Spanked on National TV
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a new concept for the programming director. She thinks it has distinct possibilities.

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It came to the attention of Hyacinth Proudbum in her role as programming supervisor for Government TV that there was a great deal of viewer interest in the intimate details of proper domestic discipline in a personal one-on-one scenario.

When she first floated the concept of little reality dramas of the fetish-like confrontations for her older generation bosses at the station headquarters, their laughter could be heard all the way down on the 25th floor. Hyacinth was not the type of person who would be daunted by the initial rejection. She began to research the core subject matter with the dedicated attention to detail that she was famous for in the programming department.

Hyacinth had only been spanked by a strange boy she dated before marrying her now deceased husband Ronald. The boy's name was Cornelius. It was a name that always brought a smile to her normally frowning face just because it tickled her to get her tongue around all of the syllables. Cornelius introduced her to the wonderful world of reddened bums at a time when she was terribly fearful of becoming pregnant without benefit of marriage and the ordeal of single parenthood. It seemed like a godsend to be stretched over Cornelius's knee and warmed up as he spilled his seeds inside his trousers. It was a small matter to give up the privacy of her posterior to his demanding hands rather than face the steady intrusion of a sperm laden shaft between her untested labia.

Just when she was getting acclimated to Cornelius's obsessive use of her flanks to achieve sexual fulfillment, he found the much larger flanks of a Russian former prostitute to be more to his personal preference. He even insisted that Hyacinth watch a performance of his "bum training exercises" with the submissive Olga just to impress on her how lacking her own rear end really was both in dimension and enthusiasm. It was humiliating but she had to accept the fact that Olga's bum was superior in almost every category. Hyacinth considered herself to be extremely fortunate to find a substitute cocks-man in Ronald while in Bath on a weekend of fun and games.

Ronald was the sort that refused to consider sex consisted in anything other than the common denominator of "missionary" style copulation technique and the occasional oral ministrations expected from a devoted spouse. Once they had established ground rules that precluded any swallowing of any kind, they managed to have a satisfactory partnership that lasted a full 12 years. It was a fateful day in June last when poor Ronald dived into a lakeside swimming hole. The unfortunate presence of unsuspected shallow areas deprived him of reaching his 39th birthday and left Hyacinth a widow who sorely missed his "missionary" endeavors.

The new mission of bringing the joys of domestic discipline to the small screen began to take up her attention because she remembered the carefree days of Cornelius whacking her bottom with his heavy demanding hands.

She departed the station headquarters for a "fact-finding" expedition to the wilds of the Midlands which were a hotbed of domestic discipline enforcement. After careful consideration of the content of several internet websites that specialized in the spanking interaction between spouses, she decided that the most likely place to begin was a small village at a secondary crossroads called simply, "Upper Behind-Closed-Doors".

The town was picturesque and appealing. It was difficult to envision the seething caldron of spanking lurking beneath the peaceful exterior of "Behind-Closed-Doors". She made the acquaintance of the Inn-keeper's wife who was called Geraldine and the wife of the local Rector. The Rector's wife was actually a French girl who liked to be called Fifi even though her real name was Francine.

She sat down at tea with Geraldine and Fifi and they discussed the spanking activities that flourished in the quiet little village. After tea, they all went upstairs to Geraldine's sitting room because she wanted to show them her badges. Her badges turned out to her the deep purple bruises on her ample arse cheeks from the previous evening's activities. Both Fifi and Hyacinth patted and stroked Geraldine's ample bottom much to her delight and purring sounds of pleasure. Hyacinth noticed that the sly Fifi even managed to allow her fingers to dwell a bit longer than expected lower between Geraldine's legs cupping her luxurious golden bush that matched her honey blond tresses. She wanted to duplicate Fifi's audacious manipulations but was fearful of being too obvious in her hidden interest.

Geraldine showed them the various tools used by her rotund and cheerful husband Dexter in according her various lessons in domestic discipline. Hyacinth was most impressed by the dangerous looking paddle with the holes cut into it for heavy work on hind-quarter flesh.

She explained to them that the thin cane was the most painful of the tools because of the stinging sensation like she had been attacked by a swarm of angry bees. Hyacinth's only spanking history was limited to the meaty part of Cornelius's heavy hand and she was ignorant of the uses of the devices.

Fifi seemed quite familiar with all of the tools and she bragged about how her husband, the well-respected man of the cloth Horatio Higgins attended to her discipline each and every night. She told them how he always concluded her lesson with a spirited cleaving of the flesh reciting various sections of the "Good Book" to elicit her submissive reaction. It was so inspiring that often she found she wanted to pull down her knickers whenever he started to read passages even when they were in the middle of the congregation in the church itself. They laughed at her description because it would be a real scandal if she had done anything of the sort.

Geraldine admitted to the two other women that she was most aroused when her husband made her perform in front of the customers and strangers right up on the raised platform sometimes used by traveling entertainers on a Saturday night. She was driven to trembling orgasms over the knee of her forceful spouse whilst baring her bottom for the hand or the belt. She told them that once she had gotten over her initial fear of showing her bare bottom to strangers and friends alike, it was stimulating to her to know so many eyes were watching her humiliation and submissive obedience to her husband's will.

