The Essence of Julie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The evolving story of a young girl's sexual awareness.

Who: Me, "silly princess" Alice McGregor just turned 18 and still a virgin.

What: How I became obsessed with "The Queen" Julia Prendergast on her throne far above me.

When: The last Friday of the volleyball season right after the game.

Where: The girl's locker room of St. Veronica's Academy for young girls in Middlesex.

Why: I don't know really other than it was her armpit done me in.

I am supposed to be a "good" girl from a "good" family and raised in strict discipline my entire life. I honestly don't know exactly where it was that I started to go wrong except for the fact I had always been a bit in awe of Julia "Julie" Prendergast from the very first day that we met. I remember that day as if it was yesterday, but it was actually only shortly after my twelfth birthday. At that time in my life, my only interests were in riding horses and swimming on the school swim team. I knew that boys existed but I sort of viewed them as visitors from another planet with some kind of mindset all their own.

Fortunately, I was a gawky female with shocking black hair that was considered totally unstylish in current norms. Julie was, of course, a blonde with curly hair that seemed to have a natural permanent wave to it that never looked disturbed ever.

Even though I sat close to Julie Prendergast in most of my classes, we almost never conversed with each other. I hesitated to say anything in her presence because I feared she would think me unworthy of her notice and would reject me out of hand. She, most likely, never deemed it necessary to include me in any of her conversations with her entourage because I was just not "one of the in-crowd".

So I went through my school years basking in the reflection of her golden tresses. She was close but so very far. It was not until this final year that we were thrown together by fate when we were on the same volleyball team. Julie had only joined the team this year because she needed a credit for an acceptable sport participation class on her applications to University. I had slogged through the entire school adventure as a steady competitor on the team but never a star.

Of course, the first time on the court, Julia showed skills that I could never hope to possess. She seemed to have this natural ability for almost anything she put her mind to and people, both male and female, seemed to find her totally charming in every regard.

It had been a winning season for us.

We were tied for first place going into the final game of the season matched up with the dreaded Witch squad from St. Winifred's in the Valley. I was a bit tender because of spraining an ankle in the last game but it was not bad enough to keep me from participating. The new rules allowed us to take a short break before the final session and I found myself sitting right next to the sweating Julia on the team bench just inside the locker room. Our arms and legs were touching and she wetted me all over with her perspiration making me feel a bit jumbled up inside. When she patted her hair dry with a raised arm, I was overwhelmed with the scent of her core sweeping over me on waves of arousal riding up right inside my brain like some dangerous riptide under the surface and impossible to see.

My virgin slit was quivering and I was literally panting with restrained desire just to reach out and touch her and tell her how important she was to me. She looked at me and asked politely,

"Is there anything the matter with you Alice?"

Unable to respond, I just sat there like a dummy shaking my head to relay the fact that I was perfectly all right. We heard the whistle blow out on the floor and the girls all jumped up and headed back to the game. I paused for a moment and took advantage of the empty locker room to open Julia's locker and quickly remove her pretty pair of pink knickers shoving them in my gym pants. My heart was beating so fast, I was afraid that I would pass out in shock before I could get back into the game.

The rest of the game was a total blur to me but I was aware of the fact that we had a five point advantage and almost certain to win. A couple of times during those final moments when my ankle was bothering me beyond belief and I was almost out of breath, I would pull out Julia's knickers balled up inside my fist and inhale their scent like some magic potion to revive my flagging spirits. Her scent made me wet between my legs but took the pain away from my injured leg and allowed me a second wind to make some spectacular plays that I didn't even know I had in me.

After the game, we all piled into the vans and headed back to our home turf. Julie and I were sitting next to each other and I was trembling with the fact that she was in close personal contact with me. I could feel the little hairs on her arm touch mine with static electricity sending little shock waves up my neck and into my overloaded brain.

"You did so well out there tonight, Alice. I think we won because of the way you played."

I mumbled something silly like,

"I always play better around you, Julie."

She laughed and placed her hot hand on my bare knee. I am certain my legs were knocking together like a virgin on the edge of her wedding bed.

"It's all right, Alice, I saw you take my knickers from my locker. I really don't mind but I wish you had just asked me for them. I like thinking of you having my used knickers to play with."

