Undercover Escort Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Violent, Workplace, Prostitution, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - All she ever wanted to be was a cop. Now she has a chance but it has to be in secret. She is an Undercover Cop playing a role as a very bad girl hooked up with some very nasty types. She lied on her interview and made the Undercover Squad think she had been exposed to every sort of kinky sex imaginable. It was all in her imagination. Her first introduction to the depraved vice scene comes as a shock but she is determined to do anything it takes to get her man.

Lucy found it difficult to remember a time when she was not excited about being a real policewoman. She always played cops and robbers with a vengeance and pounced on her fellow players with all the gusto of a real bust by real police officers. It was not at all surprising when she finished up her schooling and immediately applied for officer training at the police academy.

When the recruiting sergeant gave Lucy the interview, she asked her how old she was when she lost her virginity. The generally shy Lucy was just recently 19 years old and she was still very much intact in that regard but she made up a story about losing it "last summer at the beach". That seemed to satisfy the inquisitive woman who seemed to derive a great deal of pleasure from asking the young female recruits such personal questions extracting intimate details of their sexual preferences and experiences. The extremely plain and unappealing female interviewer was often exhausted after these sessions from the draining effect of prolonged orgasms.

Lucy excelled in the training program and there was never any doubt about her being graduated to a full-fledged police officer. However, about a week before her graduation, she was called into an interrogation room and was subjected to a harsh scrutiny of her sexual preferences. She was far too ashamed to admit that she had lied on the initial screening and continued a charade of having extensive sexual experience in many different and kinky sexual practices convincing the interrogator that she was extremely proficient in the art of oral sex. The two internal affairs officers found their cocks difficult to control as she described her technique in great detail. In fact, the only cock she had ever allowed into her mouth was that of her Dentist, Doctor Hamilton. He was recently divorced and was so sad over the separation from his spouse of 15 years that she allowed him to test out her mouth "capacity" for oral sex after he pestered her repeatedly for several months. She felt so sorry for him and his stories of lost love that she decided to help him out over the hump of lack of available sexual outlets. The first time was strange but she found it to be rewarding just to see the smile on the poor man's face. It was a different feeling that she had when he instructed her to,

"Wash and spit, Lucy. That's a good girl. Wash it all out. Let me see your teeth now. Good girl. You really took it all in splendidly, Lucy. You did far better than my Veronica. She never did quite see the fun in swallowing my cock."

Lucy beamed with pride. She didn't mind when Doctor Hamilton groped her bottom because he was a professional man and married with children even if his wife was nowhere to be found at present. All in all, it was a very satisfactory experience because it acquainted her with the relative size and taste of male cocks and gave her a good idea on the right speed and firmness of suction necessary to milk them of their manly liquids. Besides, her mom was in the waiting room in case the Doctor wanted to do more than test her mouth capacity.

She gave the interrogator a bogus story about how she had "taken care" of a dozen football player with her mouth to reward them for winning a big game. When she was queried about her anal activities, she simply stated with a mysterious wink,

"All I can say is that no man ever complained about how tight my butthole is. They all seem to like working hard to get it deep inside."

Of course, little Lucy had never had a cock near her brown eye. She was much too shy to have any boy see her private hole and only managed to look at it in the full length mirror in the bathroom with some degree of disgust wondering why any boy would want to stick his thing in there.

The trio of police officers explained to Lucy that they were part of a special squad. They were "undercover" police officers who infiltrated the schools and the social clubs to get information on the drug pushers and the pimps who preyed on young girls using them for profit in a dirty business. She was excited that they wanted her to be a new recruit in the undercover squad but it would mean that she had to be "flunked out" of the course and not receive a shield or a gun in front of her friends and relatives. They told her that she would be immediately promoted to the rank of Sergeant and have her badge and gun stored in secret at the undercover police headquarters downtown. She accepted the job and knew her life had changed in many ways because she would be viewed by all who knew her as a failure and a dropout. In fact, as an undercover cop, she would have to hang out with very shady characters and give the impression she was nothing more than a slut willing to do anything for a fast buck.

Her mom was devastated and her father just simply said,

"I can't believe you dropped the ball, kiddo!"

When she told her parents she was out looking for a job as a secretary or working in a retail store, Lucy secretly attended a special academy that taught her the special skills she needed to fight dirty and even maim or kill an opponent if she was cornered in a life and death situation. It was not in her nature but she learned quickly and began to respond automatically to desperate situations.

She almost broke her older brother's arm when he jokingly grabbed her from behind on the icy driveway.

Part of her new cover was to work in a sleazy titty bar called the "Bottoms Up" as a table girl to deliver drinks to the customers. She told her family she was working at an inventory clerk taking stock of merchandise for small businesses. It allowed her to be gone at all different hours to allay suspicion about her activities.

The bar was always dark and she liked that because it made it hard to identify her in the video cameras that were all over the place. Her uniform was skimpy with only a thong bottom and a pair of large heart shaped pasties on her nipples. Her boss allowed shorter heels because she was not one of the "Hostesses" but a worker who hustled the drinks out to the paying customers as quickly as possible.

