Company From Out of Town
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Sister, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Company from out of town dropping in unexpectedly can present a problem when you already have company, but Tony and Nancy manage to figure out the sleeping arrangements okay.

Our living room is small. Two easy chairs flanking the gas heater that sat there and was too high to make a good end table, a hatch cover coffee table, a solid wall of albums surrounded the single window with the turn table and amp on one of the 'concrete block motif' plain pine shelves. Over the coach facing the chairs was an ever changing montage of photos.

As you came up to our place, walking in the door this particular June night, we had a couple staying over with us. The Cat, Nancy and I were sprawled over the coach and Bill had just shown us his documentary. They were friends of friends and had come highly recommended. Bill and I had a bond as creators of nitrate magic and we had spent the late afternoon after they got there engaged in the technicalities of shooting fast moving events and getting the film dialed in right and what the pros and cons were of various film stocks. He'd checked out my photos and liked the gallery of identically framed images that were about to go to a show in Santa Barbara. We'd done that while Nancy and Jenny did a similar getting to know them thing in the kitchen.

The problem with being on that kind of a 'friend of a friend' casual drop in life is that it can kind of cramp your own plans. The Cat would occasionally just drop by and had had jet lag last night and had fallen out on the living room floor after Nancy got done working on her. We got her to bed, where she'd caught up on her sleep for twelve hours. I'd drained the hot tub that morning and when she'd woke up, I was pretty scrungy from scrubbing out the tub with redwood cleaner and had the filter taken apart and half emptied. So no, the Cat had time for a quickie, but no dickie for Tony. She wasn't into guys with strange orange skin and had taken a little R&R with Nancy. I'd been hearing giggles and groans coming out of the window just above my head, including a muffled scream into a pillow or two that had my dick swollen up just listening to the muffin munching being so joyfully played out just above the little alcove the filters lived in. I'd gone back up the mountain goat concrete steps that kept strangers and door to door salesmen away and hosed out the tub. The cold water felt damn good as the day was pretty hot and that got my mind out of the delightful gutter-al moans induced happy dick.

Just as well, as our company showed up just as I'd done the last of the rinsing out of the cleaner I'd just refurbished the tub with. The once dark redwood looked new again and once the soupy water at the bottom was clear, I shut off the hose and went back down. At least the moans and groans were momentarily stilled. I was willing to bet that the Cat was just a tiny bit over amped and needed a moment. Nancy has one hell of a mouth on her. Nothing better than a mouthy woman, I always say. She had some licks and knew the Cat's buttons like she knew which button was KTIM on the car radio. But sometimes she could, when she was so moved, put the Cat into a cataleptic seizure where her body would just tremble and whimper and shake. She'd noticed that the Cat seemed to be a bit behind in her ya ya's department and had been going at her relentlessly for about forty five minutes or so. Girl deserved a break: My god, Nancy, don't kill her!

Fortunately, this was a neighborhood familiar with the Cat. Way familiar. By that, I mean 'known her as a kid' and now? Well, we were an old scandal, and the turn over in the neighborhood wasn't very high. The neighbors were aware of our kind of odd relationship, some of them very old couples who'd known the Cat's parents and knew we'd taken care of her. She'd come alive and they grudgingly admitted that they thought knowing us had done her good. That she was famous now seemed to thrill them in that 'I knew her since childhood, ' way, even though they had all been a bit shocked when the Cat's book had become a best seller. There were a lot of knowing smiles for a while. After all, they knew a lot more about me than just how tall I was, which was another neighbor hood scandal all in itself.

And here's little Catherine, all growed up now: My, my.

Our out of town guests for the next three days showed up just as I was done closing the valve that empties the tub and was coming out of the shed that housed the plumbing for the tub. I was just wearing a pair of nylon gym shorts that were clinging to me like saran wrap. I noticed that both of them were looking a little dragged out by the heat and gave them a hand with their bags and led them up the steps. I knew the Cat and Nancy would have heard the voices and would be getting dressed to go meet our guests.

To say I was scrungy is not exaggerating. This was a messy job and I had little pieces of scrubbed off redwood and cleaner all over me. I set down their bags and apologized and then Nancy was at the screen door and welcomed them and took them off my hands. The Cat came out of the bedroom straight down the hall tying a halter top on. Bill was kind of stunned when he saw Nancy for a second or so, then shook his head quickly and got over it. Mostly.

I asked Nancy to grab me a towel. Then stripped off my clingy nylon shorts. My dick had been pretty blattenly on display, as they were just a single layer of nylon without a liner. Nancy had said that they were the most obscene thing she'd ever seen a guy wearing and my dick hadn't gone all the way down from the auditory inspiration it had been getting and I had planned on making the Cat say some pretty obscene things to me in a language consisting mainly of groans, yowls and wails.

And you thought that she had that nickname just because of her given name, right?

I hosed off on the deck and with the towel wrapped around me, I saunter past the guests milling in the living room and waited until Jenny got out of the bathroom. I could hear the shower running and knew from a quick eyeballing of the room that the Cat was in there. So I went in and hung the towel on a hook and got my back and an awful lot else scrubbed. And I do mean scrubbed, as that redwood cleanser was pretty good at making me look orange.

The Cat kissed me when she had the hard to reach places taken care of and bailed out of the shower. I asked her to grab me some shorts and she got them and tossed them and my sandals in to me. The hot water was giving out even though we'd had it set on lukewarm: I'd taken an awful lot of scrubbing.

The crowd in the living room was passing around some smoke and I joined the circle for just a moment for a quick hit, then went out on the deck to start filling the tub up. Don't want to let it dry out. I had a hose rigged to the hot water heater out in the upper deck shed and was going to add that when the water warmed up after the shower I'd just had.

Bill came out with a beer for me and we got to know each other a bit. He was aware of my work and we talked about the friends we had in common and I caught up on how they were doing. I explained how the tub worked for him and then he and I left the hoses and I showed him some of my work in the hallway and on the guest room walls. Then we went back out on the deck, where the rest of the people had migrated, and watched over the tub filling and the beer bottles draining. The Cat made a store run for us and the afternoon turned to evening and now, about four hours later and with a meal inside of us, here we all were, sprawled out on the couch having just watched a documentary film on a town trying to deal with the governments bureaucracy and their plans to build a huge subdivision that would have wrecked the place for the people that lived there. It was a good film and told the story well.

Bill got up and went over and turned off the TV and the Sony U-matic tape deck he'd just played his movie on. We had a dinky little nineteen inch TV the thing was connected to and the tape deck was bigger than the TV. He hit rewind and we talked about the movie for a bit. He reached out and turned on the light switch by the door and the floor lamp came on and made it much brighter.

I was leaning on the end of the couch and Nancy was nestled on me, one of my arms over her and cupping a breast. The Cat is sitting upright, at the end closest to the TV and she's got Nancy's feet on her lap and is working absent mindedly on her calf. My legs are stretched out under Nancy's legs and it's kind of cramped, but cuddly.

I saw a glance of speculation cross over Jenny's face as she looked at us. I had to get up and pee and check the temperature in the tub. I did all those things while people got up and munchies got laid out and the party adjourned to the back deck. The tub wouldn't be ready until midnight at the rate the temperature was climbing from just its heater. I'd left a bit of room in the tub for more hot water from the hot water heater and I run some hotter water into the tub and shut it down when I felt the hose getting cold. Room for about another tank full and I was done for the next hour with my hot tub chore.

There was a while when we sat around talked about film making and what was good about it and what kind of hassles it was dealing with the business end of it. Jenny was rolling her neck and the Cat offered to work on her. The passenger seat in the old Volvo P1800 had a box shoved in behind that passenger seat that had been digging in to her back all the way down from Humboldt. Bill and I moved the hatch cover coffee table and the blocks holding it up out of the way while Nancy got out the mat and oils. After we got it all set up, Nancy and Bill and I went back out on the porch and smoked some more weed. Once in a while, we'd hear a soft moaning of delight as the Cat got some of her touchie feelie needs taken care of and Jenny got her back fixed. I could just make out they were having a quiet conversation but couldn't hear the words over the atonic music playing as background for the massage.

After about an hour, the Cat came out and flopped down on the back porch couch. I reached over and lit up a joint and handed it to her. She took a hit, then a swig of the juice glass she'd brought out with her and sighed. "God, my knees aren't used to that floor stuff any more." She took another drink of her juice. "Felt good, working on somebody after so long."

