His Infernal Majesty's Service
Chapter 1

His hand shaking with exhaustion, John Henderson carefully drew the chalk across the rough warehouse floor completing the last line of the glyph. Sitting back upon his heels, the 15 year old boy took a deep breath and wiped his brow with his forearm. He glanced longingly at his lunch box that was sitting against the far wall. A solid week of fasting could sure take it out of a fellow. Pushing the thoughts of the thick roast beef sandwich and cool juice that was waiting for him out of his mind, He began slowly examining the pattern on the ground making sure it was absolutely correct. At this stage of the game there was no room for error.

Convinced that it was correct he stood and walked over to an old table. He donned the silk robe that he had painstakingly sewn by hand. Picking up his notes, he reviewed his next steps. It was unnecessary, he had burned the information into his mind through long hours of study.

Setting the papers down, he went around the perimeter of the circle lighting the candles stationed at each of the cardinal points. He then lit the incense sitting in the old bowl that was centered in the triangle. John stepped into the circle making sure that he did not smudge any of the lines. He faced the triangle and closed his eyes.

Focusing on his breath, he began inhaling and exhaling in the cycle the book required just as he had done each day previously for the last month. His mind and body relaxing to the scent of the incense, he began building the sigil of summoning in his mind.

The feeling in the warehouse darkened as John began chanting. The harsh, guttural language filled the air as his voice grew louder. A small wind began blowing through the building as he started the second stanza. John didn't notice the wind as he was focused on the sensual ecstasy that was filling him, sending bolts of almost sexual pleasure through his body. His voice became harsher as the words of the ancient language began pouring out of his mouth.

Loud sounds of voices moaning in pain dimly encroached upon his mind as his chanting reached a fevered pitch. It took every bit of John's will to stay focused and channel the ecstasy that was threatening to overwhelm him into the sigil of summoning that was burning brightly in his mind. He felt his cock harden as he began the third stanza. John threw back his head screaming the words as his hands clawed the air above him.

In one last act of will, He screamed out the name of power as his cock began spurting stream after stream of cum into his pants.


John fell to his hands and knees, gasping for air and trembling as his body recovered from the massive orgasm. His sweat covered body drenched his clothes. He watched as it dripped from his forehead onto the concrete under him.

"You rang?"

Shocked by the sound of the voice John slowly lifted his head. His bleary eyes first noticed the expensive Italian leather shoes that was standing in the middle of the triangle. His eyes followed from the top of the shoes up the legs and body until he was looking into the swarthy face of an elegant looking middle aged man. The full white hair that framed his face was trimmed to perfection. His glittering dark eyes seemed to radiate confidence.

"Ww ... hoo are you"

"Come now, young man. Do you honestly think that after you summoned me that I would believe that you don't know who I am?"


"Right in one! Now, what do you want?"

John picked himself off the floor eyeing the older man warily. He glanced around, trying to calculate if he could make it out the door.

"I really wouldn't leave that circle, if I were you. The consequences would be rather unpleasant, at least for you."

"What do you mean?" John asked nervously.

"What I mean, young sir, is that at this moment you are exactly nothing to me. If you step out of that circle before the ritual is properly ended I have every right to kill you and no reason not to. The purpose of this ritual is to make you something to me and by doing so can place you under my protection rather than my wrath. Do you understand?"


"Do you still wish to leave the circle right now?"

"Uhh ... No."

"Pity," He said "Now that's out of the way let's get down to business. What do you want?"

John examined the man closely as his mind raced furiously. The man seemed to be willing to give him a moment to collect his thoughts as he stood there. John's mind finally clicked and he remembered the reason that he performed the ritual.

"Randi Wheeler. I want Randi Wheeler to be my girlfriend."

John became afraid as the man's eyes began to bulge and his face reddened in anger. The temperature dropped thirty degrees instantly. The man spoke to John in hard measured tones.

"You dare ... summon a Vice-Regent of Hell to handle puppy lust? I am Kafeeli. Entire nations have been destroyed at my whim and you call me to get laid?"

"Yes, the book said I could. It says, you have to obey me."

"You read it wrong. I do not obey any human for any reason."

Kafeeli reached in to his coat pocket and pulled out a small leather book and opened it.

"Come here, young man and I will show you."

John started to step forward and then remembering Kafeeli's earlier warning stopped short.

"Uh no thanks, I'll stay right here if you don't mind."

"Damn!, anyhow, the answer remains the same. I do not take orders from humans. We might, however, be able to come to an arrangement."


"Yes, arrangement. Nothing in Hell is free. Tanstaafl (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)has never been more true than here. What is your name? I can't keep calling you "young man" all day?".

"John Henderson.".

