A Sailor's Story

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Mother, FemaleDom, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Prologue - This is the story of a young man who joins the Navy in order to escape a bad situation at home.

I had joined the Navy right out of high school. In fact I had joined during my senior year and reported for boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training facilities just after graduation. Boot camp wasn't too difficult for me. Standing 5'4" tall and weighing a little over 120 pounds I easily met the basic physical requirements. Being in excellent shape helped me pass the physical tests of basic training. One day after several months of training, a "counselor" asked me if I'd like to volunteer for submarine duty. I hadn't yet learned to avoid "volunteering" at all costs.

After taking several psychological tests to determine if I could live in the stressful atmosphere of a submarine and some aptitude tests to determine what type of job I was best suited for, I qualified for additional training as a submariner. I was shipped off to Groton, Connecticut for a six-week introduction course in the basic theory, construction and operation of nuclear-powered submarines, after which I went on for additional training in Engineering, primarily for the Auxiliary division. As a machinist mate I would be working on the boat's control systems for steering and depth control; and their hydraulic systems, the high pressure air systems, the backup diesel generator and the atmosphere control equipment, which produces oxygen and eliminates CO2 and other contaminants; ventilation blowers, coolers for the air the boat's refrigeration equipment; and damage control and fire-fighting equipment. In other words, I would receive training in various trades that would serve me well after my Navy career was over. Upon the completion of my training, I was assigned to my first boat, the USS OHIO (SSBN – 726), the first of a new class of submarine – nuclear-powered, fleet ballistic missile submarines. I got my assignment to the Blue Crew when one of the machinist mates died in an auto accident while on leave. After being commissioned, and following our shakedown cruise, the first of the "boomers" left the Atlantic and transited through the Panama Canal to her new home port, Bangor, Washington, where we received our first load of Trident C-4 missiles. Soon afterwards we departed on our first patrol. Truly my life as a sailor had begun.

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