Better Living Through Chemistry
Chapter 1: Introduction

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introduction - Robert Thomas gets a chemistry set for Christmas and experiments with some interesting results. His new interest in girls is a driving force to make him try different formulae.

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The title of this story gives you a hint of what the story is all about. My name is, and always has been, Robert Thomas. As this story begins I am sixteen years old and I have a fifteen-year-old sister, Sally. My sister and I get along okay but are not best friends by any means. We have had more than our share of squabbles just like most siblings. I always felt that Sally was mom and dad's little angel and could do no wrong. I of course got the blame for anything which went wrong whether I did it or not. But that's another story for another time. At the magical age of sixteen I was a late bloomer just entering puberty and started to notice the wide array of girls around me. It was significant when I realized that girls were more than just soft boys.

Strange things were happening to my body that I didn't quite understand. That appendage between my legs would, without warning, decide to grow and get stiff. In the bathtub I discovered that it felt very pleasant to thoroughly wash it. The longer I washed, the better it felt. Sometimes in bed I would stroke it and get the good feelings. At that time I wasn't able to reach an orgasm. It just felt good. One other event was when I realized that my little sister was a good looking girl. I suddenly noticed that Sally had growing breasts. I just didn't notice them before. I took every opportunity then to try to see as much of my sister's body as I could. Mom and dad stopped us from bathing together a few years before so seeing her naked was gone. I had to satisfy myself with whatever glimpses I could steal. I used to like to see her in her bathing suit in our backyard pool. She had small boobs widening hips and her waist was curving in and she did have a nice pair of legs. Was I obsessed with her? No, but having her around all the time was pleasant.

One of my favorite hobbies was mixing up various concoctions with my chemistry set that I got for Christmas. Some of the combinations had predictable results but when I decided to branch out beyond the instruction book in the set the results became spectacular if not downright dangerous. Fortunately mom and dad never found out how close I came to reducing our house to a pile of charcoal. As a side interest I became curious about pharmacology and how they came up with those mysterious pills the drug store sold. Unfortunately the set did not have some of the ingredients for some of the stuff I wanted to try out. I poked around on the internet and found a chemical supplier who didn't care who they sold to as long as they got paid. So I was off and running with my new hobby of playing with some ingestible compounds. I wasn't too interested in making hallucinogenic stuff. Just some mild mood changers were what I was after. I was my own test dummy and found some really interesting effects from some of the compounds. One that I came up with would allow me to stroke my cock (I heard some older boys call it that) for a longer time and feel real good. Previously it would wilt after just a few minutes.

Next I looked into the chemical makeup of sleeping pills. That required some in depth research to figure out what ingredients were in them and what they did. I found that if I mixed them just right I could regulate just how long they made me sleep. The first batch I mixed up made me sleep for about three hours. Then adjusting the mix I could make the time go from one hour to eight hours. While sleeping with the concoction I was out cold and did not sense anything around me. One time I had taken the two hour dose and my sister came in to wake me up. After I woke up right on schedule she told me that she had been calling and shaking me for about fifteen minutes. She told me that she was going over to a friend's house to play so I would know where she was.

The next day I decided to see if the mixture would work on someone else like it did with me. Sally and I were reading comic books on my bed and drinking cokes. We did get along sometimes so that was not too unusual. I decided that was as good a time as any so I slipped my one hour mix into her coke when she was not looking. She took a swig of the coke and finished the can setting it on my nightstand. About five minutes later she started to yawn and her eyes started to droop. She lay her head down on my pillow and fell fast asleep. I gave her about fifteen minutes and then tried to arouse her. I called her name and shook her with no response at all. I checked close and found that she was breathing normally but sound asleep. After an hour I tried again to wake her but she was still out cold. At an hour and fifteen minutes she finally woke up rubbing her eyes.

She sat up and told me, "I'm sorry I fell asleep on you."

"That's okay, you must have been tired."

"I didn't think I was tired but I must have been, to sleep like that. You must have been bored waiting for me to wake up."

"NO, that's fine, I was just happy to be here with you."

I wasn't about to tell her why she fell asleep and that I had tried to awaken her. My mind was going a mile a minute as I pondered the things that a sleeping girl presented to my curious mind. She had not responded to my calling or shaking so I wondered what else I could do with her while she was out like that.

She told me that she had enough of reading comics and that she was going over to Janet's house for a while. Janet lived three houses down the street from us so Sally walked over there. Janet was fifteen just like Sally and they were best friends. They did almost everything together. Sometimes Janet would come over to our house and she and Sally would retreat up to Sally's bedroom with the door closed and locked. I don't know what secrets they shared since all I could hear through the door was that they liked to talk about boys. I didn't hear my name mentioned, much to my disappointment, but some of what I caught was kind of spicy. Janet was a cute girl and I felt some attraction to her. She didn't seem too interested in me since I was just her best friend's brother. Her attitude was that siblings were only to be tolerated. She felt that her fourteen-year-old sister Patty was sometimes a pest, following her around and wanting to be included in whatever was going on. Patty had a case of hero worship for her big sister.

One day after Janet left Sally came to my room to play. We got the computer fired up and launched into a fierce battle of forces intent on dominating the world.

Sally said, "I'm going down for a coke. Do you want one?"

"Sure, I could use one."

She headed downstairs to get the cokes and I decided to give my sleeping compound another try. She came in and plopped down next to me and we resumed our game. When she was almost done with her coke I slipped a dose into her drink. Right on schedule fifteen minutes later she collapsed into my lap and shortly was snoring up a storm. I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. I placed her near the middle of the bed and she slept on. After a half hour I decided to test her again. I called her name several times literally hollering in her ear. I stood up on the bed and jumped up and down shaking her whole body severely. I got absolutely no response from her at all. My devious mind came up with another test. I had been trying to see intimate parts of her body so I decided to try my luck. I lifted her skirt up exposing her lacy pink panties to my prying eyes and I could see the full length of her shapely legs. My cock was getting hard and I was starting to breathe harder. I nervously reached over and ran my hand up and down her bare leg feeling the soft warm texture of her skin. I moved her legs apart so I could rub the insides of her thighs.

After rubbing her legs for a while I wanted more. I reached up and moved the crotch of her panties aside revealing her almost bald pussy (another term I learned from the guys at school). The lips were closed together so I spread her legs farther apart. Her pussy lips then parted revealing the pink insides of her sexual center. I couldn't resist touching her there and rubbed my finger up and down her moist slit. I could see the entrance of her vagina and a bump I had heard about near the top of her slit. I pressed my finger against the bump and her hips seemed to tremble a bit. I was scared that she was waking up so I put her panties back in place and pulled her skirt back down.

She was not waking up and slept the rest of the hour and fifteen minutes. She jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. When she came back she had a troubled look on her face.

She said, "Bobby, did I fall asleep again?"

"Yes you did."

"I'm so embarrassed. I felt like I had to pee when I woke up but couldn't go."

"I wouldn't worry about it. It happens to me sometimes too."

So we went back to the computer to resume out war game. As we played I was thinking about all my observations.

One - The strength of the mixture made me sleep an hour while it made Sally sleep for an hour and a quarter. It must have something to do with our weight differences.

Two – When asleep like that she did not have any reaction to anything I did.

Three – Make that all except when I pressed on her bump.

Four – My sister not only has great legs but her pussy is beautiful.

Five – I must visit her pussy some more.

Six – Don't play war games with Sally unless you are ready to lose. She's that good.

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