Needs Must
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Incest, InLaws, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A decent guy is asked to provide the sperm necessary to impregnate his sterile son's wife. This sets in motion a series of consequences that he never imagined when he conditionally agreed to help.

Weddings are supposed to be joyful occasions, so why did I feel like I was Banquo's ghost causing alarm to all and sundry who saw me?

Actually that's more in the way of a rhetorical question, I knew fine well why I was seated at the back of the reception ignored by most and receiving little but hostile looks from the grooms' family. The answer was simple, I was his father and they couldn't think of a good reason to keep me away, I do suspect however that they had given it serious consideration. The main reason I was there was sitting next to Peter my son, it was his bride Joanna whose parents I was still good friends with despite everything that my ex-wife and her subservient docile new(ish) husband could do to prevent. I guess they figured upsetting Joanna was out of the question so had acceded to her request that I be invited, though ensured I was tucked away out of sight, though definitely not out of mind.

I had at least forced them to recognise my presence just after the ceremony itself when I went forward to congratulate the happy couple getting a hug and kiss from Joanna who along with her sister thought of me as an uncle and a cold hostile thank you and handshake from Peter who clearly wished the ground would up and swallow me. As for his mother and her new partner Neville, well they literally turned their backs on me and shunned me which made them look a trifle petulant and petty much to my amusement, though admittedly no one else's.

After the reception things quietened down until the evening disco could get started and I simply wandered around drink in hand taking in the beautiful grounds of the castle they'd hired to be wed in. It wasn't too long before I was accosted by Angela my ex-wife's sister...

"I don't know how you even have the nerve to be here after all you did!" She accused me.

"After all I did?" I enquired mildly.

"Running off with that tart and leaving Tracey alone to cope with three kids and no upkeep!" She stormed.

"Oh is that the story now?" I replied. "I guess it's better than the one where I beat her up I suppose."

"You beat her up too?"

"No, no more than I ran off with a tart." I replied. "Nor did I steal from the kid's accounts, embezzle from work or even get caught in bed with your mother; I don't however think that last one was Tracey, it was probably one of the interchangeable cousins making mischief. However all have been posted on facebook as reasons for me being an utter shit, you should read it at times, it's quite educational."

"Always the excuses Jonathan!" She accused.

"I've no need for excuses." I replied. "Nor have I made any, now if you'll excuse me I have a landscape to observe, hopefully in peace and quiet."

I walked off leaving her sputtering in anger at my retreating back. It's not that I dislike Angela, just that Tracey has always maintained that I was responsible for breaking the marriage rather than the guy she was now married too and I always hold my peace when the subject comes up as I have no need to be involved in that level of sheer hate.

As it was, my peaceful sojourn was interrupted again by my ex brother in law who was clearly three sheets to the wind already and simply spoiling for a fight.

I have a bone to pick with you!" He slurred.

"No you don't Brian, now back off before you make an utter fool of yourself." I replied realising that I had an audience as a couple of bridesmaids, one of them Alice, Joanna's sister were having a crafty cigarette in the arbour near where I stood.

"No one hurts my little sister you bastard!" He screamed before launching a fist at my face only to fail to connect as I simply leaned back and watched him over balance and sprawl on the grass staining his suit in the process.

"Why don't you ask your sister just what it was she was doing that Friday when everyone says I walked out and who she was doing it enthusiastically with?" I said loud enough for the bridesmaids to hear before walking off leaving him cursing and struggling to get up off the ground.

I wandered back to the reception area figuring that there was safety in numbers and that the silliness of my ex's family would be more muted if there were more witnesses to it. I did start chatting to Joanna's Mum Irene and her Dad Bill congratulating Irene on her dress and him on the father of the bride speech which had raised a good few chuckles as well as made Joanna blush a little, though nothing too embarrassing.

"Still 'Mr Popular' I see?" Said Irene, gazing out at the hostile gazes from my ex's family.

"Oh yes, but I expected it, Tracey has to save face after all and knows what her family will think if the truth ever comes out." I replied.

