Jessica's Storm
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The first winter storm of the season brings neighbors together. A single man living alone in the mountains and a young girl who has been hidden away from her past.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   First   Safe Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie  

I turned the snowmobile off the main highway onto the logging road that led to my cabin, relieved to have made the trip into town today. The storm was getting stronger and visibility was already down to just a few yards. The 2-hour trip would never have been possible if I'd waited until tomorrow.

The decision to live in such a remote location of the Great Smokey Mountains was my own. I was not always such a recluse. In fact I use to live in one of the larger cities of North Carolina and served as a law enforcement officer. After more than 20 years on the force, I busted the mayor's son for trafficking PCP. The mayor was able to pull some political strings, including having brass within the department falsify my reports. His son walked without a blemish on his record in less than a week. However his actions blemished my record within the department and the justice system.

Two weeks later, his son tried to bungee jump from the highest bridge in the city but forgot he didn't have a bungee cord. The autopsy report showed high levels of PCP.

His girlfriend finally came forward and admitted he had been dealing in PCP and other drugs for years. The mayor and the city decided they didn't want to battle me in court, so I took a substantial settlement and was offered an early retirement with full benefits. It didn't seem right working for a bunch of puppets that were so quick to turn their backs on one of their own.

I tried living in the city. Unfortunately, every time I went out I was bumping into some scum I'd arrested. A few of those times things almost got ugly. That prompted my move to a more secluded area.

As I pulled up to the gate and was about to unlock the chain, I noticed what looked like foot prints in the driveway. The snow filled tracks were hard to see and impossible to determine what would have made them. A dog, maybe, or even a mountain lion. I had seen a few in this area. After pulling the snowmobile and trailer through the gate I returned to lock the chain. I don't usually come through to the front of my property when going to town, preferring to use the trail I'd established over the past year and a half of living in this remote area, but with the driving snow and dim forecast I knew there would not be many vehicles on the country road.

The snowmobile gave a slight groan as I started up the mile of steeply inclined switchbacks leading to my cabin. I had built my place on a plateau about two-thirds up the side of the mountain. The plateau was approximately seven acres, with a mountain face to the back and a cliff to the front. The only way up or down was to use the switchbacks I'd carved out of the side of the mountain. There was a nice spring fed stream that provided plenty of water. The solar system and generator provided more than enough electricity when storms knocked the power out.

It was just around the third switchback that the small patch of pink caught my eye. There in the middle of the road was a mound, the snow already beginning to create a drift. If it hadn't been for the swath of pink I probably would have never noticed.

Thinking it was an old blanket discarded by hunters, or maybe something that had blown over the cliff of my plateau, I bent to pick it up and throw it into the trailer. However I noticed that it was around something bulky. As I gave it a tug, an arm pulled from under the snow. A small arm. I pulled again and noticed the small form roll. It was a kid. Scrawny, ashen, snow stuck to eyebrows and hair sticking out from a tightly cinched hoodie. I could see vapor of weak breaths, so I knew the kid was alive, barely, considering how stiff he was from the cold.

I scooped the child up in my arms, hardly a burden from his light weight. Making my way up to the plateau, I parked the snowmobile in the shed without worrying about the supplies. Once I entered the cabin I placed my burden on the sofa in front of the fireplace, poked around in the coals of last night's fire, and threw on several logs. Turning back to the lifeless body I began to remove his clothes. Why would anyone let a child so small go out into this type of weather, especially the way this one was dressed. I removed the wet sneakers, ankle socks coming with them as I removed the shoes. The hoodie was a problem because of the stiff arms, but I managed. When the hoodie was off I noticed a head full of mousy brown hair. Underneath was a tattered t-shirt which easily followed the hoodie. I noticed the pale skin, ribs prominently displayed, and a dip where the stomach and lower abdomen hollowed. The nipples were quite large for a boy, with puffy areolas. There was no belt in the loose jeans, so they came off easily with a snap and a zip. That was unusual. Panties. I was expecting to see tightie whites, or at least boxers with the latest popular cartoon character or super hero. But no, they were panties. Full white cotton with a tiny pink bow in the center of the waist band.

