Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Some visits are very memorable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Grand Parent  

"You're doing it again Dad," said my lovely daughter Ruth.

"Doing what?"

"Pacing, it won't make the train arrive any quicker."

"True, but it helps me to be patient," I chuckled, but stopped pacing nevertheless.

"It's only been a week, Dad," Ruth said with a smile. "And you did have me."

"Oh yes... , " I chuckled.

"In more ways than one, I know," giggled Ruth.

If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, yes you'd be right. My name, well, the name I use here, is Paul and I'm the Dad of my fifteen-year-old daughter, Ruth, who is also my lover ... oh and my financial and tax advisor too. Ruth came into my life just under a year ago, when her Mum died. The guy she thought was her dad found out he wasn't and terminated the familial relationship with extreme prejudice. Essentially he kicked a fourteen-year-old girl out of his house with simply the clothes on her back in the middle of winter. All she had was an old business card and a set of four photo booth pictures of the guy he said was her father.

Ruth is a very resourceful young girl with a very high IQ. She managed to trace my whereabouts to the other end of the country and turned up on my doorstep, suffering from hypothermia. She worked her way into my heart and my bed in less than 24 hours, though admittedly becoming my lover took a week.

Since then, Ruth has told a friend, Lauren, about our relationship and persuaded me to teach Lauren some of the amorous arts. I then, on a visit to Newcastle to assist Ruth to meet her half-brother and half-sister, met Lauren's Mum, Emma, and fell for her big time. All the ladies in my life know about the intimate relationships we have with each other and have worked out a system of share and share alike. I'm probably the happiest and luckiest man alive, though anyone reading this would probably think I am the biggest liar too, as such things don't happen in real life ... do they?

Oh yes, I'm also a millionaire, having won the lottery, and run my own expanding engineering business too ... Christ, now even I'm struggling to believe this and I'm the one living it.

As it is Ruth and I are on the forecourt of Ashford International station awaiting the return of Emma and Lauren who have been visiting Emma's parents ... though not both at the same time as they are divorced. Now the love of my life is returning to me but also bringing her Mum up to inspect me.

Am I nervous?

Hell yes!

"There they are!" cried Ruth.

I spotted Emma, Lauren and a lady whom I presumed was Emma's Mum struggling through the barriers with their cases and both Ruth and I moved to assist. Within seconds I had the cases through and Emma in my arms as I caught her up and spun her around whilst kissing her passionately, a kiss that was returned with gusto.

"Oh, I missed you my love," sighed Emma when our lips parted.

"I missed you too," I replied with a hint of a tear in my eye.

We were then caught up in a group hug with Lauren and Ruth, who were also chattering twenty to the dozen as they always did if they'd been apart for any time period over an hour.

Finally though Emma turned and introduced me to the lady who had followed her and Lauren through the turnstiles and who had been watching our antics with an amused smile.

"Paul, this is my Mum."

"Pleased to meet you... , "

"Call me Gillian, pleased to meet you too, Paul. Emma has told me a lot about you."

"Pleased to meet you, Gillian. Emma has spoken of you often as well."

"Oh dear... , " chuckled Gillian.

"My thoughts exactly," I chuckled in return.

I picked up the heaviest bags and led the way to my Landrover, which had a dusting of snow upon it as it stood in the car park. Fortunately it was still warm inside as the ladies piled in and I loaded their cases before setting off back to the village which was our home.

"Good trip?" I asked Emma who was sitting next to me.

"Oh yes, it was good to see Dad and his new partner, Michelle," she replied smiling at the memories. "Then we met up with Mum and enjoyed her home. It's truly beautiful, Paul. You'd love it."

"You're more than welcome to visit anytime," said Gillian, who was seated behind me with Ruth occupying the centre seat.

"Thank you," I replied. "Might be a while though. I have some business to sort out, but perhaps Easter-ish..."

"Oh yes, Paul, how is the expansion working out?" asked Emma.

"It's going well. Eston Engineering have agreed a fair price. Ruth has contacted various government agencies and submitted the business plan, so we have 50% of the price covered by grants and tax relief to avoid Eston going under if we didn't take over. It's all just time now, waiting for the bits to fall into place, I reckon a month, Ruth thinks sooner. I sent Bill, my senior engineer, up there on Wednesday to do a full check on their mills and lathes to see what might need to be replaced. He says it's all sound stuff, if a bit dated. So I'll transfer a few of our older machines we have in storage up there as they're better than what they've got."

"Ruth, as in your daughter Ruth?" asked Gillian.

"Yes, she's a bit of a prodigy when it comes to understanding finances and governmentese," I replied with a chuckle. "Basically she likes playing the system and might just understand it better than those she talks to."

