New Arcadia
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - George finds that the nudist resort he's visiting is actually an academy of higher sex education. On his arrival, he's jacked off by a teenage girl under the tutelage of her mother and by evening, he's asleep in bed with another teenager and her mother after balling them both. Four orgasms in seven hours, and the fun is just beginning...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Teenagers   Consensual   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Uncle   Niece   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Squirting   Lactation   Exhibitionism   Nudism  

"Sex is an instinct, but it is also a learned skill. Just as eating is instinctive but the culinary arts are acquired through practice, and singing comes naturally but skill with a musical instrument comes from long training, the skills of love-making require practice to master. But mastery of those skills will enrich our lives in ways that mere sexual activity cannot. And as with all the other skills, early training is essential to complete mastery, starting from the moment that the young adult becomes interested in its possibilities."

—Alfonse Gregorio, from Return to Eden

To say I was startled when that fourteen-year-old blonde girl reached for my cock would be the understatement of the year. But that was my welcome to New Arcadia. I'd been to quite a few nudist camps and resorts all over the world, but this was by far the craziest. Or so I thought at first. But as I came to understand what was going on there, I realized that New Arcadia was the sanest of the bunch.

I was tipped off to the camp by a friend of mine whom I'd met at a nude beach on the West Coast. When he noticed that I had a bit of an erection, which I was trying to cover, he said, "Have you ever heard about New Arcadia?"

"No," I said. "What is it?"

"It's a sort of social experiment," he said. "It was started by this guy named Gregorio, on his private property, miles away from anybody else. Now they have resorts all over the place. I think you'd like it there."

"What's it about?"

"Well, for one thing, you don't have to hide your hard-ons. There's a lot of sex, but it's not an orgy by any means. I'll tell you more later." And he gave me an email address and told me that he would recommend me. When I contacted them, they asked for a lot of information, medical records, and references, all of which I sent them. After some delay, they mailed me back an invitation to spend Memorial Day weekend at their resort. In the envelope was a series of numbers, described as the combination to a gate lock, and a black plastic wristband, which I was instructed to put on as soon as I came through the gate.

The only entrance to the property was a gate that was opened by a keypad whose combination I'd been given my letter of invitation. I parked the car and stripped bare. As I was fastening the black plastic band around my wrist, three naked guys walked past me. They appeared to be in their twenties, like me. They all had boners, and they were keeping them fluffed while chatting easily about the weather. I was confused, because the email I'd received from New Arcadia told me that the camp was "family friendly" and I knew that open displays of eroticism are usually frowned on such places. But this was a family resort unlike any other.

A gaggle of teenagers passed, all of them nude except for sandals. They looked to be between fourteen and eighteen, both boys and girls. Some of the boys had hard-ons, and some of them didn't. The girls didn't seem to pay undue attention to the ones that did. It was as if seeing guys with boners was the most natural thing in the world for them, as indeed it proved to be, as I was to learn. What struck me as curious is that none of these men seemed to be immediately interested in fucking, despite their obvious arousals.

I followed the kids to a large open lawn where several people were sunbathing in the nude. I couldn't help but notice that almost all the men's dicks were at least half erect, but aside from a casual rub now and then they were making no effort to jerk themselves off. And many of the women were fondling their breasts or pussies. As I spread out my large beach towel, I noticed that one of the younger girls split off from that gaggle of kids and followed me. She saw me giving my cock, released from its confinement in boxer shorts and now swinging free, an innocent squeeze. Then she smiled. I smiled back, turned away and fished the suntan lotion out of the carryall I'd brought with me. When I turned around again, she was right there and, to my utter astonishment, she started rubbing her pussy, right there in front of me.

"You're new here!" she said. "I'm Denise." She had golden skin and blue eyes. She was fourteen, I learned later. Beautiful breasts, the size of grapefruit halves, and no tan lines. She had a red plastic band around her left wrist, and a tampon string dangling from her pussy.

