I'm Not a Little Girl
Chapter 1: Stripped at the Pool

Jessica was always small for her age, at 16 she looked more like a 13 year old. She was short just under 5 foot tall, slim and only had small breasts which was one of the main reasons she was often mistaken for a younger age. At the time she was halfway through her final year in UK high school. She was an A grade student and a prefect for her school. She had few friends but didn't really mind all she wanted to do was get good grades, stay out of trouble and eventually qualify as a doctor like her father. Yet despite all this she was self conscious about her image and since she was 14 had been wearing cup-boosting bras or stuffing her normal ones. It was a shameful secret that only her two closest friends knew about, yet for her it was the only real way of looking like a young woman and not being seen as a barely hitting puberty young teen.

At school her prefect duties mainly revolved around making sure other students didn't leave the school premises to smoke or skive off. She made no friends by being a stickler for the rules and telling on any students which left. Most prefects were just in it for something to add to their college applications and would pretend not to see students going about their truancy.

One thing she liked to do was swim, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday she went to go to the local indoor swimming pool to do lengths for a couple of hours to keep fit and healthy. Normally she went when length swimming was on which allowed her to swim at leisure and mostly avoided people her own age who may recognize her. However one Friday after school she turned up to find that the pool had changed its session times and it was a public swim. She almost went home knowing the pool would be filled with rowdy children and teens but it seemed a wasted trip so she paid and went to change.

It was times like this she wished she had remembered to bring a change of clothes, all she had was her swimming costume and her school uniform. This wasn't a massive deal but she always felt silly going home on the bus long after school had finished still wearing it. Unlike most girls in her school she wore her uniform correctly: her tie was always the right length, top button fastened and her skirt a regulation length and inch above the knee. She always wore dark tights under her skirt to avoid unwanted exposure and embarrassment; she had always done this ever since some pervy boy had lifted her skirt when she was 11.

She changed into her one piece suit, it was a navy colour. She preferred them to bikinis as they showed less skin and reduced the risk of her top going wrong and exposing her small breasts. Swimming was the only time she didn't wear size enhancing clothes, the only ones she could find where in bikinis which she always felt too self-conscious to wear. Usually this wasn't a problem the only people who used the pool when it was length swimming were middle aged or pensioners.

As she stepped out of the changing cubicle and started to put her school clothes away in a locker she was confronted by three younger girls from her school. Her mind was in a world of it's own and so she didn't notice them until they where right next to her.

"Oi you, Don't I know you?"

Jessica looked round startled to find three girls looking at her with grins on their faces, she recognized them as some 'chavs' from her school, they where 13 or 14 a couple of years below her and she had grassed them up recently dropping them in trouble for smoking at dinner time.

"I er..." Jessica started before being quickly interrupted.

The girl at the front, the shortest just a little taller than Jessica's height but with bleached blond hair had noticed her blazer and the prefect badge on it. She laughed pointing straight in Jessica's face making her feel uncomfortable.

"Oh my days it is you, I thought it was your little sister or something"

Her taller friend with ginger messy hair joined in. "look at her little boobies? She looks younger than us how old are you anyway? 15?"

The first girl pushed passed Jessica grabbing her bra from the locker.

"Oh my god look how padded this one is must boost her at least two cup sizes"

"Hey give that back, and I'm 16 actually" Jessica grabbed the bra off her. The girl let it go without much of a fight, her face was in a massive grin while Jessica was struggling to hold back the embarrassment this was the exact reason she usually only went length swimming.

"Whatever, 16 you look more like 12. I'm 13 and look at my boobs compared to yours I don't need to stuff them."

"Leave me alone" Jessica turned locking her clothes securely in her locker and attaching the keys strap to her arm.

"Awww the poor little baby's going to cry, awww what an adorable swimsuit my 10 year old cousin has one just like that. Awww too shy to show your body off aren't you?"

"I'm not surprised with them little boobies" laughed the girl's friend from behind her.

Jessica turned to leave. After a couple of steps the first girl shouted again.

"Oi snobby prefect"

She turned and was met by the flash of a camera phone.

The girls examined the pictures laughing to themselves, Jessica turned away in shame heading to the pool. Knowing her luck now everyone would see the picture and know what her body really looked like.

The three girls were left in the changing room, they laughed and plotted while getting changed into their own bikinis.

Standing by the side of the pool, Jessica was pleasantly surprised to see it was fairly empty. A few young kids about 10 where splashing about in one end and there was a few elderly people swimming lengths which must have meant they thought the same thing as her and had come at the wrong session time. The only life guard against all health and safety practices was reading a magazine looking bored, most likely it was only a temporary job for her to help her through uni.