"I thought you did massage work?" Bill said.

"Naw, that's Nancy over there. I just do it for fun."


"Yeah, every once in a while, I'll work on someone just to keep my chops in. Makes them feel better and I like doing it."

"What she's trying to say is that she was panting to get her hot little hands all over Jenny's sexy little body." I needled her.

Instead of getting pissed, the Cat yawned and said, "Well, there is that, too." She waited a beat and asked, "You mad because I beat you to her?"

"Don't mind those two, Bill. They've been doing this shit for years. So don't take it seriously, they just do it because it shocks people."

The Cat had a mildly disappointed look on her face, but just shrugged. I nodded to Nancy, acknowledging the truth of what she said and at the same time promising to be good and not continue it. Though I had a good reply all hot and eager on my lips, I did not say "Gee, Cat, you should get a sex life or else stock up on D cells or something." I did not say it! I think that the look in Nancy's eyes she shot me made me see the error of my ways in advance and I let that one pass.

Jenny came out after a while, all the oils showered off, dressed in a long t shirt that let her boobies bounce around like friendly puppies playing in a sack. I checked the water in the tub and it was at long last passing one hundred and two. Bill went in to rinse off before getting in the tub and the Cat had used the kitchen sink to rid her hands of massage oil. I eased into the tub and Jenny got one leg swung up into the water and I got a sweet pussy shot as she stopped lowering her leg. I pointed over a bit to where the bench started and she went 'oh yeah' because she'd seen the tub empty and hadn't remembered where it was in the dark.

Nancy came over with a couple of candles and fired up the one in the stained glass holder on the post. She peeled out of her clothes and I could see Jenny watching her undress while she was hissing as the hot water opened her skin pores as she eased in. Jenny had one of those female bodies you see on Indian temple friezes doing those very difficult sexual positions it takes a few friends to help with, all the while wearing serene smiles. I took a few deep breaths, not all due to the hot water myself.

The main thing about long legged busty blondes is that they have all this damn advertising going for them: Nancy was about as 'All American blonde fold out' type as you could get. Then she was just friendly and the Texas in her voice giving it a down home drawl and, well, she was sexy, had an ability to be at ease with people and make them feel just the same, and all those good looks going for her. She was well stacked, and put together and was down home friendly. And out of her clothes, she was even more so.

She rinsed off with the garden hose, then she brought us out some more beer and the rolling tray.

It's not real common in my experience for one woman to come out and say what Jenny did then. "God, you look even better naked!" I think it was the gin and tonic hitting.

"Well, thanks, hon. You don't look so bad either. Stand up a second so I can get a good look at you, too." Jenny smiled at me shyly, then did as Nancy asked. Nancy said, with a great deal of appreciation, "Hon, you look just scrumptious, and you got the cuddliest damn body I ever saw! Don't she, Tony?"

"I'll get in trouble no matter what I say here, right?" I said with a grin, taking and giving Jenny an appreciative once over, before turning to face Nancy.

The Cat came out and handed out beer and just climbed in the tub. She sat on my knees and said, "Do my back, will ya?" So I prodded and poked her spine and rubbed her neck. Nancy got in the tub and Bill came out a minute later and eased in next to Jenny.

The Cat sat on my knees and purred sort of in the middle of us, Nancy and the other two made small talk and fired up another joint. The Cat slid off my lap and sat between Jenny and I, with Nancy on my right, then Bill. Nancy's hand came over and checked out the condition of my cock. Not quite hard, but firming up. Her other hand took the joint from Bill and sucked on it. I grabbed a towel and dried my hands.

"Nice tub. If I ever make it big, I'm going to get me one of these." Bill said blissfully. "That water is doing wonders for my stiffness from driving all day."

"I told you we should have taken more breaks." Jenny said.

"Naw, when I get going, I like to keep rolling and not stop. It's too hard to start again."

"Suit yourself." Jenny said.

"Soon as you get your license back, you can do all the stops you want, hon."

"Yes, daddy. As long as you're doing the stupid driving, you can make all the stops you want. Only seven months now." Seems that she had had an 'arrest me red' Corvette there for a while, but now had no driving license. Hmm. Wonder how that happened?

Nancy told Bill to lean on the wall between them, the part where there was no bench. He looked at me and I nodded and said he was in for a treat. Cat said something encouraging and he doubtfully went for it. Now while the Cat and I can do a decent enough massage, Nancy can do it like Bruce Lee does Chinese. In a few minutes he was going, 'ah god that feels good' and groaning a little bit. In a matter of moments, he didn't care what Nancy looked liked, or how reluctant he'd been to subject himself to her hands. The Cat and I exchanged smiles at the first moan out of him and Jenny was watching what this woman standing in the middle of the tub, this blonde goddess half out of the water was making her guy moan and groan helplessly in about thirty or forty seconds max. She scooted over closer to the Cat to give Nancy more room to work and we talked while Nancy stretched out his arms and had him roll over and they moved over to the bench so she could do his legs. "Here, give me one." The Cat said companionably. Bill slide over a bit and had an arm up on the deck so he could keep his head above water. Nancy was squatting down and working on his left leg, the Cat had his right foot and Jenny was sitting under his leg. I could see her arms move and she asked him, "Is this okay?" and him nodding back and she put her hands across his upper leg she had on her lap.

I don't know how long it was, but I kind of caught a mischievous look on Jenny's face. She and Cat exchanged a quick glance and she said sweetly. "This living up to your fantasy?" He made a questioning murmur and she clarified what she'd said. "You know, the one about two women running their hands all over your body? Only it's three women." She slipped her hand up his body to his chest, flicked at his nipple and then sensually stoked down his belly. He started a bit, but with Nancy on his left and his head leaning against the tub, he didn't have much maneuvering room. Nancy scolded, "Relax. I can't have you jumping around like that when I'm trying to work on you."

"Okay," he gulped. "I was just startled for a second."

I thought about it for a second and then decided to aid what I suspected was about to start. Bill had an uptightness about him with being touched and it seem to me that with me here, well, I had a feeling I'd just get in the way. He'd sent me that 'are you okay with your old lady touching me because' glance when Nancy had started working and I got another one now. Or maybe he was hoping that I'd object, or something. I actually think that the guy wanted to be rescued in one part of his mind: One teenie tiny part.

Anyway, I told everyone that I had pretty much worn my ass out working and I was going to turn in. I told Bill to enjoy his massage, kissed Nancy and then kissed the Cat and got out and went in, toweling off as I went. I dropped the towel over a chair by the window and got under the sheet and turned on my reading lamp on the nightstand. I picked up the Tom Clancey novel I was in the middle of and found my place and read for about twenty minutes or so. Then there was a soft knock at the door and I looked up and there was Jenny. "Hi." I said. She had her long t shirt on again.

"You still awake?" She asked rhetorically.

"Yeah, come on in. Picked this up to read on a plane last week and can't put it down."

She came over and sat on the bed. "You okay with what's going on?" Since she was in here by herself, I kind of got the feeling my boon companions of last night were busy with another campaign.

"Yeah, you?"

"Pretty much so." She kind of seemed a little down, but not terribly.

"They kick you out or what?" I asked curiously.

"No, they didn't. It's just that this is his fantasy and not mine." She shrugged. "I kind of felt like a fifth wheel and decided that I'd let him concentrate on the other two and not get in the way." She then gave me a smile. "That way he doesn't have to pay any attention to me and tying to keep telling me how much he loves me while getting his balls sucked at the same time as his dick." I chuckled. Jenny had delivered her ribald line with an understated humor.

"I can see how sincerity might be a little hard to fake right about then." I said. She laughed.

"So you want to bunk in here with me tonight?" I asked. "I got a feeling that they are going to be at it a while."

"You aren't expecting anything to happen between us, are you?" I gave her a shrug.

"A guy always has his hopes up when he asks a lady to share his bed," I said drily. "But I can behave myself on occasion. And the living room couch is way too lumpy for a good nights sleep, and besides, you'd have to listen to that going on right outside the living room door." Even at the far end of the house, we could hear some muffled moans coming out of the night from the back deck. "Here at least, you can close the door."

She looked at me for a while, weighing up her alternatives. Having a boyfriend who'd be bringing a couple of women to bed with him didn't sound like a way to get a good night sleep and she seemed pretty tired from the early morning rise to hit the road and the long drive and I suspected she hadn't gotten much sleep the night before.