"Truth Jonathan?" Asked Bill.

"One day Bill, but here's not the time or place." I replied.

"Figured there had to be more to it than the ever changing story that came out." He chuckled.

"Yes ... well it's the tribal gang culture that her family is wrapped up in where an insult to one is an insult to all, even if the insult is invented." I replied. "Uh oh."

Tracey herself was now stalking across the area towards me daggers in her eyes.

"How dare you assault Brian during your son's wedding!" She stormed.

"I didn't and I have witnesses." I replied calmly. "Brian's drunk and lying ... a family trait as far as I can tell."

"Why you..." She spluttered as I waved to one of the bridesmaids I'd saw earlier.

"Hi Alice would you tell Tracey here what you saw by the arbour please?" I asked when she came over.

"I saw your brother take a swing at Uncle Jonathan." She said. "Drunken fool missed too."

"I suggest you have a word with Brian about telling porkies." I replied to Tracey. "Thanks Alice."

I could swear I saw Tracey contemplating calling Alice a liar to her face despite the fact I was standing with her parents and I'm pretty sure Bill and Irene thought the same as their faces showed.

"I'll have a word." She finally grated out.

"Just call a truce till the receptions over and I'm gone Tracey." I said. "I won't be that much longer anyway, I have a train to catch and a taxi booked."

Tracey minced off without even saying a word to Bill, Alice or Irene.

"Sorry about that, I really didn't want anyone involved with my problems." I said into the silence.

"Christ Jonathan, what kind of family has my daughter married into?" Said Irene.

"She'll be fine; they don't take their issues out on women, just their men." I replied.

"Hope you're right Jonathan, I really do, I mean I've heard tales, but..." She said.

"It's mostly me." I replied. "I'm a thorn in their side as they suspect that something isn't quite right with Tracey's little stories, but have to save face to the world and me being here is just rubbing their noses in it."

"I'll go out with you when the taxi arrives Jonathan ... just in case." Said Bill.

"Thanks Bill, appreciate that, I had planned on slipping out the back way."

"Keep in touch and tell us the whole story." Irene said as she wrote down her mobile number and I got Alice's too as well as her facebook name.

There was no more trouble after that though I was aware of hostile eyes observing me until I got a text from the taxi company that my cab was waiting and Bill escorted me out too it, much to the chagrin of the 'cousins' who were waiting at the exit.

I never saw Bill again as the next visit I made up north was to his funeral, he'd died from a massive heart attack at work, poor guy. I gave my condolences to Irene, Alice and Joanna and after the ceremony found myself making small talk with Joanna despite Peter lurking in the background giving me hostiles.

"So how's married life treating you?" I asked.

"It's good ... loving it" She replied with a slight smile.

"Any plans for a family?" I replied.

"Not you as well Uncle Jonathan." She sighed. "We're holding off till Peter has finished his apprenticeship and trainee period, then going for it ... so to speak."

"I await the results with anticipation." I replied.

"I never did thank you for being so diplomatic at the wedding." She said quietly.

"I really didn't want to spoil your big day." I replied. "So thought I'd best get out before alcohol affected good sense."

"Thanks anyway, they really do get riled up when your name is mentioned, although they no longer talk about you when I'm around, or rather Tracey doesn't as I can do this..." She said raising a single eyebrow archly. "Because she knows that I know what really happened and will say something if she doesn't shut up and she doesn't want Peter to know either."

"A Mexican standoff?" I replied.

"Yep, she doesn't go on about you and I don't tell Peter the truth ... or your version of it anyway." Joanna admitted. "I suspect most of the family know something isn't quite right, but can't bring themselves to face it."

"Well don't cause yourself problems over my troubles." I replied. "Just enjoy being married to my son who's a good lad despite his mother."

"I won't Uncle Jonathan, but thanks anyway." She said as she gave me a peck on the cheek and moved on to talk to Alice.

