Favors Small and Great
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, Slut Wife, Incest, Cousins, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Tit-Fucking, Analingus, Leg Fetish, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Workplace, Nudism, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jack discovers that his new CAP score has already reached the ears of his female colleagues, and he is able to help one of the husbands as well, not to mention a cougar who is sadly doomed because of her menopause. Favors change hands, but in the end, the sponsor must take charge.

I had barely gotten into work that morning after getting my CAP results, and I could already tell that something was ... different. Not so much wrong or dangerous per se, but different as in OFF, for lack of a better term. The noise that usually accompanied the staff at the office had abruptly turned quiet, no buzz to be heard, only the sound of ringing phones and the occasional voices answering them. Then there were the tones of those voices, that was the next thing to reach my ears. They sounded so nervous, so muffled and hushed. It was truly bizarre, at least to me.

Margret Dubsky was in her usual spot, of course, and even she seemed a bit shaken. It was hard to describe the way that the mood had changed, and what was worse, seemed to have been triggered by my arrival, or at least coincide rather strangely with it. The receptionist visibly shivered in my presence, so I decided to break the ice and see what the hell was going, to try to calm her down and get her to return to normalcy, at least. When someone as professional, intelligent, and down-to-earth as Margret got that disturbed by something, things were truly helter skelter. The office needed its rock, and that rock was Margret.

"Margret, what the hell is the matter? Everyone seems to be walking on eggshells suddenly, and why it did happen the moment I arrived? I might take that rather personally, you know," I griped, truly concerned about this surreal working atmosphere. It made my skin crawl.

"Uh, Jack, how do I put this? This IS about you. Word got back here from Flora Torres, who said that she saw you leave the CAP testing station with a hundred dollar smile on your face. That's all it took. A little speculation, and now the only guess is just how high a score you have and how many concubines you can collect for your new career in space. That's what has changed things. Many of the girls here are actually afraid of you, in case they say something that might cost them a slot and get them and their families trapped here. You need to figure out how you're going to approach this whole thing, dear Jack," Margret used the tone that a caring, but concerned aunt might use with her now grown nephew. Then again, she was fifty-four, even if she could easily pass for six or seven years younger on a good day.

"Let me guess. Flora spilled the beans to dear cousin Rosa, and it snowballed from there. Jesus! I had hoped for a little more time to plan this! You ladies can't leave a guy alone to sort out his options in peace before he decides that it's time to interview prospects, can you? You just have to force the issue sooner," I groused, but a large part of me was relieved. It was a hell of a secret to keep and sooner or later, I would welcome all that feminine attention and company for sure.

"Well, the cat's out of the bag, now, mister. What will you do about it?" Margret wondered aloud, pressing the issue further and not letting me decide in silence and solitude.

"Other than wishing that you were available for one of the slots?" I evaded things slightly through the distraction of flirtatious flattery. We both knew better, of course. She was past menopause and there was no way around that.

"Flattery will get you nowhere, but no complaints, either. I don't mind. I've lived a full life, and it's another decade, perhaps, before the Swarm show up. I can live it up until then, especially with the dearth of younger women and the glut of men that your pickups leave in their wake. Lots of fun for an older dame like me, servicing lonely, horny, and desperate ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends, not mine so much as others'," she winked at me, not in the least offended by my comment.

She even hummed "It's Raining Men!" as she did so, mostly to get my goat. To be fair, Margret Dubsky was the very embodiment of the saying that "living well is the best revenge." Her ex-husband Casimir, a pediatrician, had been among the first in our area to be extracted by the Confederacy, due to his rating of 6.6 and his usefulness in the medical services industry. She had promptly laid her hands on everything that the man owned, as he didn't need or care for it anymore, and she was now loaded. That she still worked here these days instead of quitting was a mystery to nearly all who knew her.

A woman like that could easily find men to sleep with her, though she oddly preferred my bed of late, or rather me in hers. Yes, I had fucked her semi-regularly since her divorce, but strictly on a "friend with benefits" basis. Take it from me, of course, that with Margret, "sleeping with" was a serious misnomer, as no man got any sleep in her bed until she was plain tuckered out, and that took several sessions with cock and tongue alike. White hairs among her short blonde locks didn't hide the surprisingly vigorous partner underneath.

"Back to your question, I haven't quite decided yet, as I don't yet know who is after me and why. I don't know what to expect now, so I'm getting to let them approach me and find out what their intentions really are. That's the only thing that I can do, at least until I get more intel," I explained, being as logical and careful as ever. I could be bold when necessary, but there were times to simply watch and see what transpired. This was one of them.