"Glad to meet you! I'm George." I stuck out my hand to shake hers. She extended her hand but instead of grasping mine, she reached for my dick. She grabbed it and gave it a squeeze. "It's nice to meet you, George," she said. "Now do me!"


"Grope me! That's how we say hello here. I squeeze your dick, and you grope my pussy. Here, I'll show you." And she took my hand.

"You extend your fingers and kind of bend them all back, except for the middle one." She shaped my hand into the desired configuration. Then she took the middle finger and pressed it gently against her puffy labia.

"Am I doing it right?" I asked.

"Well, sorta. My Dad likes to rub it up and down my slot a little, to separate the lips. It tickles me. That's how you say hello to the girls here."

"Am I supposed to greet every girl that way?" I asked in disbelief.

"Sure! If they want to say hello like that, they rub their pussies like I did. That means they want you to grope them. If she gives you a kiss when you do that, it means that it's OK to put your finger up her hole. Just a little ways, though."

"How do I greet the guys?" I asked.

"Just like with girls. You say 'hi, ' and squeeze your dick, and if they want to grope your dick, you let them. I saw you squeeze your dick when you smiled at me back there, so I figured you wanted to say hello."

"How do I know if the guys want their dicks groped?"

"They'll squeeze their dicks just like you did. And if they have boners, they'll probably want you to tickle them. Are you going to get a boner now?"

"Wouldn't people mind?"

"Why should they? It's what guys do. Just look around! Hey, do you want me to give you a boner? I'm good at it!"

I was speechless. If the situation wasn't surreal enough already, I heard a woman's voice behind me saying, "Who's your new friend, Denise?"

I turned around to behold a middle-aged naked woman of medium height with dark hair, a slim waist and full breasts. Like Denise, she was fingering her pussy, pushing her clitoral hood back and forth. She was wearing sunglasses, and her eyes were unreadable. Her wristband was gold.

"His name's George, Mom," she said loudly. And she added in a low voice to me, "Squeeze your dick!"

I gave it a squeeze and a shake, and the woman smiled and reached for it. She squeezed it gently and pulled me toward her.

"Now grope Mom," Denise coached. "It's OK, 'cause she rubbed her pussy."

"So my little girl has been teaching you the protocol around here?" the woman said with an amused smile. "Go ahead." I formed my hand into the shape that Denise had taught me and, pressing the heel of my hand into her mons, I felt along her slit with my finger. She was wet. Her hand tightened on my hardening dick.

Then she pinched her right nipple and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Did Denise say what to do now?"

I probed the entrance to her vagina and slipped my finger in to the first knuckle. She giggled and gave one of her breasts a squeeze. Denise was by now masturbating openly, rubbing her crease vigorously.

"I wanted to give him a boner, Mom! I saw him first!"

"Yes, you did, honey. Look, we can both do it. I bet you've never been jerked off by an eighth-grader, have you, George?"

"Are you serious?"

"Lie down," she said. "Let's oil you up, before you burn."

I stretched out on the blanket, my cock hardening. Denise spread the suntan lotion over it and started stroking it to full hardness. "Don't rush it, honey," I heard her mother say as she applied the oil to the rest of my body. "Some men need to cum right away, especially newcomers with no training, but it's better for them if you tease them for a while and get them used to not cumming. Do him like I taught you how to do Daddy."

The girl settled down to a slow, teasing stroke. Meanwhile her mother stretched out next to me and started fingering her own slot. As she did so, she took off her sunglasses. Her eyes were blue, with long lashes. "My name's Abby, George. Welcome to New Arcadia!"

"Mommy, look! The pre-cum's coming out! Can I have it? Or do you want it?"

"You can have it, sweetheart. But let me lick it first, to taste it." She sat up and reached for my crotch, and I felt her finger on the cap, wetting it with my pre-cum. She stuck the finger into her mouth and sucked on it. "Mmm! It's sweet! You're going to like it, dear!"

Then I felt two hands on my shaft. I was in heaven. Denise milked my dick expertly, and lapped at the pre-cum as it oozed from the cap in an almost continuous stream. I noticed that while there were plenty of people passing by, only a few gave us a second glance. One guy stopped and smiled as he stroked himself to a hard-on. And then a woman came up to him, gave him a kiss, and pulled on his arm, and they left, the man still stroking his rod.

