College Fun With Son
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Size, Hairy,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mom helps her son recover from a break-up in a very special way!

My husband left us when my son, Tommy, was around 12. His father had been screwing his young admin assistant and she got pregnant. At the time I couldn't believe what he had done but I guess we had drifted apart and I wasn't as sexually interested in him as his belly grew and he drifted further and further out of shape. As for my relationship with Tommy, it turned sexual when he was in college. I guess I am writing to get this off of my chest and to to openly admit to my relationship with my son. We were both adults and I want to share how it all started. It was me, I live with it. It was great sex and the physical part was wonderful. He was and is a great lover and very pleasing in many ways.

After my son left for college, I would go visit him and we would spend the day going to sporting events and local activities sometimes with his girlfriend Stephanie. She was a few years older than him and very cute and sweet. After finding a 1/2 box of condoms on the sofa in his dorm room in his room on one of my visits, I figured out that they were closer than I wanted to admit as a mother. I had always seen him as my little boy but now I knew he was a man with ... well a full life and sexual needs. Earlier when he was a teen, I found the tell tale signs of him masturbating but I guess I just brushed it off. Maybe deep down I thought more about those stained sheets than I want to admit. As a single mother working long hours I was glued to my job and raising Tommy and maybe secretly I didn't want another failed relationship.

Unfortunately, his girlfriend dumped him for an older guy after his second year of college and he became very depressed. I stepped up my Saturday visits and soon they became all weekend visits with me staying in a hotel across town from the college once a month. As an alumni of the same school, I introduced him to my friends at sporting events and we spent time tailgating with my friends and his. His friends were so sweet to me and I soon noticed that they were actually hitting on me. Wow, that was such a great morale booster for me. I would tease them back but nothing more. Tommy began to stay with me at the hotel room and we would enjoy a swim in the heated indoor pool and dinner or just a great movie. There were two beds in the room so nothing out of the ordinary. I had noticed him checking me out now and then but then again I also checked him out too. I thought it was just a growing-up thing and I knew boys liked looking at breasts. My mind would sometimes go to a perverted place that a mothers should never go but I would drop it and move on. More than once I had wet dreams and masturbated to the thought of my son. At first these thoughts and my actions made me feel guilty but it passed over time. It was during this time that I started dressing a lot more suggestive and I guess I was actually teasing and flirting with my handsome 6 foot tall son. He wasn't going out much so I always had his undivided attention when I was in town. I liked being his date and we would both tease each other about being dumped.

I began to get in shape, my full night gowns got shorter, the material got thinner and my panties got smaller. My teasing turned to out-right flirting and I used less and less discretion and modesty around him. It was like I had a secret life with Tommy one or two weekends a month. Ok, I am not a model but I still had a nice body and most people would guess I am 10 years younger than I am. I am a petite size 4 with firm c cups. I don't shave but I do trim my thick dark bush and my nipples are hard at the drop of a hat. I began to forget my nightgowns, on purpose, and I would need to sleep in one of my sons shirts. I loved the smell of his cologne and of him. I would often take them home "to wash them" and really use them to sleep in until I would go back to visit. I would also forget to fully shut the hotel bathroom door after swimming or when I was changing for bed and secretly I wanted him to walk in on me.

One night after a cold football game we got to the hotel room late and I made my way to the bathroom where I stripped down to my panties and put on one of his long-sleeve tee shirts. While I changed in the bathroom, Tommy changed in main hotel room. There was only one room left when I checked in that day so that night he would either go back to his dorm or we would sleep in the same bed. We both had drunk too much wine at the tailgate party after the game so that answered the question of him driving to his dorm. I quickly popped out of the bathroom and there was Tommy standing in the middle of the room totally nude reaching into his overnight bag for some boxers. OMG, I had seen him shirtless countless times but now I got the whole frontal shot to include a good look and his manhood hanging from a thick patch of pubic hair. I must have gasped because he quickly looked up and caught me looking right at him. He fell over on the bed and tried to cover himself. I fainted covering my eyes and we were soon laughing and he pulled on his boxers. I told him I had seen him nude before but my light head and sudden heat flash told me that this was more that just that. I am too young for hot flashes!

We turned on a movie and climbed under the covers but after a while I was too warm and got on top of the covers and we continued to watch movie. I guess I pretended to watch the movie but I was on another planet. I found myself squirming around and intensionally moving enough to have the tee shirt slide up my thighs and expose my panty covered crotch. I spread my legs apart trying not to be to obvious. My dark thick bush was not hard to make out through the almost transparent pink satin and lace panties that weren't large enough to contain all of my thick bush. I occasionally looked to see if he was looking and noticed that he was squirming to conceal a very large bulge in the covers. I teased him about it being too warm and that he should sit on top of the covers be he said he was fine. Honestly, my crotch was as wet as his penis was hard.

