A New Life for My Sister and I
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Brother, Sister, Anal Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After her husband is killed at work, my sister turns to me

She looked gorgeous in her black suit with her long blonde hair flowing from beneath the brim of her female styled fedora, her eyes caught mine through her face veil and I caught her sadness.

At last the coffin was lowered into the earth and she threw a handful in after it before taking my arm in hers and leading the way out of the dark and dreary church yard.

We sat close together in the back of the limousine taking us to the reception at a local hotel, her hand in mine and her perfume in my nostrils.

"Thank God that's over" she said softly and I agreed with her,

"Yes it wasn't very pleasant" she turned and touched her lips to my cheek, "I was referring to my marriage to John, as well you know"

"Yes but I didn't want to say it"

"You're lovely aren't you?" and she squeezed my hand, "But I know you never liked him"

"I don't like anyone who hits my twin sister"

"Thank you my love, can I ask you a favour?"

"Anything, you know that"

"It's a big one"

"I told you, anything" I repeated,

"Will you stay with me for a couple of days?"

"Of course I will, did you honestly expect me to say anything else?"

"Well the Army, you know"

"No problem kid, I'll just have to ring the boss though, he'll say yes, I know he will"

"You're S.A.S. aren't you?"

"You know I can't ever admit that Katie"

We pulled up outside the hotel then and she left it as we went in to the room she'd booked for the reception,

Her late husband's dad bought her a drink and she sat down with him and his wife, I didn't like either of them and never had, they thought their scummy son was too good for her and were forever trying to do her down. I stood at the bar just watching and sure enough I saw the tears start, her father in law said something and gestured towards me, that was more than enough for me, I strolled over and asked Katie if she was ok,

"She's perfectly well thank you, kindly leave us, we're discussing a private matter with our daughter in law" the old man said testily,

"Well it seems as though that private matter is making my twin sister cry"

I said pleasantly and pulled up a chair next to Katie, who looked at me with gratitude.

"Look son" her father in law said, "It's a financial matter so just fuck off will you?"

Leaning forward, I said softly,

"Swear like that again in front of my sister and you'll wake up with your balls in your mouth, if you actually have any"

He curled his lips in a sneer and nodded behind me to where his other two sons were standing cracking their knuckles, they were gangster film fans!

"Time you were going David" the smaller one said softly, he might have been smaller than his brother, but he was still well over six feet, Katie looked up at him and said, "Please don't John, you'll get hurt"

John thought that was funny and reached for me, but the only thing he touched was his brother as I pushed my chair back, stood up and in one movement, spun him round, whipped an arm up behind his back at the same time as I pushed his head sharply into that of his brother, both collapsed in a heap without even having the decency to moan, they were both out cold!

"Now then" I spoke to the old man whose mouth resembled that of a gold fish, "Unless you've got any more wannabee James Cagneys for me, let me tell you a couple of things, I don't care what financial matters you wish to browbeat my sister with, but if as I think, they were into you for a loan, I'll repay it, but only when I know more about it and even then it will be in my own good time, got it?"

"We bought the house for them" the old woman found her voice at last, "She owes us a lot of money and we want it"

"I'm sure you do" I said pleasantly, "And like I said, you'll get it, I see now where your son got his bullying ways from, but I'm afraid to tell you that I'll be around yet for a while, so you'll be dealing with me"

"Oh and the second thing is, do not contact her again, do it through a solicitor"

They both sat there staring at me like I was an alien, Katie smothered a giggle and we went over to join a group of her real friends!

"He's my brother" Katie said by way of an introduction, "And a soldier, he's in the --"

"Katie" I stopped her with a look and then smiled as I shook hands with them all,

They were a great crowd and accepted me just like that, Id only intended on staying for one, but as everyone brought a round, I kept hanging on so I could buy one back until one of the guys in the group said that my little display earlier had ensured that my money was no good, "You'll never buy a round with us lot here Dave, we all think a hell of a lot of Katie, you've just proved that you do too"

"Ok but I feel like a bloody scrounger"

"Fuck off" he laughed, "I'm Danny Groves, make that Sergeant Danny Groves, Royal Logistics mob"

"Hey a tip toe boy" (Their nick name is the tip toe boys because they are responsible for bomb disposing)

"Yeah and we've met before"

"We have?"

"Second gulf war, Basra 2003, if I remember correctly"

"Yeah I was there"

"I know" he chuckled, "We marched into Basra, quite proud of our little selves only to be met by a scruffy bunch of ragheads asking in perfect English, what the fuck kept you?"

I threw my head back and roared at the memory, "That was you?"

"Yeah, we were fucking gob smacked, there we were thinking we were first and you scruffy lot of bastards were there scratching your fucking arses waiting for us"

We talked for a while swapping memories before he touched my arm, "Katie's pissed mate look"

I looked and she was, as I watched she threw a double vodka and coke back in one before reaching for another one, she threw that one back and grinned over at me, "Come and join us bruv, I'm getting pissed"

"I can see that" I laughed and reached for one of the many doubles in front of her,

"Cheers everyone, thanks for being here today for my sister"

They all drank and Katie burst into tears, "I'm a widow Dave"

"I know darling" I soothed her making gestures to Danny for a taxi, when it arrived, I'd had two more doubles and was beginning to feel it,

The driver was a bit worried but I handed him a twenty to allay his fears and from then on he was fine,

"They were right you know" she slurred drunkenly against my chest,

"Who was right?"

