Angel, Carol, Ben, and Erin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Sadistic, Torture, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Size, Violent,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My friend, radio_guy wrote a well-received story (Brittany and Chad). I read it and thought it good though noticeably under sexed. This is my take on a romance with a very different family with low morals and lots of kinky sex fun. I will try to keep a story line but it won't get in the way of the kinky sex! Watch the codes!

Angel was a vision of the lovely teenaged girl. She would be a senior when school started in a week. She was taller than average at five foot, eight inches, with blond hair to her shoulders and hazel eyes. Her slim body was topped with small, firm breasts. She was completely shaved below the neck thanks to her younger sister, Carol. Angel needed to be shaved because the bikinis she wore were very brief. Carol was one inch shorter but looked very much like her sister, who was two years older. Her body was shaved for the same reason.

Actually, the two shaved for two reasons. One is to be clean-shaven for their skimpy bikinis. The other was that shaving always became pussy eating with orgasms for both. Both were bi and loved the taste of pussy. They thought it was even better when flavored with semen. That flavoring was frequently available thanks to Carol's twin brother, Ben, among others. Ben was the tallest at five foot, eleven inches. He had a hard athlete's body and a thick seven-inch cock. He, too, was completely shaved. He received blowjobs for tolerating having one or the other of his sisters shave him while they were naked.

The three were in the bathroom and Carol had just finished shaving Ben. She and Angel took turns performing that duty. Carol was now sucking Ben's cock into her throat rubbing her nose into his pubes. He was getting close but she didn't stop. She was breathing through her nose with difficulty as her throat convulsed on Ben's cock. Angel was below her sucking her clit. She also had two fingers pushed deeply into Carol's pussy and two fingers from her other hand buried in her little sister's ass.

Ben shouted, "That's it, Sis. Suck that cock. Finger my ass. I'm going to fill your tummy!" He began to throat-fuck her hard while she wormed a finger into his ass teasing his prostrate. "Oh! Shit! Suck that load! Now!" His cock began to throb and he held her head to keep his cock deep in her throat as his load shot directly into her stomach. She didn't fight him as he emptied his balls. Carol came to her sister's fingers and mouth squirting her juices on her sister's face. Carol didn't stop sucking until her brother pulled out with his cock hard and ready again. He moved over to Angel and pulled her up on her knees and pushed hard into her ass forcing the sphincter to allow him entry. Angel screamed into Carol's pubes as his cock bottomed out in her unprepared and unlubricated ass.

"You are a bastard, Ben!"

"Angel, you get off on the pain as much as the sex! Keep eating and fingering Carol and I will pound your ass!" Angel bent to her sister's pussy taking the clit between her teeth and worrying it. She added a third finger to her sister's pussy and then a third finger to her ass. Ben was slamming Angel's ass hard trying to pound his pelvis into the tiled floor of the bathroom through her body.

Angel knew her brother had just unleashed his load down her sister's throat so she would get a hard, painful, and pleasurable fuck. Every thrust of his cock was forcing a grunt from her lips. Her sister liked that and moaned with her. Angel added a fourth finger to Carol's ass rotating and finger fucking her younger sister's' butt. Carol was moaning with the same pleasure and pain as her older sister. Ben was hammering Angel's ass. His sister didn't want her fucking gentle and he was trying to accommodate her deep desires despite her moans of pain. Soon, he would begin to slap her butt cheeks making that ass red and forcing her to orgasm until his cock shot a load into her butt giving her the big one.

For twenty minutes, Ben sodomized and spanked his older sister and she grunted and moaned. Carol was grunting now with four fingers in her pussy and in her ass. She had come hard from Angel eating her out and now was being helplessly carried along with her older sister's orgasms as her holes were manually stimulated. Finally, Ben felt his cum rise and his balls tighten. He shouted, "Take it, Sis! Feel my load in your ass!" He pumped five good squirts into her receptive ass flooding her bowels with his white semen. She screamed with him as she came setting off Carol from the vibrations on her clit. The three moaned through their climaxes until their bodies relaxed.

Ben pulled out of Angel's ass and stood. He moved to Carol who took him in her mouth. She loved to suck and would suck cock, cunt, or ass and any combination. She cleaned him off thoroughly. She pulled away from her sister and descended upon her leaking rectum. Her mouth went on her older sister's ass and she began to suck trying to get every bit of semen from it. Angel had another orgasm from the mouth working on her ass and she helped by pushing out what she could.