"Okay. Thanks." Her eyes saying 'please let me trust you on this' and yeah, she could.

She got into bed with her back to me. I picked up my book and wished her good night. She wished me one back. I said that I tend to cuddle in the night, and not to get up tight if she woke up with my arm draped over her. She said as long as it was just an arm, okay. But nothing else, okay? Okay. Got it. And went back to my book.

I guess it was about another forty minutes later when I heard the screen door's screech announce that the others coming in. I shut off my light and lay down. There were whispers and 'shhs!' coming from the hall and then the other bedroom door closed. I could hear a loud thump and a 'damn!' followed by an 'Ow, shit!' and some muted voices. I smiled in the dark. Nothing like a little slapstick to interfere with fantasy, I thought.

Jenny's breathing had changed at the thump and I saw her raise her head up and listen for a moment before he head dropped back down to the pillow. In another minute, there was the squeak of the bed springs as the folks across the hall got settled into bed, followed by a few giggles and then it got quiet for a little while, only the quiet sounds of the bed adjusting as the people on it moved around. "Oh!" Bill said quiet distinctly. I knew that Jenny was awake. She peered back over her shoulder at me, but in the dim moonlight in the room, she couldn't tell if my shadowed eyes were open and I was breathing steadily. She put her head back down on the pillow and her hips moved a little, knee raising a little and then back down.

The sounds from across the hall weren't terribly loud, but if you listened carefully, you could hear soft groans coming and the occasional wet slurpy sounds of love making. I heard Nancy say, "Oh shit yeah" clearly once and then a while later the Cat started up. Jenny rolled over onto her back in there somewhere and her hand was between her legs as she worked her fingers around. I could smell her arousal and could see her face in the moonlight: Breathing as quietly as she could and an intense expression of concentration furrowing her brow. After a while, her mouth came open a little so she could get more air in. I could see her knuckles under the sheet and the points of her hard nipples and yes, dear reader, I had a boner that would have made a horse proud watching her face and what was going on under that blue cotton sheet.

Photographers are voyeurs and believe me, I was watching her intently. I had both hands up by my chin because if I moved them Jenny would know I was awake watching her as she listened to her boyfriend having what I suspected was his first three some.

When they Cat got into her yowling, I hoped they'd closed the windows as it was probably about two o'clock and the bed was making a lot of noise. Jenny had been listening to them and jilling herself off and had had a few way quiet orgasms along the way. Now she had her legs pretty much sprawled open and the last couple of orgasms had not been as quiet as the ones before. I could hear a wet sound from under the sheet and my dick was way past being just hard: It was well on its way to becoming stone.

The bed in Nancy and mine's bedroom is three boxes high with a sheet of plywood and a foam pad on it. We use the boxes for storage and it doesn't move around when someone else moves around in bed, not like with a mattress and springs, anyway. So outside of breathing like a steam locomotive, Jenny must have thought that I was still sleeping. When the Cat went into multiple orgasms she kind of lost it, though: Her hips were lurching up in the air and her hand was plunging into herself like a water pump and her back was arching up in strained position and then her butt would fall back to the bed and she'd grimace and grunt and bit her lips trying to keep silent. Her legs snapped closed on her hand and she kind of fell over towards me and her leg hit my knee. She froze in the middle of her orgasm, laying on her side, and I whispered, "It's okay, go on with what you're doing, I've been awake a while now and it's okay." She turned her face down into the pillow and screamed into it. It came out muffled enough so that I don't think that the other people in the other room could have heard it over the noises the Cat and Bill were making.

Her head was buried in the pillow right next to my head and I leaned forward a little and kissed her hair and whispered into her ear, "You get some, girl" in encouragement and she shook and screamed again and her body convulsed and the sloppy sounds her fingers were making stopped and suddenly she shook her head and the finger sounds started again and I just rolled over onto my back and grabbed my cock and one stroke, I kid you not, bang! That's all she took, fellas, just one fucking stroke and I shot my wad.

I was gasping and groaning and she was writhing and moaning and the folks in the other room were bound to win a prize, and yeah, one fucking stroke!

Hell, after a half an hour I was on a hair trigger, and another fifteen minutes and yeah, I blew like god damned Vesuvius. I flipped the sheet off just in time, too, or I'd have one hell of a wet spot on the sheet. Jenny watched me, and had another come. In a few moments, I started laughing and she joined in, both of us trying to keep it down as we came down, at least in my case, that is.

She sighed deeply and I deeply appreciated how deep her cleavage was. She had those really good and round tits and there was a hell of a lot of cleavage there. She drew her hand up and scratched her nose. I got a really straight from the source blast of from her hand and it damn near stopped the tree from falling in the forest.

"Sorry. I was trying to be quiet." She whispered to me.

"No need to apologize. Hearing people fuck is sexy." I whispered back.

"How long were you awake?"

"Haven't actually been asleep yet."

"So you were faking being asleep? You dog." She scolded.

"I've always held to the school that women should do whatever makes them happy in bed." Her elbow gave me a gentle jab in the ribs. I rolled over so I could face her. "If I'd have said anything, you wouldn't have done anything, and I wouldn't have missed seeing that for the world." I kissed her forehead. "You're one sexy babe when you're getting yourself off. Anyone ever tell you that before?"

I could see that my unusual compliment had pleased her, and she smirked at me. "I let an ex boyfriend of mine see me do that one time. But I got so self conscious I faked the orgasm."

I kissed her forehead again. "If you tell me you were faking those, I'll never believe anything another woman tells me for the rest of my life."

She snuggled into her pillow and gave a smug smile. "Nope. Those were for real." Her still wet fingers were just a few inches from my nose. Forget that tree falling in the forest thing there fellas. Seems it was still standing. "That was sexy."


"Watching you shoot like that."

Well, fuck that 'once a king, always a king, but once a knight is enough' bull shit. My dick was definitely in the mood for more of that self abuse stuff they'd warned you about. I figured what the hell, she'd been hip enough to let her boyfriend have his fantasy fuck, and we'd already seen what each other looked like coming, so I didn't feel too out of line asking her, "You want to see it again?" She raised one eyebrow at me. "I'm still wound up from watching you and listening to them over there." She grinned. I picked up my ears and she listened too. A faint male voice, plainly trying to be quiet, was saying something in an intense, strained way, 'Oh sweet Jesus!' and the Cat was giggling bawdily.

"Really?" She snickered at me, finding it funny the way her old man was trying to be quiet.

"Yeah, really." I rolled over on my back and she glanced down at the tented sheet. "If it bothers you, just roll over for a minute or so."

"Fair's fair, and you got to see me, so I get to see you." She pulled the sheet away from my body and my cock was all columned like in the moon light. "It's pretty."


"Can you move over a little so I can get out of this wet spot?"

"Sure." I scooted over a bit towards my edge and she moved over closer to me, still holding the sheet around her shoulders.

"May I?" With her head above my shoulder, asking permission to use it as a pillow for looking down at what I was doing. I said sure and she snuggled in on my arm, The one the muscles were moving under. The ones that connected to my right hand, stroking my pole, that arm.

"You want to get it on?" I asked casually.

"Sorry." She said regretfully. "I can't. Bill and I are trying for a baby and I'm not on birth control. Is it okay if I just watch? I mean, I haven't seen many guys do that, you know? And I'm curious."

"Sure. I can get behind that."

Nice thing about having a girlfriend like Nancy was that I am not needy and greedy and can accept stuff like this. Yeah, I was horny, but in a low key way, not desperate from not getting laid in months or anything like that. So I just gave into lying back and working on my dick and enjoying it. Her wanting to watch me jack off was sexy. After a few minutes, she sat up and looked at my face and smiled. Then she peeled her t shirt off and slipped down a little and sat cross legged beside my hips. One hand was softly fiddling around with her nipple on her right breast and her other hand was in her lap. A little hunching up and then she settled back down. "Want me to light a candle so you can see better?"

"Don't get up."

"Got one right here." I reached back on the head board wall shelf above our heads and got a candle and the lighter next to it. A flick of the Bic and the candle made the room much brighter.

"Ah that's nice. Thanks."

"This is sexy, watching you watching me." I said as I stroked. "It's a turn on." I normally don't talk while I'm jacking off, and wanted to make some kind of a connection with her while I practiced my usually solitary pleasure. She smiled and nodded. I went on. "I'm glad you're okay with what I'm doing." She smiled back.

"I'm doing the same thing."

