Chapter 1

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Cast of Characters

The Abbey Family

Howard–Dad–6ft6–red hair–223

Cora–Mom–5ft10–black hair–151-38D

Jaki–16yrs old-Sister–5ft7-red hair-137-34C

Lily–14yrs old-Sister–5ft2–red hair–115-30A

Ken-15yrs old-Me-5ft11-black hair-168

The Dickson Family

Jacob-Father-6ft4-black hair-208

Lizzie-Mother-5ft9-red hair-151- 38C

Sarah-16yrs-Daughter-5ft8-red hair-140-34C

John-15yrs old-Son-5ft9-black hair-155

Why so many people you wonder? This story involves some mistaken identity, sex between members of the same family and some other things I can't tell you yet.

Here is where many authors say something like Incest is bad, don't try this at home. I, on the other hand, suggest every man alive with a sister, whether she is older or younger than you — it's time to make your move. They all want it!

Our neighbors, the Dickson's, moved into their home right after we did. I was fifteen, pissed that I had to meet all new friends, after leaving behind everybody in Seattle.

The first person, outside my family I had met, was Sarah Dickson. Also fifteen years old, she was already very pretty. Nice face, great ass and just enough tit flesh to make your mouth water. Furthermore, she wasn't especially aware of her attractiveness.

My sister Jaki, short for Jacquelyn, and Sarah became best friends. With their long red hair, I couldn't differentiate the two of them from the back. As soon as they turned around the difference was obvious. Sarah was more naturally beautiful while my sister wore just enough makeup to look very nice.

Although I was taller, I had also met John, and we became fast friends. We had a few classes together as we were starting high school at the same time.

My sister Lily was the odd girl out. She had no one in the Dickson family to pair up with. She and I had been buds for a long time. She was also getting quite vivacious. She told me she had boys, high school boys coming up to her and flirt. I hadn't seen it, but I believed it.

She's in eighth grade, and the rest of us are in high school.

After getting home from my first day of high school, I came into the house and heard somebody crying. It had to be Lily, since both our parents work until six pm, five days a week.

I went up to the second floor, where all the bedrooms are. I threw my backpack on my bed and knocked on her bedroom door.

"Who is it?" she said between sobs.

"It is I, Prince Kenneth. Does my princess needeth me?"

"Come in!" she said now giggling.

We had made up a game where we were a prince and princess a long time ago. Nowadays, we simply don't have the time.

I sat down next to her putting her hair down her back. It was very long. "What's wrong princess?"

"I missed you today. We have always been at the same school in Seattle. Here in Columbus, I don't know anybody. The boys teased me about my long red hair. The girls just looked at me all day like something was wrong with me."

"The only ones who had something wrong with them were everybody else. Don't worry about the boys. They will suddenly go from being icky to being handsome. My Princess Lily is getting prettier every single day. It's a good thing I am your brother because if I weren't I would be bugging you to hold my hand and to kiss me."

"Really?" her blue eyes glistened in the moment.

"Yes really," I said taking her hand. I actually picked it up and kissed it. That made her giggle.

"Thank you Kenny," she said. "You always know how to get me out of my funks."

She moved her face to me and gave me a very light kiss on the lips. She demurely turned away, as did I.

"Don't do that with any boys, or they might think they might just reciprocate," I said. "I got homework the first day. Come in my room if you need anything."

I got up and left.

Some Back Story

Dad works at the Coca Cola Main office in Atlanta. Mom, with her credentials and resume, got a job with UPS in their Atlanta office. She is in charge of the Technology Division.

Great jobs mean big money. Dad was recruited to move up from the Seattle office. He got a nice big signing bonus. Jaki got a car out of it. I'm still six months from driving.

Cora, my mother, actually baked a cake and we all went over to the family who had just moved in. We were invited in and after the introductions, we all sat down. We found out their names and what they all did. Jacob Dickson works for Mohawk, the global flooring company. Elizabeth, who said to call her Lizzie, even the kids, works for NCR in the banking software division.

The moms loved being in the fast-moving technology sector.