Both Fifi and Hyacinth promised to be in the audience the following night when she would be the feature attraction of spanking domestic discipline on the "bare". It was bound to be a spirited and enthusiastic group because normally the sessions were conducted with knickers still in place over female bottoms.

The crowded room was filled with happy faces watching the innkeeper's wife slowly lower her pretty black and pink undies. Some of her "stripes" from earlier sessions were still evident on her arse cheeks but they did not detract from her overall presentation. Geraldine even turned her back to the audience and treated them to a view of her trembling brown eye and her closely shaved vaginal slit as she bent over and touched her toes like a much younger female.

Hyacinth was filming the entire show with Geraldine's and Dexter's permission. She was a little worried because she had agreed to allow one of the spectators to give her a good spanking with the paddle with the holes in it as the "finale" of the evening's entertainment. She hoped they would not hold her to the "On the Bare" provision for participants.

Geraldine squirmed this way and that way trying to get her spouse's cock right on the spot that made her weak with feminine desire whenever she took it over the knee. Finally she was all set and the smiling Dexter patted her soft padded bottom in anticipation of the festivities. The audience was entranced with the tableau and Hyacinth noticed several of the males were allowing their erect cocks to wave about with interesting freedom from confinement. Nobody seemed to mind that fact and she enjoyed comparing the sizes and shapes which often did not seem to be in accordance with the person above. She wondered if her revealed pussy would be considered more attractive or less attractive than her facial countenance.

Dexter was "warming" Geraldine's backside up nice and proper now and her whimpers started to get louder as she took his blows with dutiful submission. Hyacinth found that she was starting to leak inside her knickers when the sweating husband switched over to the more demanding riding crop that forced poor Geraldine to shout out with each and every forceful application. The meaty sound of the instrument hitting the innkeeper's wife's buttocks made Hyacinth slide her fingers under her skirt to find her clitoris and rub it into a state of high readiness for subsequent orgasm. A gentleman sitting next to her noticed her frenzied motions under her skirt and took the opportunity to add his own hand to her assistance. It was most presumptuous on his part but Hyacinth was in such a state of eager need to spray her female juices without further delay that all she did was shamelessly open her knees wider for his full access.

When Dexter was finished with Geraldine's pretty backside, she jumped up and ran off the stage yelling,

"I got to have a wee right away!"

Everyone was laughing because the sight of her running with her knees tight together was very funny indeed.

The stranger's finger were working magic on her pussy slit and Hyacinth dropped her head to his sturdy shoulder as her orgasm overcame her and she shuddered into a pleasant release of juices wetting the poor fellow's hand all over.

After a short respite, Dexter announced that their visitor Hyacinth had consented to a session on the stage for the enjoyment of the customers. Still basking in the pleasant glow of a satisfactory orgasm, Hyacinth made her way to the stage and twirled around for inspection by the entire crowd. When asked, she even lifted her skirts in behind and let them all see her pretty knickers because she was proud of them and had never shown them to anyone, not even her own deceased spouse.

When Dexter told her to remove her blouse and bra so her boobs could be seen swinging with each blow of the paddle, she was a bit hesitant but seeing Fifi's intent and eager face, she relented and followed his instructions to the letter. Only moments later, she realized she would have to take it "on the bare" and show all of the audience her generally hidden from view backside.

When she removed her knickers, everyone saw they were drenched with her juices and the laughter and snickers made her embarrassed with shame at her own weak promiscuity. Thank goodness that she had recently shaved her pubic area leaving only a small triangular "landing strip" for guiding in wayward cocks.

Dexter pulled a number out of his cap and a tall, handsome young workman came up to the stage. He was one of the spectators who had released his cock from captivity under his trousers and it waved about like a sword ready to strike into any willing female pussy or backside. She was much attracted to it and when she was instructed to stretch across the young man's lap, Hyacinth made sure her skirt in the front was raised enough so that the hard erection was rubbing right against her heated flesh.

The very touch of that rock-hard young man's cock pushed her into a shameful orgasm that pulled laughter from the entire crowd. Dexter invited several of the spectators up to the stage to "feel" her bottom before the spanking began. One of them was Fifi who did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation to slip her finger into her quivering pucker hole just to test her tightness back there. Other spectators laughed at her audacity and some imitated her aggressive behavior.

The spanking began slowly but then the tempo picked up and Hyacinth was forced to shout out long before her entire backside turned a rosy shade of red with easily seen white circles from the holes in the paddle. It was an entirely novel experience for her because the paddle was much more effective than human hands in the punishment of that part of the anatomy.

Before the young man was finished, poor Hyacinth suffered two obvious wet orgasms right in front of everybody. When he was finished, she staggered off of the stage but was patted on the back and told by everyone around her,

"You've done very well!"

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