"Yeah?" Though I already knew that, it was something to say right then. "Can I ask a favor then?"


"When I get close, can you put your fingers up to my nose so I can smell you? I like how you smell." She hesitated a second. "No big deal if you don't want to."

"No, it's not that, it's just that when you asked me to do that, I think I came a little."

"That's great." I speed up my hand. "Can I smell now? Please?"

She gave a groan and pinched her nipple really hard and her face flinched in orgasm again. Then her hand came out from between her legs as she uncrossed her legs and her fingers, her very very wet fingers, were in front of my nose and I inhaled deeply. My cock lurched and the first shot went up in the air and her fingers dipped down into my mouth. I sucked on them feverishly and tasted her pussy and then I felt her move. I shot the second shot up in the air and then she rolled forward and my cock felt a warm mouth on it as my third shot tore up the barrel aided by the suction of her mouth and she groaned. Her bobbing head moved over me and I let go of my cock and my hand flopped down on the bed and she moved herself and my wrist was picked up and my fingers contacted her pubic hair and then my fingers were being pushed up into her and I shot again and found that place inside of her, up towards the front and I squeezed her clit against my palm and my fingers in her box and her cunt fluttered on my hand, sucking my fingers and I knew she was coming. A shot of female ejaculate shot out over my hand and dripped off my wrist and I kept working her box with my hand bent all weird. Finally she had my entire dick in her mouth and throat and kind of sighed a little as her orgasm stopped being such a force of nature and she just sucked me contentedly and I breathed deeply and my dick shrank in her mouth.

I'm not sure how long we lay there like that. My dick was finally back to close to it's normal state and she slid her mouth off of it and brought herself up so she was lying with her head on my shoulder and my dick being coddled by her hand. I kissed her head and sighed again. "Thanks."

"No, thank you."

"What for?"

"Well, Bill got to have his fantasy of two women tonight and I got to have mine of watching a guy jack off."

"Thought you said you'd seen that before?"

"Well, walking into my kid brother's room and catching him in the act was the extent of my experience in that department. It wasn't the same."

"I guess not." I said with a chuckle. "How did that one work out?"

"Oh, he screamed at me to get out of his room and I left. He wouldn't look me in the eye for about a week, and that was that." I chuckled and she put her leg up over mine and moved so she could half lie on me and see my face. I looked down at her and propped up my pillow a bit with my free hand. Then I put it on the shoulder she had free.

"Well, Nancy was right about you."


"You certainly are cuddly."

"Thanks." She smiled at me. "And thanks for being so cool about this. If it wasn't I could get knocked up real easy right now, I'd have fucked your brains out, you know."

"Well, we'll have to take a rain check on that then. I had fun, even without the sex."

"Oh? This isn't sex?"

"Well, not technically. I mean, in order to have sex, you have to put it in somewhere, right?"

She gave me a smug smile. "Then my mouth doesn't count?" She gave me a mock frown.

I laughed. "Okay, you win. We had sex."

She smiled and moved up a bit and kissed me with a spermy tasting tongue and mouth. I kissed her right back, and no, getting kissed by a girl with a mouth full of your come isn't going to make you gay. Hell, I'd kissed other girls with the same taste in their mouth, and sometimes it wasn't me I was tasting on their lips, so I guess that if I was going to be worried about something like that, it was already way too late.

She was a good kisser. We weren't in any hurry, either, as we'd both had damn good orgasms just a few minutes before and there was no urgency to it. Just very very sweet.

I have to believe in telepathy sometimes, because after she broke the kiss, she said to me, "I like that you're willing to kiss me after coming in my mouth."

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Well, my last boy friend before Bill was pretty hung up about stuff like that."

"Well, if sex isn't wet and sloppy, what fun is it?" She gave me a grin and moved in for another kiss. Then she moved her head up to my shoulder and I put my arms around her and she whispered in my ear. "I don't know why he was like that, especially at I heard that he's now gay." I snorted. "Yeah, go ahead and laugh. It's not funny." But of course it was and she knew it too. My belly was shaking as I kept my lips closed and stifled my giggling. She joined in and then turned her head and I turned mine and we kissed again.

"Ohh, yes!" I heard from the other room.

"Oh no, not again!" I whispered to no one. Jenny giggled some more. I looked over at her. "What?"

"I have a feeling that it's going to be a long, long night."


"Bill in bed with two good looking women? Are you kidding?" She gave me a smirk. "He's in puppy dog heaven right now. And besides that, every since he got accepted for the film festival, he's had this manic lust thing going. So I doubt if they are going to be settling down any time soon."

I groaned, not the good kind of groan, but the kind of groan you groan when you realize that you're probably going to have to listen to three sex maniacs having it off all night long. I glanced over at the clock. Dawn was about five thirty, so I'd guess that I'd have to listen to around two and three quarters hours more of this.

Yeah, going to be a long night. A long, probably-not-get-much=sleep type long, long night.

"Well," I said in resignation, "Maybe you'll get another chance at that fantasy of yours again." She shook her head no. "What?" I asked suspiciously.

"I got another fantasy."

"What's that?"

"Would you think it terrible of me if I asked you to eat me? While I'm going down on you?"

"You mean sixty nine?" I liked this girl! "No, that would be perfectly fine with me." No kidding!

"Just for a while, I mean." She gave me this shy innocent smile that I didn't believe for a second. She fluttered her eyes at me, trying for coy innocence I think, not pulling that off, but way cute never the less. "Then maybe you could fuck me up the ass for a while?" I looked at her, and I don't know what my face must of looked like right then, but I'd guess 'lecherous' would probably be high on the list of words you might describe it with right then. She let the shy innocent young maiden look go and 'lusty' is the look that perhaps best describes what she looked like then.

"Oh, my little temple houri, let me count the ways..." and she giggled and sat up and moved around and planted her peach, her drippy, wet, messy to eat, that peach, right smack over my mouth and my pillow had my head up so I wouldn't even have to strain my neck and back in her mouth ol' Tony junior went.

Oh yeah. I grabbed her hips and pulled her in tight and my tongue was worming around and flipping itself around her clitoral hood and my nose was well wedged between her prominent lips and working back and forth and messy? We're talking about five or six major and quite a few minor orgasms she's just had and if that isn't sex, well, what the hell is?

We got ourselves nuzzling each other's crotch comfortably and went to town. I'd had quite recently come, and she was into making me hard, not getting me off. But she was totally okay with my doing my damndest to slurp up every drop of liquid that came out of her body and as long as I could get some air in once in a while, I was fine.

God I love eating women. It took me a couple of tries before I got her just so and got my face even wetter and my ears and neck, too, and she'd let off my dick when she was having a big one, which I appreciated, as I wasn't distracted by what her mouth was doing to my dick, or what it might do. You really don't want to have that in the back of your mind while you're doing your utmost to drive her insane, you know? I mean, when she convulsed in orgasm, she'd spasm and jerk and thinking about her teeth at a time like that distracts. She'd just take my dick out, put it on top of her head and push her face into my stomach and wiggle and stain and gasp and jerk and muffle her more vocal praise of my ability to muff dive into my belly. And feeling the vibrations of her mouth against my belly was not distracting, but encouraging.

We had a lot of fun there for quite a while. I think eating women and making them come is fun. No doubt about it, she thought my idea of fun was way cool and that coming was also fun. So we did that and did it and did it and oh, yeah. Mmmmupf! Muwauff!

I was just gently post orgasm licking her when I heard the door open. The latch gives a pretty loud click when it releases. I looked up and there Nancy was, grinning and looking sweaty and just fucked. Reason I could tell that is because she was. I could see some come running down her leg a little from where I was at. Sometime during the moaning and groaning, we'd swapped ends of the bed, and I'm not quite sure how that happened. I guess moving onto our sides and then me on top of her, and then back to flat on my back.

"You guys need anything while I'm up?"

"Yeah, some water."

"How's orange juice sound instead?"

"Nancy, you're a life saver."

"Be back in a mo."

"Guess she's okay with this, eh?" Jenny asked facetiously.

"More than okay." She sat up and yawned.

"Getting tired?"

"A little. Before we go to sleep though, I want to finish you off."

"You don't have to."

"No, I want to." She said simply.

I believed her.

"Well, okay then." I said with false reluctance. Like, gee, mom, do I hafta go get a hair cut? She snickered, not buying it for a second. I guess my dick made a liar out of me again.