Regardless, they had to go. The clothes were soaked through and through. I slipped my fingers into the waistband at the hips and pulled down. They hesitated momentarily as they caught on the child's buttocks, and then snapped downward, down and off the feet. Grabbing a blanket from the back of the sofa, I opened it and was about to wrap the body when I was again shocked. No wonder the hoodie was pink. Now I understood the panties rather than boxers. He was a she. There before me was a pudendum, mounded with a very light scattering of brown pubic hair. The slit plainly visible, tightly closed with a hint of clitoral hood peeking through at the top.

I wrapped her in the blanket and lay her on the floor closer to the fire. The logs were starting to crackle and pop as they generated more heat, casting an orange glow of warmth into the room. I placed a throw pillow under her head and then felt for her pulse. Weak and thready. I knew I had to raise her body temperature or she wasn't going to make it.

I removed my snowmobile suit, shirt and long john top, then lay down close to her pulling her tight to my body. I could feel her light breath against my cheek. I didn't want to rub her to stimulate circulation. If she had frostbite the stimulation could damage the tissue causing more damage than good.

My mind was racing. Who was she? Was she lost? Had someone dropped her out like an unwanted puppy or kitten? How long had she been there ... unconscious? Is someone looking for her? Why would anyone let a child out in this weather, especially with the tattered clothes that she wore? Why, of all places, had she wandered up my driveway?

I must have dozed. A murmur brought me out of my slumber. She was stirring. I touched her cheek with the back of my hand. It was red and chapped from the cold and wind, but soft. A good sign that the tissue was not, or was no longer, frozen. For the first time I studied her face. Oval shaped with a thick mass of mousy brown hair, that was dirty and tangled. Her eyebrows were thick and I saw long lashes on her closed eyelids. Her nose was small and turned up slightly at the end. A button nose. High cheekbones and full, thick lips. There were dimples just out from each corner of her mouth, and her small chin had a slight cleft. I estimated her age to be about 10 or 11. She was actually quite pretty. If she would have been 10 years older I would have considered her beautiful.

I placed my hand inside the blanket and could feel it was warm inside. Untangling myself from around her small body, I slipped my snowmobile suit back on and went out to retrieve the supplies. After my third and final trip I opened a can of soup, chicken noodle, and began to heat it on the stove. Every few minutes I would look in front of the fireplace to check on the girl, each time finding she was still there, unmoved.

Once hot, I ladled some soup into a bowl and took it into the den. I lifted the girl enough to slide under her, propping her up against my leg. "Hey, wake up," I whispered, gently stroking her cheeks. "Wake up, little one."

Her eyes fluttered and then opened unfocused. "Welcome back to the land of the living," I said softly. "Think you can eat a little soup?"

She looked around as if trying to figure out where she was, and then gave me a slight nod. After feeding her several spoonfuls of broth she looked at me with deep brown eyes and asked, "How did I get here."

"I found you on the road," I answered. "Luckily I came along when I did. Otherwise you could have been buried there in the snow for weeks."

"I don't remember," she looked up at the ceiling as if trying to regain her thoughts. "I just remember being cold."

"No doubt," I said. "How do you feel now?"

"Warm. But my fingers and toes are tingling." I could see the blanket move as she apparently wiggled them to make sure they were still there.

"You most likely had a touch of frostbite," I said, feeding her some more soup. "They may be a little painful when all the feeling returns."

She was silent as I fed her the rest of the soup. "More?" I asked as I gave her the last spoonful.

"Uh huh," she said through sleepy brown eyes.

I worked my way from under her and placed the pillow back at her head. Rather than lying back, she propped herself up on her elbow and began to loosen the blanket wrapped around her. "I'm get'n hot," she said as the blanket opened. Noticing she was nude, she looked at me and exclaimed, "I'm naked."

"I had to take your clothes off," I told her. "They were wet and I had to get you warm as quickly as possible."

I ladled the rest of the soup into the bowl and brought it to her. "You want to feed yourself, or do you want me to do it," I asked.

She paused for a moment and then with a shy smile she softly said, "You." She had a pretty smile. Her face seemed to light up and her brown eyes sparkled when she smiled.

I slipped back under her and used a leg to prop her up again. She held the blanket closed as I fed her the remainder of the soup, but occasionally it would slip away from her body to show a glimpse of slim thigh or belly.

"What's your name," I asked.

"Jessica. But everyone calls me Jessie," she answered.

"Do you have a last name, Jessica?"


I couldn't think of anyone in this area with that last name. "I'm Keith, Keith Bradford," I told her.

