Broken Dreams
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Humor, Tear Jerker, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Workplace, School,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Life can throw you a curve ball its a matter of how you will try to out maneuver it that counts

Life at times, can really throw a curve ball at you, but all that matters is will you be able to out maneuver it or just lie down and wait for it. My life has been a struggle from day one up to a few years ago. I am now the chairman of Besant Inc, a multi-billion company with roots in every part of the world economy and in more than ten countries and still expanding.

As I was sitting at my desk, just staring out the window of my office on the thirtieth floor of the company building, my most reliable secretary informed me, "Richard your 10 o'clock appointment is here". She is the only one who doesn't see the need to add sir or Mr. before my name. I composed myself and told her to usher in Nick the biographer.

I was watching a movie with my wife the other day. The movie did not have a great appeal to me but it was this year's best movie according to the critics and on its premier night, it had just fallen on the day my wife and I usually have our date night and show. It seemed that we had to attend its premier as one of my company's was involved with its production. My wife knew I was not into the movie, and she joked that I should make my life struggles into a movie, so that maybe it would intrigue me enough to watch it. After hearing her say that, it gave me the idea that I should write my biography before my time runs out.

"Mr. Richard, it's nice of you to offer me this opportunity," my biographer said. "I know you have a busy schedule, but I do not plan to take up too much of your busy morning. However, if possible, I wanted to lay out the foundation of your biography before the end of this year." I do have a busy schedule and most of my time I'm attending meetings in one country to the next and it turned out that this is the only time I was available to deal with personal matters.

"I have found a bit of your life history from friends, your former teachers and some of your colleagues", he informed me, "But the personal details, I have to get from you. So where do we start?" I pondered the question for a while, because I felt that there was no reason to go back and rehash it even though, I felt determined to write this biography from the beginning from my point of view.

"Okay, we can start with what my mother told me about her life, because it is closely entwined with my entire life as it is", I told him. For some reason, I felt sadness engulfing the entire office when I think about the life my mother lived from the time she found that she was pregnant to her last breath. My heart was breaking into small pieces.

My mother Beth Clarke told me that when I was born, she just whispered that she hoped that my life would be better than hers was, so that I could fulfill all the ambitions and dreams that I would ever have. She did raise me all alone after a life altering scandal that did haunt and hurt her until she died. She was a strong, multitasking lady who taught me, with all her might and will that when one door closes another one might open.

My life challenges started way back before I was even born. Due to no fault of her own, my mother was born in the late sixties to a strict Christian family. My grandfather was a church elder and my grandmother was a choir lady from when she was a teen. Therefore, you can imagine when they said that an action was evil that there were no more questions, she just accepted it and moved on.

While I was growing up, some of the stories my mother told me were funny, sad, and mostly tragic, as the only thing she ever did for fun was to visit Christian camps, Christian outings, and attend more church activities than you can ever count. By the time she entered teenage years, she had never kissed a boy or gone out on a date, because that was a no-no in her grandparent's eyes. They did not allow dates until she went to college or was over sixteen years of age.

I remember the time when we were talking about how she fell in love for the first time; this was at the time when I got my heartbroken, because I did not have extra money to buy the girl of my dreams any of the pretty things I wanted for her. My mother told me that the guy she loved was new to the area where they lived and, he fell in love with my mother after the first time he ever saw her.

He could not imagine a beauty like her being all alone and without a boyfriend. The only mistake he made was not asking around about the family history, for if he had done so, he would have gotten the real picture why. In the neighborhood, everyone knew that the Clarke sisters were off-limits if you wanted to live a comfortable life without having some missing limbs or limping legs. Richard was his name, and when I was born, my parents named me after him, because he did the unthinkable by asking my mother to go on a date with him.

Well, as you can imagine, this was the first time a guy come and asked my mother on a date and the only thing she could do was answer him that she will think about it. Beth's mind was in turmoil because if she said yes there would be severe repercussion from her parents and if she said no the cute neighbor would never speak to her again.

"Sis, a guy asked me out on a date," Beth told her sister Cate and for some reason that she could not have foreseen, the outcome of that question caused her sister to become dumbstruck for a long time.

"Dad is gonna beat the hell out of you if he ever finds out about it even if you do not go out with him." Cate answered. "You know that he forbid us to even talk to boys at church let alone going on a date".

"But he is cute and I want to go before someone else gets him" Beth told her, " And you know if he finds out how dad is he may run away, and I won't ever have a chance to go out with him" Beth sulked.

"You know it's kinda cute when you pout like that", Cate answered while pinching her sister's checks. "Please do not let Sandra hear you talk about this, since you know she will just go and tell mum". Cate and Beth were closer than any other members of the family were, and they told each other about their secrets and dreams.

