Ackerman Street
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mart needs a new residence; his Landlady is eating up his life, a new address brings new opportunities -just how interesting can the inhabitants of a house of flats be? Mart soon finds an erotic life in his new home, whilst still drawn to the woman who owned his old flat. He will always owe her, and she will hold him to it, but fresh eyes show interest too.

Mart Tranter was an odd-jobbing chancer who scraped a living through the few jobs he held down, he lived on his wits and charmed himself into situations; he liked short-term tenancies as he believed the change of outlook to be the best way in life was to move on, and his lowly budget would not entertain a mortgage in this area or any other. It was with relief that he had found the advert in the local paper, as he'd sat with it placed on a table in the middle of the room between bowls on the floor, catching the rainwater which dripped through the ceiling of the dingy garret flat, which had lost any novelty it once had. His landlady, who had allowed him to delay his rent on occasion, for small favours granted, was getting a little too intimate; he having shared the warmth of his body with her on too many occasions, now was the time to depart. He now found himself at the door of a large late Victorian detached house, number 15 Ackerman Street; the diverse colours and styles of curtains at its many windows along with the varying degrees of grime displayed by some panes contrasting with the sheen of others, some with blooming window boxes and others bland, betrayed the communal status of a grand house built originally for a well-to-do family.

Mart puffed himself out and knocked on the part-glazed front door; the deep blue and red harlequin pattern leaded lights, helping the house to retain a little of its former glory; an inner door opened from the ground floor flat, and a prim and shapely woman of about forty-five, brunette hair tied in a bun, smiled softly over glasses that could have belonged to a teacher. She looked him up and down with interest. He gaped for a moment and then responded as she lifted her nose in expectation of an introduction.

"Hi, I'm Mart Tranter ... I've come about the flat." Her eyes seemed to ignite, and she pulled the door wide; Mart felt as though he were being sucked in, almost before she had acknowledged him.

"Oh please do come in; I'm Melanie Hart, this is my house, we spoke on the phone, I'll just get the keys." Mart stepped in and watched her tight-waisted form strut into her flat, his cock stirring slightly; mature women always attracted him, especially single ones. He stepped forward and nosed into her tidy residence; the decor had a distincly feminine feel, the scent devoid of masculinity; promising. He stepped back and glanced up at the polished bannister above the stairs as he heard her jingling the keys; attempting to hide any personal interest in her. She emerged with the keys but minus her age-increasing glasses, and without the small cardigan she had answered the door in. She smiled warmly as she held the keys up and dangled them in front of her trim breasts, drawing his eyes to a subtle view of the cleavage shown by the top two undone buttons of her blouse. She quickly dropped her hand, and strutted to the stairs; like a gentleman, he let her lead the way, which she did without hesitation, and his cock swelled as he watched her long mature legs and pert bottom ascend gracefully two steps above him. Several flights were not long enough for him, and he was almost disapointed when she turned off to a door, leaving a further flight untouched. She turned the key and showed him in; though a bedsit, it was a veritable palace compared to what he'd left. Cleanly decorated and with a comfortable bed close to a large window which overlooked her garden, there was a shower cubicle in one corner, and plenty of space for the meagre belongings he had yet to retrieve from the dingy garret. Melanie leaned back against the door pillar and crossed her arms.

"Well, what do you think?" Her sultry tone had him thinking of all sorts of possibilities, but he answered her immediate concern.

"It's great ... I'll take it." He fumbled with his wallet and as he fingered the worn notes, she smiled at his enthusiam to secure the let.

"I normally ask for a month's rent plus a further month as a deposit, but I think I can trust you; just give me the month for now, you said on the phone you can turn your hand to most things? I may have a few odd jobs for you; my garden needs a little tlc, and some of my more picky tenants are always finding things that need attention. You just settle in, and give me a knock when you're ready; call outs for plumbers and decorators can be so expensive." Mart was more than pleased at this opportunity to perhaps reduce his rental in kind, and it ensured contact with this shapely lady, who grew more attractive by the minute. She handed him the key, and he followed her out; eager to retrieve his things and disappear from his old address immediately. As they descended the stairs to the ground floor, she smiled warmly at him as a wiry man entered the front door and wheeled his bicycle through.

"Hi Melanie! and errr..." Melanie gave him a nonchalant look.

"Hello Ben; this is Mart, he's just taken flat 5. Mart, this is Ben Parker, he's in flat 2." She smiled at Mart before approaching her door; before she went in, she bent to pick up some junk mail envelopes, keeping her legs as straight as possible and displaying her firm round arse as her skirt tightened. As she disappeared into her flat, Ben smiled as he'd noticed Mart's eyes on her.