"If that's a request, I have only a favor to ask in return," Margret declared, this time very much in earnest.

"What's that?" I wondered, but found that I could guess it.

I was so fucking right, too.

"I'm not ready to drop you as a companion just yet. I want you to keep up the pace, at least for now. Think that's a good price to pay for information?" Margret smiled at me with lust showing through her lenses.

"Works for me. Speaking of which, I need to clock in," I grinned as I walked away and heard her whistle after me, a real wolf whistle, oddly enough. I still couldn't place why she had been afraid of me. It wasn't like I had any control over her fate, right?

Not thirty minutes later, I had my first interaction of the desperate kind. Stacey. Damn her! She must have stood no more than five feet tall and weighed a hundred ten pounds soaking wet, but she had an uncanny ability to throw me off balance. I had to get a grip and remember who was in the driver's seat now. I had the reins and it was time to pull them. Yes, time to seize control of the situation at last. I wouldn't let Stacey and those like her put me on a leash, short or otherwise. That was contrary to the whole idea of the new way of life, after all.

"O Captain, My Captain!" Stacey blurted out, suddenly giggling like a schoolgirl as she greeted me with those lines from Walt Whitman, of all things.

"I'm afraid I don't get the joke, Stacey. What gives?" I somewhat feigned ignorance, having to really just guess, but at least it was an educated one.

So much for the dread and awe of me. That was gone, at least with her, consequence of my behaving normally around Margret, no doubt. That was not exactly missed, but quite a shift nonetheless. Speaking of shifts, I had heard rumors about those and being the only garments for concubines or something like that. Apparently, I would find out soon enough, as would many others like Stacey, in her case first hand.

"Well, I want to be on your crew, if you will. I want to be your first mate, if you approve. Come on, we've all heard it. You're a sponsor, aren't you, Jack?" Stacey finally said what she was thinking and what I knew she really meant all along.

"Yes, I am. You're married, as I recall. How would hubby take this idea of yours? Especially if it meant that you could evacuate, but he is left behind, that is," I observed.

"Oh, I would like him to tag along if he can, but in the end, I want to get my little boy and me off this rock," Stacey actually planted a lip lock on me, much to my shock.

That was extremely bold, even given the circumstances. She didn't seem ready to take "no" for an answer, though I admitted to myself that I enjoyed the kiss and was inclined to take her as a concubine. She had this wonderful, "new mom" look and attitude, which felt since she only had one kid, and he was about six months old. She also came across as a bit sexually frustrated, as if she had been doing without a lot. That also fit her situation, since it was common for new parents to have little time or energy for sex at that point after the birth. It is a hard adjustment, after all, from being just two to being three with the third a little tyrant who had no mercy on his victims, morning, day, or night. Well, better that she got used to it, of course, and at least as a concubine it was easier to find sexual release than as a typical working wife and mother.

"So, this is your application, as it were, to be one of my concubines. I'll show you mine if you show me yours," I indicated that Stacey should hand me her CAP card.

She smiled and showed me a score of 5, which exactly matched her height. Her motherhood numbers were higher, but everything else was more or less average across the board. Her sexual score revealed something in particular: that she liked to be controlled sexually, and I got the distinct impression that hubby wasn't perceptive enough to realize this about her. If he was, she would probably be a little more satisfied in that area, but he might well have been brainwashed like most men into political correctness, which fit with buying into the whole monogamy scene. I had a somewhat more Nietzschean world-view, so I was better able to adjust to this new regime, as my score of 8.3 indicated.

"Well, Stacey, these numbers are fairly decent, but this one piques interest more than the others," I noted her sub score for sex and the explanation.

Suddenly, Stacey blushed like crimson, no longer the cat but the mouse, "Yes, sir. I suppose that my secret's out, sir. It's another reason that I'm cool with this whole sex slavery thing."

So Stacey had the sense to see concubinage for its true nature, not through the blinders of wishful thinking. That boded much better for her than many others like her. I wonder if her husband would have that good sense. A good male concubine had his uses, but many men in that situation had trouble accepting that they weren't head of the household or something like that. Of course, given the way that women have taken over many households in the post-feminist era, the men frequently deluded themselves there. Now, the men were getting, rightfully, much of their power back, but this only applied truly to sponsors (and some of those were women). Life was not easy for a male concubine, though it likely still beat being Swarm food for many of those who lacked the skills to actually fight the bugs.

