The Nerd Goes to University
Chapter 1 - Virginia Elsworthy

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Virginia Elsworthy - The nerd has finished school and he is enrolled in university. He has a whole swag of super powers that will make life very interesting as he encounters other students, lecturers and admin staff. His girl friend and his lover help him as he fucks his way through his studies.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Mind Control   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Black Female   Black Male   Oriental Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Size   Body Modification   Teacher/Student  

Hi, I'm Grant and you have read about my adventures in 'The Nerd Scores Big' and 'The Nerd and his Family'. I'm 18 years old and the possessor of some very amazing powers which I have added to by having sex with similarly empowered members of my immediate and extended family.

Much has happened in my life since I was assaulted in the school grounds. An event that seemed to trigger my powers. This story covers the period in my life between finishing school and my marriage to my school sweetheart Erin Miller. During this time, I was studying at the local university.

I wanted to have a career even though I had no need to earn a wage. My aunt's power to see the future had set us up very well, with some very astute investments that made all of us very wealthy.

Outside of the family, only Erin Miller my girl friend, and my former French teacher and continuing lover Ms Virginia Elsworthy, knew of my powers. Ginny, as we knew her affectionately, was absolutely trustworthy, and was totally in love with me and Erin. We all shared a bed quite often, even more so since her husband had run off with a skinny runway model that he'd met on one of his business trips.

He didn't like the fact that Ginny was a 25 yr old curvaceous woman with a nice rack of tits and a great ass. She wasn't skinny, nor was she fat either. Ginny had the most amazing personality, and the more that she hung around Erin and myself the more mischievous that she became.

Ginny had quit her job at the school after she had been offered a position in the Languages department at the local university. She had just started there when the Dean of the department Ms Beth Taylor invited her and her colleagues to a 'welcome' dinner on Saturday night for all new staff, and all returning staff.

It was to be a partnered dinner with Ginny needing to have a male escort for the evening.

Ginny was discussing her dilemma with Erin and I as we lay exhausted in bed after a marathon fuck session. Ginny wasn't dating anyone at the moment. She was still raw emotionally after the breakup of her marriage.

Erin suggested "Why don't you go with Grant as your escort?"

"Good idea ... but he's a bit young looking ... and that might not impress my Dean" Ginny replied.

I thought about it for a moment and was about to share my idea when Erin jumped in saying "How about Grant transforming into a 20 something handsome young guy?"

"Oh ... could you?" Ginny enquired.

"Yes ... I can..." I replied before adding "Would it be socially acceptable if I was a young BLACK guy? ... that way I can fulfil another of your fantasies". Ginny had previously shared with Erin and myself her fantasy of dating a young black stud, and taking him home and being fucked by a big black cock.

"Oh wow ... yes" Erin screamed with joy.

Ginny thought for a moment before answering "Hmmm ... I think it should be OK ... after all I know that Beth's late husband was a black guy".

"Great ... that's settled ... you two will look stunning together ... the contrast between your skins will be amazing" Erin commented.

The girls chatted about dresses as I dozed off a little.

"Oh crap!!!!" Erin gasped "I just remembered that I had promised to baby-sit next Saturday night ... I won't be here when you two get home ... damn ... I'm going to miss you two fucking."

Ginny had a sad look before Erin suggested "That's ok ... you two will still be here when I get here on Sunday morning ... we can get it on with our black stud together then ... just don't wear him out over night please".

The girls gave each other a high five before cuddling up to me and falling asleep in my arms.

We looked a stunning couple on Saturday night. Ginny was wearing a sparkling white gown that showed an acceptable amount of her stunning tanned flesh (I'd used my powers to give her a special all over tan). She looked great on my arm. I'd transformed into a 25 yr old tall slim black guy ... with the blackest of skins over a well proportioned body.

"Holy shit..." was the reaction of both Erin and Ginny. Erin had helped Ginny with her hair and makeup, and getting dressed before heading off to do her babysitting. "You two look sensational" she added with a huge smile.

Ginny got heaps of jealous looks at the dinner, and it was great to note that not one person seemed to disapprove of our mixed race relationship. We circulated before dinner, meeting all her co-workers as she introduced me as a friend.

After dinner, the band played some slow dance music so I led Ginny to the dance floor to enjoy a dance or two. Seeing is on the dance floor encourages other to get up and dance. Within a few minutes the dance floor was comfortably packed.

I whispered in Ginny's ear "The women are jealous of you ... I'm sure they are picturing your writhing naked under my black body ... with your legs wrapped around my waist as I fuck you with my big fat cock".

"And they want to change places with you so badly" I added.

"Shhhh ... someone will hear you" Ginny replied in a whisper.

"It's true ... I can read their thoughts and that's what they are thinking" I commented.

"Oh shit ... I forgot that you can do that" she added with a smile.

"Have you been reading my thoughts too" she enquired with a concerned look on her face.

"Hmmm ... not really ... well ... just a little..." I stammered before adding " ... and I'm looking forward to tonight and tomorrow morning too". That got me a playful slap on the arm.