I heard very little other than the odd thing on facebook for the next two years, Irene had taken Bill's death badly and was still in mourning to a certain extent, I did phone her occasionally when work allowed, though frequently I was too busy and out of the country. I did learn Alice had married and was doing well and Joanna ... well it was as if a wall of silence had come down other than vague platitudes on her and Peter's general wellbeing.

So it came as a surprise when between jobs that I got a text from Joanna asking me to call her.

"Hi Joanna, how's things?" I asked when I got through.

"Hi Uncle Jonathan, things are ok, but I need to ask you a favour ... a big favour."

"Ask away." I replied.

"I'm not comfortable doing this over the phone, so could we meet up?"

"Er sure ... where?"

I was given the address of a pub/restaurant somewhere in the wilds of Yorkshire near Keighley and asked to get there for Friday evening and to bring a bag for the weekend as Joanna had booked me a room for some reason, which wasn't particularly convenient, but Joanna did ask nicely, almost to the point of begging.

Friday came and I arrived at my destination noting that it was attached to one of those anonymous travel lodges that dot the UK countryside on the main roads. I did check with them that they had my booking as whatever it was that Joanna wanted to discuss looked like taking a lot longer than I expected. I had to admit I was worried though, mostly to do with Peter being ill or somesuch...

I spotted Joanna when I went into the pub part of the restaurant still looking as lovely as the day I'd last seen her. She spotted me at the same time, smiled and waved me over.

"Hi Uncle Jonathan, thanks for coming and sorry about all the cloak and dagger stuff." She started.

"No problem, it's always lovely to see you. How's Peter and your family?" I replied.

"They're all fine, though it's to do with Peter that I asked to speak to you." She said.

"He's ok?"

"Yes, except we're having problems conceiving, although he doesn't know that the problem is him." Joanna said quietly her cheeks glowing a rosy red. "I've been trying for a couple of years now to have a baby sort of unbeknownst to him and had myself checked out, I'm fine, there's nothing wrong with me, but I haven't caught yet, despite making sure he had me at the most opportune times. I did get a sample from him ... um carefully and had it tested, he's got a large percentage of damaged and sterile sperm, almost 98%. Now he's told me he'd like to try starting a family and I said I'd love too."

"Oh hell, Peter did have glandular fever when he sort of hit puberty." I replied. "We were told it might affect his fertility, though it was an outside chance."

"Yes ... well that's where I need to ask a favour, I don't want Peter to know he's sterile, it would cause ... problems for him in the family and his ego is ... fragile."

"So you can't adopt?" I replied sort of seeing where this was going.

"No. I need a ... donor, someone to provide me with a ... genetic sample to fertilise me and as Peter has no brothers and I wouldn't dare ask one anyway ... that leaves you as the closest male that I can ask." She said her cheeks now flaming red with extreme embarrassment.

"Jesus have you any idea of the hell that would break loose if Peter or the family found out?" I said aghast.

"Yes Uncle Jonathan I have." She replied. "But I love my husband and don't want him to become a laughing stock in the family."

"Ok." I replied. "I presume you have a way and means to ... er ... sort this?"

"Yes, we have the room booked here and I chose today as this weekend leads up to my ovulation so there's a pretty good chance I'll conceive." She said. "Everything I need is in my bag; I just need you to provide the ... material."

"Won't Peter miss you?" I asked.

"He thinks I'm away with my Mum and Sister on a healing retreat ... so no phones." She replied.

"And your Mum and sister?"

"They know and will cover, it was their idea..." She admitted with a wry smile.

"Hope it works." I replied. "Because next week I'm off to Dubai for six months as a project manager on one of those huge buildings they keep wanting to put up."

"So ... when do you want to start?" She asked tentatively.

"No time like now, let's go to the room and you can explain what you need doing." I replied.

The room was a plain and simple, twin single beds with an attached bathroom, no frills save a single tv. Joanna went in and sat on one of the beds kicking her sandals off, I sat on the other.

"I need you to provide me with a sample in this beaker." She said opening her bag and putting an assortment of bits onto the bed. "I then use the syringe to suck it up and inject myself and then I have to try and give myself an orgasm..." She added going almost scarlet faced.