Of all the Clarke children, everyone saw Sandra and Michael as the good children who follow all their parents' instructions and Beth and Cate were the black sheep of the family as it seemed that all the punishment administered in the house did fall on to Beth and Cate.

As normally happens, when there is an action, there is a reaction that has to occur. When Beth sneaked out to go on a date and because luck was not on her side, later, her parents found out. They grounded her for a month and they sent her to Christian summer camp for girls for the entire summer.

"This is not fair, why should I go to this stupid camp..." Beth did not have the chance to finish the end of her sentence, as her father slapped the living daylight out of her and she fell on the ground.

"I will not have my daughter use that kind of language in my house ever, and to let you know that I mean that, after the camp finishes, two weeks before the normal starting time I am sending you straight to college. I set up an appointment with the school counselor to see you," her father told a sobbing Beth.

Beth rose up, glared at her sister Sandra, because she was the one who told her parents about the date, looked at her father, and nodded. She knew that until she got out of the house, that her parents would control all her actions. To say this was the last time the entire family was in the house at the same time is something that no one could foresee, because when Beth left her parents home to go to the summer camp, it was the last time anyone ever saw Beth in the house.

The summer camp for girls was more of a boot camp where they taught them home care, babysitting etiquette and female hygiene. Parents sent their girls to this camp to learn how to become a lady. Many girls, who their family sent there, went willingly while others, like Beth, went under force. After six weeks of nothing but torture, Beth left the camp with her mother who took her to South State University.

University life was a revelation for Beth, as for the first time, she experienced the joyous life outside the family restriction and she took to it and explored all the benefits that she could derive. On the first week at the university, Beth tasted her first beer, which got her drunk and the next morning when she woke up with the worst headache of her life, she vowed never to drink again.

"Hi Cate," as Beth called her sister after a week on campus. "How is the concentration camp?" Cate was happy to hear her sister's voice after the three months since she left for camp. "Life is the same but a bit harsher than before", Cate answered. "Miss you sis and I hope when I finish high school I can also go to college"

"Hang in there sis, your time will come", Beth consoled her sister. "Hope you will come to SSU. Life is great here. We party most of the weekend." Beth bragged, "but please don't tell mum or dad".

"I promise I won't. Maybe I will come to visit if they allow me to. Richard did ask about you and when he heard that your parents shipped you off to summer camp, he was hurt but did understand and sympathizes with you." Cate informed her sister.

"So you saw him. Please tell me how did you see him?" Beth begged. "I saw him in the mall when mum took me to buy my training bra, just imagine mum had to take me there "Cate lamented. "I was so embarrassed when Richard saw me. I didn't know they owned the boutique but it was nice to see him blush."

"Did I ever tell you that he kissed me? It was my very first kiss from a boy, and I can still feel his lips on me every time I think about that kiss. Please, will you do me a favor? Next time you see him, ask him for his telephone number pleaseeeeeee," Beth begged.

"I will try but no promises" Cate assured her sister. "So tell me have you gone on another date with anyone else at college?" Cate asked

"Nope, but there is this guy named Philip. He is cute but not like Richard who is so sophisticated. He is trying to ask me out but when I told him that I have a boyfriend back at home he did not back off but promised me that one day he will take me out on a date" Beth informed her sister.

"Hmmmmm, someone has a crush already after one week in campus" Cate joked. "Hey but he is not Richard and I will not cheat on him with no one" Beth said.

"Okay, okay but since when did Richard become a boyfriend?" Cate asked

"Since the day he kissed me" Beth told her sister.

Two weeks later Cate informed Beth that she did see Richard with another girl on a date. Beth felt crushed, but since she had not asked Richard to become her boyfriend, it was okay. A virgin living on campus was unheard of, but Beth did not dare tell anyone, even her roommate Candy.

Candy was a party girl, and she did ask Beth many times to go out with her, but she was adamant not to go every weekend to party. In her mind, school comes first, the rest follows. Candy knew that Philip had a crush on Beth, which she felt bad about, because she knew Philip was rich and only wanted Beth.

Since seeing Beth for the first time, Philip could not shake the image of Beth out of his mind. He did try to take her out but when she told him that she had a boyfriend back home, it did not dampen his desire to have her.

Philip knew that he was tempting fate as he embarked on his plans to have Beth, as he knew that his mother would go ballistic when she finds out. The Bales family was a well know family in the country as they come from old money. Philip Bale was the founder of that real estate magnate invested his money during the old days, which was now paying off big time.

The Bale Empire runs deep in the economy of the country and it is not a wonder that the next president of Bale Empire would be the young Philip Bale. His parents had planned his life from the day of conception until the day he finished high school.