Abby spoke again. "Do you want to cum now, George? It's allowed here, and it looks like you're ready for it. We don't expect newcomers to have the discipline to delay their orgasms."

"You want me to cum? In front of all these people?"

"Sure! It's nothing they haven't seen before!"

"If you say it's all right, then go ahead."

"OK. Now finish him off, Denise. Make him cum. I'll help." The two hands danced up and down my shaft, until I felt that pang of pleasure that told me that I'd just hit the tipping point, when there was no return. And then I came like a cannon, my sperm shooting out of my shaft in a succession of white gobs, arcing into the sunlight and splashing down on my chest and belly. The girls giggled, and Denise sampled a little of my jizz. "It's not as sweet as his pre-cum," she told her mother. "But it's not yuckky. Here, have some." She put some of the jizz onto her finger and held it out to her mother, who sucked the sperm off.

I rolled over with a groan and let them apply lotion to my back as my dick softened.

"Do you feel better now?" Denise asked as she used a corner of my towel to wipe the cum off my body.

"I feel great!" I replied. "How can I thank you girls?"

"Can I cum now, Mom? I've been in the Zone for over an hour now. Honestly!"

"Yes, dear."

"Then wank me 'til I cum," Denise demanded. "Then wank Mom."

Astonished at what I was hearing, I looked at Abby, and she smiled and nodded. "She's having her period right now, so fingerfucking would be awfully messy. But she loves getting her clit licked." So got to my knees, rolled the girl onto her back and went at her pussy with a will. She was already wet, and her pea-size clitoris was hard. Meanwhile, her nipples were being caressed and sucked by her mother. Denise started giggling, and then gasping, and then groaning as a climax swept over her. I was thunderstruck; I didn't know it was even possible for a girl to climax after only a few minutes of cunnilingus. Was it because she was on the rag, or was she naturally horny? She let the orgasm subside, and then staggered to her feet and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Now go and play with your friends," Abby said, "and let me get acquainted with George here." The girl kissed us both and trotted off.

"You can finger-fuck me and give me head if you'd like to," Abby said to me. "Start with two fingers." She spread her legs, giving me easy access to as beautiful a pussy as I've ever seen, with plump outer lips and a generous fold of inner lip, surrounded by a halo of neatly trimmed hair. I slipped the index and middle finger of my right hand up her slick cunt, and lapped at her slot. She pulled her cunt lips apart and exposed her clitoris, which was almost the size and firmness of a grape. I flicked it with my tongue as I plunged my fingers into her vagina.

Her breathing became deeper. "Three fingers now!" she said softly. "Look for my G-spot!" I probed her cunt walls until I found it, and pressed it hard as I nipped her clit lightly with my teeth. My reward was a gush of wetness as she gave a groan of contentment.

"No more now," she said shakily. "I'm OK for now. You're obviously not a novice at this, I can see! But I don't want to cum just yet. I want to stay in the Zone." Her breathing returned to normal. I was about to ask her what the "zone" meant when a young boy of about fifteen came up to us. Like Denise, he had a red wristband. He also had a full erection, which he made no effort to conceal.

"God, Mom! That was hot!" he said.

"Hi, Bruce!" she said. "Meet George. George, meet my son Bruce. How long have you had that boner, baby?"

"More than two hours. Three, almost."

"OK. Do you want me to take care of it now?"

"That would be great!" he said, and shoved his dick into his mother's mouth as she knelt before him. She gave him a few deep sucks, running her tongue on his dick's underside. The boy must have been on a hair trigger, because in less then a minute he was saying, "I'm gonna cum, Mom! I gotta cum!"

"Do you want to finish him off, George, or have him shoot it onto you?" I shook my head, still overwhelmed by all the wanton juvenile sex I was seeing.