"I know," she said looking up at me. "You've come to my house."

"When," I asked, trying to figure if I'd ever seen her before.

"B'out every month or so. You'd come see my grandpa and bring him beer."

"Old man Gus," I asked with a questioning look on my face. "You're Gus' granddaughter?"

She just nodded in response.

I'd met the old man not long after moving here. He'd always be sitting in a rocking chair in front of his old shack when I'd drive by. I decided to stop one afternoon to be neighborly and introduced myself. He said he'd offer me a beer but he didn't have any. I'd just been to the store and reached into a bag in the back of the truck and pulled out a six pack. From then on I was his best friend. In fact I believe I was his only friend. I'd never seen anyone else stop to visit. I'd never seen Jessie there.

"How come I've never seen you then," I asked.

"Grandpa always made me go inside when you'd stop," she said. "Said you two were talk'in men talk and didn't want no young'in butt'n in every other sentence."

I could almost hear Gus making a comment like that. He was a rough of cob, always wearing a pair of bib overalls and brogan boots. He wore a wide brimmed hat over a mass of wiry gray hair that kept the sun out of his eyes, and had a thick mustache and beard that covered a leathery face.

To be so isolated, Gus knew a lot of the local history. He'd tell me stories of moonshiners or feuding families. How the tax men would come in and bust up the stills, and one family would accuse the other of tipping the tax men to its location. He had a knack for story telling and I enjoyed listening. I did remember Gus saying he had a daughter.

"So your mom is Gus' daughter," I asked.

"Uh huh," she said. "We use to live in Kentucky. One night she woke me up when it was still dark and said we had to go. She brought me to grandpa's house and left. Ain't heard from her since. Neither has grandpa. That was b'out a year ago."

"Why were you out in this storm?" I asked. I knew Gus was a tough old turd, but I also knew he wouldn't send this child out into this weather.

"I think grandpa's dead," she said as her eyes watered. "I woke up last night because it was so cold and was going to put another log in the woodstove. Grandpa wasn't in bed. When I climbed out of bed he was just sitt'n there in his chair. His eyes were look'in at the wall and they weren't mov'in. I shook his hand to get his attention but he didn't move or say anything. His hand was really cold and stiff."

Tears were starting to slide down her cheeks and drip onto the blanket. I imagined it was horrifying for the young child to find her grandfather in such a state. There were many times I thought I'd find him like that when I stopped to visit. In fact, that was one of the reasons I'd check on him about every month. He loved to talk and tell his stories, and being secluded myself, I found his company to be somewhat refreshing on occasions. However he was getting up there in age.

"I was gonna bury him," she continued, "So I went out and dug a hole. It was hard and took a long time cause the ground was frozen. When I tried to carry him out, he was too heavy. He was all bent up from the way he was sitt'in and he must have been frozen to the chair. Every time I tried to pull him out, the chair just scooted a little.

"Anyway, I was cold and hungry. We didn't have anything to eat in the house. He was goin' huntin' to get us a deer or couple rabbits for our supper."

"So that soup was the only thing you've eaten all day," I asked her.

She just nodded, then added, "Actually since three days ago. He was gonna go hunt'in yesterday but must have knowed someth'in was up. He kept tell'in me to come see you if someth'in happened. Said you'd take care of me." She looked up into my eyes. "Guess he was right, huh?"

"Naw," I said with a serious look as I tried to lighten the air. "I think I'll just throw you out in the cold for the wolves."

Her eyes widen in shock and I couldn't hold my seriousness. I broke into laughter at her expression, and when she realized I was joking she gave me a punch in the gut.

"That weren't nice," she said.

"Yeah, I know," I answered with a huge grin. "The wolves would be mad at me for giving them such a scrawny package of skin and bones," and broke into laughter again, only to be answered with another punch in the gut.

I scrambled out from under her and headed for the kitchen. "Well, milady. If you can survive an hour without starvation, I will prepare you a feast fit for a queen."

Wrapped in the blanket, she followed me to the kitchen and scooted herself into one of the stools at the counter.

My cabin had a large great room with an adjoining kitchen and dining area. On the opposite side of the great room was a hall with two bedrooms on the right and my master bedroom on the left. At the end of the hall was a bathroom. The master bedroom had an ensuite bathroom of its own. An exposed stairway along the bedroom side of the great room led up to what was originally designed to be two additional bedrooms. I'd selected one to be a library and the other for storage. I had set up one of the bedrooms on the lower floor as my office where I'd taken to writing detective novels, first as a hobby, and then as a profession.