"It helps my cervix er ... scoop up the sample and deposit it in my womb." She said still blushing furiously.

"Ok ... got that ... syringe?"

"Yes it's ... oh bloody hell!" Joanna frantically searched her bag and tipping it up to no avail as there was no syringe to be found.

"I'm sure we can get one from a chemist tomorrow." I said.

"Doubt it." She replied despondently. "I got it from my GP it's designed to deposit the sample without damaging it ... and no, turkey basters don't work too well either."

"I'm so sorry bonny lass." I said going over to hold her as the tears began to fall.

Joanna just hugged me and sobbed gently.

"This was my only hope." She sobbed. "Peter will wonder then insist we have checks..."

"Can't you fob him off for a few months?" I asked.

"I doubt it, we've been trying a little while and he is wondering..." She said. "Um Jonathan?"


"There is one way ... the natural way..."

"I don't think that's a good idea." I replied quite shocked that the lovely young lady whom I'd known since she was in nappies and wife to my son would even suggest it.

"It isn't but please Jonathan, please!" She begged.

"Ok." I sighed. "But after this we never mention it ... ever."

"Thank you." She replied. "But perhaps some ground rules..."


"You're going to fuck me, we aren't making love, you stick it in, wave it about and do the deed and withdraw; I do the rest. That means no kissing, fondling, caressing and we only remove our bottom clothing, we do not get naked. Ok?"


"Ok, let's begin." She sighed and slipped her jeans and underwear off and lay back on the bed legs apart, a neatly trimmed pussy on full display to my gaze, though not doing a lot for me for once.

I slipped my shoes and socks off then undid my trousers before slipping them and my underwear off and sat on the bed beside her as limp as could be.

"Sorry." I muttered before attempting to jerk myself into an erection that seemed to be escaping me.

"Oh for God's sake!" Muttered Joanna before reaching around me to take control of the situation to manipulate me swiftly into hardness.

"Sorry my mind is not fully engaged." I replied shamefacedly as I moved between her shapely thighs.

"I know, I'm sorry for being impatient too Jonathan and breaking the rules." She said as the tip of my cock found her entrance only to find it dry and tight.

"Ow!" She gasped as I applied pressure.

"Hold on a sec and don't read this breaking of the rules wrong." I replied as I moved down her body to slip my tongue into the groove of her vulva and lubricate her dry pussy.

I soon found her clitoris and entrance and tasted her for the first time making sure her juices were flowing before I came up to place myself at her entrance and thrust forward hearing her gasp at my penetration. I then moved my cock in and out of her pussy whilst holding my body high to avoid any unnecessary contact whilst Joanna had her arms splayed wide to support herself and was consciously not looking at me as I slid in and out of her. I on the other hand could see her very clearly and if not in the most perfect of circumstances was enjoying the sensation around my cock as she was very tight indeed. I kept thrusting into her and began to notice that her internal muscles were beginning to caress my cock in return. I also noticed her tee shirt was becoming drenched with perspiration and her face red with excess heat from our or rather my exertions. Sweat was also beading on my forehead and dripping down onto her as I was becoming overheated myself.

"Could you get off a minute Jonathan?" She gasped and slid her tee shirt off as I did the same with my shirt.

At her nod I resumed my position and slid into her again taking a good look at the charms partially on display, she was a lovely b or perhaps a c cup on an average 36" 26" 36" figure. Very dark almost black shoulder length hair with lovely brown eyes which were for the moment gazing right back at me. She was also giving a low moan at every deep penetration of my cock as her body was responding in ways her mind had hoped to prevent.

"Soon!" I gasped as I could feel my climax building.

Joanna then astonished me by grabbing my neck with one hand and drew me down to kiss her full lips whist her other arm slid around me to pull my body down onto hers as her legs enfolded mine to just over my buttocks. My own tempo increased as Joanna's tongue slid into my mouth, her own hips bucked furiously in tandem with mine and I felt my fertile cum boiling out of my balls to coat her insides as her own body stiffened and pushed hard against me as her own orgasm overwhelmed her temporarily.