"Then do it on my tits, baby." No sooner did she have the words out than the boy ejaculated, his jism spurting from his slim young cock onto his mother's full boobs. She gave the boy's cock a last suck and then a kiss.

"Can I go now, Mom?" Bruce said.

"Sure, baby. Just remember that we're leaving at dusk. Be back by then. And keep an eye on your sister."

"Sure thing," he said, and he was gone.

"Well, George, you must have a few questions," Abby said as she rubbed her son's jizz onto her breasts. "Like 'What on earth's going on around here?'"

"You've got that right!"

"Well, we raise kids a little differently here in New Arcadia. We're pretty much like other nudists except that we don't have any problems with overt sexuality ... masturbation in public, men with erections, and so on. The kids see that as soon as we bring them to the camp, when they're fourteen. So it all seems completely normal to them. By that time, they've already seen it on the Internet anyway. What they don't know is how much of that stuff is bogus. We teach them that erections are completely natural. And orgasms, too, for men and women alike."

"That's amazing," I murmured.

"Well, that's what we do. It all works out. This guy Gregorio, he was an anthropologist who worked with some of the tribes in the upper Amazon region. You know, like the 'Emerald Forest.' He was amazed at how free and open those people were with their sexuality, and how few sexual neuroses they had. He came to believe that most of our society's hang-ups with sex come from our attempt to conceal it for as long as possible, instead of showing it to children as soon as they're old enough to develop their sexuality in social situations. So he set up some camps like this one, to see if our culture could incorporate that attitude. And that was the beginning of New Arcadia."

She took a bottle of water from a canvas tote she had and took a swig. "Our kids don't think there's anything special about nudity, or hard-ons, or people masturbating. They know there's nothing wrong with it, because they've seen adults and older teens doing it all the time. They just see sex as a craving they have, like hunger and thirst, and satisfying that craving is as natural and commonplace as eating a sandwich or drinking a Coke."

"So let me get this straight ... you actually masturbate in public? Both sexes? And let your kids watch?"

"Absolutely! If it gets them hot, they know they can join in on the fun. The only thing we don't let them do is fuck us, or fuck each other, until we say so. They know that that's how babies are made, and they know that it's not really necessary, as long as they can satisfy their lust through masturbation."

"Including mutual masturbation?"

"Yup. And speaking of that, they also learn that No Means No. If their prospective partner isn't into it, the kid shouldn't pursue it. It has to be totally consensual. That's Rule Number One around here."

"Is this mutual masturbation all ... well ... mixed-sex?"

"You mean, is some of it same-sex? Of course!

There are boys who like to jerk off other boys, and girls who like to wank other girls. Their sexual orientations don't really seem to set in until their late teens. Until then, it's all good. All the kids that are raised here end up being at least a little bisexual. And there isn't any stigma attached to expressing a preference for gay sex, for kids and adults alike. I think Bruce is going to end up pretty hetero, like his dad, although he likes to play jack-off games with his friend Troy. You know, see who can cum the most, or shoot the farthest. Normal kid stuff."

She took another swig and handed the bottle to me. I took a sip. "But as I said," she continued, "there's no fucking in public here. If a woman comes up to you and you do a little groping, that only means that she wants some mutual masturbation, not fucking. Remember that. Same thing for guys. You can take it as far as you want, from arousal to orgasm, but you never go farther than your partner wants to go. When they call it off, either find another friend or just jack off. That's Rule Number Two."

"What's Rule Number Three?"

"Enjoy yourself, and try to stay in the Zone!"

"What zone?" I meant to ask her, but then a burly man came up to us. He was accompanied by a girl, just blossoming into womanhood, who carried a large beach towel. Both were wearing green wristbands. I immediately noticed the girl's small, high breasts adorned with brown gumdrop nipples. She also had the kind of crotch I find most appealing, almost hairless, with plump labia and a sizable gap between her legs. She had almost black hair, puffy kiss-me lips, and violet eyes that sized me up coolly. Although I had just cum, something in that gaze went straight to my groin.

