with his young cousin. Will he be able keep his hands off her? And when he fails, can their relationship survive?

I have a large extended family. My dad is the second of eight children- 7 boys and 1 girl and they all have their own children. For twenty years, my grandmother pumped out 8 kids at a steady rate of one every two years, except for my youngest uncle, who was five years younger than anyone else.

Because my dad was few years older than most of his siblings, he got married before a lot of them. I was alive to see five of my uncles get married (although one of them was actually on his third marriage). The crazy gender distribution of my dad's generation, switched over, when it came to mine.

Of the 25 grandchildren, only 8 are boys with the rest being girls. I was born in 1984, and at the time four of my uncles were unmarried. This was cool as when they got married and started having kids, I got to play with the babies. I love babies, and it was the best of both worlds; baby to play with, without the stress of actually having it around 24-7. My own sister was born 2 years after me, and while I doted on her, I don't really remember having much to do with her beyond watching, transfixed, as she slept in her cot.

My story starts many years later when all these babies have grown up. As I write this, I have little regrets but my emotions are a bit of a mess, and I'm hoping that this will help me get my head straight.

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