At some point I got up to use the bathroom and when I returned I laid belly down on the bed with my head towards the television and my feet towards the head of the bed. I am sure he noticed my swollen nipples and the dark silver-dollar sized aureolas that showed through my shirt. Yes, I was sporting some horny high beams! I propped myself up on pillows and went back to "watching" the movie. I made sure that the shirt was around my waist and I made sure he had a great view of my ass that was clearly visible to him. With the pink transparent panties I was wearing, I am confident he could easily make out the crack of my ass and the dark patch of pubic hair that conceals my womanhood. When Tommy got up to pee he clearly had a full erection that he tried to conceal with his tee-shirt. When he returned I added gas to the fire by squirming a little and wiggling my ass. I slowly started spreading my legs apart and I knew that I was soon exposing my crotch. Knowing that my crotch was visible and only covered by a thin piece of pink sheer material was a very liberating feeling. I was on fire and by the look of the bulge in the covers, he was watching my ass and crotch more that the movie. I wanted him to see me, I wanted him to want me as much as I wanted him.

After the movie had ended I jumped under the sheets and tried to sleep but I was way to amped up. At some point I cuddled against him and fell a sleep. I woke up in the spoon position with his arms around me and the hard bulge of his penis against my ass. I pushed my ass back against him and brought his arms around me tightly. I heard a low moan and he held me tight in his arms. It felt so great to be in his arms and to feel the warmth of him against me. It was all I could do not to reach back and place my hand on his stiff penis that had began to even get stiffer as it nestled against the crack of my ass. He tried to adjust and pull back his hips but I somehow managed to tell him, in a hoarse raspy voice shaking with fear of being rejected, that it was ok. I pulled him tighter against me. At some point he got up and went to the bathroom. I was sure he masturbated. I wanted to bust in on him and tell him not to waste what I wanted so much in my body but my body was frozen as i fingered my wet clitoris to a powerful orgasm just as the toilet flushed. OMG, I want my son like a woman in heat and not like a mother. My swollen pussy lips were still quivering from my orgasm and my fingers sticky from my own cum that was generated by me thinking of my own son filling me with his manhood. Oh GOD, am I a pervert. I tried to regain myself as he got back into bed but I heard my voice squeak as I asked if he would cuddle with me again. He wrapped his arms around me and I pulled him tight. I was certain he was not as hard as before and I realized that be must be well hung because there was still a very large and hard penis snuggled up against the crack of my ass. My mind went back to the view I had earlier, yes ... I am certain he has a large penis. At some point we fell asleep and when I woke up I was laying with my head on his shoulder with my crotch on his hip and my leg draped over his. My crotch was resting on his hip bone and the light colored material of his boxers had a very noticeable wet spot right where my crotch was. I looked closer and could see the faint outline of his penis and a distinct shape of the large head of his penis. It was a beautiful sight and a great feeling that ended all too soon when we had to get up so I could drive home and he could go back to school. Did he notice? I was sure he was not a virgin but did he know I was wet. Did he like the feeling of my firm breasts against his chest. My nipples were instantly hard again and my knees were weak.

His father, what made me think of his father? His father had been my only lover up until then and the only man I knew. I didn't have a comparison until now but now I was comparing the size of his fathers penis to what I thought was the size of his sons penis. I had already gone there, yes I wanted to feel my son inside of me again. Not as a mother giving birth as before but as a lover with lust and yet loving passion. Maybe I would forget and move on, maybe I should fuck a stranger to move forward or maybe I should let passion dictate destiny.

Tommy was quiet that next morning. I gave him a hug and held him tight. I told him that I really enjoyed the night and being with him. I whispered in his ear that it felt good to feel a man against me and I was glad it was him. He smiles and said that he liked the way I felt too. As he prepared to walk away I told him that he needed to use tissue on his next middle of the night trip to the bathroom. I couldn't believe it just came out, did I really say that? He turned red instantly and his jaw dropped. I quickly kissed him on the lips which also surprised him, patted his ass and said that is was ok, the wet spot on the front of his boxers around his hip was from me. With that I turned and walked to my car, making sure I swaged my ass as sexy as i could, and drove home. My legs were still weak and my stomach was still in knots 2 hour slater when I got home.

It all was normal for the next couple of weeks except that I had wet dreams almost every night. We chatted on the phone a few times and exchanged e-mail like nothing had changed but in my heart I knew it had. I was glad when homecoming came and I would see Tommy again.