The man with her was friendly. He gave his limp dick a squeeze, and I stood up and did the same to mine. He extended his hand and we "shook dicks," so to speak. "George, this is Zeke, my husband. Zeke, George. Denise just got George's rocks off."

"Good for her!" Zeke laughed. "She's probably our best welcomer to the place. She loves to squeeze cocks and tickle cunts!"

"Yes, George got the full 'welcome' treatment," Abby added with a chuckle.

"Well, as long as he understands the ground rules, it's OK. Have you seen Bruce around? I want to play some tennis now, and he said something about wanting to learn."

"I sucked him off not ten minutes ago. I think he's with Troy and the others. Say, how come you're not hard?"

"Oh, I was just fooling around with Cory here. She wanted me to give her head, so we ate each other out. God, she's so beautiful now, with those titties of hers! So different from a year ago!" Cory blushed, but smiled and cupped her teacup-sized left breast and flipping its nipple back and forth. The sight of that went straight to my cock, too.

"You probably didn't have much trouble getting her off."

"Easy as pie! As usual, she's still got to work on delaying her orgasms, not encouraging them. George, you should have a taste of that pussy of hers! I almost jizzed just by licking it and smelling it! Of course, I'd been in the Zone for a couple of hours before she noticed me, so I was pretty primed. Well, I'm going to go looking for Bruce." With that, Zeke ambled off, leaving Cory with us.

I gave my limp dick a shake, and she responded by grasping it as she fondled her slit. I ran my finger along her vulva, with its wisp of hair. She smiled but didn't kiss me, so I guessed that that was the extent of her desire for me at the moment. But she spread out her own beach towel, lay down on it, and began caressing her body. I watched in fascination as she squeezed and pinched her plump dark nipples and rubbed her finger on her clitoral hood. I found my dick starting to swell again. Cory noticed it, and smiled.

"Aunt Abby, didn't Gregorio say something about a hard-on being the natural state of a man's penis?"

"Well, not exactly. He was actually referring to a sort of semi-erect state. You know, what we call 'half-mast' around here. In the tribes he studied, that was what most of the virile men had most of the time. There was no prohibition about getting it hard any time he wanted to. That meant he wanted sex. But he didn't always get it, though!" The girls laughed.

"I can't imagine hanging out with ladies as beautiful as you are without having at least a half a hard-on all the time," I confessed. "I'm just glad I don't have to hide it here, like I had to at the other nudist places."

"Well, we like looking at it, too," Abby said. "Women aren't as keyed to visual stimulation as you men are, but we're not immune to it, either. To me, hard cocks are like tits ... such an amazing range of sizes and shapes."

"Oh, yeah!" Cory chimed in. "They get me hot, expecially the curved ones!"

"Did you have fun with Uncle Zeke this afternoon?"

"God, yes! When he started sucking my boobs, I came right away, before I could help it. In the last year, my nips have gotten really sensitive. It's all I can do to keep my hands off them." She was caressing them now, and pinching her nipples.

"Well, that's part of getting tits, dear. They're really starting to show now."

"Yeah, but Denise has sensitive nips already, and bigger boobs than I've got, and she's only fourteen!"

"Well, she just developed early, that's all. Her clit, too. She'll be more orgasmic than any of us by the time she's your age."

"How old are you now, Cory?" I asked.

"I'm sixteen. And I've been initiated. I'm a woman now. I can hold an orgasm for almost fifteen minutes, if I want to. But that's just by wanking."

"You'll get better at it, dear. That's more than I could do at your age. I didn't break the ten-minute barrier until I was almost twenty!"

I couldn't believe it. Here were these women casually talking about their orgasms right in front of me as they fondled themselves. My cock kept swelling, although I wasn't even touching it.

It was Cory who broke the spell. "Well, can I take George from you? I want to show him around the place."

"Sure, honey, if I can borrow George's towel for a while. I gave mine to Bruce, and God only knows where he left it. And I don't want to go over to the pool for another one."

"I'll collect it later," I said. "Nice to have met you, Abby!" I stood up, my cock already better than "half-mast." Cory picked up her own towel and then took my hand.