"Mum and dad, they said I should have found someone like you"

"Oh Katie" I squeezed her and held her tightly, I really didn't want to think of our parents at that moment. It had been ten years since they came home early from a party and caught me and Katie stark naked and wrapped very closely around each other while we slept, thank God they didn't pull the single sheet off us or they'd have seen the dried semen on her stomach where I'd spilled it after pulling out as I came!

The taxi pulled up outside her house and I somehow managed to get her out,

"I'm a widow" she announced to the bemused driver, "A merry fucking widow"

"Sorry mate" I said, "We just buried her husband"

"Shit" he said aghast, "No wonder she's pissed"

I got her in the house and propped her up against the wall while I locked up, but she decided she wanted another drink and staggered off into the kitchen,

"Don't you think you've had enough darling?" I asked as I stood and watched her drunken antics,

"No" she giggled, "I'm still standing upright aren't I?"

I confirmed that she was still upright and then watched as she sloshed vodka in two glasses, some actually went into the glasses which impressed me given her state of drunkenness, we toasted each other and I suggested again that she went to bed,

"I've only got one" she slurred,

"One what?"

"One bed of course" she giggled as if it was obvious and all I could reply was, "Oh, in that case I'll sleep on the couch"

"I'll buy one tomorrow"

"Yeah okay"

"I wanted a cuddle David, a nice loving cuddle from my favourite brother"

"I'm your only brother"

"Yes and you won't give me a cuddle"

"Because I can remember what happened the last time you told me you wanted a cuddle"

"You said it was good"

"It was good, it was amazing, but you've had too much to drink just now, you'll hate me if we did anything"

"You just don't love me any more"

"Stop being silly you tart" I laughed, "Come on let's get you upstairs"

"Ooh are you going to undress me?"

"No I just want to make sure you don't fall"

"Carry me then"

I did and she squealed with drunken laughter as I carried her upstairs and into her bedroom, I made to dump her on the bed but the crafty bitch hung onto me and pulled me down with her.

I landed on top of her, her arms around my neck and the sweet smell of her breath in my mouth, before I knew it, my defences were down and I was returning her open mouthed kisses every bit as passionately as she was kissing me!

I could blame the booze and I suppose I do, but in my defence she is a stunningly beautiful woman and as we kissed I slipped both hands up around the top of her thighs and discovered she was wearing stockings!

She moaned into my mouth as my fingers stroked the front of her tiny panties, they were soaking, "Fuck me David, fuck me darling" Her hands were at my zip opening it and delving inside, I felt her fingers on my shaft and then it was free,

"Rock hard" she whispered into my mouth, "Just like last time"

I used one hand to push her panties to one side while the other one guided it into her warmth, her cunt felt like a wet velvet glove around me and I heard my own gasp as I slid all the way in,

"Yes" she hissed into my ear, "Oh fuck yes David, we were meant for this, your cock deep inside my cunt, fuck me slowly darling, nice and deep and slowly"

Both her legs went round my back and she locked her ankles behind me, I cupped her firm little buttocks and lunged making her squeal with pleasure, she scrabbled with my shirt and practically ripped it off, I pulled out and quickly took the rest of my clothes off, it took me only seconds and she screamed as I retook my place naked and plunged into her.

She screamed and pushed back at me, "Harder David, fuck me harder"

I increased the pace of my fucking while she clung to me whispering delicious little obscenities in my ear,

"I wanted you to touch me in church" she whispered, "I wanted you to slip your hand up my skirt and finger me"

"You dirty bitch" I hissed and rammed myself into her even harder,

"Mmm, yes, you liked that thought didn't you?"

"I like hearing you talk like that"

"I wanted to whisper to you that my cunt was wet"

"I couldn't take my eyes off your back side"

"Why, is it big?"

"No, just very fuckable"

She pulled my face down to hers and kissed me then sliding her tongue in between my teeth,

"You can do that in the morning, when I'm nice and relaxed" she breathed into my mouth,

"Mmm yes" I slid my hands under her bottom again and prodded a finger gently against her anus,

"Yes" she moaned, "Push it in David"

I did and she squealed, "Ow, David I'm coming"

I could feel myself nearly there and pushed my finger in deeper bringing another squeal from her mouth,


Her eyes rolled back in her head, she jerked as I used my finger like a hook and pulled her even closer to me, I felt my cock erupt and she squealed again ripping my back with her long finger nails as she shook with the power of her orgasm.

We lay together afterwards still locked together getting our breath back, I was still inside her although soft, but it just felt perfect.

"Will you stay with me David?"

"You know I will, I said so earlier"

"No I mean, give your house up and move in with me"

"I'd give everything up for you"

"Even the army?"

"Probably, but I still need a job"



"If you take your finger out of my bum, we can get to sleep"

"Oh ok"

We slept!

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