"How ... lovely," said Gillian.

"The word you were looking for is odd," I said to the sound of Ruth, Lauren and Emma's stifled laughter. "But yes. Ruth, I love you."

"I know Dad," said Ruth with a beaming smile.

We had just reached the outskirts of the village when I asked Emma to open the glove compartment to retrieve some paperwork. Instead of papers there was a small box, beautifully wrapped that had her name on it.

"Have you been spending money on me again Paul?" she sighed.

"A little," I replied with a smile. Emma has a bit of a complex about me 'wasting' money on her, though has no objections to me spending money on Ruth or Lauren. "Open it."

Inside was a set of car keys.

"Oh my God, you haven't?"

"Well, I'll be working away at times with the car and you'll need something to get to the station as well as run the household in my absence," I replied as we came to the house which had a brand new Mini Cooper sitting in front of the second garage.

"Oh wow, Mum, look at that!" exclaimed Lauren.

"Oh Paul ... thank you," said Emma as she just burst into tears and hugged me as the Landrover came to a halt.

The girls and Gillian piled out of the car to give us a little privacy.

"Why do you do this my love? You know how guilty I feel about all the help you gave Lauren and I with no way for us to repay you," she snuffled.

"I love you. That's a debt you can draw on for ever," I replied as I kissed her.

"I just get so frightened because every good thing in my life has always turned to ashes just when I felt secure," she whispered after our lips parted.

"I can't see the future ... well other than a very intimate bed time," I chuckled. "But just hold onto the love and trust in my will."

"Thank you Paul, I love you."

We got out of the car and assisted Ruth and Lauren with the cases and I popped the kettle on whilst the ladies unpacked with Ruth helping.

"Thought we'd eat out tonight, so there's no rush," I called up the stairs, only to be showered by a load of unwashed laundry tossed over the bannister by persons unknown, but probably Lauren.

"Sounds good to me," came Emma's reply.

I gathered the clothing and put it by the washing machine. I'd sort out a load later, or more likely Emma would. I was soon joined by Lauren who had a twinkle in her eyes and was clearly missing some personal attention as it were.

"It's so good to be back," she sighed as we hugged. "Did you miss me?"

"I missed you both," I replied. "It's just nice having you around, my little ray of sunshine."

Lauren had meanwhile reached down and was fondling my cock and having what she believed to be the desired effect.

"God, I want you, daddy," she whispered.

"Don't think we have the time," I chuckled, though I was very tempted.

Lauren quickly removed her thick woollen tights and panties then raised her long skirt.

"Please daddy, your little girl wants some loving," she quietly giggled.

"Keep an ear out for anyone coming downstairs," I replied and undid my flies and pushed my underwear down before bending Lauren over a bench-top and sliding into her gorgeously tight pussy.

"Yes!" she hissed. "Oh, I so missed you, Paul."

I maintained steady thrusts into her whilst reaching down to gently rub her clitoris with my fingers, causing Lauren to gasp and buck back against me until with a low moan she orgasmed to my touches. I swiftly increased the tempo of my own thrusts and gasped out my own pleasure as I blasted the inside of her tight adolescent pussy with my cum. I withdrew and rapidly re-clothed myself as Lauren grabbed a wad of tissues and gave me a quick kiss before bolting upstairs with her underclothes, presumably to go to the loo.

Pretty much the instant Lauren got into the loo I was joined by Ruth and Emma, Ruth with a sly smile on her face and Emma with a broad grin.

"I knew she'd try it, the little minx, "giggled Emma.

"Sorry my love, she's very hard to resist," I apologised.

"Don't apologise Paul, she missed you badly as did I, though at least I get you tonight," said Emma as she hugged and kissed me.

"Going to be a little awkward for the family dynamics with your Mum here," I said as I also drew Ruth into the hug.

"Possibly," said Emma. "I know she's a bit lonely since her lover departed for pastures new, so you never know what might happen."

"Oh lord, here we go again," I chuckled.

"Ah so you and Mrs Aziz?" asked Emma with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

"Let's just say that Ruth and most probably Lauren's acceptance to the school is a foregone conclusion," I replied.

"Well done Paul, so the rumours were true?"

"Not really," I said glancing upwards. "She has a wandering eye, but few chances to indulge. The rumour mill makes sure of that. If she were a guy, she'd be judged a lot differently."

"Oh Paul I'm so sorry, I just heard..."

"It was fun, Emma, but I don't want to talk about it," I said as I got another hug from her and Ruth. "How did you and your Dad get on?"

"Let's just say that the past is a nice place to visit, but not too often," chuckled Emma. "Michelle is not someone I'd like to get on the bad side of ... still we managed when she went out for a walk with Lauren."

