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Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, First, Oral Sex, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Prologue - A coming of age story about two girls who are best friends as they enter the high school social scene in a big way, through a sisterhood that prepares them for dating and satisfying their dates.

Emily and Heidi aren't really sisters, but some people would have a hard time believing that. They have been classmates in school since the fourth grade, lived about three city blocks apart in a suburb of Washington D.C., traded clothes routinely and probably slept at each other's house as much as they slept at their own. The parents of the girls had even purchased twin beds for each of their bedrooms, just to accommodate the inevitable sleepovers.

Why any pair of individuals becomes so close as to be inseparable is anyone's guess. Emily and Heidi were not related, their parents had previously lived in completely different parts of the country, and their father's didn't even work for the same company. Emily's father had been transferred by his company and their family arrived in the summer before fourth grade. Heidi's dad had worked for the government in some sort of entry level position at the embassy in Norway. It had been his first job after graduation from college and it was during that assignment that he had met and married Heidi's mother. Heidi was born the following year and when her father's position resulted in a transfer to Washington, she had welcomed the opportunity to live in America. She met Emily, strictly by chance, a few days after her arrival, and their friendship blossomed immediately.

Academically, the girls both ranked high in their class standing. In their particular suburb, the ninth grade was a part of what the school district called a "Middle School"; high school in this district involved school years ten through twelve only. Both girls were very excited about the starting of high school, for any number of reasons including the opportunity to begin dating. The only significant difference between these two girls, other than their actual physical appearance, was their age. Heidi was nearing fifteen, her birthday falling on Halloween. Emily's birthday was in mid-summer, and she had just turned fourteen.

The year's difference was not readily discernible in their appearance though. Heidi was a little taller than Emily, with very blond hair that she kept cut short around her quite square shaped face. Her breasts were small, as were here mother's, and her eyes were about as blue as eyes can be. Overall, people would say that she reminds them of a soft, luscious-to- look-at Scandinavian doll.

Just barely five feet two inches tall, Emily did not yet tip the century mark on the bathroom scale. She wore her raven black hair in a soft curl to just above shoulder length. Just fourteen by a month or so, her body had only recently begin to develop, but in those few months, her bra cup size had grown from nothing to a very full "a" straining to be a "b". On her shorter frame, such a pronounced bust line created the impression that she was older than fourteen.

Most unusual in the social structure of today's school is the existence of sororities and fraternities. These organizations were technically not affiliated with the school, nor sanctioned by them as a "French Club" or A "Latin Club" or even a "Photography Club" may be. Yet the high school recognized them as social clubs and made allowances in scheduling to accommodate them as best they could. These organizations, especially the sororities, were exclusive, their memberships kept secret, and the selection process for new potential members not subject to any rules or restrictions. One of these sororities, Theta Beta Gamma, was generally acknowledged to have the prettiest and most popular girls as members. Many of the male students would add that, in their opinions, the girls of TBG were the hottest; some would even say the sexiest girls in the school.

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