Suddenly, I was scared because I was still afraid that her only reason was pity for a love-struck girl with a silly crush. Then, she put her hand in mine and squeezed me tight to let me know it was not pity but a reciprocation of my own feeling for her.

My parents had not shown up at the school and when Julie's mom offered to drive me back to their house to wait for my mom, I accepted right away. It was really the only thing to do because the school was not in the best location for quiet waiting as it was surrounded by some residential areas of ill repute.

We were squeezed in next to each other in the back seat of the car next to her younger brother who was listening to his ear-phones and had absolutely no interest in us at all.

I was trying to think of something smart to say to Julie when she slid her hand up between my knees and started to pet my knickers with her fingers. I kind of groaned inwardly and let my juices flow so hard that the small car was filled with the scent of sex immediately. Fortunately, the odor stayed in the rear and her mom was too busy talking on her cell phone to one of her friends about a mistake on a recipe and didn't notice it. Her brother did notice it and looked around, but it was obvious that he was totally clueless about the entire thing and just went back to his ear phones.

When Julie pulled her fingers out, I pushed them into my mouth in a way that her mom couldn't see and made sure they were clean before we got out of the car.

Julie and I were in the kitchen drinking a nice cuppa with some biscuits that her mom had just baked that afternoon. The phone rang and it was my mom telling me I should stay there overnight as her father was in the hospital and it would be some time before she could get away to pick me up. Apparently, both she and Julie's mom had already discussed it and it was a done deal.

Julie assured her mom that I could borrow some of her night wear and we would be perfectly fine in her bedroom. Her mom wanted me to use the guest room but she obviously didn't deny her daughter much when the younger girl put her mind to it.

I got undressed in Julie's room and was a little self-conscious because she was watching me the whole time. She made a joke by taking my knickers and putting them in her closet.

"It is only fair since you took mine that I should get yours in return."

The night wear she gave me was an exact replica of the ones that she was wearing. We looked like book ends only one had black hair and the other had curly blonde hair. I think we were both a little nervous getting into the bed together but it was fun just being nervous. As soon as she put off the little desk light, I reached over and cupped her perfect little boob in my hand and bent down to kiss it. She sighed and held the back of my head pushing me in closer so I knew she really liked it. I could feel her pretty nipples start to get hard just like mine did when I was rubbing my clitoris hard with my fingers in bed at night.

"Julie, what if your mom comes in and catches us doing it?"

She just laughed.

"That is not a problem, silly; I always lock my door at night. My mom always knocks and I just jump up and unlock it."

Somehow, we started kissing and I found out very quickly that Julie was the real expert. She must have gotten a lot of practice with the boys at school. I was sort of untrained because of a lack of practice. I had my braces on for almost two years and boys never really seemed overly interested in swapping spit with a girl with a mouth filled with metal.

I couldn't believe how far Julie was putting her tongue down my throat. She was close to licking my tonsils with the tip of her tongue. Then, she just forced my mouth wide open and let her saliva drool down inside my mouth and I loved it so much that I hated to swallow it wanting to keep it inside my mouth forever. She was so naughty that she slapped my face softly with her palms telling me to,

"Open wider for me Alice. I want you to take it all."

After a long time of fooling around like that, she whispered in my ear.

"Get on your stomach, Alice. I want to play with your pretty bottom."

I was really mystified because I didn't understand what she would like about my silly bottom. It was a complete revelation when my "Queen" on a pedestal spread my arse cheeks and started to lick inside my quivering crack. Then, when her tongue touched my pucker hole, I just lost it and started to hump the mattress like a woman possessed and cried out,

"Stick in my backside, Julie. Make me take it in back there too."

Her frantic tongue pushed me into two beautiful orgasms in quick succession. I was afraid that her mom would see all my juices on the sheets and Julie told me,

"Don't worry, miss worry-wart, I will get them into the washer first thing in the morning before anyone else is out of bed."

After that, I just let my female juices spray everything and wound up with her face between my legs licking me until I exploded once again with her lovely mouth as the target.

That weekend, Julie and I decided to go to the exact same University and to split a room together. It would be very economical and I am certain we would do well in our studies without a lot of silly boys around all the time.

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