"Besides, we haven't gotten around to that ass fucking you promised me."

I heard the john flush and my bladder said it was time to negotiate what my dick would be doing in the next little while. "Hold that thought," I told her as I got up. I went into the john and heard feet padding down the hall behind me. I hadn't closed the bathroom door and thought it was Jenny behind me. It had taken me a while to get the damn thing aimed and able to pee. Instead of Jenny, it was the Cat doing that little 'I gotta pee' dance and I didn't even flush the toilet, just got out of the way. She plunked her fanny down and said 'ah' and gushed into the bowl.

I rinsed off my face and Jenny was leaning by the doorway waiting her turn patiently. "Where's Bill?" I asked.

"Recovering, I suspect." The Cat said behind me.

Jenny grinned. "What did you two do to him? I peeped in and he was flat on his back with this really idiotic look on his face."

"He'll live," The Cat replied. "He's just out of it for a while."

"Oh good. Maybe we can get some sleep now." Jenny said.

"Better sleep fast. I'm not quite done with him quite yet." Cat said with a smirk.

"Oh boy." I said with a whimper. They gave me shit eating grins. I eased past Jenny and she gave me a friendly grope on the way by so I retaliated and gave one of her tits a friendly little squeeze. She didn't seem to mind. She whispered in my ear, "This thing looked a lot more obscene in those shorts you had on when we showed up."

"And now?" I paused in passing, hand still on her tit.

"Poor thing looks a little worn out."

"Well, a little mouth to mouth resuscitation and I'm sure he'll be fine in no time." I kissed her cheek and the Cat was washing her hands and she gave me a little squeeze and I let go of her ample tit and we smiled at each other and then she went and sat down on the throne and I went out to see if I could help Nancy in the all too bright kitchen. We'd been using the night light in the bathroom and the overhead light pierced my eye balls for a second or two.

I got down glasses and poured the OJ she'd just got done making and I asked her if she was having a pleasant evening? She grinned at me merrily and said yes. I grinned back. The Cat and Jenny were talking in the bathroom and she leaned over and whispered, 'God, does he ever have a thick cock." Then she leaned in a little more and bit my lower lip. Then she let it go and whispered, "And he comes buckets, too." I raised my eyebrow a bit. "I feel like when I sat down on the john, I must have just sat there for a minute or two letting the come slide out of me. And the guy can fuck."

"Good deal." I said. I wasn't kidding about that either. Nancy having fun is as important to me as me having fun, and we took having fun very seriously. I moved in and kissed her, a nice slow sincere kind of kiss.

"Want to feel?" She took my hand and placed it over her pussy and I slipped three fingers into her easily. She was very relaxed from the fucking she'd just had and usually, it would take me a while to get three fingers in her like that. Not tonight folks. I gave her a little friendly finger fucking while we kissed, my other hand on her ass, while she stirred the OJ in the pitcher some more.

When we broke the kiss, I saw Cat and Jenny watching us. "Hand me a paper towel, will you T?" Nancy asked and I grabbed one off the roll down at my end of the counter we were standing at. I bunched it up a bit and tenderly blotted up her pussy a little, while I put my head on her shoulder and she rested hers against mine.

The Cat coughed to remind us they were there. Nancy didn't even turn her head. "Relax Cat, I'm sure that there will be plenty more you can lick out of me later." Jenny giggled, then Nancy turned her head and saw Jenny. "Oh. Ah." It's not often when you catch Nancy not knowing what to say. Jenny just grinned at her.

"He sure comes a lot, doesn't he?"

"Boy, you're not kidding on that one! First time he came was in my mouth out in the tub. Gadzooks! I thought I'd have it coming out of my nose, he came so much! I just wasn't ready for it."

"I usually just back off and let it drip down his dick," Jenny confided. "Then I suck it up when he's not doing his impression of a fire hose."

I laughed.

"Good advice, but a little late." Nancy said as she handed over a glass to her. I handed her the one I just got done filling and she gave it to Cat, then she accepted the third one I poured and I filled up another for Bill, whom I was pretty sure would appreciate some fluids around this time, and drank some of the last one, then refilled it, then offered refills around and that was the end of that pitcher of orange juice.

Nancy got another frozen can out of the refrigerator and proceeded to mix up another batch. Bill's footsteps could be heard in the hall and I handed a glass to Cat to hand to him. He had a very relaxed look on his face. Well, going for a few hours or thereabouts with Nancy and the Cat, well, frankly I was surprised he could even stand upright. He drank about half the glass and set it down on the pass through from the living room and went to pee. Nancy leaned over and whispered, "Isn't that the widest dick you've ever seen?" I raised my eyebrows at her like Graucho Marx used to. The Cat whispered, "He's the thickest guy I've had since Brick." Considering that Brick was making his living these days as an NFL lineman and had that wide-as-a-wall body linemen have, that was saying something. Bill was nowhere in the weight class of a NFL linemen and with the cock he had on him was all the more impressive because it looked so damn much bigger on his medium sized frame.

"Brick wasn't that big, Cat."

"Want to bet? You never felt it in action, Nance. Brick was even bigger when he was hard."

"Oh really? Now you're making me sorry that I never fucked him."

I had to ask. "Was he as big as that leather freak guy?" Nancy though about it for a moment, trying to recall a photo shoot way back when the Cat was first starting out and Nance had played roadie for her.

"You know, that guy was just so freaking unreal, I can't rightly remember." She said honestly. "I guess it was just so damn long that I've forgotten exactly how big around he was. I'd say that he was in the same ballpark as far as thick goes, but as to how big he was in length? Baby, that was whole 'nother ballpark!" The Cat and I laughed and Jenny looked a little perplexed. Then the Cat explained to her how she'd once taken a picture of Nancy fucking this dude that had a dick on him that would have made a Shetland pony jealous. Bigger than Bill? Jenny didn't think so, and the Cat went looking for the book that made her famous on the bookshelf in the guest room. Bill had been taking a little time in the john and Nancy was trying to describe the circumstances of being fucked by the biggest dick she'd ever fucked, which was a story in itself. Jenny was kind of giving me a look every now and then and I'd nod in confirmation of the tale she was spinning.

I heard the john flush and Bill washing his hands. He came out and picked up his orange juice abandoned on the counter and the Cat found her book and brought it out and set it down on the counter. She flipped though a few pages searching for the one she wanted and his eyes kind of got big. "Yeah, here it is. See?"

"Jesus Christ!" Bill said. "Holy cow!" Jennifer said.

"Now do you believe me?" Nancy said. "You take something like that up the twat, your sure not worried about how big it is around. You just are worried about having your lungs relocated." Jenny's mouth was open in awe. Bill was looking at the page kind of skeptically.

"Trick photography?" He asked nobody in particular.

"Nope." I said. He shook his head.


"Know what else? The guy was a virgin as far as women went."

"Huh?" Well, considering that the two burly guys dressed in leather chaps and nipple rings holding Nancy up in the air while the guy leaning against the stake with his arms tied over his head had his mouth open and good old Nancy there had her mouth wide open and her eyes half rolled back in her head and one of her hands had a death grip on one of the guy's leather vest under her hand, and her head thrown back and the Cat had gotten up on something and taken the shot from high up and looking down Nancy's naked back to where the guy's honest to god fourteen inch and thick dick was working it's way slowly, and with a great deal of help, in between her buttocks. Cat had told me that she was screaming 'Oh god fucking yes!" at the top of her lungs at the time the shutter was released.

"You have got to be shitting me." Bill said slowly and thoughtfully.

"Nope." The Cat said smugly. "Nancy was his first girl." He'd missed a good deal of the conversation while he was in the bathroom. He looked at Nancy, back down to the photo, back at Nancy, back to the photo. She wore her hair longer these days, and she had her eyes open, and there wasn't that foreshortened look from the angle the Cat had shot from and huh. How about that?

"I can see why you weren't paying a whole lot of attention to how thick he was," Jenny said thoughtfully. "Pardon me for asking, but I can't help but wonder how much of that you got into you?"

The Cat flipped the page. Two jaws dropped open. "My god!" Whispered Bill in awe.

"God Nancy, your face." Oh yeah, old Nancy there was going through some serious stuff right then. "You look like you're in agony."

The Cat snickered. "Naw. She's just coming like gangbusters right about then."

"What did that feel like?" Jenny asked seriously.