Kafeeli snapped his fingers and held out his hand. A file appeared in it. Kafeeli opened it and began perusing it.

"Hmm ... Now that's interesting."


"Oh, pardon me a moment John. I'm reviewing your file to see if there is even a deal that I can offer you."

Every now and then, Kafeeli would look up at him and John felt as if he was being examined down to the last bit of his essence. This went on for several minutes until John could hardly stand it.

"Kafeeli," John hissed in an exasperated voice "Hurry Up."

Kafeeli raised a hand to hush him and kept reading. Finally, He snapped the folder closed and it disappeared from his hand.

"Ok John, Here is what I've got. According to our records you have qualities that we're looking for. I can offer you something that very few humans are ever offered. Before I can discuss it you have to make a NDA."

"A what?"

"A non disclosure agreement. It means that you can't tell anyone about this particular offer. If you do we will kill you, your family, and your friends. Hell, we'll kill your dog too. Are we clear?"

"I'm not sure I want to hear this offer."

"Now, now, John, the agreement is just a formality to protect our interests. Who would you even tell? Nobody, right? They would lock you up if you started talking about even this," Kafeeli said gesturing to their surroundings,"Am I right? Of course, I am. Now, do you want to deal or not?"

John thought quickly, as much as all of this scared him, he wanted Randi. If this was the only way he could get her then so be it.

"Okay, What's the deal?"

"In Hell there is a very elite bureau of government that is in a way similar to your C.I.A. It is so secretive that most demons have never heard of it. You are being offered a position in it. Let me explain. The name of the bureau is HIMS which is short for His Infernal Majesty's Service. As you can tell by the name we work directly for Him. You would be trained and after training you would be placed as a field agent.In HIMS everything is earned.You will be given X number of years to make rank. Whatever rank that you "Retire" with is yours for Eternity.It is quite possible, if you show yourself worthy, to become one of the most powerful men on Earth by the time you are forty years old. We are the true movers and shakers. Behind the scenes, we control almost everything."

"What do you want in return?"

"Absolute obedience," Kafeeli said "You are swearing obedience to Him And HIMS. Disobedience is not tolerated and is punished severely. Due to the sensitive nature of our work it is of the utmost importance that no ever know about us. If anyone, I mean anyone, finds out that you are a member of HIMS you must kill them. Failure to do so would be treason and your suffering would be eternal."

"You mean, that if you tell me to, I have to do something gross like kill my parents?", John asked.

"Yes, but no." Kafeeli answered quickly "Let me explain, Only rank amateurs attempt to serve Evil by killing their parents or some such. In fact, The greatest majority of those who do such things are not even associated with Hell at all much less us. Human beings can be some really twisted fucks, That is one of the reasons we went to war with the opposition."

"The opposition? Who are they?"

"Are you fuckin' retarded? Did you really just ask a demon, that YOU summoned, whom they believe the opposition to be?"


"Yeah oh, Now if we are finished being stupid may I continue?"

"Yeah, sure go ahead," John mumbled as his ears reddened.

"Ok, as I was saying, by swearing allegiance To Him and joining HIMS you are permanently disqualified from joining the opposition. In return for your service you are guaranteed a position within Hell's elite with all the rights, duties, and privileges thereof for all of eternity. You will receive immunity to most injuries and all illness and disease. Your senses will be expanded and your reflexes enhanced to above human optimum levels.You will also receive training in magic consummate with your job description and rank."

"You didn't say anything about Randi."

Kafeeli looked flustered "Do you really want her? I mean, do you just have to have her or do you just want to stick your dick in her?"

He looked at John "I can have her in your bed tonight but, she will never speak or look at you again. If you are willing to "man up", show some self control, and take the long view I can arrange that the two of you start dating and fucking at 18 and are married by twenty. I can give her great health and protect her from accidents so, you can have a long life with her. However, she will never give birth. That's my best offer. Take it or leave it!."

"I'll take it!" John shouted.

"Just to be sure that we are on the same page, You willingly and unreservedly swear allegiance To Him and join HIMS giving to us your absolute obedience for eternity. In return, you get all of the benefits I mentioned including," Kafeeli said "the long term package for Randi. Are we agreed?".

"Yes, oui, absolutely, I agree."

Kafeeli smiled and lifted both hands. The sigil and triangle began glowing a soft red and then disapeared.

John stared at him in open mouth shock.

"Don't be alarmed. The circle couldn't keep us apart because we are now brothers"

Kafeeli quickly stepped to John and hugged him. John began screaming as Kafeeli's teeth tore deep into his neck. Pain swept through him. His arms flailed against Kafeeli's back but he could not move the monster away from him. As John began to lose consciousness he felt a black, greasy, hotness began to bubble and glow in his very core.

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