I arrived late on Friday night and after checking into the hotel I rode over to meet Tommy at his dorm along with one of my sorority sisters and her husband that had a daughter one year older than tommy. It was hard not to want to run up to him and kiss him on the lips and hold him tight in my arms. I wondered if there were other moms that felt the same way. How many moms in the crowd had passionate relationships with their sons? Was I the only crazy mother out there that had dreamed of fucking her son? It was a wonderful night of catching up with old friends, talking to Tommy and his friends and meeting some of Tommy's new friends before I ended up going back at my hotel with soe friends and then going to my room all alone. I called Tommy's cell and asked him if he would like to come over to the motel. He said he had too much to drink to drive but he wanted to. I got a lump in my throat and butterfly's in my stomach. Do I offer a cab? I was glad I raised a responsible son but I wanted to see him. Ok, what do I do? So I did what any loving mother would do. I changed into some jeans, threw some toiletries and a clean pair of panties into my purse and had the front desk call a cab for me. Destination ... my sons dorm room.

I kept telling myself I could have the car turn around any time. Really, did I really want sex or was it love. Would or could I go through with this? OMG, the though of getting laid in a dorm room never occurred to me but I had thrown a clean pair of panties into my bag so maybe it did. The thought of fucking my son, never. In my mind he had become my lover. It never occurred that maybe my son wouldn't want to fuck me, a middle aged woman that just happened to be his mother. Was he masturbating as he thought about me like I was thinking about him? I was getting dizzy with the drama in my head! Now I was knocking on his door!

He opened the door to let me in and I quickly shut and locked it. OMG, I am here! I tried not to act too excited as I set down my purse and took off my coat. I was wearing a very tight sweater that instantly received a compliment that I accepted with a quick peck on him lips. He took my hands and we leaned in for a real kiss. I almost fainted. My hands were soon around his neck and his were on my waist as I buried my tongue in his mouth. He was a great kisser and we stood in that position for a long while. I soon noticed a bulge in his pants pressing against my abdomen. Rather than pull away, he pulled me tight and I lowered my hands to pull my chest tight to his. It felt so go to be held and appreciated as a woman but even more that the man I had been dreaming about for so long as a lover was holding me.

His hands slid down and started massaging my ass and I followed his lead and did the same. I pulled him tight and started involuntarily humping his leg. I broke off the kiss only to take a minute to take it all in and playfully kiss his neck. I kicked off my shoes and started unbuttoning his shirt. I am really going to do this, I can't believe it. I am seducing my young lover and then he stopped me. I froze ... Why, what had I done wrong, did I mis read it all or ... he put his finger over his lips in a shushing gesture and soon I know why he stopped me. Faintly I could hear the sound of bed springs and then the distinct sound of a young woman moaning. Not out of pain but she was moaning out of pure pleasure. Tommy's neighbor was getting laid and I could hear every detail. The pace varied but then suddenly the pace sped up with the sound of a headboard hitting the wall. After 15 to 20 seconds, we heard two muffled screams and a series if large grunts followed by quiet, absolute quiet.

We fell onto the sofa giggling and were soon in another passionate embrace. I resumed taking off his shirt and be began to unbutton my sweater. One button at a time and soon my sweater was fully open and my white lace bra was fully exposed. My dark swollen nipples were clearly hard and very visible. He kissed down my neck and down my amble cleavage. while one hand found one breast his lips and mouth found the other. He gently nibbled on one nipple through my bra as he teased the other with his hand. He kissed his way down my stomach then back to my breasts. He began alternating which breast he kissed and which breast he gently squeezed. I was grinding my crotch against his leg and gently humping him as he continued.

I reached around and unclasped my bra to free my aching breasts and nipples. He began sucking on one nipple and gently squeezing the other between his fingers before he moved back up my chest, neck and face until his lips returned to mine. I stood up and reached out my hand to help him up and we embraced with my chest agains his, it felt so incredible and so emotional. After a while I reached down and squeezed his penis through his jeans which caused a low moan. OMG, he was huge. his hands found my ass and it was difficult for me to squeeze his penis and he pulled me against him. I backed away and used both hands to undo his belt, unbutton his pant and then unzip them. Once undone, I reached down and grabbed his long thick penis with only his briefs separating my hand and the soft flesh of his manhood. He was as thick as my wrist and the large mushroom shaped head was very distinct. His underpants were wet around the area of his penis head and his rigid penis was actually pulling the waist band of his briefs away from his abdomen giving me a view into the thick mast of hair I had seen a few weeks back.

I backed away and pushed his pants down to his ankles. As I helped him step out of them I couldn't help but to look down at his manhood and comment on its size. He reached over and pulled me to him and with one hand on my lower back we had the most intense french kiss I have ever had in my life. He then moved his hands over and started unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. He slid his had into my jeans and was rewarded with a warm and very wet feel of my crotch through a pink pair of lace panties. I heard myself moan into his month as he felt me up. I hooked my fingers into the waist of my jeans and stepped away as I pulled them down.