Nancy paused with her glass half raised and thought about it. "Hmm. Well, with that pole so far up inside me, I wasn't doing a whole lot of what you might call rational thinking at the time. It was more like I was just experiencing, you know what I mean?" Jenny nodded. "I don't know quite how to sum that up. Kind of like talking to God you know?" Their puzzled looks made it clear that they didn't understand. "Well, you're talking to God, you're not taking notes and afterwards, well, it's just all real hard to describe." She shrugged. "It was one hell of an experience, at least while it was happening, but not something you'd want to do every day." She raised her glass again, then hesitated with it in the air and added, "Matter of fact, it wasn't something that I wanted to do again. Once was enough. I walked funny for three days after that night. I'm not sorry I did it, but take my word for it, it was a once in a life time experience and once in a lifetime is more than enough." Bill flipped back to the previous page and just shook his head and said 'My god' again.

Well, standing around naked in the kitchen at four am talking about dicks my girlfriend had fucked is pretty weird: Pretty weird at any time, come to think of it. Jenny reached over and put her arm around Bill and gave him a hug. "Don't worry, sweetie pie, you got enough to keep me happy with what you got." We all laughed then, and Bill flushed a little. It broke the awe a bit.

"If anyone deserves to have a complex about it, it's old Tony here." The Cat said, reaching over and giving my dick a little tug. "How would you like to follow that act?"

That's the Cat. Always up for a little gross out put down. Bill had glanced over and hadn't missed her gesture. Nancy slapped the Cat on the hand she had captured my cock with and gave it a slap.

"You just shut up Cat, or I'm going to have old Tony here cut you off."

"Aw, come on, Nancy. Tony knows I didn't mean nothing by making fun of his little pee pee." Bill had been a little flustered about my seeing Cat pulling my dick and had raised his glass and taken a swallow just as she said that. Obviously checking out another guy's equipment and getting caught comparing size was a no-no and I knew he wasn't used to being around the Cat and our gross-everyone-out act. I got him a napkin.

Nancy said, "Well, you might remember this Cat, when I got home, he got me off, so I don't think his ego is going to be quite as crushed as you hoped it would."

"And not only that, I don't come a whole hell of a lot when I do come." I'd seen the outtakes from that shoot and the guy tied to the stake there definitely came a lot. The Cat sort of flushed a little bit at that. The next day, she'd been absolutely hung up on how much come the guy had shot and kept talking about it so much that it was driving me slightly nuts. I mean, Nancy is hobbling around the house like she's got a broom stick shoved up her and here this teeny bopper just won't shut the fuck up about how big and long and how much it shot out and I was pretty fed up with hearing about this guy's dick, what with worrying about Nancy hobbling around insisting she felt fine.

"You say this guy was a virgin?" Jenny asked Nancy, back tracking a bit.

"Yeah. I didn't know it at the time, but he told me later I was the first woman he ever fucked." She said nonchalantly. "Reason he became gay was that when he'd get some high school chick in the back seat and she got a look at it, or at least a good feel of it, she'd change her mind about going all the way: Got to be a real pain in the ass for him. He was bi anyway, and just decided that he'd go where he was appreciated more. Can't say as I blame him, can you? Gay guys, well, they're into size, a lot of them, and well hell, guys and their dicks. What can I say?" She shrugged. Jenny just looked at her, kind of awed by what she'd just seen in the book, and Bill nodded thoughtfully while giving her his own appraising look.

"Well," he said. "I went through a bit of that in high school." He cleared his throat. "I had the biggest cock in the shower room." He shrugged a little, afraid he was sounding like he was bragging. "A couple of girls I dated just came out and asked me just how big I was. I guess word somehow got around." I nodded. I'd gone to school with a few guys who were hung huge and one of them it kind of bothered and the others were fine with it.

"Well, it's not what you got; it's how you use it." I said in self defense. Guys feel defensive about their dicks.

"Well, it's not all it's cracked up to be," Bill said. "I've had a few women who weren't that eager. Or just there wanting to see the view and then go home and tell their girlfriends all about how it was. Felt like I was some kind of god damn tourist attraction at times." He sipped some orange juice and the women looked at him curiously. He could see he had their attention and shrugged. "And as far as anal sex goes? Ha!"

Jenny leaned over a little more and hugged him. "Sorry babe." She whispered so low I could barely hear it.

"Well, anal isn't that big a deal. Not if you do it right." Nancy said. "You an ass virgin?" Bill blinked at her, kind of getting his hopes up, I think, but figuring it was best not to.

"Uh, yeah, I am. Why? You volunteering?"

"Sure." Nancy said casually. "Let me go take a shit and we'll take it from there."

Bill blinked a couple of more times and swallowed once in the middle of all those blinks. Jenny leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek and rubbed his chest at the same time. He raised his eyes and met mine and there was a 'are you sure your okay with this?' look on his face. I grinned at him. "Just use a lot of lubricant and take your time." It took him a little while until he got it fully that delectable little five eleven and a half Nancy was really going to offer him up his first piece of ass ass and I was totally okay with it and his girlfriend was okay with it and the chunky girl he'd just been fucking and eating a little while ago was grinning at him and we were all totally okay with it. Still didn't keep him from saying aloud, "You sure?"

"Hell yes. If Nancy wasn't serious, she'd have never brought it up."

"Wow," was all he could think of to say right then. Jenny leaned in to him and whispered something I couldn't hear in his ear and he gave me a quick glance and then nodded his head in agreement to whatever she was saying.

She moved back from his ear and grinned at me. "What say we go back to bed and leave these degenerates to their sordid debaucheries and go do some of our own?" I poured another full glass of juice and nodded and then we excused ourselves.

The candle had burned out while we were gone and I dug out the box and lit another one while Jenny shut the door and came over and untangled the sheet. There was a huge wet spot over on the side of the bed she'd been on, and another over on my side where she'd been juicing my chin and neck, and another down at the foot of the bed and little places here and there that were pretty damp, too.

"I guess I should get us out some clean sheets to sleep on." I said.

"We can do that later." Jenny said. "We're going to get these even messier and might as well get all the mileage out of them we can."

"Right." I opened up the closet and got down clean sheets so we'd have them ready later on. I tossed them on a chair and joined her on top of the sheet.

"This is pretty neat, staying here with your guys."


"You know, when Jeff and Peggy told me about your guys, I thought you sounded pretty interesting."

"How so?"

"Well, they told me about Nancy being a bomb shell, and mentioned the way you guys and the Cat once got it on with them that time. But..."

"But?" I prompted. Gathering her in my arms and pulling her across my chest. She snuggled right in.

"Well, when Peggy was telling me all that stuff, I was pretty jealous. I can remember thinking, 'why don't things like that ever happen to me?'"

"And now here you are."

"Yeah. Know what else is exciting about this?"


"Bills going to be getting to fuck someone in the ass and here I am across the hall, knowing all about it, and him knowing that I'm going to be letting someone else fuck me in the same place."

"Well, we're across the hall." I pointed out with a smile.

"You know what I mean, silly."

"Yeah. Make you hot?"

"Uh huh."

"Want to go over and watch?" I asked her casually.

"OH god! Do I ever! But I am not sure how Bill would be with that. He can be shy at times."

I laughed. "Shit, we've just been hanging out in the kitchen all night talking about dick sizes; do you really think it would bother him that much?" She gnawed her lip a little thinking it over. "You think it would bother him a lot if another guy was there?" A tiny hesitant little nod.

"Yeah. I think he's got some hang ups there." I shrugged.

"No big deal. You can go over there by yourself if you want. I don't think he'd mind that. But I should warn you that both Nancy and the Cat are bisexual and that the Cat has been eyeing up your sexy body and might be into getting it on with you."


"You ever mess around with women?"

"Ah, no. Well, my cousin showed me how to get myself off back when we were kids, but that was just fingers."

"Ah." I said. "Well, if you're not into that, just say no if you just want to watch." I told her.

"Uh." She said reflectively, trying to figure out just how she stood on those issues.

"Honest, Jenny. You tell them no, they are going to respect that and won't bother you."

"Well, I'm not sure exactly where I'm at with all that. I mean, well," she told me.

"Another fantasy adventure you want to try?" She shrugged. "Scare you a little bit?" Another shrug. Half hearted shrugs. I had the feeling that she wanted to be talked into it, but was just afraid to come out and say that she wanted to voyeur her old man nailing the sexy blonde and get his first asshole sex. She bit her lower lip while she though about it.