As we toured the camp, she pointed out the pool and tennis courts and camping ground and the rest. When she saw my dick softening again, she said "Say, around here the men like to keep their dicks sorta hard, so people can see it. You should, too. It makes us look sexier and more desirable, don't you think?"

"I don't see how anything could possibly make you look sexier or more desirable," I replied, "least of all a companion with an erection." But to please her, I fluffed my cock and made it harder. When it wasn't my hand stroking it, it was hers, gently running a finger along the underside until I was almost erect again. Some people gave me approving glances and smiles (including a few men) but nobody otherwise seemed to care.

After an hour and a half, the tour ended as we approached a row of about two dozen huts. "We have cabins for overnight stays, too," she said. "My family is staying in one now. Do you want to see what they look like inside?"

"Sure. Which one is yours?"

"That one." She pointed to one. We went inside. It was roomier than it looked from the outside, with two bedrooms with king-size beds, a living area, a kitchen/dining nook, and a half-bath with toilet and sink.

"These bedrooms are big!" I remarked.

"That's because this used to be a Boy Scout camp. They would put eight boys to a room, in bunk beds."

"Where's the shower?"

"The cabins don't have one. We just use the communal showers by the pool."

And then she did something that surprised me. She grabbed my erection, gave it a hard squeeze, and kissed me. I put my hand on her hip, but she moved it to her crotch.

"Does that mean that you want it 'tickled, ' as Denise would say?" I asked.

"It does! Now when a woman kisses you, what does that mean?"

"It means this," I said as I snaked a finger into her vagina and slowly withdrew it, and then plunged it in again, a little farther this time.

"And what does it mean when a woman kisses you like this?" She whispered, and then locked her lips onto mine, thrusting her tongue inside my mouth.

I broke the kiss. "I don't know," I said. "More than one finger?"

She giggled. "No. Not even more than two fingers. One cock!"


"My parents had to go into town. They won't be back until after dinner. We have the place to ourselves, if you want privacy."

"Is this OK by the rules of the place?"

"It is if it's consensual. Do you consent? Your cock says 'yes!'"

"But I thought it was no fucking."

"No fucking in public. What people do behind closed doors is their business."

"You're just a kid!" I protested.

"I've been initiated," she said proudly. "See the green wristband? I'm an adult by the rules of the Society. I can fuck now. I've been fucking since January."

"I don't want to get you pregnant, dear."

"You won't. I'm on birth control. Every fertile woman here is, unless she doesn't want to be or need to be."

"Wouldn't your family mind if they found out?"

"Of course not! We fuck all the time! It was Uncle Zeke that took my cherry, at my request, and on Mom's recommendation, too. And when Aunt Abby says it's OK, then I'll fuck Bruce, too. He's promised me that I'll be his first. So how about it, huh?"

"It won't be much fun. You've got me so close to popping now, I won't last a second."

"Leave that to me," she said, and led me to the bed in one of the bedrooms. I lay down on the bed, facing up, and she clambered on top of me in a sixty-nine position. That left her cunt inches away from my nose, and I grabbed her hips to guide it against my face.

"What are you doing?" she giggled.

"I want to see if your pussy tastes as nice as your Uncle Zeke says it does." And I ran my tongue up and down her slit, but she raised her hips until she was tantalizingly out of reach.

Cory had meanwhile taken my dick and traced circles around the cap with her tongue. Then she traced the underside, from the glans to the balls, slowly and lovingly. She was obviously no stranger to fellatio. The pre-cum started flowing again, and she licked it up as it oozed from my cock. Then she would blow on it, letting me feel the cool air that contrasted so well from the warmth of her tongue. Every once in a while, she'd give the underside a little flick with her finger, which felt almost like an electric shock and kept the pre-cum flowing. It was probably the best hand job I ever had in my life. Within fifteen minutes she had me begging for release. She had me totally under her control. I slipped a finger into her cunt and tried to raise her level of excitement to mine, but she kept me just a notch above hers. Finally, she rolled off me and gave my dick a few quick strokes and a squeeze. The effect was electric.