A lady I'd dated a few times worked for a publisher. She'd read one of my novels and thought it was quite good. Without my knowledge she had passed it along to her boss, who immediately wanted me to sign a publishing contract. I was surprised that my writing had done quite well. I'd use experiences from my law enforcement career and tweak them with a little love and romance. I'd had eight books published so far and was about to complete my ninth. My first two books have now sold over a million copies each. During the past year I continued to have at least one of my books on the top ten list. I was also surprised at the income the books generated. What started as a simple hobby had turned out to be quite lucrative.

As I was finishing dinner, roasted pork loin with rice and gravy, green beans and salad, I noticed Jessica fanning the blanket. Seeing me look she said, "Hot in here."

With the fireplace cranked up, the temperature in the cabin was quite warm. "If you want, go into my bedroom down the hall on the left. Get one of my t-shirts from the second drawer in the dresser. You can wear it until I get those ra..." and stopped myself. I started to say rags but thought those could very well be the best, or only, clothes she owned. "You can wear it until your clothes have been washed and dried."

She jumped down from the bar stool leaving the blanket. I watched in amazement, dumbfounded even, as she trotted towards my bedroom, her rounded butt jiggling with each step. Damn, what a butt. A child wasn't supposed to have a butt like that. Two rounded globes twitching up and down with each step. That was a woman's butt. Hell, women would give anything to have a butt like that. I was still staring down the hall, jaw open, when she re-appeared pulling on one of my white t-shirts with a police badge stenciled over the left chest. She saw my expression and stopped.

"What," she asked questioningly, the bottom of the t-shirt settling to mid thigh.

"It's not every day I see a naked little nymph running through my cabin," I said, finally closing my mouth.

"What? Was I not suppose ta," she asked. "You was the one that told me to go get a t-shirt."

I sensed concern in her voice. She actually thought she had done something wrong. In her eyes she may not have done anything wrong.

"No, no. It's fine, really," I answered. "I guess you made me realize just how long it's been since a lady visited my cabin."

"Oh. You mean sex stuff," she grinned, easing back up into the bar stool. "Mama used to say a man's balls would turn blue if they didn't get regular sex. I know that ain't true, though. Grandpa never had any womenfolk around and his balls never turnt blue."

"Well, if a guy gets excited and doesn't release, it can sometimes be painful," I answered, "but their testicles don't actually turn blue."

"Their what," she asked with a questioning look.

"Testicles," I said. "Or balls, as you call them. And once a man gets older, his need or desire for sex is not as strong. That may be why your grandpa never had lady friends over."

Jessica liked Keith. She use to sit just inside the partially open door and listen to him and her grandpa talk when he visited. There was something about him that was different from the men her mom use to bring home. Gentleness, kindness. He was good looking too. He was tall, taller than her grandpa. He had broad shoulders, and in the summers when he wore his t-shirts you could see the muscles in his chest and arms. Chiseled, is what her mama use to call it.

She liked cuddling in his lap as he fed her. She looked at his brown hair which was long and pulled back into a pony tail. His mustache was bushy and went down around the corners of his mouth. He had hazel eyes that were almost gray and looked as if they could look right into your soul.

She watched as he moved around the kitchen. He was powerful, but graceful.

We chatted while I finished preparing the meal. I told her I'd go down and check on her grandpa tomorrow after the storm had passed, and it seamed to settle her a little. I knew we couldn't just bury him and I'd have to contact the authorities. I had met the sheriff of the county, Ray Langston, and we had become friends over time. He had sworn me in as a deputy so I could maintain my law enforcement certification, and asked for my guidance a couple of times on cases he had been investigating. He'd tried to entice me to come to work for him on several occasions, but I'd always happily declined.

Our chatter quieted during dinner, Jessica attacking her food as if it would slip away if she didn't get it into her mouth. I told her to slow down but she just murmured and kept her head down. Finally, after her second helping had been devourered, she pushed her empty plate towards the middle of the table and simply said, "Good."

"How would you know," I asked with a laugh. "As fast as you ate, I wouldn't have guessed you tasted anything."

"Did too," she said as she gulped down the last of her Coke followed by a loud burp.