Jessica swam for a good half an hour without the kids getting in her way or bumping into the occasional old person. The girls from the changing room had got in but so far she had managed to avoid them. A couple of teenage boys had got in probably about 15. They didn't go to her school as far as she knew, but she still felt self-conscious around them.

Then it happened she was tired, nearly out of breath for swimming constant lengths and decided to get out and call it a day. As she got up the ladder and took a few steps towards the changing room one of the girls from before came out of the toilet in front of her. She was the tall one she was probably 13/14 but could have easily passed for older. She burst out laughing ran forward and in one swift motion catching Jessica off guard pushed her back into the pool.

The girl then jumped in after her, Jess was confused stunned and tired and she found herself surrounded by all three girls.

"This is pay back do you know I had to do a weeks detention because of you grassing me up? And they rang my mam, she went mental with me!" the short blond girl said with a massive evil grin on her face.


The big ginger girl grabbed Jessica from behind holding her arms behind her, at the best of times she would have found it hard to fight back but right now so was out of breath and weak.

The blond girl along with her mate, a thin girl, tall for her age with well-developed breasts that made her seem older moved in on Jessica. There was little she could do as all three girl assailed her from all sides. The blond girl laughed saying "This would be so much easier if you wasn't such a little kid and wore a proper bikini you swot"

Jessica wanted to scream but daren't attract the attention of those around the pool. She tried to fight but the big girl held her arms behind her in a firm grip. The blond girl pulled one of her straps down to her elbow. Jessica pleaded but, the girls just laughed and carried on regardless. With little fight in her the girls soon had both straps stretched and pulled out of her arms. Her little boobs where just covered by the top of her suit but a quick pull would soon have the one piece stripped down her body and her little tits revealed.

The blond girls two mates held Jessica firmly between them, the blond girl Amy laughed and grabbed both sides of the one piece.

"You ready to be 'nakeded' little swat?"

"No please don't " begged Jess almost in tears already.

"Awww don't you want to be naked?"

"No please, don't please, I don't want to be naked it's not fair"

"Not fair? My mum grounded me and took away my spend, do you think that's fair? I missed a concert! That wasn't fair" and with that Amy slowly started to pull the suit down counting down from ten.

"Ten ... nine ... eight ... seven ... six..." the swimsuit was down exposing the cleavage of her small tits. "five ... four ... three two one" Amy laughing as she spend up the count and ripped Jessica's suit down past her boobs to her belly. All the girls burst into laughter, Jessica let out a small screen but was silenced by one of the girls hands over her mouth. She was red faced, no one was really near enough to see but still she was in the pool with her arms restrained and her little perky boobs on display. She tried to move deeper underwater to cover them but the girls held her so the top of her boobs could be clearly seen if anyone was looking.

"awww bless there so small, dose the little baby want me to take it all the way off?"

"No please don't, please just let me get dressed, get off me ... please"

"Awww but little Jessie, it would be so easy for me to strip you totally naked right here and now wouldn't it? Do you want to be naked?"

"No please don't" Jessica said panicking

"But the boys over there might want to see you, even if you are so small, I could strip you right now and run away with your suit would you like that?"

"Please No!" Jess whispered in a horrible panic

"Then say, please gorgeous Amy, don't take away my little girls swimsuit and expose my little boobies and little girls body to the world" Amy mocked

"Please gorgeous Amy don't take away my swim suit and expose my little boobs and figure to the world." She tried to repeat nearly crying in panic and embarrassment

"You forgot Little girls swimsuit"

"Please don't expose my little girl's boobies by removing my little girls swimsuit" Jessica pleaded desperately

"Hmmm... but it would be so easy to" Amy teased pulling the suit a little more down her belly. Jessica looked around mortified some of the boys had swam a little nearer to them still roughhousing between themselves, they hadn't noticed her yet.

"Please don't, please I'm sorry for grassing you on please don't I don't want to be naked"

"Ok then" The blond haired Amy said and her two friends looked confused for a second but Amy grabbed the key from Jessica's wrist and pulled it off her arm. "let her go girls, awww little Jessica remember this favor I did for you. Look here I've got your locker key, if you want more than just your little girls swimsuit to wear home you'd better come follow us into the locker room and do what we say ok?"

The girls let her go instantly she covered her little boobs and pulled her suit back up before the boys noticed. She was almost shaking from fear and embarrassment the three girls got out of the pool. Amy shouted to Jessica,

"You'd better hurry up because if we're fully changed and you still haven't turned up were taking your stuff with us, I bet it's a long walk home"

Jessica lay there in the pool for a few minutes too scared to get out but soon she realized she had no choice. The brief exposure in the pool wouldn't be half as embarrassing as going all the way home on foot with only her swimsuit.

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