"You've more chance of getting a wank off the Pope." Mart wasn't so sure; he grinned at the wiry man with scruffy hair and ill fitting grey trousers held up with bicycle clips, anorak and worn out hush-puppies completing the picture; he could see why not too many women would give him a second glance. He changed the conversation.

"Lived here long mate?" The scruffy but amiable Ben opened his door, almost opposite Melanie's and pushed his sixties style thin-wheeled racer inside.

"I've been here about three years; handy for the locals schools, I'm a supply teacher, history and geography. It's not a bad place, despite the quick turnover of some tenants; we're a diverse mix, there's a couple of executive types up one flight, that's where the two largest flats are. Eight flats in all." His banter was cut short as the door opened, and Mart's interest was aroused again as a pretty red-lipped woman of about forty bustled in with a shy smile, wearing a short shiny plastic mac, long legs and spiky ankle boots. Ben gave her a gaumless smile and addressed her in a teacher-like tone.

"Hello Irene, had a good day have we?" She screwed her lips and glanced at Mart with wide eyes and a soft smile, as she squeaked by up the stairs in her glossy mac.

"Just as boring as ever Ben. But I'm ever hopeful." Mart wondered if her statement was actually a description of Ben, rather than a reflection on the day; either way, 66.6% of the tenants he'd seen so far were most interesting. He shook hands with ben and left for his previous residence, hoping to get in and out quickly before the amorous Wendy, his chubby and fifty-something ex-landlady returned from her day job and made things difficult. Jangling his new keys, he made haste.

As Mart hurriedly stuffed the last objects into a rucksack, his suitcase already full, he heard the front door bump shut downstairs through the open door of the garret. He remained silent and held his breath. Wendy looked up the gap between the bannisters and saw the light from the garret window; she knew he was leaving, but he owed her rent, she knew he had little money so he would pay her in kind. She smiled as she locked the front door from the inside, and quietly opened her flat door, stripping her clothes off rapidly. Mart peeped out onto the creaking floorboards and looked down; did he imagine he noise? Had it been another tenant entering or leaving? He sighed with relief at the continuing silence, swung the rucksack over his shoulder and lifted the case. On reaching the ground floor, he pushed the keys under Wendy's door with a pang of regret; he enjoyed the games she played which led up to him fucking her, but he was concious that he was beginning to like it too much and she was not the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Wendy grinned as she watched the keys slide under the door toward her, the nipples on her large floppy breasts erected as she heard him move toward the door and try the handle. Mart pulled at the door in disbelief, he heard a sound behind him and his balls tingled.

"And where do you think you are going young man? You owe me more than you can afford." Mart turned and his cock swelled as he viewed Wendy's plump and mature form, clad in a full-length black dressing gown, cane in hand like a schoolmistress. She smiled wickedly and beckoned him into her flat with her finger.

"You may not have money, but I'll see you spend just the same. You'll not leave here until your debt is paid." Mart's cock stiffened as he resigned himself to the pleasure he had tried so hard to avoid, he thought it unnatural to enjoy her folds of wrinkled flesh the way he did, but she smelt even more inviting today somehow, and her evermore controlling ways gave him a thrill he did not feel fully comfortable with; not yet. Wendy smiled as he did as he was told; he had no option really as she would not relinquish the key until she was ready, but the spark was there, he did not make a fuss and demand it as so many other men would. She would ensure he remembered her and visited her from time to time.

"You know how I like things, you go and strip off and stand by my bed. I shall have a cigarette and then I shall have payment." Mart walked into the room and stripped, his cock betraying his weakness for the demanding woman. He stood like a scolded child for a couple of minutes and Wendy entered the room cane in hand. She let the gown drop and wriggled the cane through the sleeve; Mart's cock stood rigid at her display of saggy tits, slightly bulbous belly, wide hips and large strangely inviting thighs. She smiled and pointed to the bed with the cane.

"You know the routine, lie face up on the bed, head toward the bottom end. You shall taste my cunt while I suck your cock. You owe me a lot; I shall have my arsehole tongued as well, I know you are beginning to enjoy the taste." Mart nearly smiled at the thought, but retained his straight face; he knew she liked to think this base act was a punishment. He lay on the bed and half closed his eyes, hoping that all landladies were inherently demanding and authoratative, his cock flexing as he thought of the shapely Melanie. He sniffed the air as the fleshy thighs appeared above his head, revealing Wendy's gaping cunt which descended on his face; his nose slipped into the hot slimy recesses of her womanhood, the scent making his balls tingle, and the salty tang of her aroused cunt made him arch his back, yearning for the touch of her lips on his cock as her saggy breasts nestled on his torso. He lapsed into an indulgent heaven as her thighs held him there and he looked up through the crack of her fleshy cellulite riddled cheeks, enjoying the tastes and scents as they wobbled above him, and murmured in heaven as her soft lips slipped over his bell-end and her hot mouth sucked on his stiff cock. He was close to coming when she wickedly poked his cock away with her tongue, sat up and shuffled forward slightly. She lifted her flabby arse and pulled the cheeks apart, making his cock dribble as his nose was hit by the full scent of her honeyed arsehole.