"I see, but you never answered my question. How does he feel about the Confederacy, the idea of serving a sponsor, about possibly seeing you be test-driven and knocked up by your sponsor? For that matter, what is his CAP. Understand, as you saw from my card, I'm an 8.3. I get six concubines. One will likely be male, to keep you gals busy and out of trouble. Unless, of course, I can make some deal with a fellow volunteer that allows mutual borrowing and sharing of concubines. Even then, I might pick one guy. Is your man the right fit for that role? I can take one married couple, if you will, but will that couple be you, knowing that you will be divorced and both of you my servants in this way of life?" I got to the crux of the matter.

"He's a 5.1. A decimal higher, oddly enough. Decent guy, or else I wouldn't care about him, but I don't honestly know what he really thinks of this. I will talk to him about it, if you want, but if he can't tag along, I am fully prepared to jump ship and choose the welfare of my son over my marriage to Ollie. My priorities make sense to me, at least," she assured me, but her less than adoring reference to "Ollie" spoke volumes, as did that kiss.

Stacey had already moved on from whatever infatuation had once seemed like true love to her and driven her to get married. She was over it already, giving hubby faint praise like that. It could be worse. She didn't hate the guy, but it was clear that her interests lay with me now that she had hope of escaping Armageddon, at the risk of sounding biblical. It was one of those marriages that could last five weeks or fifty years, depending on a number of variable factors. Marriage was a lot like algebra that way. So many variables could enhance or subvert it. The good thing about being a sponsor was that as long as you didn't behave outrageously or weren't too milquetoast, a sponsor could easily keep his relationships from going south, especially given the way that the Confederacy always sided with sponsors over concubines. That was heady stuff, from what my research had unearthed. While PC types liked to condemn unequal relationships, there was an advantage in having things so lopsided that power struggles were futile.

"So, for you, this issue isn't a deal-breaker. You'll go with me, with or without Ollie. I admit that I agree with you. Saving your son is more important than saving your marriage. Not to mention saving your ass, Stacey, which I must confess that I admire as well," I grinned at her, making it clear that I was interested in taking her, if she proved to be compatible.

So far, I liked what I saw with the perky, brunette MILF. I wasn't kidding about Stacey's tush. From what I'd seen of its shape through her pants (and shorts or Daisy Dukes a couple of times), it was a damned fine booty. Her breasts weren't anything to write home about, but she had an ass that begged for fucking, groping, and licking. Her soft, moist lips were a plus as well. My cock had its own opinion of Stacey's prospects already, but my brain fought not to decide these things too rashly.

"Want some help picking the others? If you're ready to agree to take me on, that is. I could be a lot of help that way," Stacey continued to plead her case, now determined to show her worth as a concubine by assisting me in whatever way she could.

"Okay, but there is one final test. You know what it is, too. Are you ready to commit adultery for a road-test?" I was serious.

I hated to put horns on Ollie, but given the way that things were going, he'd either have to share Stacey or lose her altogether, making this a smaller issue by comparison. He would soon be divorced, one way or the other, so he wouldn't be a cuckold for long. Better to confront the issue of the new lifestyle head on. Monogamy was passé and harems were back in vogue. That was consistent with most of human history, with the Victorian insistence on strict marital fidelity a rather dubious experiment that had failed miserably, as witnessed by the high divorce and infidelity rates.

"Anything for Junior. I love his dad, but not enough to let my son or myself die on this planet. Next to that, this is a small affair. When and where do you want me?" Stacey continued to press her suit. She was determined, alright.

"At your place. I'll ask Margret to babysit Junior. She'll want something in return, but I can handle that. This is a test as much of your husband as of yourself, Stacey. Can he control his jealousy? If he can, he'll get plenty of strange booty himself and get to leave with you as a concubine, though you will be divorced and he will have to obey me," I clarified, gauging her reaction to this new development.

"Knowing Margret, the price will be either your cock, his, or both. None of which will upset or offend me. Sure, I'll feel some jealousy, but I know that I have a good grip on that. I'm game for it. What if he refuses this?" Stacey wondered.

"Then you'll have a choice to make between us. I hate to be cold, but that's how it is," I laid down the law, rather firmly, because I had no other choice.

"Okay, I'll go for it. I'll tell Ollie what's up, and see what he says about it. He might not be too thrilled, but if he wants another way out, he needs to find his own damned sponsor," Stacey expressed a little undercurrent of frustration that Ollie hadn't located a sponsor for them already.