I rolled over dazed with the sensations as well as guilt over breaking the rules as it were. Gazing back I could see Joanna's rib cage heaving and tears in her eyes at our forbidden act I presumed.

"Sorry." I said reaching out to touch her face.

"Don't be Jonathan, that was ... wonderful." She said tears trickling down her face. "I've never came during intercourse alone before, but I feel so guilty ... so dirty."

"I can go now." I replied. "I never meant to cause you distress."

"No, please don't, I need you to keep me topped up over this weekend so to speak. Don't worry, I'm a big girl, I'll survive, it just came as a shock is all."

Joanna reached over to the bedside cabinet and retrieved a tampon inserter and slipped it into her pussy to block the flow and then just leaned over to cuddle into me.

"Just hold me Jonathan; I really just need to be held as this wasn't my plan."

"I know." I replied. "I did so enjoy you too, if that helps?"

"It does, because frankly that was the best sex I've ever had, I couldn't believe it when you went down on me, Peter never does and it just kick started my system. I did try to ignore what was happening, but it felt just too good!"

"Well it was hardly ideal for either of us, but yes, that was damned good sex." I admitted.

"True." She confirmed with a smile.

"Suggestion?" I replied.

"Yes Jonathan?"

"How about whatever happens in Vegas..."

"Stays in Vegas..." She replied with a slight smile and leaned over to kiss me our tongues entwining with each other as our mouths locked together and we held each other closely. I did reach around to unclip her bra and free the precious cargo carried within it and marvelled at her lovely soft bounty already topped with erect engorged nipples.

"Like what you see?" She asked shyly.

"Oh yes." I replied and guided her hand down to my rapidly stiffening cock.

"I'm supposed to wait a couple of hours before inserting another ... donation." She moaned as my cock hardened even more.

"I can wait." I replied a little disappointed.

"Fuck waiting!" She gasped pulling the withdrawal string on her tampon and removing it before straddling me and lowering her body onto my now fully erect cock. "Yes! Oh YES!"

She began to move her hips in an undulating back and forth motion caressing my cock all the while with her internal muscles. I reached up to gently cup her firm breasts before rolling her pink nipples between thumb and forefinger making her gasp in delight as they rose to my ministrations.

"So good ... so, so good!" She gasped as I lowered one hand to slide my fingers onto her clit to increase the contact our bodies had and watched as this lovely woman moaned and pressed down hard onto me with a slow blush forming on her cheeks to spread downwards to the tips of her nipples as she first groaned then screamed in ecstasy as another orgasm overwhelmed her.

"Christ Jonathan!" She moaned. "That was incredible."

"Good I replied as I began to move my own hips in time with hers as I felt myself beginning to respond far too quickly to the delights of our forbidden passion. It didn't take too long at all before again I blasted her insides with another batch of prime babymaking material.

We both collapsed again beside each other, though this time Joanna was all smiles of joy at the passion we'd experienced.

"So good." She almost purred.

"Takes two." I agreed.

"Yes and we have all weekend too..." She replied before gasping as I used my fingers again to caress her clitoris and made her orgasm.

After slipping another tampon into her vagina Joanna just cuddled into me, our bodies shedding the excess heat of our coupling and we exchanged kisses and soft caresses as we enjoyed the intimacy of our new found pleasures.

"It's probably fate." Joanna murmured.


"You probably didn't notice but both Alice and I had crushes on you when we were in our teens." She giggled.

"I have to admit I didn't." I chuckled. "Don't get me wrong, I thought you were beautiful young ladies, but you were definitely off limits."

"Mum always thought you were a handsome devil too." She replied with a cheeky grin.

"Again off limits." I chuckled. "I liked your Dad far too much to mess around with his family, though I have to admit I knew your Mum fancied me when we were younger."

"But you never?..."

"No, I never, though I do try to keep in touch when I'm in the UK."

"What about now?"