I took his hand and led him over to the bed where we stood and embraced again. I felt even more of our warm skin unite. He felt so good. He kissed down my neck and once again found my breasts with his lips. After a few seconds of him sucking on my breasts and sliding his hands into my panties to massage my ass I had an orgasm. I pulled his mouth to mine and wrapped my arms around his neck to prevent from collapsing on my weak and shaking legs. After I regained my presence I reached down to fondle his penis and gently squeeze his balls through his underwear but before long I ran my hand down his stomach and into his briefs. The warm silky smooth skin of his hard penis was delightful. The head of his penis was soon covered in slick pre-cum and I traced the 8" of his manhood and gently palmed his large balls. I backed up and placed my hands on his hips and hooked my fingers into his briefs and I slid my hands down his legs to reveal his penis.

I looked up into his eyes which were watching me intently as i removed his underwear. I smiled, partly out of nervousness and partly out of excitement, and then I told him that he had changed since I had seen him nude last. As I stood up I actually did something I had never done to his dad. I took his penis in my hand and then licked and gently sucked the head of his swollen cock. I took the head of his penis into my mouth and tasted his manhood that was coated with his pre-cum. I kissed my way to his mouth and stuck my tongue into his mouth to share my treat. I told him that I had never done that and asked him if he liked it. He nodded his head in approval so I told him that if he was good we could try is some more sometime.

I pushed him back on the bed and he pulled me over onto him. We rolled around on the bed in various embraces until I ended up humping his leg as I straddled him with his hands down my panties again massaging my ass and occasionally slipping a finger into my wet pussy. I finally rolled off of him and onto my back. I lifted my ass and he pulled my panties off. I was fully nude. As I lay on my back and he lay on his side he surveyed the nude body of his 44 year old mother with both his eyes and his touch.We kissed and I pulled him oner onto me. I wanted this so bad and still wondered if I was making a big mistake. I brought my knees up to my chest and spread my legs giving my son a view of my most private parts. My thick dark bush was coated in my wetness and the swollen lips of my pussy were slightly parted and visible. He leaned over, balanced on one arm, and kissed me. Then he guided his penis to the entrance of my womanhood.

He guided the head of his penis over the swollen lips of my pussy and teased my clit. His manhood was teasing me and the head of this penis was glistening in the mixture of out sex. My son's dick was as hard as a rock and glistening in the mixture of our combined sex. Around 20 years ago his father was in about the same position but it never felt like this. While I was concerned about my sons size, I hadn't though about his sperm laced cum until now. I had just spread my legs and opened my unprotected womanhood to a very viral man in his prime. That large penis poised at the entrance to my womanhood would unload a torrent of cum into me soon and I was not planning to stop him. I wanted to feel him inside of me, I couldn't stop now. I needed him to want me like I wanted him. Should I stop him and tell him to put on a condom? Should I tell him to pull out right before he came? Should I let him flood my pussy with his seed and roll the dice?

We kissed and I felt the large mushroom shape head of his penis stretch the lips of my pussy open as he entered me. I hear him sigh and I moan as he enters me. I feel the penis of my son stretch me open and start traveling deeper into my body. I am on fire! He is gentle and yet passionate as he pushes deeper into me and gently starts fucking me. OMG, I am fucking my son. In no time I have an orgasm and it rocks my body as my mind and body spasm. My son kisses me to quiet the moans but can't stop moaning. As I look back, I am sure his neighbors heard me moan as I was blissfully getting my pussy filled by my son's large cock. He fucked me slow and deep. I find it hard to believe that he once traveled down the same canal he was now filling with his manhood and soon his sperm. I felt so tight and he felt so large. I soon fetl the head of that amazing cock hit bottom and, with the swollen lips of my pussy around the base of his fat cock, he moaned in my ear. His penis started to pulse violently inside of me as he began to empty the contents of his large hairy balls 8 inches deep into me. He pushed into me again shoving my ass down against the bed as he ejaculated stream after stream of his warm cum deep into my body. I had felt my husband's cock pulse when he came but I had never felt the warm douche like feeling of my son's cum as he filled my womb. It was incredible and I had another uncontrollable orgasm that I can't describe in words.

My son and I held each other with out moving for a long time before he pulled out of me. It was amazing. I fell a sleep in his arms and after we woke up in the middle of the night to pee, I took my turn on top and offered him seconds. I loved the feeling of him caressing my ass as my pussy caressed his penis and eventually persuaded his large hairy balls to empty a second load of cum into my womanhood.

The next morning we left before daylight and headed to the hotel where we tried to avoid being seen leaving his room or entering the hotel.

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