It surprised me that she volunteered to clean the kitchen after we'd eaten. I didn't object and busied myself restocking wood for the fireplace. The power had flickered a couple times but I knew the inevitable would happen sooner or later. A tree falling over a wire or ice buildup would eventually take it out. Once out, it could be some time before the power company would get out this far to have it restored. At these times I was thankful for the generator and solar power. Even without power I could use most all the lights. The refrigerator and freezer were already wired to operate during a power outage, but for larger appliances such as the central heat or water heater, that was just too much for the system. I'd have to turn something off to turn the other on.

I'd glance occasionally at Jessica to make sure she was having no trouble. She had to pull up a chair to stand in when putting the dishes away. The t-shirt stretched high when she reached up showing just a glimpse of her bottom. Damn, what an ass. A girl her age wasn't supposed to have an ass like that. Smooth, round and flaring outward from the hips. It caused a surge in my pants.

"Go ahead and take your bath while the power's still on," I told Jessica when she had finished cleaning the kitchen.

"Ain't Saturday," she said with a puzzled look.

"We take baths daily in this house," I said.

She went to the back door, opened it and looked around. "Where's the wash tub," she asked with a shiver.

I noticed two pointed dots from the cold in the front of her t-shirt. I pointed down the hall. "I have a real tub."

"Really," she said in amazement, dashing down the hall.

I followed her into the bathroom and got her a towel. She was kneeling on the edge of the tub leaning in and turning the knobs.

"I haven't had a bath like this since ... since ... Ma and me lived in Kentucky," she said.

I watched her lean over, her ass again pointed in my direction. Only this time there were two puffy labia sticking out from between smooth thighs. They were thick, full and pressed tightly together. While there was a sprinkling of pubic hair on her mons, her lower labia were completely bare. Above the crease and between two spread buttocks was the crinkled star of her asshole. The skin on her private parts was slightly darker than the surrounding skin. It looked soft and silky.

She stood after she was happy with the temperature, and without regard of my presence, whisked the t-shirt up and over her head. She stepped in with a big grin on her face.

I reached under the counter and got a bottle of shampoo, poured some into the tub below the faucet for bubbles, and set the bottle on the side of the tub.

"Make sure you wash you hair," I told her. I left the bathroom pulling the door partially closed behind me.

'Damn, blue balls, ' I thought, readjusting myself as I walked away.

Jessica relaxed with the bubbles up around her neck. The water was nice and warm and a regular tub allowed her to stretch out unlike the wash tub she used at her grandpa's house.

She thought of Keith and how he had looked at her. It made her tingle like when she would touch herself under the covers. She knew about sex and what men and women did together. She had watched her mom with her boyfriends when they lived in Kentucky. A couple of her mom's boyfriends would want to touch her, or have her touch them, but she would always say no and lock herself in her room.

It was different with Keith. She thinks she wanted him to touch her. Just the thought made her tingle stronger and her soapy fingers slip between her legs. She liked rubbing the little bump at the top of her slit. That is where she gets the best feelings.

Jessica rubbed the bump with her middle finger, back and forth, up and down. Her hips began to move involuntarily as she felt that good feeling building. She thought of Keith, his strong arms holding her, his fingers between her legs, stroking her, giving her pleasure.

"Oh, yes Keith," she said to herself, pressure building, hips beginning to thrust. Imagining Keith bending to kiss her. Soft lips pressing to her's. Her body became ridgid, release finally coming. She could feel the muscles in her vagina tense and release, tense and release as her orgasm washed through her. Heaven. Beautiful pleasure.

She lay motionless for several minutes in the afterglow of her orgasm. It had never been so intense before. Usually she would reach her good feeling, but never had one drained her like this one did.

Slowly she began to wash. Strength returned and soon she was finishing her hair.

I sat on the sofa, turning on the television and finding some nature channel. I wasn't really watching, but thinking what I'd have to do tomorrow. I'd check on Gus, although I was sure what I'd find. I wondered what would become of Jessica. I'd never heard Gus speak of any family. Apparently Jessica's mother was out of the picture, if she was even alive. I shivered at the thought of child services. Back home officers hated dealing with them, placing children in foster homes with people they didn't know. Many times the only concern the foster parents had was how much money another kid would get them.