Angel said, "I've got to piss."

Carol rose up to lie on her back in the tub. "I'm here and ready."

Angel lifted over her and emptied her bladder over her face and open mouth. Ben watched for a moment and then walked over to hose down both sisters with his hot piss covering them both.

Their bladders empty, Angel stood up and turned on the water. Carol stood and Ben got in the tub with them. They showered and cleaned each other enjoying the feel of the other two bodies. They turned off the water and toweled themselves dry. They went into their rooms to dress for the day. It was still summer so flip-flops, shorts, and skimpy tops for the sisters were the uniform. Ben wore a tee shirt for his top. None of them wore any underclothing.

They went downstairs to eat a little breakfast. They had just finished when the doorbell rang. Ben went to the door and opened it to his girlfriend, her two brothers, and another couple. All played together. The pool was outside and ready.

Evelyn shouted, "Last one in gets a train run on their ass!" She started to run but her boyfriend, Rick, grabbed her and held her while everyone else stripped and ran to the pool. Rick walked out holding Evelyn tightly as she struggled. When he was close, Carol came out and stripped him. She jumped back in and Rick pushed Evelyn onto a lounge chair while he dived in.

She realized she was last. She removed her clothes slowly letting the rest of them see her body. It was delightful as always. She said, "Next time, I will stand further away from Rick before I make that challenge. Let me swim a little before you do me."

She dived in and swam a bit playing with the rest.

Angel whispered to her and she nodded. They got out of the pool and Evelyn lay across a chaise with a couple of towels to pad her knees and another under her chest to make the lounge more comfortable. Angel went behind her with baby oil and began to oil her rump making it shiny. She then inserted a finger in Evelyn's ass. Pouring a little more oil, she added another finger wiggling them around. Evelyn began to moan as her arousal built. Angel added a third finger rotating them and pulling them in and out stretching her tight ass for the cocks that would be soon invading her body. Angel kept adding oil and then a fourth finger. Evelyn was totally aroused. Her legs had spread to ease the passage of her ass. With a final dollop of baby oil, Angel folded her thumb into her palm and pushed hard popping her entire hand into Evelyn's obscenely stretched ass. Evelyn groaned with pain and arousal as she was painfully stretched. She was moaning constantly, "Fuck! Fuck! Ass! Oh! Shit! Angel! Fuck! Fist!"

She was repeating her words as Angel fist-fucked her butt pushing her hand further up her bowel with each thrust of her arm. Evelyn could no longer say coherent words just groan. Angel had her hand half way to the elbow before Evelyn's moan became truly painful. Angel backed off an inch and began to rotate her arm and Evelyn came hard screaming her climax.

It's really good we live on acreage with no close neighbors. In a subdivision, she would have alarmed the whole neighborhood! She was moaning helplessly as Angel continued to rotate her hand in Evelyn's ass.

Angel slowly pulled her arm and hand from Evelyn's ass. She said, "She's ready now. Fuck her ass!"

Rick, her boyfriend, was first. His cock was normal length but very thick. He pushed into her ass easily and began to fuck her hard. Evelyn was moaning happily taking his thrusts deep into her anal tract. Like most of the rest of the girls, she was no stranger to having her holes filled. She loved sex and took Rick happily until he shot a load into her butt.

Next up was Jack with a long, thin cock. He entered her and she cooed as he went in further. He began to fuck her hard going for a quick climax. He shot the second load in her and his brother, Mike, took his place thrusting deep into her ass.

She moaned, "Shit, Mike! Just fuck me! Don't put a hole in my body!" Mike was thrusting mindlessly making her grunt with every thrust until he unloaded a blast of spermy cream into her butt. He pulled out and Ben took his place pushing in all the way.

Evelyn groaned as her insides were stretched by his size. "Oh! Shit! Fuck me, Ben! Go ahead and slam me! Everyone else has!" Ben began to thrust hard into her nether region pounding into her with hard, deep strokes. He took Evelyn over into another orgasm and she screamed out "Yes! Coming!" Ben fucked a few more strokes and his cock began to shoot a big load into her reddened ass. When he pulled out, his girlfriend, Erin, took his cock in her mouth to suck him clean. She was enthusiastic became she loved Ben's cock no matter where it had been.