Nearly two hours of stimulation, added to the fifteen minutes of outright teasing, had put me to a level of excitement that I'd never before experienced. The result was predictable. I sent a gush of cum that must have gone three or four feet into the air before landing on her bare back and side. Then another gush, almost as much as the first one. And then another, and another, each one delivering a little less jism than the last. And then a final one, which she helped with a firm squeeze on my dick, with the jism welling out and trickling down my dick in a warm stream.

"Damn," she said. "I've never seen so much jizz from just one dick before! And that was after Aunt Abby and Denise got you off! I'm going to call you 'Old Faithful!'"

"That's what you get for teasing me, girl!" I managed to gasp. Suddenly my wilting dick was too sensitive to touch and, sensing that, she let go of it.

"You know, for a girl of only four months of sexual experience, you're an expert at jerking a guy off."

"Only four months of fucking. I've been jerking guys off since I started coming to camp, two years ago. Mom showed me how. On Uncle Zeke. I've jerked off about a hundred guys by now, most of them more than once. Are you recovered enough from your cum to eat me now?"

"I'll try. But have guys been giving you head that long?"

"Oh, sure. I've been eaten out by just about every man here."

"Well, I won't be as good as they are at oral sex."

"Don't worry. I'll coach you. How much experience have you had at it?"

"Enough to know that every woman's pussy is different, and every woman's pattern of arousal is different, too."

"Then you already know more than half the younger guys here. They think that pussies are like dicks. Like their dicks, in fact. Just rub and pop!"

Then she lay on her back and spread her legs wide. She grabbed her inner labia and spread the petals apart, exposing her pink entrance and piss hole. With my limp dick still dripping cum onto the sheets, I positioned myself at her crotch and started licking her cunt. Zeke was right. It was by far the best pussy I'd ever tasted, light and sweet but with the most erotic overtones of musk. She told me exactly what she wanted, and how she wanted it, and I did my best to comply. We played all the games I knew, starting with trace-the-numbers and the alphabet and ending with plunging my tongue into her honey pot as far as I could. She asked for some fingers, and got them, first two, then three. She guided me to where her G-spot was. I couldn't honestly feel the difference, so I was grateful for her guidance. But it was apparent from her responses that I had the right place, and soon she was breathing and moaning in time to the strokes. She signaled the pace she wanted by squeezing my fingers with her cunt muscles and grinding her heels into the small of my back. I kept my tongue busy by tickling her clitoris, now swollen to nearly the size of a grape and protruding from its hood.

God, it was erotic beyond words, finger-fucking a nearly hairless pussy while she played with her tiny breasts and fat nipples! My dick was rock hard again in less than a half an hour, and I got her first orgasm out of her when I simultaneously pressed her G-spot with my fingers and her clit with my tongue. She wailed as her pussy began flowing with her cum. Her flat belly and chest, already gleaming with sweat, suddenly reddened as her climax swept through her. And was followed by another one, and another one. By continuing to finger-fuck her while varying the rhythm and the pace, I was able to keep the last one almost continuous for five or six minutes, until she pleaded with me to stop.

"Did I hurt you, Cory?"

"No ... it's just ... too much right now. Too much. I gotta come down. God, you're good!"

I slid up her body, nestling my erect cock against the folds of her pussy. We kissed, and she licked her cum off my face. After a minute, she said simply, "You can fuck me now."

I positioned the cap of my dick at her slick entrance, and slid it in. Despite all the finger-fucking and her orgasm, she was still tight, so I took my time penetrating her. We pressed our bodies together, my chest against hers ... definitely the flattest chest of any woman I'd ever fucked, almost a boy's chest except for the hard nipples. But her vagina was anything but boyish, and she sure knew how to use it. Following the squeezes of her cunt, I settled into a slow rhythm. She was cumming again almost immediately. I pushed harder, and her orgasm grew. I was aware only of my cock in her cunt, and my balls scraping the sheet and slapping against her perineum, and her arms clenching me tightly. And then, almost without warning, my own orgasm surged in me, and I gave a final shove and felt my cock press against her cervix. She winced and I felt her cunt tighten, and that was all it took. My cock released its load into her womb, and took all my strength with it. And hers, too. We both went limp.

