Baby Doll's Adventures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, InLaws, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Lactation, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Size, Hairy, Big Breasts, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lisa (Baby Doll) is a 23 year old widow, petite with a stunning set of G-cup tits. Her adventures start with her father-in-law that she calls 'Big Daddy'. He's a very big boy in build and in cock, and she enjoys every inch of him. Her adventures include short sessions with Jed and Russ (mates of Big Daddy), and an explosive time with Cian (the rub'n'tug lady), Donna (the intimate body piercer) and culminating with an orgy with Big Daddy, Russ and Jed who make her 'airtight'.

I had been out on the town with my buddies Russ and Jed. It had become a regular weekend thing since the tragic death of my son Johnny in a workplace accident about 6 months ago. We rode our Harleys to the bar that night and took up station at the end of the bar, deciding to have a few drinks in memory of Johnny.

The barmaid Tina kept the drinks coming as we all flirted with this 30 year old MILF. She was about 5ft 7ins tall with a nice set of B-cup tits held nicely in by her form-fitting work shirt. She had a great face, always smiling whenever she served us.

It came as no real surprise to us when she accepted our invitation to kick on at Russ's place after her shift ended. The drinks and bullshit flowed freely, with all of use sharing some good weed. Things just progressed from there.

"Oh fuck ... this pussy is so fucking tight" I exclaimed as I fed a couple more inches of my cock into Tina. This was no mean feat considering Russ's cock was in her ass and my cock was of epic proportions.

Both Russ and Jed had already fucked her pussy claiming that "Your horse cock stretches a pussy too much for us to feel the sides afterwards".

We'd been fucking her for about 30 mins before Russ laid on his back with Tina in the reverse cowgirl position with his 6 inch cock in her ass. Jed had fed his 6 inch cock into her mouth and partially into her throat as I shuffled between her thighs to add my 12 inch horse cock into her very wet pussy. She was going to be "airtight" very soon.

I'd popped a Viagra about 30 minutes ago meaning that my cock was rock-hard and showing no signs of going down anytime soon.

Russ gasped and added "Shit ... your cock is tightening her up. Her ass is squeezing the life out of my cock". I slid a couple more inches into her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm ... uhhhhhh..." was all I could hear from Tina with her mouth full of Jed's cock.

I was sawing about 6 inches in and out of her clutching pussy and feeling Russ's cock in her ass when my phone started vibrating in the top pocket of the riding vest that I was still wearing. I was enjoying myself too much to be bothered answering it so I just ignored it until it finally stopped.

"Take my fucking huge cock slut" I gasped as I plunged in and out.

"Yeah ... pound her hole horse man" yelled Jed with his cock completely buried in her throat.

The phone started vibrating again.

"Oh fuck me ... go away" I shouted as the vibrations continued for another 15 or 20 seconds. It stopped but only for about 5 seconds before it started again.

"Shit..." I gasped as I took the phone from my pocket to see who was calling. It was Lisa, Johnny's 23 year old widow calling me. She seemed to be desperate to call me so I answered the call with a "Yeah baby doll!" as my cock slid even deeper into our slutty MILF bar maid.

"Oh big daddy ... thank god ... there's noises outside ... I'm scared..." Lisa gasped in a frightened voice. "Please ... please ... can you come?" she sounded desperate. Big daddy was her nickname for me, given that I was 6ft 4 ins tall, solid and muscle-bound. Lisa, on the other hand, was a petite young beautiful blonde lady... 5ft tall with a huge rack of G-cup tits. She was very much top-heavy hence her nickname of baby doll.

"Oh god" I thought as I was just getting into my stride with the MILF's pussy stretching to accommodate my cock.

"Please big daddy" she whispered in frightened voice.

"OK ... I'll be there in about 10 minutes ... lock yourself in the bedroom. You will hear me coming ... I'm on my bike" I reassured her as I ended the call, and very reluctantly slid my rockhard cock from Tina's pussy.

"Gotta go boys ... Lisa needs me" I explained as I pulled on my pants and boots.

"Oh shit..." I cursed as I realised that my viagra-fuelled cock wasn't going to go down anytime soon. My pants were extremely uncomfortable as I tried to stuff my cock inside them.

It took me about 5 minutes to ride to her house. I'd not been there lately ... there were too many memories of Johnny there for me.

I'd noticed on the ride across to her house that the wind was quite strong. My thoughts were that it may be a loose branch banging on the side of the house, but to be safe I grabbed my baseball bat from the bike before walking around the house.

I got to the back of the house before discovering a tree branching banging against the house. I grabbed it and snapped it off. I continued on further and found a loose shutter, latching it back before completing the circuit of the house.

Returning to the front door, I knocked and called out to Lisa as I used my key to enter the house. Just as I stepped into the hallway, Lisa ran and jumped at me, wrapping her arms around my neck as I caught her in my arms.My hands slipped naturally to her ass to support her in our enbrace.

She had tears streaming down her face as she burrowed her face into the side of my neck.

