Sweet Temptation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, First, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'm a good man... I swear that I am! At least all of my life, I have desperately tried to be. But then, one fateful day, I knew real temptation... And God in heaven, was it sweet.

I'm a good man ... I swear that I am! At least all of my life, I have desperately tried to be.

Despite a somewhat wild and unruly childhood and adolescence, in college I actually grew up and matured into a good, responsible adult. Though in no way was I ever religious, in my own humble opinion I always had a strong personal moral compass and a rather honorable, upright character. With the years, I became a loving family man, a faithful husband and supportive father, a loyal, hard-working employee, and an all around boring, law-abiding citizen.

And I was completely, one-hundred percent OK with that. But then one fateful day, I knew real temptation...

God in heaven was it sweet.

I didn't give in though. No sir, I stayed strong.

Well ... at least I did at first.

The thoughts and images running through my mind were pervasive, always there, calling out to me, enticing me away from what I knew to be right, steadily weakening my resolve over several days, weeks and months. The lustful and carnal feelings and impulses they awakened in me were like nothing I had ever experienced before or since.

I see it now that it was inevitable that I would eventually give in.

I'd love to say that it wasn't my fault, maybe even that "the Devil made me do it", but that would just be a copout. Sure, I was tempted, but I ultimately made a choice. I don't consider myself particularly weak willed or evil – I honestly believe that any other red-blooded, straight male would have also succumbed. I make no apologies for myself, nor do I ask for anyone's forgiveness.

If I am destined for hell and damnation, at least I have the comfort of knowing that it was damn worth it.

It all started just outside my apartment, very late one Friday night.

That wasn't all that unusual. I normally stayed at work after hours at the end of the week in order to go over my department's accounting and paperwork, making sure all of the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. The couple of people I wrangled into assisting me every week were never quite thrilled about the chore, even if they did receive overtime for the extra work. They couldn't help but admit though that things tended to move much more smoothly thanks to those few additional hours.

My wife Tracey, on the other hand, was very understanding and supportive about my working the occasional late night. I always made sure to make it up to her later on by not complaining whenever she decided to go out on one of her girls' nights, inevitably coming back home supported by a couple of friends, more than a little bit drunk.

So, there I was, casually walking down the hallway of my apartment building. I had just loosened the much hated tie around my neck and my mind (as well as my stomach) was focused almost solely on sating the hunger growling deep in my belly. Though I knew that the family was all snug and asleep in bed by then, there would undoubtedly be a full plate of tasty, home cooked, if only lukewarm, dinner waiting for me in the oven.

I was just about to reach the door to my apartment, one hand fumbling in a pocket, searching for my keys, while the other was busy with my briefcase, when the noise of a door's lock startled me.

Glancing to the side I noticed a door across the hall opening very slowly and completely without a sound. It was the Johnson's apartment, my neighbors. I stopped, curious to see who was up and about at this time of night. A knee-jerk decision I almost immediately regretted making.

For a split-second, I gauged the distance to the door of my own apartment and wondered if I could make it safely inside before being spotted.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the Johnsons just fine and I considered them family friends. Maybe not "close, personal friends" though, the type that you invite over for parties, or even the occasional weekend away, but at least "neighborhood friends", people you shoot the shit with as you pass each other on the way to some other (more important or interesting) place.

It's just that it was pretty fuckin' late (well past midnight), and I was damn hungry and tired, with very little patience to spare to deal with them. Also, for them to wait for me to come home, you could just bet your sweet ass that it was for some sort of favor. Maybe Joe wanted me to lend him a hand with some sort of home repair project yet again, or perhaps Susan, his wife, wanted to complain about the noisy young couple on the floor above us, trying to get me to go along with "doing something about it".

To my surprise, instead of Joe or Susan, a petite and lithe looking young woman exited the Johnson's apartment, moving carefully and silently backwards out the door. And to my never-ending delight, she was a very good looking, scantily clad young woman.

I couldn't help the quite pleasant and unexpected stirring in my pants.

She was wearing a matching set of faded yellow boyshorts and crop tank top, both prominently featuring the children's cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. It looked as if the outfit was at least a few years old, now being way too small and tight to be really considered appropriate attire for going out in public. The fabric was worn and molded perfectly to every curve of her body, leaving it clear to see that there was no way that she could have been wearing a bra or panties underneath. She damn well could have been naked.