Carol began to suck Evelyn's ass trying to get every bit of cum deposited in her bowel out and into her stomach. Evelyn had another orgasm before Carol pulled away leaving her lying on the lounge wasted.

Erin mounted Ben saying, "Fuck me, Lover! Give me your cream!" Ben was all the way into her cunt and they began to move. Ben was twisting her nipples making her moan as they thrust back and forth. Erin loved to get big loads from Ben. She knew that Carol would eat them out of her cunt or her ass and share them with her. Angel or Evelyn would readily eat her if Carol weren't available.

Erin came hard and Ben pounded her a few more times before filling her cunt with his second load of cream for the late morning. She pulled back to suck her boyfriend and Carol was beneath her to suck her cunt until nothing was left in it.

The teenagers lay around for a bit before going into the house to have lunch. They fixed sandwiches and ate them with colas to wash the food down. They were sitting back outside naked when Angel said, "Okay, we've had today's orgy. Does anyone have any ideas?"

Mike bent her over the lounge chair and pushed into her cunt. Angel loved to be fucked and she moaned pleasurably though she preferred her boyfriend's thick eight-inch cock to be buried in her body. Tom wouldn't be over until football practice was over. He was always rough and forceful after practice. She truly loved that part of their relationship.

Erin had mounted Ben and they were slowly fucking and just enjoying the feeling of his cock in her cunt. Erin and Ben had started going together almost a year ago and began having sex on the first date. Her family, unlike his, had taught her little but they had yet to find anything they would not do with each other sexually. She was riding him with a motion to keep them both happy but stave off Ben shooting his load in her cunt anytime soon.

Evelyn mounted Rick taking his cock into her pussy. She sighed, "Ah! I don't want another cock in my ass for at least another hour!" Evelyn was a true anal slut having had her butt fucked more than her pussy. Rick knew that he would be in her ass before the afternoon was over.

Angel's mother was a teacher at the middle school. At forty, Vicki Morris was a sexy, attractive woman. With the help of her husband, Steve, she had introduced her children to sex early and taught them to enjoy every manner of sex that any of them could dream up. Vicki and Steve had a large group of partners to enjoy including sampling the delights of their children and their children's friends.

Vicki had left for home early followed by the new baseball couch, Jason Tolleson. Jason had been to the Morris house a number of times with and without his wife. He had a normal cock and could last through multiple orgasms. She pulled into the garage and Jason parked behind her. They went up to the master bedroom and stripped. They fell on the bed in the sixty-nine position and began to suck each other. When they had both enjoyed themselves, Vicki turned around and mounted Jason. He began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. She was enjoying the fuck and Jason was squeezing her tits hard and pinching her nipples painfully. She was loud as she felt the cock in her cunt pounding up as she pounded down.

Carol listened and then said, "Jack, my mom's getting pounded. Let's go up and help!" She grabbed him by his cock and pulled him with her. They moved inside and upstairs quickly. At the bedroom door, they could see Vicki mounted on a man fucking him hard. Carol whispered, "Get behind her, Jack. Fuck her ass. She loves to be doubled. Do her hard!"

Jack didn't need any more invitation than that. He got on the bed and rammed his cock deep into Vicki's ass making her moan as she was suddenly and forcibly entered. She moaned, "Who is in my ass?"

"It's Jack, Vicki."

"Okay, Jack. Fuck my ass hard. Shoot your load deep. Make my little bitch of a daughter have to work to get your load into her mouth. Do me good and I'll suck you clean!"

Carol moved up and mounted Jason's face giving him her fifteen-year-old cunt to suck and exposing her ass to her mother's long tongue. Vicki stuck her tongue as far as she could into her daughter's welcoming ass hole. Vicki was grunting with the force of Jack fucking her ass and Jason pounding her cunt. Her face was pushed into her daughter's ass deepening the amount of tongue going in that young ass. It was Jason's first time to taste the teenager's cunt and he enjoyed eating her out trying to suck every drop she could deliver. Vicki was disappointed that there was no cum in Carol's ass. Her daughter loved to suck cum from an ass and knew that her mother did also. Vicki would punish her later. Both of them would enjoy that.

