Weekend at My Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was asked to spend the weekend at Charlies.

Charlie is a kid in my class at school. He is oveweight and other kids pick on him for being that way. I kinda of like Charlie, he is funny and seems like he needs a friend that does pick on him on all the time. He asked me did I want to spend the weekend at his place, his mom had offered to take him and a friend to a movie on saturday (she said saturday matanees were cheaper)Were we going to see Lone Ranger I had asked? He said you know it!

I got the green light from my mom and carried some clothes and pj's in my gym bag on Friday. Charlies mom picked us up and while she was a large woman, God I thought she was pretty. She was really tall and filled out as they say. Charlie called shotgun, so I had to sit in the back, but leaned over the front seat talking to Charlie about the movie. We were both excited about going to see it. I noticed she had on a dress and it was not very long and stopped just before her knees. While sitting at a light she turned to ask me about my family and she saw I was staring at her legs ... blush ... blush ... busted. I told her about my family ... mom divorced ... rarely hear from my dad and so forth. She said we need to stop at the groc store before going to the apartment and she started asking about things I liked, sodas, breakfast cereal and so on. When we parked I jumped out and open the her car door, she said what a gentleman ... blush ... blush. But she gave me a good view of her legs when she turned to get out, one leg at first and stopped, turned to get her purse. This gave me a good chance to see up her dress,,, nice ... wondered if I lean over some could I see her panties? She turned with her purse and caught me trying to look up her dress ... blush ... blush ... busted again ... God, I gotta figure out how to not get caught I thought. We went in the grocery store, she picked up several things, I tried to behave myself, and only looked down her dress a couple of times when she leaned over to the bottom shelves, wow she had some really nice big ones in there, but I didn't want to get caught and have her take me home and tell my mom her son was a pervert instead of going with her and Charlie.

When we came out of the store, we boys had the bags but I still opened her door for her. She smiled and said thank you Steve and wow, she gave me a very nice view of her thighs. I didn't even have to lean over to peep. She actually pulled her dress up almost to the top of her stockings, giving me plenty to look at. Then she surprised me and told Charlie to let me sit up front with them. Charlie quickly called shotgun, so I was stuck in the middle ... well ... ok!

She smelled very good and I mentioned her perfume, well she was beaming and didn't seem to mind that I was sitting so close to her I was almost under her right arm. When we would stop at a light she would catch me staring at her thighs ... god they look so beautiful close up, but she only smiled. I wanted to reach out and touch them ... but didn't dare. Pulling into the apartment parking lot, she parked, I was afraid she would get out before I could get around to open the door, so I told her I would get her door for her. Charlie got out and in my haste to get out I went to use my left hand to push myself across the seat, but didn't pay attention where I put my hand and it landed on her right thigh. OOoopps ... excuse me I said ... she acted like she didnt notice she was staring out the window looking the other way, so I let my hand linger for a few seconds. Slowly sliding it off ... whew!! Charlie had grabbed both bags and took off for the apartment building. I went around and opened the door for his mom and she gave me quite a view of those soft looking thighs. Stopping as before to turn and get her purse. Now her dress was above the top of her thigh highs and when she turned with her purse she smiled at me - glancing toward the building looking to see where Charlie was she gave me all the time I wanted to look. God I was hard ... whew ... Then she dropped her car keys on the ground ... and she looked at me, needless to say I squatted down to pick them up for her, and got a real nice view of her white panties. She never moved, just smiled and said thank you Steve you are really a gentleman ... all I could do was lick my dry lips ... and said I try to be one.

After we got in their apartment, she said we would call for pizza delivery later and we could go watch tv while she put the grocerys away. I didn't want to leave her now, but did, sitting with Charlie in the living room watching an old western series. This was a series I liked but I kept thinking of her, so made an excuse to go to the kitchen and started helping her. Taking every chance I could to look down her dress when she leaned over. After getting caught twice when looking, I thought I better cool it or she might get mad. She said she was going to change would I mind taking Charlie a soda. When I got back she was not in the kitchen, so I went wondering around the apartment trying to find out where she went. I found her, she was in her room changing, but had left her door about one third way open. I stopped and started to go back, but something kept me there. She had already taken off her dress and now standing at her dresser brushing her hair. I could get a good view of her, hoping to see take off her bra or panties. Then I noticed she was seeing me in her mirror ... I froze ... damn ... busted again. She laid her brush down and reached around undoing her bra ... staring at me the whole time. She turned around and headed to the door still holding the bra in place. With her other hand she held a finger to her lips telling me to be quiet I thought ... and she let the bra drop when she got to the door ... giving me a nice view of the most beautiful breast I had ever seen. She said now go back and watch tv with Andy ... smiling at me ... Whew ... wow!!

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