I looked up as Jessica walked into the room, naked and a towel piled high on her head. Apparently nudity was not an issue with her, and I was reluctant to admonish what she may very well see as the norm.

"You got a hairbrush," she asked.

I went into my own bathroom and rummaged through the drawers. I thought I'd remembered a hairbrush left by one of my overnight lady visitors from the past. Locating the brush, I returned to the great room. Jessica was sitting on the edge of the sofa where I had just been. When I gave her the brush she stood up and I sat back in my place. Without asking, she backed up and resumed her sitting position between my legs. After removing the towel she handed me the hairbrush and assumed I would know exactly what to do.

It intrigued me how this young lady took things for granted. I took the brush and began stroking it through her hair. There were some tangles that caused her to grunt as they freed, but after a few minutes the brush was gliding smoothly through her hair. Now clean and brushed, her mousy hair was shiny brown, with hints of dark red when the light was just right. It was longer than I'd initially thought, reaching almost to the tops of her buttocks.

"How old are you, Jessica," I asked, breaking the silence.

"I just turnt fourteen two weeks ago," she answered, not breaking her gaze at the television.

That surprised me. From training I had received, fourteen would mean she had been through puberty. At that age, she should have been sporting more womanly breast and a full bush. I thought back to the puffy, swollen nipples and the sparse dusting of pubic hair. Then I remembered how thin she was and remembered that malnutrition, among other things, could cause a delay in puberty.

"Do you have any friends that live out this far," I asked.

"Don't have no friends," again her gaze not wavering.

"What about school. I know you have friends at school," I said.

"Don't go to school," she answered.

"You've never been to school," I asked, somewhat puzzled.

Finally breaking her gaze from the television she said, "I went when I lived in Kentucky. Since I moved here I just help grandpa with chores, is all."

Her hair dry, I handed her the brush, and rather than getting up she leaned back against my chest. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her, gently relaxing my hands on her tummy. The skin was smooth and warm. She snuggled, working herself back tighter against me. Her ass pressed into my crotch and I felt it give a lurch.

'Damn, had it been that long since I'd been with a woman, ' I thought to myself. A fourteen year old was causing me to get excited.

I was still wearing my long john bottoms and a t-shirt. The fire was generating plenty of heat and I noticed I was sweating. At least I blamed it on the fire and not the bundle of heat I had practically in my lap.

I was worried she would feel my growing erection. Taking her by the arms, I stood her up and told her it was time for my shower. I hurried to my bathroom and stripped off my clothes. The shower felt good. I washed and rinsed, then considered a quick handjob but decided against it.

Jessica had felt it. She had felt Keith's penis as she backed into it on the sofa. It felt big, bigger than most of her mama's boyfriends. Despite diddling herself in the tub, it made her belly flutter and the tingles returned. She had to see it. She had to see how big it was.

Turning off the shower I opened the door and reached for a towel. I stepped out and began to dry myself.

"You're right. Your balls ain't blue," I heard.

Startled, I turned to see Jessica sitting on the toilet lid, still naked, watching me.

"What? What do you mean? I mean, what are you doing in here," I stammered.

"Your balls," she said, staring at my crotch which I attempted to cover with the towel. "They ain't blue. I felt you get excited sitting on the couch, but they didn't turn blue."

"Well, why aren't you watching TV. What are you doing in here? You shouldn't be seeing me like this." I asked in an attempt to get her eyes off my balls ... balls that were starting to create pressure in my cock. Pressure that was causing my cock rise again.

"I don't like being alone," she answered. "Me and grandpa was always together. He never minded me seeing him naked. Come to think of it, I never seen his balls turn blue, but I never seen his grow like yours does."

As dumb as it sounds, I understood her. She spent her entire time, or at least the last year or so, with her grandfather. She had no other outlets for her attention. No friends, no television, definitely no internet or computer, no school. Nothing. She was completely comfortable being around her grandfather in the nude and apparently he was often nude in front of her. Her body and mind had been conditioned to accept this as normal. I couldn't scold her for something she thought was acceptable.

I wrapped the towel around me and picked her up. She was light as a feather. She wrapped her legs around me and I instantly felt heat against my right hip. I supported her holding her butt. Oh my, that butt. Two glorious mounds of muscular flesh shamefully wasted on such a young body.

I sat on the toilet lid and tried to explain.

"Jessie," I started, "You're used to being around your grandpa naked, and him being naked around you. I haven't had anyone around to be naked with and it just makes me a little ... uncomfortable. Do you understand?"