"Fair enough. Pleasure doing business with you, madam," I winked at Stacey, to which she reacted by moving her hips and ass in a clear invitation to me.

"Likewise, sir," Stacey gave her Parthian shot as she left my field of vision and got back to work.

I took a quick break, just for a moment and approached Margret again, whispering in her ear, "Could you watch Stacey's kid while I road-test her tonight?"

"Sure, but you owe me and so does she. One good fuck from you and another from her husband, if it all works out," Margret also kept her voice low this time.

"I know that I can deliver myself. If he signs on, I can add him as well, but otherwise I'll pay you back twice over," I promised her.

"Deal. What happens if he's not cool with this? Do I still watch the kid?"

"Sure, because she'll have custody pretty soon, and then so will I," I continued to speak under my breath.

"Consider it done. If you two need any help persuading Ollie, I'm game for that, too. I've seen him. He'd be a solid concubine if he didn't have his head up his ass," she tacked on another offer, the quid pro quo involved there unmistakable. Another roll in the hay or two from each man.

"That would be splendid, my dear friend. You're the best," I smiled at her for a number of reasons, sincerely regretting that she was post-menopausal, as she would have made a damned good concubine herself.

"And don't you forget it," she replied, copping a feel of my ass as I walked away from her desk and headed back to my cubicle.

Contrary to how this might seem, I am no lazy worker and neither were the others, but when matters of life and death are at stake, these things take precedence over normal responsibilities, institutions, customs, etc. I quickly sent Stacey a text indicating that Margret had agreed to the terms and wanted time with Ollie in the sack in return, as well as myself.

Her response was priceless, "Offer her my services, too, if you wish. You're the sponsor. If you command me, I'll eat her out."

"Very well. You're really eager to see this happen, aren't you?"

"Damn straight. I'm an eager beaver, honey," Stacey texted back.

That you are, my dear, I thought, as I buried myself in work for a good while longer, fully focused for now, as were the others. I put in a good ten hours at times, and no less than eight the vast majority of days. I rarely went on vacation, showed up late, or called in sick, so this was just a matter of me putting the future ahead of the present, rather than another lazy staffer slacking off. When it was time to start my lunch, I walked over to Margret and slipped her a note about Stacey's offer. Margret licked her lips and sighed with anticipation.

I made it about a foot or so when Kelsey went behind me and put her arms around my waist, not bothering to ask my permission first. If Stacey was a budding soccer mom type, Kelsey was a bonafide cougar with real claws. Her auburn hair had a bit of silver in it, but she still had a firm body toned well by constant visits to the gym, and since our billing firm handled that gym, she had rights there under the office membership. That reminded me to get back to the gym soon. Lately, I had been so overworked I had gained back some weight from little exercise.

That didn't seem to bother Kelsey, who held on tight and wouldn't let go of me. I almost felt suffocated before I finally pulled free of her. Shelly then stood in front of me and blocked my path. It was clear that these women were in cahoots, but what did they expect to gain by such tactics? Why should I agree to take them?

"Alright, Shelly, let me through," I insisted.

"Not without a lunch date," Kelsey spoke behind me.

"Lunch, huh? Why? Why would you want to go out to lunch with me, girls?" I played dumb to get a rise out of them.

"Cause you're our sponsor, or will be. We're not taking no for an answer. This lunch date is our way of proving it," Shelly answered me, grinning wickedly, as she evidently had plans for me.

"Show me your CAP cards, girls, and then I'll think about," I asserted.

"We'll do that over lunch, dear," Kelsey persisted.

"Fine, lunch it is," I sighed, texting updates quickly to both Stacey and Margret about the entire situation, including Shelly and Kelsey.

"Yeah, just hear them out. If you don't like what they say, refuse to take them. If you do, you can punish them for their insubordination later," Margret advised, a sentiment that Stacey echoed afterward, adding, "I'll join you gals."

"Stacey's joining us, though," I announced.

"Alright, Stacey can join us. The more the merrier, right, babe?" Shelly smiled like a guilty cat, sensing that she might have overplayed her hand here. Kelsey wasn't bright enough to catch on to that just yet.

"And we're going to Outback," I told them, making it clear that I held all of the cards, in spite of their attempt to kidnap me.

"I wouldn't mind a Bloomin' Onion myself," another voice inserted itself into the group ... Rosa Torres.