"Oh fuck" I thought as I realised that my engorged cock was pressing against her tummy as I held her to me, and likewise her enormous tits were pressed to my chest. Just before she had jumped into my arms I noticed that she was wearing one of Johnny's singlets ... one that did very little to cover her enormous chest.

"It's all safe ... it was just the wind and a tree branch" I explained to her.

I held her tightly against me until she stopped crying. She looked up to me, our faces now so close, and then with a slight movement from both of us, our lips came together in a tender kiss. A kiss that should have been brief, but it wasn't. Our lips stayed locked together as it deepened and continued until we finally broke apart to catch our breaths.

"Oh..." I stammered not sure what to say in this situation.

"Big daddy ... is that ALL you that I can feel?" Lisa asked with a smirk on her face as she pushed her tummy against my trapped cock.

"Oh shit..." I responded, still not able to utter anything sensible.

"I want to see it" Lisa added.

"We ... we shouldn't..." I started to say before I was cut off by her lips mashing against mine again with her tongue prodding at mine. When we finally broke the kiss again, she pulled at my riding vest, slipping it partly off my shoulders. I set her down carefully for fear of dropping her as she ripped at my clothes.

"Oh fuck" she gasped as she caught sight of my cock protruding above the waist band of my pants. It had escaped the confines of my pants.

"I want to see more" she added as I moved my hand to try and hide it.

"Don't" she growled as she grabbed my pants and drew them down over my hips until they sat around my knees. Lisa then pushed my vest completely off my shoulders until it fell to the floor behind me.

I admitted defeat and kicked off my boots and then pushed my pants completely off before standing in front of her.

"Holy shit..." she added. "That is fucking huge".

I looked her in the eye as I stepped forward. Reaching out, I grabbed the front of her singlet before yanking hard down on it ... ripping it right down the middle to expose her enormous tits and nipples ... and her totally bald pussy. The ripped singlet was soon on the floor at her feet.

Placing my hands on her waist, I lifted her effortlessly until her pussy was level with my face. She threw first one leg than the other over my shoulders, bringing her pussy very close to my mouth, so close that with a small push of her hips her pussy lips made contact with my tongue and lips.

"Oh fuck ... lick me ... big daddy" she groaned as my tongue parted her wet fleshy lips to release her juices, her sexual aromas and her heat. She put her hands on top of my head as I balanced her on my shoulders, thrusting my tongue deep within her canal.

"Ohhh ... ohhhhhhh ... oh fucccccccckkkkk!!!" she screamed as a huge cum set loose a torrent of her juices all over my face and mouth. Her hips bucked about, pushing herself against my mouth until she finally gasped "Bed ... fuck me now".

I slowly disengaged her from my shoulders and carefully carried her down the hallway into her bedroom. Placing her in the middle of the bed, I spread her legs as I knee-walked forward until my engorged cock hovered over her bald pussy.

"Lisa ... I'm way too big for you" I explained to her but I still slid my cockhead up and down her fleshy pussy lips.

She reached down grabbing my cock, sliding the cockhead between her wet lips and positioning it at the entrance to her pussy canal.

"Fuck me" she growled at me as she flexed her hips, driving her hips towards me and pressing my cock at her tight entrance. It resisted my cock for a while until I felt the slightest of gives, with her pussy opening up just a fraction.

With her legs held in the air and spread apart, I pushed harder forward until the head finally disappeared into her pussy.

"Oh my god ... fuck that huge" Lisa babbled then she moaned "Lube ... lube in the drawer" as she wiggled away from me for a moment to retrieve some lube. Squirting some on her fingers she applied a liberal coating to her pussy lips before sliding a finger inside to spead the lube there. She handed me the lube.

With my cock soon glistening with the lube, I again took up position between her thighs with my cockhead nudging between her pussy lips. This time a firm push resulted in it disappearing inside her much easier.

I teased her with "One inch in ... eleven inches to go".

"Heavenly ... just go slow ... go deep" she retorted as I rocked back and forth slowly sending more cock into her depths.

"Ohhh ... ohhhhhhhh fuck" she screamed as a massive cum arrived out of nowhere, shocking her body to the core. Her juices gushed down my cockshaft as I plunged deeper and deeper until half my cock was inside of her.

"Wait ... wait..." she cried. I stopped for the moment thinking that she was in pain.

"I don't know if this is the right time to say this but ... Johnny said that if anything ever happened to him that you would always take care of me."

She then continued "And I remember saying jokingly to him ... and what if I need a good fuck?".

"Did you know what Johnny said?" I shook my head.

He said " ... I'm sure he would do that too if you asked him nicely".

I was left speechless, and before I could muster a reply Lisa added "So did I ask nicely tonight?"

With that she burst into laughter ... that set me off too. What a strange sight we were, a big 55 year old guy with his horse-sized cock half buried in the 23 year old pussy of his son's petite widow, and laughing our heads off.

Lisa then said "Now will you stop thinking about it all ... I want to be thoroughly fucked by my big daddy".

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