I certainly wasn't about to complain about it though.

Her long, straight hair – I couldn't tell if it was dark blond or light brown - was currently held up in twin, loose ponytails. My eyes longingly traveled downwards, taking in her slightly curved, but tight and toned figure. Reaching her long legs I noticed a pair of white knee socks and fluffy bunny slippers on her feet.

Strangely, she also seemed to be carrying two large, full black plastic trash bags.

'Damn lucky bastard, ' I thought, cursing the Johnson's seventeen year old son. I guessed that the young woman was one of Dan's new girlfriends sneaking out after a late-night rendezvous.

Now that I had a daughter of my own, soon to be entering high school, I hated teenage guys like him with a raw burning passion. Which, in a certain point-of-view was pretty damn funny and ironic, seeing as I used to be just like him - a popular, good-looking jock, with no problems whatsoever at getting a date and later getting her to do whatever I wanted.

The Johnson boy was a basketball player, the pride and joy of his parents and his school. I'm not sure if he was any good, seeing as I've never actually seen any of his games, but he certainly was very popular. The fact that he was handsome and charming (though not that bright, in my honest opinion) didn't hurt his popularity any. Even though I seldom saw him, I vividly remembered every single time that I did, seeing as he always seemed to be in the company of some new, sexy and obviously very affectionate girlfriend.

This was the first one that actually seemed to live in the apartment complex though. I wondered who she was and what the deal with the trash bags was.

After very carefully shutting the door behind her, the girl hefted the fairly large garbage bags and turned around. Finally, I got to see exactly who this sexy young thing was.

"Aaahhhhh!" Cindy, the Johnson's oldest daughter, gave out a short, high pitched cry of alarm and dropped the bags right back to the floor as she finally noticed me.

But ... it couldn't have been her. She was just, what? Around thirteen years old, the same age as my own daughter Casey.

I was stunned and felt more than a little bit guilty.

Gone was the thin prepubescent body I vaguely remembered. She'd gained a couple of inches in height, making her on the tall side for her age, but I still towered over her. Her legs were no longer knobby toothpicks, but shapely calves leading up to long, smooth, muscular thighs. Her boyish hips had spread and rounded out nicely, along with a perfect firm heart-shaped ass. Her smooth stomach showed a hint of muscular abs, and her flat chest had sprouted a tempting pair of breasts. Not very big ones, true. They might have been a small B cup, at best, but they were very clearly perky and completely unfettered. Even her face had changed, having lost some baby fat.

No, this was no little girl. This was a nubile teenager ... an incredibly cute and sexy young woman.

When the hell had this happened?

Oh, I know that it hadn't happened overnight, at least intellectually. I guess that I never really paid that much attention to Cindy before.

She and my daughter were friendly and occasionally got together to talk, or whatever else teenage girls do together behind the closed doors of their rooms. But apparently they had different cliques at school and weren't that close. They each had their own separate cliques and groups of friends. While Casey and most of her friends had always been the quintessential girly-princess types, Cindy was going through a tomboy phase for the last couple of years, seeming to prefer dressing in baggy jeans, shirts and sweaters.

Perhaps she had been simply trying to hide her budding and maturing body from the people around her?

'And what a budding body... '

The guilt that had flared within me just a second ago, was promptly squashed and swept away by an avalanche of by pure, unadulterated arousal. I reveled in the feeling of my cock shifting, slowly hardening down my pant leg.

"Oh ... hi Mister Craft." Cindy eventually said with a shy smile on her face after recuperating somewhat from the unexpected surprise. Her soft, sweet voice was still noticeably shaken.

"Hello Cindy." I said, sounding much calmer and composed than I actually felt. "Just what are you doing out and about this lovely evening?"

As I spoke, my eyes were glued to her, slowly traveling up and down her entire body. I was doing my level best to burn every single enticing curve into my brain. I didn't really care what her answer was – I just wanted to prolong this encounter for as long as I possibly could. In a strange moment of clarity, I knew that I would use this memory as a masturbatory aid for years to come.