"Tell you what sport, why don't you go over there and tell the Cat that I want to see her for a minute and then just hang out and watch?" She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye. Was I serious? "Seriously, the Cat isn't that much into anal sex and she can come over here and fuck me while all that's going on." I grinned. "I'll keep her occupied for a little while." She wanted to go, but needed a little more encouragement. "When they get done, you can come back over here and snuggle in if you want, but right now, I'd say that this is going to be your last chance to see your old man lose one of his cherries, so get you sexy ass up and go tell the Cat I have a boner than has her name on it. I want some pussy and yours isn't available."

"You sure about that?"

"Fuck yeah." I gave her a wide open slap of my palm on her ass and it made a loud noise. "Go!" I gave said ass a squeeze and released her. She smiled gratefully at me and got out of bed. I got up too and the Cat came prancing in a moment later.

"Hear you need me desperately?" She asked with a leer.

"Yeah." I said as I pulled off the sheets. "Help me make the bed, will ya?"

"You called me over here to help you make the fucking bed??" She asked outraged.

"Christ, Cat. You want to fuck on dry sheets, or does fucking in someone else's wet spot turn you on?"

"Shit, dude, just walking in here turns me on. Smells like a whore house on Saturday night in here." She took her side of the sheet and tucked it in. "Making a damn bed at five am. This isn't what I was planning on for my vacation, you know?"

"Quit your bitching and tuck in the damn sheet."

"Where's housekeeping when you really need them?"

"So how do you know about what whore houses smell like on a Saturday night? You moon lighting or something in your spare time?" I gave her a grin and she flipped me the bird. But we had the sheet on the bed and she laid down on top of it.

"Damn! The mattress pad is soaked!"

"Bitch bitch bitch." I got down next to her.

"Shut up and kiss me." We made out for a while and then she got on top of me and finally little Tony got some pussy for the first time all day.

"Oh god" came faintly through the door. Cat stopped her downward decent on my dick and listened intently. An 'argh slow, slow! Oh god that's big!' Nancy groaned. Cat grinned down at me.

"Aw, ain't that sweet? Bill is losing his virginity!" I snorted laughter, trying to keep my voice down. I grabbed the Cat's hips and pulled her the rest of the way down on my lap. The Cat groaned as I hit her cervix. She leaned down on my chest and that eased me back a little from where I was hitting inside of her. "Well," she said conversationally, or as conversationally as she could, "there is something to be said for cocks that are long." She lapped her tongue around the inside of my ear. "Bill isn't as long as you are."

"Oh good," I muttered distractedly as I squirmed around under her. Don't know what it is, but the Cat knows how to make me do that squirming thing with her tongue in my ear. She gave me a low down dirty chuckle and moved her hips around on my lap. She liked grinding her clit like that.

Well, she whispered dirty things in my ear and did that thing with her hips and wound me up like a cheap alarm clock. After you have fucked someone for years and years, you know all of their hot spots and she knew mine like the back of her hand. Every once in a while she'd swivel her hips just so and I could feel her pussy grasping me by the root and spasming, sometimes she'd be pinching my nipple and sometimes she'd be licking my neck and sometimes, well, sometimes it got pretty damn intense, let me tell you! But that grinding around her clit as she got her cookies and tortured me some more. Her breath panting in my ear and on my pubic bone trick was working for her, but without the back and forth, it was just cranking my dick's hardness up another notch or two.

I don't know how long that went on for. Yeah, poor old Tony, having one of his oldest lovers taking advantage of him like that: Poor baby! I'd have felt sorry for myself, but the Cat was enjoying herself so much I couldn't really. Understandable, I guess.

The Cat had her tongue in my ear and was twisting my mightily abused nipple and I had my ass up off the bed and she let up and I sank back down. Then a pair of lips replaced the fingers and I opened my eyes and looked down at my chest. Jenny was there and smiling up at me. I croaked out 'Hi ya' and closed my eyes again. The Cat had her tongue so far into my ear that all I could do was shiver and squirm. There is a lot to be said for her technique, if you like shivering and shaking. Who says sex always has to be about in and out? That round and round thing the Cat does with her hips has a lot to recommend it. I could feel my cock's head being swished from side to side in her box. And did I ever tell you about how she could do this squeezing thing with her pussy? No? Well, she could!

Oh god, could she ever!

I'll admit that I was both relieved and disappointed at the same time when she sat up on me. I blinked a few times to get my bearings. There was the Cat, deeply impaled on my pole, there was Jenny, blowing in my wet nipple her mouth had just come off of.

"Have a seat," The Cat said magnanimously. Jenny looked up at her, smiled, then got up and swung her leg over my face and had a seat. "God, you got a great body." The Cat said huskily. Oh yeah. Jenny did have a great body, short, but voluptuous as all hell and gone.

"Oh!" Said Jenny in reply. Either to what the Cat had said, or to my tongue slurping slowly around her clit and lips and back down and around and back up, avoiding her clit, then back back back and down down down and up around her asshole. What the hell, guys, she'd just gotten out of the hot tub, well, not just gotten, but dirty or not, here my tongue had a mind of it's own and I poked it up and licked and she squirmed around some and settled back a bit and I got her pussy with my hairy chin chin and did something more with my tongue and she snorted in a breath through her nose and I felt the Cat start to move around on my lap. Jenny said, "Oh, that feels good, oh yes, pinch them just like that," and my chin got a bit wetter.

I held her magnificent ass in both hands and spread her cheeks a little more and went to work spearing my tongue in and out of her a little and I could feel her hand distractedly circling around on my stomach. She tilted her hips around my dancing tongue and I chased her asshole with it, giving her a lot of pressure with my chin while I did so. The Cat said something I didn't quite hear and Jenny laughed and said yes, and the Cat gave a dirty chuckle. Then she whispered something more that I didn't catch again and then Jenny said clearly, "You can do whatever you want to me." And a lot of nice moaning sounds from Jenny happened right after that. Kind of the muffled moaning sounds a girl makes when someone has their tongue in her mouth, if you know what I mean.

I moved my hands a bit and got my finger to where I could suck it a little to get it wet and then moved her hips up a little and got my tongue back to work tracing around her lips and put my finger into her box and got it even slicker. Then I lightly flicked it over her clit and she pulled away for a second and then moved it back onto my tongue again and I whirled it around the little guy in the boat. I pressed my wet finger up against her asshole and gave some slow licks and slurps and I could feel her relax a little against my fingers steady pressure and slowly move into her. She took a slow, deep breath and hunched back against me and my finger went in ever deeper. Once it was in, I just let her relax around it for a while and concentrated on her forward neither regions for a while before I started wiggling it around a little. At first when I did that, she'd clenched up a little, but she found it wasn't uncomfortable and got settled in for the long haul.

And I meant to make it a long haul, and I think she sensed that. She seemed to relax a little more and moved around a little more and her body movements told me what she wanted me to do for her and where.

She and the Cat made out above me and she got brave enough to reach down and do the Cat's clit. I could feel the back of her hand moving around on my lower stomach as her upturned fingers worked away. I concentrated on one of her lips for a while, gently nipping it with my teeth and working my hand so that I could like another finger, which wound up joining its brother in her ass. She groaned a little, but didn't stop moving her hips around on my face. I felt her bend forward a bit and the Cat say, "Oh yes, suck them, that feels so good, so so good." And yeah, sexy the way her voice sounded right then.

Then the Cat moved over to one side and I could see her reaching into the drawer of the night stand my reading light was on. She was holding a tube and flipped the cap up and squirted something into the palm of her hand. I took the hand I had holding Jenny's ass down over my face and wiggled my free fingers. The Cat got the idea and reached around behind Jenny and the hand holding the tube slide down until it hit the fingers I had busy in Jenny's butt. When she felt it make contact, she squeezed out a blob of lubricant all over the crack of her ass and my busy fingers. A little in and out action to get some of the slidy stuff where it was most needed and then I really started licking and sucking her, all the while working the fingers in her ass in and out. I had enough lube on my fingers so that on one of those strokes, I added another. I slid them around in a rotary motion and Jenny gave this deep heart felt groan and then the Cat got off my cock. I heard the tube fart out another blob of lubricant and felt it hit the tip of my dick. The cap snapped back in place and then she took both of her hands and stroked the stuff all over my cock.