Philip wanted to experience life outside the family comfort, which brought tension in the family, as his mother was adamant that he would stray and bring shame to the family name while his father saw it as an opportunity for him to prove himself as a Bale.

Going to SSU was not in the agenda of the family but when the young Philip made up his mind there was no going back. Before he left to attend SSU his mother introduced him to his new girlfriend whom the family (his mother) saw would make him a good wife. Philip did like the idea of his family planning his affairs but he did not object so he could eliminate any arguments about him leaving home.

The Anna Carter family was from a well-known business family with interests in supermarkets, and transportation. When she was born, her family already knew the right husband for their daughter to marry. His name was Philip Bane. With this consummation of this marriage, the family business could greatly expand. Her parents told her that under no circumstances will she ever have permission to be with any boyfriend other than Philip Bane, which was a challenge, because she always saw all the other teenagers in her school and neighborhood having a good time with their boyfriends and girlfriends. However, for her, that was a privilege that she could not have.

She met Philip twice since she heard that, in a few years, she would be his fiancée and she did like the idea of him ultimately becoming her husband. They sent her to all girls' high school. As for college that was not an option as they sent her to the prestigious Baker College, so she could learn how to please a husband, home care, cooking, and decoration. She was what we could say is 'a well trained housewife'.

For all the glitz and drama of being the only girl in the family, it still has its downside since Anna did not have many friends with which to socialize. All she knew about worldly things was what they taught her in school and from magazines and newspaper articles. However, when she found out that Philip was going to college she felt hurt as she was hoping that as soon as she left Baker College she would go directly into getting married. She did not loss hope as she was told that before Philip goes to college she would be introduced to the world as his fiancé.

It was a big occasion as the Bales and Carter families came together for the engagement party. The only person in the place who was not happy about the entire thing was Philip because he didn't want to feel tied down at this moment, but it was still a good thing to gain some knowledge about the future mother of his children.

"Hi Philip. May I introduce you to Ms. Anna Carter the daughter of John and Debbie Carter whom from today on will be part of the family", Philip's mother said.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Carter. How are you doing?" Philip said, "And Ms. Anna it has being a long time since I last saw you."

Anna blushed with a red face that you could see from outer space, and answered, "It has been a long time, but at that time I was a little girl, now I am a young lady".

Philip took her hand, knelt on one knee, looked straight to her eyes, and said, "Anna I am giving you this promise ring as a symbol of the commitment I am giving to you that in a couple of years after I finish my college education I shall make you my wife. I would like you to wait for me as I will be busy with my classes, but still I will be thinking and counting down the days until I will call you my wife"

There was applause from the invited guests when Philip finished saying those words and by the look on Anna's face, it said it all, as she was crying and destroying her makeup. They kissed to seal the deal and walked hand-in-hand to their respective seats and the festivity began.

Candy Bales was a teenager and she was giggling and blushing when Philip introduced Anna as his future wife. Grace Bales was the only one who knew Philip was not happy with this whole idea but kept her mouth shut, as she was the only confidante of his brother.

Grace Bales was the elder daughter of Bales family, and she was the youngest manager of the family company and a genius. She did not see the need for the families to announce this engagement before Philip left for college, but it was not her place to argue with her mother about this. A few years back, her mother had tried to interfere with her life, which ended with the two of them not speaking for two years before the intervention of her grandparents.

Grace Bales was what we call an independent woman, who had more money than she could ever spend, an IQ that made most men scared of her knowledge, and she was a tomboy. At twenty-three years old, she had dated only three guys, and during those times, she did not feel anything that resembled love. She lost her virginity to her high school boyfriend, but when he bragged about it to his friends, she proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Since that day, most of the high school teenagers feared her. Her second and third relationships were at college, which was just a passing scratch that needed a scratch at the time.

The close relationship between Grace and Philip goes deeper than a normal brother and sister would have, and she was the one who taught Philip everything about lovemaking. Before Philip went out on his first date he was sacred that the girl would know that he was a virgin and make fun of him so he went to the only person he can trust, his college big sister.

"Hi sis. Can you help me? I have a tiny problem, and please don't make fun of me" Philip asked his sister when she came home for summer break." As it is I'm so embarrassed that I'm asking you this," Philip continued.

"It's okay small bro, I won't laugh at you" Grace assured her brother. "Tell me what the problem is?"

Philip, while looking down at the carpet and blushing a little, said, "I want you to teach me how to kiss a girl". He paused and waited for his sister to laugh, which she did not do. So he continued, "I know if you say no it won't make me unhappy, but I will still have tried"

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