"Well ... ummm ... you see..." She hemmed and hawed for a while, glancing nervously back at the closed door to her apartment a couple of times. Eventually, she simply sighed and let her shoulders slump.

"This morning, before leaving for school, momma told me that I was supposed to take out the trash before dinner, but-"

"You forgot and now are trying to take care of it before your parents notice tomorrow morning." I finished knowingly. I did have a girl her age, after all. Her mildly abashed expression, with a half smile confirmed it.

She had probably been planning on quite simply slipping out of the apartment while her family was all asleep in bed, heading towards the garbage chute down at the far end of the hallway, and then slipping back home and into her room before anyone could have possibly noticed her absence, or the fact that she had forgotten to do her chore. And why should she have bothered getting dressed just for that? At this time of night, she certainly couldn't have thought that she would cross paths with anyone out in the hallway.

Lucky, lucky me!

The girl was clearly uncomfortable. I'm certain that the mere fact that it was me that had caught her made things even worse. You see, I'm a big guy - big and broad shouldered – taller than most adults, not to mention kids. I know that it gave me a naturally intimidating air, which I admit to having served me well from time to time.

But not only had she been caught, she had just realized how scantily clad she was. She couldn't keep her eyes fixed on me for long, there was a slight flush of embarrassment on her cheeks and her hands kept fidgeting, tugging on her shorts and top, desperately wanting to cover up. That really didn't help - all it did do was pull her clothing even tighter against her and slightly shift what particular slice of skin was exposed to my appreciative gaze.

I know that I should have saved her from that discomfiture. I could have simply said goodnight and let her go about her business, while I went home, had dinner, and then went to bed. If someone else had been there with us, or if I had been anywhere in my right mind, I certainly would have done that.

OK, OK, I would have had to stop by the bathroom to jack off, while thinking about her, before I could get to sleep.

But I didn't. I just ... couldn't look away, let alone leave.

Not yet anyways.

This young girl was just so fucking adorable and enticing. I hadn't felt this turned on in ... damn, probably a couple of years.

A part of me definitely knew that it was wrong to stare at her like I was a starving man and she was a piece of prime rib, and I was horribly troubled at my body's reactions.

She was my daughter's age for Christ's sake!

But a much more powerful and primal part of me didn't give a damn about what morality, society and the law might consider right or wrong. Whatever guilt and shame I was still feeling were miniscule compared to the sheer overwhelming force of my raging libido. I was inexplicably drawn to Cindy's budding womanhood. I wanted to feel her, taste her, experience all of what this meek, inexperienced young woman had to offer. She was virgin territory and I wanted to claim her before anyone else could.

I wouldn't though. I couldn't possibly...

Could I?

No, of course not. I'd never cross that line with someone so young and I honestly loved my wife. I'd never do anything to hurt her or my family.

But ... that didn't mean that I couldn't fantasize and have a little bit of harmless fun.

The silence had stretched on as I continued to blatantly check Cindy out. Her nervousness had waned as no admonishments came her way and quickly gave way to puzzlement. She finally looked up and noticed me staring quite intently at her with what must have looked like a rather hungry grin on my face. She was just about to ask me something (why I was staring at her like that, most likely) when she paused and tilted her head to the side slightly in thought. Then her big beautiful dark brown eyes widened and her mouth gaped open in surprise. Realization had hit quite suddenly.

I wasn't looking at her like an adult looks at a child - I was instead looking at her like a man would at a woman he wants.

She was too young and inexperienced to successfully school her expression, so I could pretty much follow the flow of her emotions, as well as make an educated guess at the thoughts running through her head.

First there was incredulous shock. 'No way! He can't be checking me out! He's old, like my dad's age!'

Nervousness came next, tinged with a healthy hint of fear. 'What is he going to do? What the hell should I do?'

Of course, as with most women, there is always a certain measure of pleasure at being openly and honestly admired. 'Wow, he really likes looking at me. Could he really find me pretty? Or maybe even ... sexy?'

And to her immense confusion, there was also a healthy dose of excitement. 'Oh my God! Why am I getting so hot?'

Her peaches and cream complexion flushed a deep red (not just in embarrassment now), she bowed her head, and awkwardly crossed her arms over her chest. A short nervous giggle escaped her unbidden as she shuffled her bunny clad feet, stealing only the occasional meek, fleeting glance up at me.

