Finding My Lost Father
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Pregnancy, Size, Hairy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mother has a daughter after an affair with a younger man but never tells anyone that the father is not her husband. The daughter finds her mothers journal and the pieces fall together.

Finding my biological father was never in the cards since I never knew that my mothers husband was not my biological father. I grew up thinking he was my father and strangely enough he thought he was my biological father too. He never knew that my mother strayed from their marital bed and while doing so was impregnated by a young man that fell head over heals in love with her and she with him but it could not be. She was the young wife of a very powerful politician and an affair could ruin his career. Although she never really loved him, she would not disgrace him or her family. He was good to her but he was not the lover she wanted or needed.

My mothers father set it all up just after she graduated college. He introduced his 22 y/o daughter to a 40 y/o career politician as a favor to get an appointment to an office of great importance. She wanted to please her dad so she married him after a short courtship and moved to the capital city. At first it was all new and exciting but soon the parties were a bore and his inability to satisfy her made her long for more. His idea of a romantic evening was a social gathering with old politicians followed by a few minutes of kissing, a few minutes minutes of fondling, undressing and 4 minutes of sex. He was a larger man with a big stomach and a small-short penis. He enjoyed sex fast, hard and never varied the pace or pre-sex routine. He was a grunter and moaned as he pumped into her and came well before she was close to orgasm. He typically collapsed after he orgasmed and quickly went to sleep and snored like a pig. She often cried herself to sleep and wished things were different. Outwardly and in public she played the part of a proud politicians wife but she was an empty shell of loneliness.

She started volunteering as most political wives do to break up the days and add value to her husband's career. After a while she found that she liked working with children in the local public library, a volunteer opportunity another political wife told her about while she was at a coffee. It was a great place to volunteer and she really enjoyed being around people that were trying to improve their lives.

After two years of marriage her husband came home one day and said he wanted a child. Although it was initially a surprise, they tried to get pregnant. She detested the thought of planned sex since sex with him was already bad enough but once again she played the part. She thought that a child would make her life feel fulfilled. It was during this time that she met a young student studying to be a physician. He spent a lot of time in the library and, although was very focused on his books, she occasionally caught him looking at her. He would quickly advert his eyes and go back to studying. She began to feel attractive again. He was a beautiful boy so it excited her to think that he was checking her out. She used the her connections to find out more about him and soon uncovered that he was a presidential scholar and a part time model. He had graduated high school at 15 and immediately started college. At 18, he was already accepted into medical school and would start the following fall. She had studied pre-med in college but didn't really have the grades to go forward. She was excited that she had a lot in common with him.

Tom, the young student's name and my father was 6"2' and his hazel eyes made her weak in the knees. She was soon thinking of him all of the time and would often imagine it was him rather than her husband as they has sex. The countless trips to fertility specialists and scheduled sex was not what she wanted but it was something she felt she needed to do to please her husband. She dreamed of Tom's beautiful eyes looking into hers as he pushed his manhood into her and how it must feel to be wrapped in his arms. Her imagination would go out of her control and her thoughts of him were passionate and erotic although she had never said more than hello to him. After a few months she finally got the courage to speak to him and found him to be a very pleasant person which fueled her secret and erotic dreams even more. It would have been easier for her if he was a jerk so she could just move on. His eyes looked right through her and her spirit was on fire with desire. She began to volunteer more and would always try to find out when he would be there so she could say hello and start a conversation.

After a short conversation one day she asked if he would ever be interested in going to lunch. He said that it would be nice to meet for lunch and that they would have to plan it one day. As he walked away she wanted to make herself thing it was just an innocent lunch but she knew it was more. How much more, she didn't know.

When the day actually came she was nervous. They had decided that she would meet him near the college campus at a very hip sub shop. That was safe she thought. She didn't think it would go anywhere anyway but the more public the safer it was. He was so handsome and his smile and laugh were contagious. She smiled so much at lunch that her cheeks hurt! More than once she had thought he was checking out her cleavage and chest but passed it off as her imagination. On a whim and maybe to prove she was still a desirable woman she excused herself to go to the restroom and while she was there she unbuttoned an additional button on her shirt and took off her jacket as she sat back down. Her hunch was validated when she returned! Tom couldn't keep his eyes off of her as much as her tried. She actually felt guilty but started getting turned on at the same time. Quickly she noticed that her nipple were clearly visible so she put her blazer back saying it was getting cold.

Overall she enjoyed lunch as was sad it had to end. Tom was done with classes for the day but was planning to study so he could enjoy the fall weekend. Always the gentleman, Tom walked my mother to her car but 1/2 way there the sky opened up and it started to rain. At first it was just a drizzle but then it poured and the two got soaked. Feeling bad that he had volunteered to walk her to her car and ended up getting we, she insisted on driving him to his apartment. When they got to his apartment he nervously asked if she wanted to come in and get dry. Initially she said no and that she would go home but as he was shutting the door she shut off the car and said sure. They ran to the rain and to his apartment and got even more wet as she waited on his nervous hands to unlock and open the door.

His apartment was small but it was very neat and looked clean. He sat his books down and when he turned around it happened. It just happened. They embraced and kissed for the first time. She was so relieved and so excited. It was so much better than she expected. She was soaking wet, standing in the kitchen of an efficiency apartment and making out with a beautiful boy that she had been dreaming about. They were there for a while when she noticed a very large bulge pressing against her upper hip. She pulled him tight to confirm her hunch. Well her hunch as confirmed.

After a while she broke the kiss and asked if he has a robe she could wear long enough to put her clothes in the dryer. As he stepped back she got a good look at him and couldn't help but notice he was sporting a very large hard-on. She also noticed him checking out her very wet and transparent shirt that clearly displayed her large pink areolas' and hard nipples through her white lace bra. Her C-cup tits were firm and the cold rain added to their perkiness. He brought her a robe and she walked to the bathroom on very weak legs. Once in the bathroom she closed the door and took a long deep breath before undressing. As she undressed she looked at her 24 year old body in the mirror. It's not too late, I can leave now or stop this before it goes too far.

She took a deep breath and stripped nude in the middle of his bathroom. She looked in the mirror. Her long brunette hair was wet and hanging down on her shoulders. Her C-cup breasts were perky, covered in chill bumps, and each was capped by a deep red 1/2 dollar sized areola and a nipple the size and hardness of a pencil eraser. Her stomach was flat, her hip were slim and her dark thick bush stood out against her pail skin. She wrapped herself in the terry cloth robe and, after securing it, grabbed her wet clothes and opened the bathroom door to face her young new friend. He greeted her with a smile. He had put on a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt and looked so handsome standing in the kitchen. She took her clothes over and handed them to him. Her bra and panties were on top so there was no doubt as to her state of dress under the robe he had given her to wear. She followed him over the the dryer and after he had loaded and started it, she wrapped her arms around his neck backed him up against the dryer locking her lips to his.

She felt his manhood start to harden and knew that she had to stop now or go all of the way. She let her hands slide up under his sweatshirt and ran her fingers over his back and up to her shoulders. His hands gently pulled her close and traced the small of her back. She broke the kiss, took his hand and led him over to the side of his bed. After a passionate kiss, she helped him remove his sweatshirt and resumed her gentle touch over his hack and shoulders. The lump in his shorts was revealing how large he was and she was sure that he would be larger than her husband. Her husband was 5" long and maybe 4.25'" in diameter which was about average from all she had read. She was sure Tom was larger but how much larger she didn't know.

Reality was that she had only been with one man and she was on fertility pills.

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