She nodded.

I continued, "I probably should have closed my door, but like I said, I'm usually here by myself. So privacy has never been an issue for me and I have never had to close doors. It just slipped my mind. Do you know what I'm saying?"

Again she nodded.

"Its okay, Keith," she said. "It don't bother me to be naked 'round you. I bet 'fore long it won't bother you to be naked 'round me."

I just shook my head. "That's not quite what I mean," I said. "Why don't you find something to watch on TV and I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay," she said, scooting from my lap. "But don't be too long."

I finished drying, took care of my toiletries, and slipped on a t-shirt and gym shorts. I joined Jessica back on the sofa and noticed she was still watching the same nature channel.

"Couldn't find anything else to watch," I asked, picking up the remote.

She just shook her head and stood up in front of the sofa. I sat down in my usual place and she climbed into my lap like it was the most natural thing to do. I accepted her nude body into my arms, making sure to position her so she was not on top of my growing erection.

"What did you and your grandpa do to pass the time at night," I asked.

"Just talk ... or think," she answered. "When I was talk'in too much, he'd tell me it was time to think. Mostly we slept. He'd be up with the first chirp of the birds of a morn'in, so we were in bed 'fore the frogs came out."

I loved her analogies. I knew she had heard them from Gus and she was just repeating what she'd heard. However I also knew how she would be labeled in today's society. Dumb, or hick. It was evident she had not attended school for some time. It was evident she hadn't associated with anyone other than Gus for some time.

"What grade were you in when you left Kentucky," I asked.

"We was at the end of six grade," she said.

"Did you like going to school," I questioned.

"It was okay, I guess," she said, squirming her way out of my lap to sit next to me. She lowered her head to rest it on my thigh, her body stretched out on the sofa. "The girls with pretty dresses would sometimes tease me 'cause I didn't have pretty dresses too. I was always the lil'est one and they called me names like peewee or runt."

I scrolled through the channels on the television, not finding anything really interesting. I finally settled on the Travel Channel which was showing some guy who traveled around the country attempting food challenges. Tonight he was supposed to eat six of the hottest wings in the world within a certain time. I liked spicy food. In fact most people can't handle what I classify as hot. I wondered if I could complete the challenge.

Jessica liked the way Keith held her when she sat in his lap. It made her feel safe and warm. Unlike earlier, this time she was sitting on his thigh and couldn't feel if his penis was getting hard. Still, she liked being close to him.

She climbed off his lap and sat next to him, then lay down with her head in his lap. Yes, she liked Keith. Liked him a lot. It was peaceful with him.

Jessica's hair was soft across my leg. Not realizing it, I would stroke my fingers through her hair a couple times, then caress down her side and back a couple times. She had gotten quiet and in just a few minutes I could hear soft snores. She was asleep.

When the program was over I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to the spare bedroom. I lay her down and pulled the covers up over her nude body. I shut down the television and turned out all the lights except the one in the hall bathroom. I figured the light would be helpful should she wake up during the night.

I took a leak, washed my face, stripped down and slipped under the covers. I typically slept nude, so I didn't see any reason to alter my sleeping habits just because Jessica was in another room. Surprisingly, sleep came quickly.

I was awakened by someone shaking my shoulder. It was soft and gentle and they were whispering my name as if to keep from waking me up.

"Keith. Keith," I heard. It was Jessica.

"What is it, baby," I asked.

"It's cold."

It was. I looked at the clock on the bedside table and saw the numbers flashing. The power had gone out as expected. I picked her up as I got out of bed and carried her into the living room. I stood her in front of the sofa as I poked the fire and threw on a couple logs. Grabbing the cushions from the sofa, I lay them down in front of the fireplace for a makeshift bed and then grabbed a couple blankets. We lay together on the cushions and I wrapped us in the blankets.

Finally after a few minutes we could feel the heat from the fire and the heat from each other. Realizing we were both naked, I felt a stirring in my loins and my prick began to rise. It lengthened along the crack of her butt. Oh my. That wonderful ass. It was now spooned tightly against my cock.

"Feels good," she said softly.

I wasn't sure if she was talking about the warmth from the fire or my stiff member nestled in her ass.

"Warm," I asked.

"That too," she answered

A few minutes later we were both fast asleep.

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