The sight made my hardening cock twitch with excitement and I even felt a bit lightheaded.

'Oh God, if only I was single and half my age ... this sweet piece of jailbait ass would definitely be worth the risk.'

In my mind, I tried to blame my inappropriate sexual thoughts on the fact that I had been going through a bit of a dry spell lately. It had admittedly been a while since my wife and I had last had sex, and I was feeling pretty damn horny. Alas, I immediately realized that that was a flimsy excuse. I worked every day in an office surrounded by several beautiful, sexy and intelligent women, but none of them had ever effected me quite like little teenage Cindy Johnson was just now.

I'd even been propositioned for some no strings attached sex on two separate occasions, but I had never even been tempted.

Well ... not seriously, at least.

Next, I vainly tried shifting the blame for my lecherous thoughts and complete lack of shame on the booze. I had stopped by a local sports bar with a couple of work friends for a couple of beers before heading straight home. Again, not that unusual an occurrence - I regularly enjoyed a couple of cold ones in order to unwind from a long and many times frustrating week in the ad business. But, I knew that I was far from drunk. At worst, I was merely pleasantly buzzed, granting me a little added courage (or a bit less sense, more likely) to act on my baser impulses.

No ... for better or for worse, this was all on me.

'I might as well make the most of it then.' I thought, quite reasonably, to myself.

"Well, I can't very well let a young lady walk around unescorted." I finally said in a firm but friendly tone of voice.

I took a quick step towards to her, entering her personal space. She flinched at my unexpected approach, but she didn't step back. Too surprised, too nervous perhaps, and too busy trying to figure out what the hell she should do. Maybe there was even a hint of denial there, as if she couldn't actually believe that a person she knew, the father of a friend, a neighbor, a friend of her parents, would actually do something to harm her.

I was now close enough to smell her – a slight and pleasant fruity scent. Berries I think, from her shampoo or body lotion. Though she was desperately trying to hide it, her breathing was deepening slightly and it was doing some very interesting things to her modest chest. Before my very eyes, two hard points made themselves known, poking out the thin yellow cotton of her top. Even dressed as lightly as she was, it was quite warm in the building, so there was only one possible explanation for why her nipples could be hardening.

'Oh honey... ' I thought to myself as I let out a low growl under my breath.

She was such a little thing, especially compared to me - her head just barely reaching my chest. I could easily envelop her in my arms, pick her up as if she was a mere doll, have my way with her and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop me.

I didn't touch her though. I just bent down, picked up one of her dropped garbage bags and then casually stepped back again.

Cindy sighed quietly, in relief probably. Or maybe it was in disappointment...

A man can dream, can't he?

"I don't really think that I need an escort just to walk down the hall Mister Craft." She said smiling for the first time, showing her braces.

It didn't last long – she was clearly self-conscious about them.

'Now why the hell is that a turn on?' If things kept on like this, pretty soon my cock would be hard enough to cause a noticeable tent in my pants.

"Nonsense, lovely Cindy. With who knows what kinds of villains lurking about in these dark filthy corners," I said, waving my briefcase dramatically towards the completely empty, well-lit and impeccably clean hallway, "such a beautiful woman like yourself desperately needs an escort."

I once again blatantly admired her exposed body, but at least I managed to reign in most of the hungry lust welling up within me.

She laughed out loud even as she blushed, self-conscious of my praise and hot gaze. It wasn't a fake humoring laugh either, so I joined in with a chuckle of my own. That alone seemed to dispel of a lot of her uncertainties.

Cindy paused and again tilted her head in thought, adding a very cute lip bite to the move.

She was reticent, but she had clearly liked being called a beautiful woman, as well as the idea of being sexy enough to turn on any man that might see her. I learned early on in life, to my great pleasure, that the surest, quickest way into a woman's heart (as well as into her panties) was honest flattery.

Even suspecting my less then noble motivations, she was seriously considering letting me accompany her. Actually, the way she had cocked her hip ever so slightly and was looking up at me with a shy, but amused twinkle in her eye, I was willing to bet that she was enjoying her newly discovered power over a man. In her mind, I was the perfect target slash guinea pig to practice and play with.