"Upsy daisy," the Cat said gaily and Jenny was pulled off my face. Jenny shuffled along on her knees as the Cat's hands on her shoulders guided her down the bed a bit. "Now just relax and sit back and enjoy." I could feel a rubbery hole over my cock's tip, but it was pretty tight. The Cat moved forward and put her arm around Jenny and kissed her. I could feel her hand gripping me and moving me around in a circle. Jenny relaxed and pushed back a little and I felt her asshole relax against the pressure and then the head moved into her and popped up inside of that ring of sphincter muscles and she tensed up at the invasion and stopped moving, just stopped moving. I felt the Cat's fingertips exploring and she found what she was looking to find: Yup, I was in. She broke the kiss and stroked Jenny's head and whispered, 'just relax now, and settle down." Then her hand moved up a little and Jenny tensed right up, giving my cock a good squeeze. When the Cat's hand stopped doing what ever it was doing, Jenny's ass relaxed and she sank back a little more, taking a little more of me into her warmth. Then the Cat did whatever she was doing again and Jenny rose up a little, tightening around me again as she rose, then the Cat stopped and she sank back, and a lot more of me went into her. "Oh shit!" Jenny said. God, I hoped not!

I chuckled at what I was thinking and the Cat moved up a little on her knees forcing my legs apart. I let them part. The Cat put her hand down on my balls and then up and over. "You got about half of him in you. The worst part is over." She whispered into Jenny's ear. She whimpered. Then the Cat did that thing with the ears she does and Jenny's ass clenched again. The Cat felt it and eased off and she sank lower down on me, taking a little more of me up her Hershey highway. She moved a little tentatively and discovered that I was good and slick and moved some more and moaned into the Cat's neck. The Cat still had her fingers busy and Jenny groaned as I felt something moving inside of her against my dick. Well, Jenny rocked forward and then slammed herself back and her ass was planted firmly on what would have been my lap if I'd have been sitting up. She clenched around me and hunched her hips up and back and I could feel the Cat finger fucking her and her moving back and forth on me.

"Lean back a little." The Cat whispered to her and she sat up a little straighter on me and then the Cat lowered her head and tilted it and got Jenny's clit. Jenny went 'Ugggod!" or something like that and started to get into it. She moved up and down on the Cat's fingers and my dick and moved her arms back to brace herself and offer up her cunt a little more to the Cat's mouth. That was good for a second or two, then she got her legs turned around, which did things for my dick, let me tell you, then laid back and spread her legs out. The Cat didn't need any second invitation and I could feel a little movement of her hand as she got herself sorted out so she was lying on her stomach and moved in for the kill.

It's amazing how strong the muscles around the ass are capable of clamping down on a guys dick when a woman is having an orgasm. I had one of my hands kneading one of her boobs and playing with her nipple while my other arm was holding her across her chest and by the shoulder. The way that her hips were bucking, I'd say that that was a good precaution against her taking too long a stroke and flipping me out of her.

Jenny was really getting into having her ass done. Or it sure sounded that way to me. Her huffing and obscene mutterings were getting louder and the folks across the hall could obviously hear her and I looked over and I saw Nancy and Bill standing in the doorway looking at us curiously. Nancy was stroking his thick half hard cock absent mindedly while the two of them watched their boy friends and girl friends get it on. Jenny was babbling and I wasn't paying much attention, just concentrating on not blowing my load as her ass clenched every now and then and she got her cookies from what the Cat was doing with her mouth and fingers. I saw Nancy whisper something in Bill's ear and he looked at her doubtfully and she said something else and he shrugged. She smiled and led him closer to the bed. I thought he just wanted a closer view, or maybe was going to kiss Jenny or something like that. But when he got close enough, she reached over and grabbed his cock and dragged him closer and sucked him into her mouth. She got a lot more than I would have believed possible into her mouth and then pulled back and there was a loud pop when his head came free. "Oh god yes honey" she said real fast and then bent her head and sucked him into her mouth again. He gave me a kind of apologetic 'I don't usually do weird shit like this man' glance and then scrunched his eyes closed as Jenny did something with her mouth while grabbing his balls. Nancy smiled over his shoulder as she came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him and bit his ear lobe a little and her hands moved down his chest and got a grip on both of his nipples and he groaned. I smiled up at her, and she gave me a leering sort of grin and I could hear the Cat slurping away and Jenny sucking and moaning her hand pumping up and down in time with her mouth and Nancy raked her finger nails down Bill's chest and that was all it took. Jenny started making a mmff sound with her mouth and I felt her asshole really clench up and she pulled her mouth off of him a little, still keeping her hand going and gasped and his next shot hit her on the chin and chest and the back of my arm and the Cat grabbed my balls and I more or less grabbed Jenny by the hips and slammed my dick up in her as far as I could and let loose.

I'm not the strong silent type at moments like those and I think I might have moaned and groaned a little bit right then myself. Jenny was bouncing her ass all over and I was pulling her down with all my might while she bucked and thrashed and came while Bill was blasting out another shot of come and she somehow got her mouth back on him and gulped down some more come.

I mean, god, this guy had been fucking Nancy and the Cat for how many hours and he could still come like that? Where did this guy get his endurance? How come my balls never could produce as much come as he did? Aw, fuck it, I was too busy coming to really care much about it at the moment and working too hard keeping Jenny on my hard on. If she slipped me out of her and crashed her hips back down on me like she was doing, she could do some serious damage there. God, now it was drooling down Jenny's chin! Ah god, I'm coming my brains out and so what if he comes more than I ever did on the best day I ever had. Who really gives a shit? Don't bother me now; I'm busy coming my socks off!

Oh god oh god oh good god! Jenny just kept coming and coming through my orgasm and then some. I was really actually pretty damn grateful to Bill for leaning back and pulling his cock out of her mouth, because then Jenny gave a couple of more good jerks and finally stopped fucking me. He leaned back on Nancy and she gave him a hug and he went 'whew!' and the Cat stopped moving her fingers inside Jenny and I could feel her lips kiss my balls gently, but it still was enough to make me jump a little bit. Then I felt her fingers move out of Jenny and the Cat sat up on her knees and grinned down at Jenny. She glanced at me and laughed.

"Oh god." Jenny sighed. For a bunch of hippy pagans, we certainly seemed to be into god tonight. "That was sooo fucking good!" I was too busy trying to catch my breath and waiting for my heart rate to drop down a bit and frankly, just too damned wasted at that moment to have anything to really contribute to the conversation at that point.

Jenny lay there atop me for a while, not wanting to move quite yet. When her breathing slowed down a bit, Bill bent over and kissed her. She kissed him back, one hand holding his neck close to her. The Cat picked up my hand and held it while that was going on and I looked at her watching the couple tenderly kissing. I squeezed her hand. She'd just been through another one of her breakups a few weeks earlier and I knew she was feeling a bit wistful about the love she was seeing in that kiss and my hand squeeze made her look at me and I mouthed, I love you to her and she smiled a bit. I smiled back at her.

Well, while all this was going on, my dick was slowly shrinking away. Jenny broke the kiss with Bill when she felt me slip out of her ass and she rolled over and off of me. Nancy tossed me a wet wash cloth and I wiped my cock and then up between Jenny's buttocks. She jumped a little bit when I did that. The Cat laughed. "Not used to someone wiping your ass for you?"

"Well, not since I was a baby anyway. God, that feels strange having someone else do that." I folded the washcloth and cleaned her up a bit more, getting as much as possible of the lube on her butt cleaned up. Then I rolled out of bed and went to use the bathroom and give myself a good scrub in the sink.

When I got back, Jenny was sitting up on the bed next to Bill and telling him about how great it had been. He was smiling as he listened to her incoherent explanation and Nancy went to use the john and the Cat moved over towards me and leaned back so I could hug her from the back. I kissed the top of her head and whispered thanks to her and she raised her head back and smiled at me and I kissed her on the forehead and smiled with her eyes closed.

Nancy came back from the bathroom yawning. I noticed it was getting lighter outside and suggested that it was probably time to get some shut eye for a while. Bill was supposed to meet someone at the film fest over in Berkeley around noon and Cat went into the guest room and set the alarm for ten thirty for him and Bill and Jenny were still talking so Nancy just said she had to get some sleep now and they left and the Cat came back over to our room and closed the door behind her. The bed was pretty wet in spots, so I threw a blanket over it to soak up a bit of the dampness and Nancy got another sheet out of the closet and we threw it over the blanket and climbed into bed and settled down and the damn birds chirping didn't keep me awake more than ten seconds, tops.

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