The man and teenager pounding into her holes were finally nearing their climaxes and would shoot their loads hard into her welcoming body. Vicki could usually feel a load shoot into her and enjoyed the feeling immensely. Jason and Jack almost came together both pushing their cocks in deep and holding them while they spurted into her depths. Carol had cum many times and was almost comatose from the multiple orgasms.

Vicki knew her husband would be home soon and Steve loved to butt fuck his younger daughter when she was almost limp. His huge cock always brought her around screaming in pain and arousal.

Jack pulled out of Vicki's ass and knee walked to her side. She swallowed his cock down her experienced throat with lots of tongue action to clean him and get any cum off and into her stomach. Vicki lifted off Jason and went down on him as he pushed Carol off to one side. She lay seemingly unconscious from having been eaten in both holes until she didn't react any more.

Ten minutes later, Steve came in from work. He had Jason's wife, Shirley, and a divorced friend, George Wilson, with him. They went upstairs to see the four lying on the bed worn out from their session. Vicki was the only one who had recovered. She said, "Hi, Honey. Jason and Jack doubled me. Jason and I ate our Carol until she is wiped."

He smiled. "Shirley, why don't you eat my wife's holes while George does you?"

Shirley nodded and stripped off. She got on the bed behind Vicki and pushed her face into the junction of her thighs and began to lick and suck. George stripped and moved behind her pushing his cock into her cunt.

Steve had also stripped and went to his daughter's comatose form with her butt hanging over the side of the bed. He crouched a bit and slammed his huge cock up her ass without warning. He was almost ten inches long and thick. His daughter had been sodomized by him often over the last few years but usually with some preparation and lube. Steve loved his sex with a little violence. Ramming his fifteen-year-old daughter's shitter without warning and then pounding her young body hard fit that preference of his. Carol found it painful until the pain slut within her mind took over and gave her over to the extreme sensations she felt.

She screamed, "Oh! Fuck! Dad, you're killing me with that thing! It hurts! Stop! Take it out! Oh!" Steve didn't miss a stroke of the vicious pounding he was giving her. In a few more moments, she was screaming, "Fuck my ass! Sodomize my teenaged butt! Ream my shitter with that baseball bat! Pound me full of jizz!"

Steve didn't slow. He continued to pound his daughter without regard for either of her moods. Her body began to quake as she began to orgasm non-stop groaning her release. Her dad fucked her ass relentlessly through her orgasms until he shot a big load up her rectum. When he pulled out, he rolled her over and shoved his cock in her mouth and deep into her throat. She cleaned him before he slowly pulled his cock out.

Her mother was next to her as Shirley ate her pussy and ass sucking all the cum she could get from her friend's holes. George was now fucking her ass and going for his cum. He shot his load into Shirley's ass giving her four or five good spurts. Vicki and Shirley swapped places around. Shirley sucked George's cock clean of his remaining cum and her anal juices. Vicki sucked the cum from Shirley's ass until there was no more.

Steve and Vicki went downstairs naked to locate the rest of the family.

Angel was face down on a lounger with Tom buried in her ass. He was going for his second load and showing her no mercy. She moaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as she repeatedly orgasmed.

Erin was lying over Ben. They had just cum and their juices were leaking around his cock as it was still lodged in her cunt. Vicki bent over to lick every drop she could get from her hole. Erin moaned happily. She enjoyed being eaten and didn't care who did it.

Steve watched as Tom unloaded in his older daughter's ass. When Tom pulled out and went to Angel's mouth to be sucked, her father slammed his hard cock into her cunt forcing Tom's cock down her throat until her nose smashed painfully into Tom's groin. Steve didn't let up but began a hard, pounding rhythm that he had never found a woman could match. They just had to let him fuck them silly through the pain into pleasure until he could empty his balls into a hole. He didn't try to hold back but just shot his load deep into her cunt as she moaned on Tom's cock. Tom's cock was fairly clean but wet. Tom and Steve rotated her and Steve shoved his length and girth down her throat while Tom pushed past her sphincter to bury his cock in her ass. Again, she was whipsawed between them until both gave her their loads of semen.

When they pulled out, she collapsed limply. Vicki sucked Tom's' cock clean of her daughter's anal juices and cum.

Erin was staying for the night as was Tom. Evelyn and Rick left for one of their houses. Jack and Mike had nothing to do this night so they stayed. Shirley and Jason left to go home but George stayed.

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