To know Rosa Torres is to fully understand the concept of a "mamacita." A bit on the plump side, unlike her cousin Flora, she had incredible breasts and an ass that was big in a very good way. Rosa was separated, while Flora was single, but both had plans until recently to become concubines to Flora's boyfriend, a firefighter named Osvaldo Martinez (6.7). Until, that is, Rosa's estranged husband George knifed Osvaldo in a jealous rage and then joined a radical new Earth First cell involved in attacks on CAP testing centers in Reno. Both women were Tejanas and had that wonderfully earthy complexion that was normal for such ladies.

Sure enough, Flora didn't take long to follow her cousin, and now I found myself in the company of no fewer than six women, counting Margret. They all seemed to surround me before I knew what had happened. I felt pinches and fondling all over my ass and an occasional squeeze on my balls. By the time I actually sat down to eat, I noticed that half of my lunch time had elapsed. Oops, that could be a problem.

"Don't worry about that, buddy," Margret assured me with a wink when she saw me staring at my watch.

"Why is that?" I probed, truly curious, as we ordered our lunches.

"I screw the boss man these days. He's been very horny ever since his wife got picked up. I fill the gap and he is putty in my hands. I asked him to give you special treatment and not worry about any extracurricular activities. He's been so obliging. If he rages at you for taking too long a lunch, I'll give him what he really likes. He's such a kinky bastard, Mr. Vernon. If that fails, I can use the remote control butt-plug I told him to wear. Yes, he wears one per my orders. He's not exactly in charge of our little affair. To be honest, I've been screwing him ever since Casimir and Mrs. Vernon were both extracted at Dina's Market," she referred me to the incident last year when she became a free agent. Since then, she had gotten a little wild, but that was fine with me.

"Planning on marriage?" I teased her.

"Hell, no! The guy is just a bit on the wimpy side for my taste. I'm not eager to remarry, either, since there are so many men around to screw. I'd be afraid of what kind of marriage he'd want from me, anyway. Whips, chains, and leather are nice for a fling, but not for marriage, even if I wanted to marry him. I'm worth more than he is, too," she observed.

"You got that right. You're worth about a thousand Samuel Vernons and he knows it, too. YOU run this agency, while he gets the fancy title with perks, salary, and cushy office. He wouldn't be here if the owners weren't also Vernons. I know what you really do here and so does he," I commented, firmly convinced that without Margret, the place would fold in a month.

"Nice of you to join us, Margret, but give us a chance to speak, too. We're paying for this meal, we insist, so you'll hear us out," Shelly declared, much to my shock. Was she that desperate to regain control of this situation that she was willing to foot the bill for such a large lunch? Well, Kelsey and she, that is.

"Alright, girls, it's your dime. Let's hear your pitch," I agreed with a very impatient tone.

I wasn't sure honestly if they could have hurt their chances more than by hijacking me like this. Then again, maybe they'd be persuasive. Stranger things had happened since the whole Swarm business began. The two of them had their work cut out for them, to say the least. I was still a bit annoyed with them for their brash and arrogant tactics. They had to earn their way back into my good graces.

"Okay, I'm sorry that we went to such extremes, but it's a serious, desperate situation for us. I have two kids and so does Kelsey. Yes, we're both married, but neither husband has done a damn thing to help us out in this situation. We've already made a pact to leave them, as we're just fed up with their nonsense. For now, at least, we're going to be lovers, Kelsey and I. Yes, that's right, lesbian lovers. We've already made an offer to avoid any lawyers and forgo the divorce until the pickup, so the men inherit all of the money. They can keep it. We get to live. We just want the freedom to find a sponsor together, working as a team. We need a new place to live in the meantime, and we hoped to just move in with our future sponsor, to make things simple.

"The deal is easy for you. You get two women on hand, at your beck and call, willing to do any crazy and kinky thing that you want, no exceptions, as long as you take us and the girls and don't harm them. Kelsey's older daughter Angie will turn fourteen in December, which makes her an especially good prospect. I know that I didn't start this interview off on the right foot, nor did she, but let us make it up to you, Jack. Please, I beg you to do this. We will be so grateful to you and so willing to atone for harassing you that you will fall in love with us, we're sure," Shelly continued, her hands shaky as she spoke.

By now, our lunches had arrived and we began to dig in. We had to eat as we conversed, of course, so we could return some time that day. I wasn't going to exploit Mr. Vernon's generosity quite that much, and the women didn't have that guarantee themselves, except for Margret herself.