'Oh, how I would just love to play with you.'

"Lurking villains, huh?" She asked, following it up with a few more giggles. "Weeeell ... alright."

With a nod and a smile, I gestured for her to lead the way. I followed right behind, letting her stay a couple of steps ahead, anxious to keep watching her.

In order to keep her calm, putting her somewhat at ease and comfortable with my presence, I strove to make light chit-chat. I asked about school, her parents, her big brother and little sister...

To be honest, I wasn't really paying that close attention to the conversation. I was too busy taking her in, my mind whirling with dozens- no, hundreds of carnal fantasies. Most of them very dirty, some downright perverted, and all of them utterly impossible to fulfill.

Cindy moved with an inimitable youthful liveliness and grace. Her simply strolling down the hall on long, coltish legs, with an ever so slight skip to her step, was a thing of absolute beauty to behold. Every once in a while she'd turn just enough for me to see the jiggle of her slight breasts barely restrained in her top, with clearly still hard nipples. I was hypnotized by the sway of her slender hips and the flexing shake of her half exposed, tight butt cheeks. The gap between her thighs, in my lust-soaked mind, seemed the perfect place for my hand to explore. Her smooth, unblemished skin beckoned to be touched and tasted, but I controlled myself through a heroic force of will.

'Oh God, if only I could freeze time... '

She was still noticeably anxious, blushing whenever she looked back at me and never meeting my hot gaze for long. She continued to fidget with her clothes occasionally, as well as twirling the few loose strands of her long hair. If it hadn't been up in ponytails, I'm sure that she would have been nervously tucking it behind her ears.

She obviously wasn't that uncomfortable though. It was actually more like a nervous giddiness, which I found intoxicating. She was smiling almost constantly, the occasional sight of her braces still turning me on for some unfamiliar reason. Maybe because, like her ponytails and SpongeBob pajamas, they highlighted her youthful innocence, as well as the difference in our ages?

She was soon talking animatedly with me, answering all of my questions, without giving me much opportunity to speak in return. I didn't mind her dominating the conversation at all – it was just another sign of her nervousness and that way I could divert more of my focus to her enticing body.

Way too soon for my taste, we reached the small hallway alcove which held this floor's garbage chute.

Now here is where Cindy encountered a little difficulty. Even rising up onto her tiptoes, she could only just barely reach the handle. When she did manage a decent hold, after hoping up and down a couple of times, pulling the door down seemed to be proving almost too much for her. You see, the hatch to the chute was purposely placed up high with a pretty strong spring keeping it shut in order to make sure that some wandering, curious kid, without proper parental supervision, wouldn't open it and fall inside, crashing down several floors towards the awaiting dumpster.

I was just about to step forward and help her out when I realized exactly what I was seeing.

At first, it was the sight of Cindy's tight, bouncing butt cheeks as she jumped up and down that momentarily drew my attention. But then, when she finally managed to clutch onto the hatch's handle, she then spread her long legs slightly for added stability and slowly bent over at the waist, heaving the door down, putting all of her weight into it. Through the gap between her now parted smooth, firm thighs, I could clearly make out her mound from behind, snugly covered and perfectly outlined by the flimsy fabric of her shorts. The movements made the clothing ride up, the seam parting the globes of her ass and pressing tightly into her pussy. The very sexy and feminine grunts of effort she was making was just icing on an already very tasty, mouthwatering cake.

The sight froze me to the spot and took my breath away.

'Oh my sweet lord in heaven ... how could she not know what she is doing? Could she really be this naive, or is she just a world class, natural cock tease?'

What was left of my self control was definitely slipping. I was just about to take a step towards her, fully intent on ripping off her flimsy shorts in order to get a full, unobstructed view of her sweet teenage pussy. Of course, by then I couldn't help but have myself a little feel, not to mention a nice long taste. If the little tease wasn't already wet, she soon would be. Next, I'd pull down my pants in order to sink my now almost painfully rock hard cock into her undoubtedly tight cunny. I'd fuck her right up against the wall, where anyone who happened to hear our unrestricted animalistic sounds of pleasure would certainly come out and see us.

Fuck the consequences; I'd deal with them and the guilt afterwards.

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