We'd been dancing a while when I heard a female voice asking "Ginny ... can I cut in and borrow your date for a dance?". We turned to see that it was Ginny's boss Beth asking the question.

Beth was a 45 year old petite slim woman who stood 5ft 2ins tall in her bare feet. Tonight she was wearing stiletto heels that boosted her height. She was a redhead with her richly red hair down to her shoulders. Her face was dominated by her brilliant blue eyes which sparkled as she spoke. A small beautiful nose and mouth completed a wonderful engaging face.

Ginny stepped back and allowed Beth to slide into my arms to continue dancing. For a total stranger she danced very close with her firm little tits poking me in the chest almost from the beginning. Her proximity and her alluring scent had an effect with my cock waking from its slumber and filling out my undershorts. I'm sure she could feel its presence on occasions.

We were into out third dance number when I felt her hand slip between us and grab the shaft of my engorged cock.

"Oh ... that's more than a handful" she whispered as she continued to grapple with my cock.

"It's been so long since I've felt a big black cock ... in my hand ... or in my pussy" she added before continuing with "I want to see you soon ... naked".

When the music stopped she reluctantly released my cock as we parted and returned to the tables. When I left her at her table, she handed me a business card and said "Call me soon".

I scanned the room and found that Ginny was involved in a conversation with a few colleagues so I made my way off to the men's bathroom. As I entered the bathroom another person followed me in, locking the door after them. I turned to find that it was Gemma the younger wife of the Arts faculty head.

"What..." I asked before she placed her fingers across my lips.

"Taste them ... they are all sticky from my cunt ... I've been watching you for ages ... and creaming my cunt" she explained as she thrust her sticky fingers at my lips. The smell of them was intoxicating, and their taste was amazing as I discovered when I licked them clean.

Gemma was a tall blonde 29 year old woman who was married to the 60 year old faculty head. She had the most amazingly large bust on a slender frame that stood 5ft 10ins tall. The slits in her black gown made it easy to see that her tits were braless, and also made it easy to slide a hand inside to paw her tits.

Having had her fingers licked clean, Gemma dropped to her knees and grabbed at my tented trousers, wrapping her hand around my engorged shaft. "Oh fuck that's a big one" she gasped as she milked my shaft for a couple of moments.

"Whoop ... whoop ... whoop ... evacuate ... evacuate" rang out repeatedly throughout the building.

"Oh shit..." she gasped as she quickly stood up. "Fucking fire alarm" she groaned. We quickly exited the bathroom ... her first then a a couple of seconds later I left the bathroom to be greeted by a laughing Ginny.

"Quick let's get out of here" I implored Ginny who appeared to be in no hurry or not in the least bit worried.

"It's OK ... there's no fire" she explained. "Let's go home ... I want to be fucked".

Ginny looked amazing with her lightly tanned skin contrasted against my jet black skin as she writhed on my long fat cock. Her hands were on my chest to balance herself as she worked her hips against mine.

"Oh fuck ... fuck me ... ahhhhhh!!!" she gasped as she orgasmed once again with her juices flooding down my shaft. After this cum, she collapsed forward, mashing her ample tits into my chest as we kissed tenderly.

As we relaxed ... as much as we could with my erect cock still embedded in her tight pussy, we spoke about the evening.

"How did you know that there was no fire?" I asked her.

Ginny grinned and replied "Cos I set off the fire alarm ... after I saw Gemma follow you into the bathroom, and when her hubby started getting agitated when he couldn't find her".

"You have to be careful aroung Gemma" she added. "She has a reputation of fucking anything in pants ... or in panties".

We continued to share some quiet slow movement fucking with her hips moving gently against mine for about 15 minutes before I flipped her onto her back.

"You love my big black cock?" I demanded to know slipping into a different persona as part of a play-acting scene.

"You'll never go back to a white cock after me" I taunted her as my bloated balls slapped against her ass on each inwards thrust.

"Yes ... yes ... I love black cock..." Ginny gasped as she played along.

The physicality of our fucking had her large tits wobbling all over her chest. Her pussy was grabbing my cock, squeezing it hard and regularly.

"Oh shit ... I'm gunna cum" I groaned.

"Cum ... cum in me ... fill me with your rich black baby cum" Ginny implored me as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Cummmmmmiiiinnngggg..." I groaned as my balls ejected their massive load of cum into the depths of her spasming tight pussy.

"Take it ... take it all..." I moaned as I continued to shoot inside her.

It was just after midnight when we had finally settled, with Ginny resting in my arms. We were ready to sleep and recharge because Erin was planning on joining us in the morning for another threesome.

I then remembered something to tell Ginny.

"Hey ... do you know that Beth grabbed my cock as we danced" I told her.

"No way ... no way" she gasped.

"Yep ... and she gave me her number to call her" I added.

After thinking for a minute or so Ginny asked "Are you going to fuck her?"

"Do I have your permission?" I asked her.

"God yes!!!!" she gasped as she lip-locked with me again.

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