The Tantric Way
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Paranormal, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ami was a "Type A" personality lawyer who by age 31 had ruined her health. A visit to her doctor put her into a gym and a "special" yoga class that changed her life.

Ami Davis was very pissed. Her world had been perfect until the headaches started. Arriving every afternoon for the past three weeks they became so debilitating that she had to leave the office and go home and lay down. The IPO was nearing completion and now her 70 hour work weeks were limited to 40. If she couldn't wrap this up on time, the shit would hit the fan and her future as the youngest associate ever to be made partner at the law firm of Coogan & Grande was in jeopardy. She had worked all-out for the past six years, focused only on her job. Her social life was relegated to holidays with the family and an occasional movie for home viewing. As for sex, what was that? Her last encounter was right after law school and ended with her having to smash her date in the face in order to get him to take his hand off her panty covered pussy. What was it about guys anyway? They all seemed crude, rough and in a rush. They had never done much for her anyway and since that last fiasco, she swore off them completely. Actually, she temporarily swore off sex. She was too tired to masturbate. She told herself that after she became a partner there would be time for a personal life. At least that's what she thought until her meeting with her doctor today.

Ami sat nervously across the desk from Dr. Joan Cregan, her physician, silently watching her flip through the pages of Ami's file. Dr. Cregan gave the appearance of a woman in her early fifties who looked 40. Tall and slim, her legs visible in a tight skirt, she had the slightly muscular look of someone who took exercise seriously. Her short brown stylish hair with matching bright brown eyes had always given Ami a sense of comfort, until today. Serious concern was now sitting across from her. The doctor raised her head and gave Ami her full-attention stare.

"I don't sugar coat issues with my patients and I'm not going to start today. In my 25 years of practice I've never seen anyone your age in such overall bad health."

"But... ," Ami started.

"Please let me finish before making any comments!"

Now Ami was scared. What had the tests shown?

"Your cholesterol is 320, your blood pressure today was 155/110 and you're 40 pounds overweight. The rest of your blood work shows me that you have a total disregard for your health. The headaches are telling you that you are on the verge of a stroke or a heart attack, but you endured them three weeks before you came to see me. There aren't many 31 year old women who have ruined their bodies as quickly as you have. Keep this up and you won't have to worry about making partner. You won't live long enough!"

Strangely, the news was a relief. "I was afraid that I had cancer, or a tumor. I'll watch what I eat and try to get more rest. What can you give me for the headaches?"

Cregan shook her head in disbelief. "You don't get it! Watching what you eat and more rest isn't enough," a stern faced Cregan replied. She wrote on her note pad, ripped off the top sheet and handed it to Ami. "At the top is the name and address of a woman's health club that you MUST join today. Not any health club; this one! The next name, Ellen Hopping, is the Executive Director. I'm calling her as soon as you leave and telling her that you're on your way

over. She'll set you up with a personal training program. The last name, Jess Lambert, is a yoga instructor who runs classes there. Taking her class at least twice a week is mandatory. You must reduce your stress level. So far I've only lost patients due to old age and I want to continue that way. I'm sorry if I seem forceful, but your situation is that serious! Come back in eight weeks. Until then, I will monitor your progress through Ellen and Jess." She dismissed Ami with a nod and went back to writing in her file.

Ami's mouth opened to protest, but realized that it would be fruitless. She was furious. No one talked to her like that! She's the one who controlled situations and gave the orders! Just last week she overheard a Junior Associate comment that Ami better not wear her skirts too short or everyone would be able to see her balls! She smiled to herself at the complement. But what really pissed her off was that Cregan was right on the money. Ami had let herself go and now she was paying the price.

Last weekend she went shopping for jeans but refused to buy them because the smallest size that fit was a 14. She told herself that she would never buy a 14 and all she had to do was diet for a few weeks and everything would be fine. She had lied to herself for the past three years and now her only recourse was to do what the doctor said.

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