And then I heard a woman's voice.

"Who's your friend, Cory?"

I looked around, toward the door. There were two people standing there, a man and a woman. They were grinning and masturbating each other. The man's cock was pointing almost straight up.

"Mom? Tom? I thought you and Dad would be gone until evening."

"The office closed early for the weekend," the woman said. "Good thing, too. Otherwise, we'd have missed the hottest show in town!"

"You don't mind me messing up your bed?"

"No, dear. But now we want to screw, so we'll take the other one. Watching you two fuck has gotten us all hot and bothered. You two can stay and watch. And join in, if you like. But it looks like your passion's spent for a while! What's your name, sir?"

"Um. George. Glad to meet you."

"Likewise," the woman said. "I'm Ann. Any friend of Cory's is a friend of mine."

"Pleased to meet you, George," the man said. "Call me Tom."

"I hope you can stay for a while," Ann added. "But the next time he gets hard, Cory, I want him first! You can have Tom."

Cory and I got up shakily, our bodies sweaty and glowing, and we greeted the newcomers "Gregorio style" with the fondling of each other's genitalia. Tom's hard dick had a drop of pre-cum at the tip, and Ann's crease was wet. I noticed that both of their wristbands were green, like Cory's. After a four-way hug, The older couple went to their games in the other bedroom, while Cory and I talked and cuddled and got ourselves aroused again, assuming a sixty-nine position so I could lap the cum that oozed from her pussy as she brought me to yet another erection with her talented tongue. The couple in the other room made love loudly, and it was no secret when Ann climaxed.

"That means Tom came, too. She always waits for her lover to cum. He won't be good for anything for the next hour. I bet Mom wasn't satisfied, though. One fuck just gets her hornier."

"But Tom's not your dad, right?"

"No way. Hardly anybody fucks their spouses or their kids when they're here at camp. They can do that at home. God knows where Dad is! Up some lady's cunt, I'm sure. Around here, his nickname is the 'Corkscrew' from the shape of his dick. He's very popular."

Sure enough, within a minute Ann was in our bed, her cunt slick with the juices of sex. She mounted me cowgirl-style as Cory guided my re-awakened dick into her mother's snatch. I was astonished at my libido, particularly after the last two mind-blowing orgasms (not to mention the one I had earlier with Abby and Denise), but I was helpless at the sight of Ann's saggy tits swinging back and forth like pendulums, slapping into each other from time to time. From time to time she'd grab her nipples and lift up her breasts with them, shaking them until they rippled. I've never cared much for big tits, but hers were spellbinding.

After about fifteen minutes of this, I heard Cory say, "I'm gonna go get Tom hard again, Mom," as she slipped out of the bed. Just the thought of that girl sucking on Tom's cum-smeared dick put me over the edge for the fourth time that day, and I shot what was left of my sperm into Ann in three quick bursts. Fortunately, she had already been aroused by her previous lover, and had been climaxing almost continuously since she mounted me. Her orgasm was loud and wet and vigorous, and sweat was rolling down her breasts and dripping from her nipples onto my chest and belly. My cock slipped out of her as she settled her weight onto me and we nuzzled. Then I felt a hand on my thigh. Cory's. She'd returned without me noticing. Her mom rolled off me, and Cory took my limp dick and sucked it gently.

She couldn't get it hard again, of course, but the sensation was exquisite.

"I thought you were going to fuck Tom," Ann murmured.

"He didn't want it," Cory said. "I guess you took all the jizz out of him, Mom! He sent me back in here." She slid three fingers into her mother's wet snatch and took one of Ann's nipples into her mouth. I took the other one, and we coaxed another orgasm out of Ann. After that, we all fell asleep in a post-coital trance, the two women pressed up on either side of my now lust-satisfied body, two hands on my limp cock.

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