"Er what about now?" I responded.

"Well you haven't a woman in your life and Mum is lonely despite missing my Dad like crazy..."

"Joanna I spend almost 9 months of the year working abroad, that's a lot to expect a woman to put up with."

"Pity, I wouldn't mind you as a Stepdad." "She giggled.

"It would make Peter's life interesting to be sure." I chuckled.

"God wouldn't it just!" She replied. "Er I don't suppose I could persuade you to buy a starving pregnant lady a dinner?"

"Got to keep your strength up." I said with a stifled laugh at the batting eyelashes.

We dressed and hurried downstairs to catch the last meal order time and enjoyed a good filling meal, though neither of us touched any alcohol.

All through the meal we simply chatted, nothing sexual, just two friends getting to know each other after a long absence. I caught up with my son and my two daughters lives in a way that facebook simply couldn't describe, although on facebook I simply used an alternative name to keep up with my children.

"I really ought to find a way to call you to catch up with things." I sighed. "I just didn't want to cause you problems so relied on your Mum and Alice."

"Well Peter works Monday to Friday through the day and my shifts often are evenings and weekends, so through the week days is fine on my mobile." She answered.

"OK, I will." I replied.

"Besides after this weekend I'll be a tad angry if you don't keep in touch." She giggled. "I may want more than one child and you're the one I'll need to 'assist' me."

"In the traditional way?" I asked quizzically.

"Oh God yes please Jonathan!" She replied firmly. "I don't want Peter to ever know, but I do so want to do this again and again!"

"Risky." I replied.

"I know, but I'm sure we can find a way ... assuming you'd like to Jonathan?"

"If you'd asked me yesterday, the answer would have been no, but making love to you has been a wonderful experience Joanna and yes, I'd love it to be an irregular regular thing."

"Thank you Jonathan." She replied. "Sort of 'a dream come true' for me ... if a little later than I expected."

We went back upstairs to the bedroom and Joanna slipped into my arms as we kissed. Stretching down her hand she was soon fondling my already erect cock on the outside of my pants.

"Ooh my top up's ready." She giggled.

"That he is." I replied as I undid her jeans and slipped a hand down her panties to caress her mound.

"Oh that feels so good." She sighed as her own hands released my belt and undid my pants allowing them to fall to the floor.

I passionately kissed her lips before tugging her tee shirt up over her head and releasing her bra allowing her breast to gently sway free under gravity. I then picked her up and lifted her to the centre of the bed where we had fucked barely an hour before.

Grasping her jeans and panties between finger and thumb I drew them down to expose her naked body to my gaze again. She was beautiful to my eyes, all the allure of youth yet with a sheer wanton look in her eyes that told me she wanted me ... wanted me now. I swiftly pulled my shirt off and then withdrew the tampon plug Joanna was using to keep as much of my seed in her as possible then slipped between her shapely thighs to drive my cock home in one powerful thrust.

"YESSSSSSSSS!" She cried at my penetration. "OH YESSSSSSS! Fuck me Jonathan, fuck me hard, knock me up! Give me a baby! Your baby! Oh fuckkkkkkk!

Within a few hard thrusts of my initial entry Joanna went into a series of small orgasms which seemed to build and build until she just screamed out in a massive one. For a young lady who'd never orgasmed simply from having a cock in her she was surely making up for lost time as I simply rammed home my cock in a series of powerful thrusts taking her higher and higher in her passions.

Such passion and joy was soon having an effect on me too and I could already feel my own orgasm building yet tried to hold it off until Joanna went over the top in a massive orgasm and my timing was perfect as my fertile seed blasted onto her cervix at the moment of her orgasm filling her with my offering yet again.

We both collapsed onto the bed our chest heaving trying to draw breath.

"God, I'm pretty sure I'm as fertile as fuck at the moment, but that's the one ... I just know that's the one that got me Jonathan." She gasped.

"I hope so Joanna." I replied with a contented smile as we cuddled each other.

We retired to the other bed after that and simply cuddled each other till we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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