"I am inclined to forgive you and seriously consider your offer, but you still need to atone for your misconduct. So, here it is. You will be on probation under the supervision of Margret. You will both stay with her and do exactly as she commands until further notice. Don't worry about whether I approved those orders. That's between her and me. If she issues a command, treat it as one from me, do you hear me?" I stipulated, much to Margret's evident anticipatory delight.

Even so, Kelsey and Shelly both gulped and nodded their consent as they ate.

"Well?" I demanded a verbal response.

"Yes, sir," Shelly agreed, with Kelsey adding, "Yes, please."

That last part brought me up short. Kelsey sounded excited by the prospect of being pimped out to Margret of all people. Shelly sounded a little more terrified so far, but it was hard to say for sure right then.

"She can discipline and punish you as well, so bear that in mind. If she wants to spank your asses, you WILL let her, or you've failed and it's all over. Is that understood? Whatever she wants, she gets, no matter what," I demanded.

"Yes, sir," Shelly spoke for both of them, as Kelsey gestured her agreement.

The others were oddly quiet, but probably fascinated by the conversation, judging from their faces. Margret smiled all the way through it, making it clear what she thought of the idea. I could tell that she would have a great deal of fun at their expense. It really was a pity that Margret couldn't tag along for my flight to space. She had such a deliciously devious nature and such a wild, kinky side that she would have been a great deal of fun, and would naturally have been my head slut, no doubt of that.

"And now, we need to head back to work. I will talk to the rest of you later. Thanks for lunch. The sliders were outstanding," I added as the girls paid up and we all left to return to the office.

"So was the onion," Rosa smiled, speaking up at last and finding an excuse to brush her hand against my ass.

When I looked her in the eyes, Rosa just kept smiling and then broke out into laughter. It was clear that none of the women considered any kind of physical contact with me off-limits now, but they were still getting used to the idea of our new relationship. So was I, for that matter, but I suppose that I hadn't exactly discouraged the groping and fondling by flirting with each of them.

After work, I headed to the restroom before leaving the office, to find Flora waiting for me. Her long dress was hiked up and her panties were at her ankles. Evidently, she felt shortchanged by the lunch date and decided for a test-drive at last. Reflecting on the matter, I thought that getting my rocks off before fucking Stacey was a brilliant idea, but taking Flora along would be even better. She could test Ollie while I sampled his wife. Still, I would get my turn in first, giving me better control and also demonstrating that I was in charge of this whole affair.

"Ever get it in the ass?" I asked Flora curiously, gauging her reaction, though I wasn't honestly sure which hole I intended to use.

"Yes, Osvaldo loved to pound me there. Rosa, too. We both took it in the ass shortly before he was killed. If you want to use my ass, please do," Flora looked intense as she stared me in the face, "I mean it. Please fuck my ass now! I can tell that you want it. Take it, make me yours!"

"You got any lube?" I asked casually, pulling down my pants as she spread her butt-cheeks and kept them that way.

"Yes, in my purse. Use whatever amount you want," Flora panted, sweating and damp as she bent over for me.

I grabbed her cheeks and held them apart while I applied the lube, and then began easing my cock into her ass. My mind was made up. I would butt-fuck Flora quickly, and then clean up and present Flora as well as myself for the road-test. Today was going to be Stacey's lucky day, and Ollie's if he was smart about it. Flora owed me this one for exposing me, though I owed her one for doing exactly that. It was hard to explain, but I was both happy and unhappy at what she did. Now I could exorcise my mixed feelings in a somewhat painful act of sodomy.

It wasn't long into the process of thrusting my cock in and out of Flora's ass that I noticed just how much she moved her hips and how strong her scent was as I pumped it in a series of hard and forceful strokes. I didn't go too easy on Flora, because of how she endangered me (imagine what would have happened the Earth First yahoos got to me before I could claim any girls) by being indiscreet.

What impressed me was the eager, playful, and hungry reaction that I got as I slammed Flora's ass constantly. She was really into this, loving the sensation of my dick up her hole as I butt-fucked her so ruthlessly. I had to admit that her pure enthusiasm was something that I found especially gratifying. This woman wanted badly to get her ass fucked again and now that I obliged her, or even hinted that I would oblige her, she jumped at the chance. Clearly, she loved anal in particular, though I wasn't sure as to why she did.