"You'll have a good lick before I ride you; I'll have my monies worth from your balls today, you'll be back within a week begging for more home comforts." His cock pulsed and waved in need of stimulation as she eased back releasing her fleshy cheeks about his face as his tongue gratefully licked and probed at the tart taste of her hot arsehole. Wendy smiled as she felt him service her anus obediently, and nursed her cunt in readiness for the delivery of his cock. Satisfied he had worshipped her arsehole sufficiently, she lifted herself off an turned to straddle his aching erection. Mart moaned as she slipped his rigid member into the slick warmth of her juiced cunt, and she lay forward, holding him down with her soft ample folds; she purred with pleasure as he tried to buck under her weight.

"Patience. I will let you know when you are allowed to come; you'll fill my cunt when I'm ready, and then you'll clean me up. You'll taste your own seed after its union with my juices; you'll learn to love that too, because you will come back and see me, won't you?" Mart was willing to say anything at that point; his cock ready to spurt; but wondered where it would end if he did return, she had displayed the cane these past few encounters, and now his was to lick up his own mess.

"Yes ... yes, I promise I'll come back, please let me come." Wendy's cunt tingled victoriously as she began to ease her plump arse up and down, allowing his cock the delicious movement with her mature and slippery cunt, she squeezed her upper body against him; her flesh creating a vacuum which sucked at his torso, seeming to drag the content of his balls into her, he moaned with pleasure.

"Don't you dare come until I'm ready! I want to enjoy you for as long as possible." Mart was now in no hurry, his first encounter with Wendy had been a straight forward fuck, missionary position with a little hand delivered foreplay by both; she had gradually taken control of each session, oral, anal, and now the threat of the cane, though she had not touched his flesh with it. Not yet. His balls were now wet with Wendy's juices as her erotic mind ran riot at the idea of dominating him completely, and she moaned in ecstacy as she squashed his body down on to the springing as her globular arse rose and sank, her cunt taking his cock to the hilt.

"Ohhhhhh! Come now! ... fill my cunt with cream, I want it deep inside me ... Ohhhhh! I want you to be there forever licking it all out!" Mart found it hard to breathe as her plentious flesh humped in a blind haze of exquisite pleasure, and he groaned in ecstasy himself as her mature cunt sucked the semen from him; his orgasm intensified by the thought of licking his own seed from her spent cunt as she threatened him with that cane. She laughed through her divine panting as she felt the warmth of a generous wad of cum pulse into her, and ground her cunt down selfishly to stop his movement, so that she could feel him spurt as she held him. Mart moaned as he tied to lift his buttocks, but was pinned; she squeezed her cunt as he spent several times more, though motionless; his anus tingled at the feel of being captive, as his cock throbbed its last offerings into the mouth of her uterus. Before he could recover, the grinning Wendy waddled her bulk forward and nestled her dripping cunt on his face, force feeding Mart his own seed mixed with her juices; strangely, he did not gag on the salty globules that slid out from her slit as he lapped almost eagerly at it. Wendy towered above him, hands on chubby hips.

"You've made a mess and now you shall clean it up; you make sure you get it all out or you'll stay here forever" The novelty soon wore off for Mart, as his cock lay flaccid, and the bulbous folds had him gasping for breath at times, especially when he had to strain his tongue as far up the flabby cunt as it would go. Wendy suddenly relented and rolled back onto her pillows, lighting a cigarette. Mart washed his face and genitals in the basin in the corner. When he turned, Wendy had returned to the coy woman he had first met; she smiled softly at him as she lifted the front door key from her gown, and slipped it between her flabby tits.

"You promise you'll come and see me, won't you Mart?" He forced a smile as he hurriedly replaced his jeans and tucked his shirt in. Though now sated and a little repulsed at what he was looking at, never mind what he'd just done with it, there was a strange draw to her. He smiled a little stronger and clambered on to the bed, giving her a peck on the cheek as he retrieved the key.

"OK, but no promises as to when; I've a few things to do where I've moved to." She closed her eyes And puffed her cigarette; he'd be back.

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