The Summer Holidays
Chapter 1: Introduction

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introduction - Julie and I have now finished our first year exams. Can we keep our romance alive while separated for most of the twelve-week University summer holiday? Will we get a chance to spend some time with Adrian and Sheila? Is my sister Jen going to find someone to take her virginity before she goes to Uni?

I told you in my previous stories 'Baker's Dozen' and 'Learning Together' how my friends Sian, Vee and Julie recruited me to look after them as we explored life at college in Cardiff in the early 1970's.

I had become friends with Sian first, and we had slowly become lovers as well.

In a totally crazy weekend, Sian had set me up with her flatmate Vee; Vee and I were then watched having sex by Julie from the floor below, and I ended up taking Julie's virginity later that day, egged on by Sian and Vee.

It had all been a complete surprise to me.

I had been spending the weekend with Sian, and we'd had sex two or three times that Friday night, which was not unusual.

I hadn't twigged that Vee had been climbing the walls, knowing (and hearing) that Sian was getting so much sex while she was getting none, her fiance Jeff being away studying at the other end of the country.

Sian did realise that Vee was suffering, and to help her friend out, agreed to let her use my services - but without telling me! But being a man, I wasn't going to notice what was going on, anyway...

Vee and Sian had conspired together to get me to fuck Vee on the Saturday morning, and after an initial rather premature ejaculation on my part due to over-excitement, I had given Vee two orgasms in a row, something Jeff had never done for her.

More plotting by the two minxes had resulted in my learning how to go down on Vee on Sunday morning; and a subsequent frantic coupling between us had made so much noise that Julie had come upstairs to prevent a murder being committed, and stayed at Vee's bedroom door to watch us, where she was joined by Sian. And then the three of them had ganged up on me in the afternoon to get me to help Julie lose her virginity!

All that sex had rubbed my cock red-raw that weekend, and it had hurt like hell for a few days. But the girls had all enjoyed it immensely, and wanted to try it again.

Sian (who was built more for comfort than speed, and gaily admitted it) loved the physical contact of a really good shag, Vee was highly sexed and it seemed that she really needed her orgasms, and Julie had just found her first experience of sex so much fun that she wanted to keep going.

Since then, the three of us had continued having a lot of sex and experimenting with different positions.

It was a strange relationship, founded on friendship, reinforced by the sheer joy of having good sex together, and in Julie's case, we were falling in love with each other.

Being a normal young man, I wanted it to go on forever as it was, but the more grown-up part of me knew that things would change.

You'll remember how Vee had organised weekly 'tutorial sessions' when their flatmate Bryony was out at netball practice, where the four of us tried out new ideas together, and showed the others any new discoveries that two of us might have made.

One particular benefit of these sessions was Vee showing Julie how to do soixante-neuf on me - the two of us now did it regularly when we were together, as a warm-up for the main event. It also saved using lubricating jelly, which somehow always seemed cold and slimy!

Vee and Sian used any possible opportunity to push the two of us together, and no matter whose bed I had started the night in, I always woke up with Julie in my arms. Quite often, I woke up with part of me in Julie...

We went out as a couple for walks in the park, window shopping in the city centre, and strolling around the University grounds in the sunshine, continuing to get to know each other outside the bedroom; and we confirmed our mutual feeling that we were pretty much soulmates. We had the same kind of ideals, ambitions, likes and dislikes.

We had even been to the Art Galleries in the National Museum of Wales, and discovered that we shared the same tastes in what we admired, and what we thought horrid.

Our first year exams were finally over and we were waiting for the results.

It was now early June, and we would all be in Cardiff until the end of the month when our house tenancies were up. We were released from academic work, although we had the odd thing to sort out, such as next year's selection of subjects.

Vee and Sian made it clear to me that now that we were both pretty much free all day, I needed to take Julie out and about even more.

As (a little bit unusually for Cardiff, even the most loyal inhabitant will admit that it rains quite a lot in South Wales) the June weather was half decent, we spent quite a lot of time sitting on the grass in Bute Park, soaking up the sunshine and chatting or just enjoying each others company.