After about a week on the job, she was well adapted to the environment and didn't mind the occasional groping of her shapely bottom or fingers on her hips or legs. It was kind of difficult to get used to the "Hostess" girls constantly hitting on her telling her she needed to get her pussy licked nice and hard. They were all beautiful girls and had guys drooling after their goodies wanting a touch or a taste of paradise. Lucy was more toned down than the heavily painted girls but some guys recognized her fresh and unspoiled look and were more than interested.

The old Italian boss told her his nephew "Tony" was visiting from the East Coast and that she should explain the operation to him.

Tony turned out to be a very muscular young man who was built like a wrestler and was several inches shorter than her even though she was only wearing shortened heels. After about a 30 minute tour of the place, he cornered her in the Uncle's office and bent her over the littered desk.

"Come on, baby, let me take a tour of your little backside."

He was clutching her ass cheeks with both hands and she squirmed but he had her in a firm grip. Lucy considered using some of the trick they had shown her at the special school, but she did not want to blow her cover and let the horny young man have his fun using her backside.

Tony just pushed her silly little thong to the side and was inside her pussy before she had a chance to say,


Thankfully, she had lost her hymen to a frenzied horse that tried to buck her off before a jumping exhibition at the State Fair. His cock slid home and she felt young Tony bottom out deep inside her. After that, he rode her hard and when he was finished, he gave her a hard slap on each cheek for good luck.

She stood up and was momentarily mortified at the realization this man had intimate knowledge of her interior geography that no other man had ever explored. She could feel his juices seeping down the insides of her legs, but at that moment the boss came back in and told her to get her ass back to work on the floor.

"Thanks for showing my nephew Tony the operation, Lucy."

Lucy smiled to herself in the knowledge she had certainly shown Tony a lot more than the operation but hoped it was something he would keep to only the two of them. She didn't think the undercover police squad would be very pleased with her sacrifice beyond the call of duty.

Table number ten was jumping tonight with two hotshots from the South side. They were spreading loot around with the Hostesses like there was no tomorrow. She could see they were both getting their dicks jerked big time by the King sisters. They were a pair of cheap blondes with phony tits and big asses who liked to start the evening off with a nice jerk-off just to show the guys they were serious.

The prettier King sister called Doreen told her to get over to Raymond at the DJ desk and tell him she had lined up some "business" for him.

Lucy knew right away the business was funny business. Raymond was a known drug peddler even though he kept his nose pretty clean inside the club. Raymond shook his head to let her know he understood and soon she saw him and the two guys head for the private room for a little pow-wow. A few minutes later she knocked at the door and slid inside asking them if they wanted drinks. The two guys ordered the same that they were drinking at table ten but Raymond gave her a funny look like he was trying to figure out her game.

When she came back with the drinks, they were all laughing and it seemed like their "business" had concluded satisfactorily. She gave the guys the drinks and took the tip and turned to leave but Raymond grabbed her wrist and said,

"What's your hurry?"

The two guys who were both kind of looped by now giggled and stood up at the end of the table. Raymond pulled Lucy over his lap and started to spank her moderately hard without pulling down her thong. She struggled but only managed to cause his huge cock to press into her belly. Raymond twisted her around on his lap and pulled her knees up to her shoulders. Now her pretty thong was completely exposed and the corners of her brown eye and the fringes of her closely shaved pussy were visible underneath.

"Raymond, you know I'm not a hostess. I'm just a drink girl. The boss is not going to like this."

The DJ/drug peddler laughed at her discomfort and told the two guys,

"Well, boys, just like I promised, we got us some prime grade pussy here ready to be poked nice and deep. Who wants to go first?"

Lucy twisted but the older guy just spread her lips with his fingers and planted his cock inside her. She was being fucked the second time in one night and had never been fucked before in her entire life. Lucy saw the guy's face start to contort and grow tight after only a few minutes of humping and then she felt her insides flooded with man juice that had a faint garlic odor to it. As soon as the man pulled out, he was replaced by his companion who bounced his cock on her lips splashing the cum in every direction. He pushed his cock into the cream puddle pointing the way to her vaginal opening and he gave it to her much slower and with deeper thrusts. Suddenly, she had a different sensation and she wanted to open wider for his cock to allow him deeper entry. Her breathing became ragged and she could feel her own juices begin to flow. This was her third exercise in copulation this evening and now she was experiencing her first vaginal orgasm from the probing of a male cock deep inside her female parts. It swept over her and made her groan much to the delight of all three men watching her facial expression with intent interest.

"It's OK boys, she can't be a cop. No cop would be able to fake it like that. I was just worried because she was too quick to get into our business. She is just another slut like the rest of them but she sure does like getting laid better than most of those lesbian bitches."

Raymond wanted to shove his dick up her ass but the other two told him that they needed to get their business on the road. She heard them make an arrangement to meet at the Ferry building and transfer the "goods" for cash at midnight and not to bring any other guns to the meet except for two on each side.

Lucy slipped out the door after they gave her a huge tip for her "Hostess" activities.

She immediately reported the information to the undercover cop headquarters and was rewarded with a "Job well done" comment.

The newspapers were filled with the announcement of a huge drug bust at the Ferry Building and with four known felons in custody. The seizing of a large shipment of drugs and a suitcase of money in untraceable small bills made the entire police department look good but there was no mention of the special "undercover police squad" but Lucy figured that was for the best.

She knew it was due to her work but still she was ashamed of the fact she had to "take it" three times to get all the details. Hopefully, her future efforts would not require such sacrifices.

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