Sarah and I locked eyes. She giggled a little, causing Lily to as well. John caught my sister's attention. The five of us kids left the parents to talk among themselves. We found our own place to sit and talk. I conspicuously moved near Sarah as John sat by Jaki. After about five minutes, I saw Lily looking nonplussed. I excused myself and sat by her. I told her I cared for her wrapping myself around her. I glanced and saw Sarah looking at me. I couldn't really tell what it was about, but she did smile.

At the end of my typical day I would lie on my bed finding something other than schoolbooks to read. More often than not, Lily would come in in her oversized pajamas and lie beside me. I had told her that if my door was open, she could come in any time.

She did often and this time she was very quiet. After about ten minutes, I marked the book and rolled to her asking, "What is it princess?"

"Nothing," she answered.

"OK," I said picking up my book again.

Five minutes later she gave out a really big sigh. I closed the book, and pulled her into me. "I love you Lily."

"I love you, Kenny. Can I ask you something?" she said.

"Anything at all."

"Tell me about sex?"

I bolted upright, "What do you mean exactly?"

"Kissing, touching — you know, sex?"

"Lily, I shouldn't be the one to tell you anything. Talk to mom or maybe dad."

"They don't understand me the way you do. I just want to understand a little. I'm not ready to go all the way with anybody."

"You're too young to understand what sex means? I'm still learning myself. If you ask me specific questions I will do my very best to answer without embarrassing either of us, all right?"

"OK!" she said. "My first question is 'What does it mean to be turned on?'"

"This is kind of easy. But, you may not completely understand this. Have you ever seen anybody naked?" Oh, how I dreaded the question, much less the answer.

"Yes I have."

"Who was it?"


"WHEN?" I said wondering what this 8th grader was up to.

"A little over a year ago. I saw you walk from your room into the bathroom. I think you had just come home from soccer practice."

"So," I asked carefully, "What did you see?"

She blushed, but I gave her hug and told her to go on.

"Your hair was a mess. You had some hair on your chest. As I looked down, I noticed your penis."

"How did that make you feel, seeing my penis?" I said with as even a keel as I could.

"Kind of odd," was her answer.

"How do you mean Lily?" I said trying to understand.

"Well, you were walking and it was flopping all around. Seeing that, made me tingle a little."

"Where on your body were you tingling?" I cautiously asked.

"All around my slit. It was uncomfortable, but it went away."

"So, my penis was soft or hard looking?"

"I don't understand. How could it be hard?" my sister asked.

"This seems like a big mistake, but I am going to demonstrate something to you. This will have to be our forever secret. Got that?"

"Yeah," she answered clearly not getting what was about to happen.

I went to the door and locked it. While still standing I unbuckled my pants and dropped them to the floor. I then pulled down my underwear.

"Ooh!" she said.

"Was it like this, soft?"

She got up off the bed and walked over to me, but I stopped her. "I think so."

In front of her, I grabbed my dick and pulled on it until it got hard.

"Wow!" she said. "That's not only hard; it's twice as big. Does it hurt?"

"Only if it stays that way for very long. When it's like this it's called an erection," I explained.

"Can I touch it?"

"Not a good idea," I said pulling my pants back up. "Lily, I could be put in jail for showing you that. You must keep what is happening between us, please?"

"Absolutely Kenny. Can I show you mine?"

I thought and I thought that I was going straight to hell, but I answered, "All right."

She decided to take off her PJ top along with her pants and panties to do this. She kept her bra on. I saw her red tuft of hair just above her slit. "You are very beautiful down there Lily," I said.

The door opened, and it was Jaki. "What are you doing? If this had been mom you would be on your way to boarding school, if they still exist. Lily, pull up your pants. Kenneth Abbey. Is there any explanation for this?"

"I thought I locked that door?" I muttered.

"I can get through any door in this house," my beautiful older sister said. "I'm waiting little brother."

Lily put herself back together.

"I told Lily that I wanted to see her naked. She refused to show me her breasts, but – but you can't tell mom and dad. They wouldn't understand at all. Please Jaki, it was an impulsive thing to do. I apologize Lily; it won't happen again." I gave her a quick wink.

"It's OK Kenny. I should have known better. Jaki, leave us alone please?"

"But," she said.

"Just leave!"

She did.

"Thank you big brother. That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. You protected my honor. I love you!"

"I love you too," I said.

She took the step in between us and gave me a lingering kiss upon the lips. "See ya!"

When did she get so damn hot?

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