We often nipped out together in the evening for a drink, or a visit to the jazz club, or to see if there was anything worth watching at the cinema.


The holidays had effectively started after our last exam at the end of May, although we still had some University commitments, and we would all be in Cardiff for another four weeks while we waited for our results and got ourselves organised for the subjects we hoped to be studying in our second year. Most days we were able to please ourselves.

When Malcolm, my laboratory benchmate, and I had finished our Organic Chemistry practical exam on the last Monday of May, and were queuing to hand in our laboratory glassware to the store, he had asked me if I followed county cricket.

I told him that my Dad and I went occasionally, but that I hadn't yet been to Sophia Gardens to see Glamorgan play, and hoped to manage it once the exams were finished.

"It's much more enjoyable watching cricket if there are two of you - it still feels wrong drinking beer on my own. Why don't we meet up for the start of the Essex game on the seventh of June?"

"Yes, I'd like that - a week on Thursday, isn't it?"

We made our arrangements to meet up in between having our glassware inspected and checked off by the laboratory technician - I had already paid for my earlier breakages, so we got our deposit cheques back in full. That was a great relief, and gave us twelve pounds extra spending money for the last month of the year, a time when the paying in of our September grant cheque was becoming a very distant memory to our bank managers!


Sian's cousins Adrian and Sheila had come to stay for the first weekend of June, and, as already described in my third story 'Sian's Cousins', Julie and I had helped them lose their virginity, and gain quite a lot of sexual experience in a very short time. Vee and Sian had joined in enthusiastically, and it had been quite a busy few days!

They had gone home on the Tuesday, and the four of us pottered about and had a generally lazy afternoon before going to bed early to recover from our exertions.

We had all been very sad to wave the twins off at the station; we had come to like them very much.

Wednesday was also a quiet day for us; we got up very late and eventually decided to wander over to have a glass of beer in the Union, but were doomed to be disappointed. We arrived just too late for the lunchtime opening hours, and found the shutters pulled down on the bar.

Nothing daunted, we strolled over to Bute Park and found an ice-cream van on the grass by the river, and sat in the sunshine and relaxed. The ice-cream reminded us of the twins (Adrian had bought us all a '99'), and how much we'd enjoyed their company.

Julie and I went to bed quite early on Wednesday night, we both wanted to slowly and gently make love to each other, and then talk through the experience of the weekend.

As we held each other close, I asked her what it had been like for her.

"I wasn't at all sure about the whole thing at first, because you were the only man I'd ever made love with, but I got so fired up after Adrian and Sheila had their first time, that lust took over! Adrian's cock reached well beyond my cervix, and although that was slightly uncomfortable, it was an amazing feeling to have him so deep! And I have to admit that he was a very energetic lover. I've lost count of the number of orgasms he gave me, and he was getting really skilled by the end of the weekend."

"So you'd be willing to fuck him again?"

"Oh god yes, even though I love you to bits and you make me come every time we make love, it was quite different with him, and I had a wonderful time!"

"That's what I was hoping to hear - I feel really guilty that I'm getting loads of variety, and you are only getting me."

"Oh, I get some action with Vee as well, and Sheila took to it like a duck to water, and gave me a couple of really nice orgasms. How did you like her?"

"Oh, again, amazing. She was really enthusiastic, and keen to make the most of it. Again, I'd be very happy to fuck her again - perhaps we ought to get them down for a weekend next term?"

"Mmmm, that's a very good idea. Not being rude to Gustav, but Adrian's cock can do things for me that Gustav can't, and it's always nice to try a few new things. That upside down position was really weird, but I had a great orgasm then!"

"And they are really nice kids, too. Somehow, their parents have done a very good job with them. I'd like to see them again sometime, but I'll have to build up my stamina a bit!"

"Didn't Adrian show you the exercises he does?"

"Yes, he did. Some of them I can't do because I don't have the equipment, but I'll certainly try to do the rest of them regularly."

"Are you ready for some more press-ups now?"

"I think that would be an excellent idea!"

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