As I was already hot and bothered from all of the flirting and groping earlier, I couldn't hold back much longer than I had and my cock suddenly expelled my cum deep inside Flora's asshole, filling her colon with my jizz. As I withdrew, I was stunned that she didn't even ask before kneeling and licking my dick straight from her own ass. It was apparently second nature to her, but I was a little worried until I noted how clean my cock remained. Obviously, Flora kept her holes very clean indeed, especially her backdoor which needed it most.

"Damn, that was great! Thank you, babe," I smiled with the satisfaction of a well-fucked man, especially when a sultry woman with long legs and a delicious ass has drained him for a good while.

"Oh, you are so fucking welcome! Anything else I can do for you, sir? I live to please," Flora was most insistent on this, I could tell.

"Yep. Come with me to Stacey's house. You have an assignment or two to do for me there," I informed Flora, who brightened with the idea that I trusted her that much and found her that useful.

Stacey and Ollie both greeted me at the door, the former being thrilled to see me and the latter civil at least. He looked rather anxious and fidgety, and I felt out of place for a moment about the idea of trying to calm him down, especially in his own house when I was about to screw his wife in front of him. Flora looked at me for cues, while sitting on the floor and declining any chairs. Then again, if this worked out, he'd be my property, too, and he needed to get used to the idea, so I made up my mind while drinking the soda that Stacey handed me.

"Ollie, let me made some things clear. I can tell that this bothers you a bit, and I can understand why, traditionally speaking. However, I assure you that I do not intend to humiliate or belittle you, nor deny you the sexual favors of your wife. She is still your wife for now, and will be your fellow concubine if you should be picked up with us. This is not about that.

"This is a test, a test of your ability to control your jealousy and follow commands, both things that are vital to being a concubine, and these apply equally to Stacey as well as you. As you may know, a male concubine's main function is to help the sponsor breed children. All other considerations are secondary or even tertiary to that. You won't be a chaste cuckold at all, quite the opposite. You'll be the number two stud and I will expect you to perform your conjugal duties for all of my women, whoever they are. That is part of this test as well. Do you agree to that?" I was very stern and serious as I asked him that, upfront.

"Sure, I guess. It's a lot to take in. I honestly didn't believe that I had any chance to get a sponsor at all. Stacey insisted that I could find one, but I assumed that no one would have me as a concubine, that she was the only girl who wanted me at all. I have to admit that I've been worried as a result about her possibly leaving me. I guess that's why my CAP score is so low, I tend to have such low self-esteem. Stacey keeps saying that I don't give myself enough credit. You must understand that Stacey took my virginity. I've never been intimate with anyone else, ever, in my life. This is quite an adjustment for me," Ollie explained, at which point Stacey grabbed him and slipped him some real tongue.

"Honey, you're not a loser or wimp. You're just an undiscovered stud. Well, until today. I've never doubted you, even though you don't think much of yourself," Stacey told him in front of us, undoing his pants while we watched.

"Yes, that's a very good idea, Stacey. Suck your hubby's hard cock. Get it nice and ready for Flora. She is going to fuck him while I screw you, in case you hadn't guessed. Here, Flora, suck me off, too, while Stacey gives her husband some nice head. You can tell that they have some love, after all. It was just buried in the frustration and anxiety. Yes, damn you, that's very good," I started to respond to Flora sucking my dick again. She was an excellent fellatrix for sure.

Any doubts about the love in Stacey's marriage to Ollie vanished for all of us, including Stacey herself, as she went happily down on him. She sucked his knob with incredible force, especially given that it was larger than I thought, about par with mine. He was a rather slim and hairless guy, and I admitted to myself that he was rather attractive in an androgynous way, even to me. I wondered what he would think of gay sex. For the moment, however, it was a nice display of wifely passion for her husband, even though she was about to spread her legs for another man, namely me.

I couldn't allow it to reach orgasm just yet, though, since I didn't know how many loads Ollie could do before he was augmented. He could be a single, "moneyshot" kind of guy, for all I knew. He didn't seem to have as much testosterone as he should for a guy his age. I had to make sure that he fucked Flora with all of his might first, and then we could worry about anything that followed. It was vital that he got some strange and thus realized that he could have fun with this, too. It was important that we were all on the same team here.

"Alright, that's enough. Lead the way to the master bedroom, Stacey and Ollie. I have a date with your pussy and your husband has one with Flora's," I informed them rather flatly, but with an air of command. I was their new master, after all.

As Stacey disrobed, I saw a few things on her that I never would have guessed. One was a tattoo above her ass: a tramp stamp of Cupid, of all things. She blushed when she realized that I saw that. I knew that I had to fuck her from behind, at least this time. I wanted badly to see that tattoo while I banged Stacey. I was hard yet again, seeing her sweet ass, while I suddenly panicked. I had been in Flora's ass. While she seemed very clean, I didn't want to risk a UTI for Stacey, which could be rather painful indeed. That left me one choice if I wanted to fuck her in that position: her ass.

"Stacey, I just remembered that because I butt-fucked Flora not long ago, I shouldn't go in your pussy. Are you ready to take it in the ass?" I warned her.

"Yes, sir. Fuck my ass! It's great, isn't it, Ollie? He's had it lately, since I was too sore to let my pussy get it after Junior was born. I gave up my anal cherry to him a few months ago, and I've never regretted it. You'll love my ass and I want it hard up there, too! I love it nice and rough, especially up the ass! I discovered by accident that I love it best as rough as I can take it," Stacey began pleading with fierce lust for me to sodomize her.

Once again, Stacey's submissive and masochistic nature came out to play, much to my joy. As I pushed a little rougher inside Stacey than I had in Flora, the woman started moaning constantly, her pussy smelling of incredible excitement as I plowed her backfield. I now understood Stacey a lot better. She loved Ollie as a kindred spirit, a fellow submissive, but she needed badly to find a dominant man as well. She hungered to serve a strong and assertive man and to even suffer for his pleasure if necessary. This Swarm/Confederacy business was perfect for her, a woman who needed both the kindness and softness of Ollie and the firm dominance that I offered her. She was clearly in her own Paradise as I buggered her, sighing and meeting me with her hips as I invaded her asshole time and again.

As for poor Ollie, he was well past the point of any rescue from his servitude, as Flora took the initiative and straddled a man she realized could only relax if the woman was the aggressor. Only then could he hold his hard-on and truly enjoy their romp. He managed to enjoy several strokes in spite of himself, but his restraint wasn't half as good as mine, and he soon had empty balls as she milked him dry in the reverse cowgirl position (that was the same position in which Stacey gave him her anal virginity).

His seed coursed through Flora's cunt, moving at break-neck speed toward her womb and her ova. As it turned out, Ollie knocked her up right then. Seeing them fuck hard, so soon after I had pounded Flora's ass and while I was doing his wife up hers, I couldn't resist any longer and I came in Stacey's bottom, loving the sensation as I slid my gooey cock out of her tush, just seconds after she came down from her own series of orgasms. Yes, Stacey came more than once from getting it in the ass. She was seriously kinky, I now realized, even more than I thought.

"Oh, thank you, sir! How about we shower? I know that I need my ass cleaned and you need your dick washed off," Stacey urged me, apparently desirous of the chance to wash my body, as it turned out.

"You guys have fun. I'm going to shower with Stacey. When we get out, y'all are next. I might be good for one more round or two afterward, but I imagine that we need supper first," I proposed.

"I'll call for pizza while you're in the shower and I'll pay for it, sir!" Flora volunteered, "Any particular toppings?"

"Canadian bacon with olives, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms. You guys?" I asked while waiting to start the shower.

"Sausage and spinach. It's a specialty from Carlo's. Much better than chain pizza, I promise you," Flora assured me.

"Works for me," I repeated my favorite line from Hunter before watching Stacey tease me with her ass again while she walked in front of me to the shower.

When I smacked her tush, Stacey didn't even flinch.

"Whatever it is I did, let me know so I can do that again," she encouraged me in her sexiest tone.

"Fine, you're guilty of having the most spankable ass I've ever seen in my life, but don't tell Flora. She's a close contender and I don't want her to get jealous," I replied in my huskiest voice possible.

"Your secret's safe with me, Master," Stacey swore as we closed the door and tried my new title as she saw it. She never did change her mind. From that day, I was always "Master" or "Sir" to her.

So Flora had done me plenty of favors by spreading rumors about me. Now I really owed her and she was sure to collect in kind. Then again, as I was saving her sweet tush, perhaps this made us even. Any way you sliced it, I was more than happy to either pay or increase the debt as necessary. Given how much we were destined to fuck, we'd have plenty of time to work it out or just stop worrying about it. For now, I had a sexy, married working mom to shower with, so I would stick to that for now. Washing her smooth, creamy skin would be another form of Heaven on Earth, at least for me. Since I was the sponsor, wasn't that what mattered most?

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