I leaned down to kiss Emma passionately and at length.

"Glad it went well," I said as Gillian came downstairs.

"Gosh, I've never known a family for giving out so many hugs," she commented.

"Well, we all missed each other," I replied. "I expect it will settle back to the normal one any hour soon."

"Did you hear Paul when he said we were eating out tonight Mum?" asked Emma.

"Yes, where are we going?"

"Just the village pub/restaurant," I replied. "No act on tonight though as it's a Sunday, besides the girls have school from tomorrow and I have to go into work, though I've made arrangement to be free the rest of the week."

"I'm at work nights on Wednesday and Thursday," said Emma. "But after that I'm free till you have to return next Sunday, Mum."

We set off on foot to the pub well wrapped up against the chill and settled down to a nice meal where the conversation turned to how I ended up with Ruth and hence Emma.

"I still can't believe just how lucky Emma was that you were there and were willing to help," said Gillian.

"I already knew Lauren from a visit and would have helped her even if I hadn't known Emma," I replied. "As it was, Emma just ... affected me deeply from our first real talk and I knew that I would do anything for her after I saw her smile at me."

Emma reached under the table to squeeze my hand and both Lauren and Ruth gave a few 'ah's' whilst Gillian looked slightly amazed.

"So what's happened to Tony and the money?" she asked.

"We think Tony is in Northern Cyprus living a life of luxury on the money he stole and defrauded not just against the house, but his employer too. There's no extradition from there, so he's quite safe," said Emma. "The solicitor Paul's friend and solicitor, Gavin, got to help me soon disproved the allegations that I was complicit in Tony's fraud as the signatures he used were patently false, though we still lost the house. Paul paid off the other debts and Lauren and I were able to retrieve more of our personal items before we moved here to be with Paul as I'd fallen for him as much if not more than he fell for me."

"Well, an amazing story, no wonder you wouldn't say much till I could meet you both," said Gillian. "Mind you I wasn't that fond of Tony myself after he pinched my bottom at your wedding," said Gillian with a wry smile.

"He did?" gasped Lauren.

"He certainly did, though for Emma's sake I was at least prepared to tolerate him."

"Well, we're divorced in absentia now," said Emma. "And I've never been happier."

"Well falling for a millionaire who happens to have fallen for you is about as lucky as any girl can get I suppose," chuckled Gillian. "And he is rather tasty too."

"Yes Mum, he is," giggled Emma.

"And I don't pinch bottoms either," I laughed in return.

"Pity," said Gillian with a wink, "sometimes it can be welcome."

"Oh mother, behave," laughed Emma.

We all got home safely and decided early nights were called for. I finally slipped into bed beside Emma and our kisses became more and more passionate as our hands wandered over each other's naked body's until Emma eschewing any more foreplay simply climbed upon me and sank down on my erection gasping in delight.

"Oh, I so missed this," she moaned as she rose and fell with a delicate twisting of her hips.

"I missed this too, my beautiful Lady," I replied as I reached up to cup and fondle her shapely breasts before gently squeezing her nipples between thumb and forefinger.

"Ooh ... oh! Ohhh! OOOOH!" gasped Emma as suddenly an orgasm washed over her and her pussy clamped down around my penis as if seeking to milk me of my seed.

I rolled us over, still deeply embedded within her and began powerful smooth strokes into this gorgeous woman, making her gasp and moan even more as the after effects of her orgasm were increased, until her whole body was tensing and relaxing at the on-going sheer pleasure she was receiving.

"Oh my love! My love!" she moaned as another intense orgasm washed over her, taking me over the edge too in my excitement in seeing her take so much pleasure in our lovemaking. I unleashed a torrent of cum into her pulsating pussy.

"Welcome home, my Lady," I said softly, kissing her as we enjoyed the afterglow of our intense coupling.

"Mmmmm, you do that so well too," Emma sighed in contentment.

"Takes two."

"Thank you kind sir."

"Any plans for tomorrow?" I asked.

"Thought I'd take Mum into Maidstone and test drive my new car that I wasn't expecting?" she giggled.

"Good idea. I think she'll like Maidstone, even in winter."

"It will cheer her up a little. I told you before, she's a little starved of affection at the moment. Although she does like you as her pinching bottoms comments told me." Emma chuckled.

"I doubt she'd go for anything with you and the girls around," I replied.

"I know, but there's always Wednesday or Thursday," Emma replied.

"Will she cope with guilty feelings or just simply not because I'm your partner?" I asked.

"Don't worry Paul, I'll talk to her tomorrow and set the scene as it were," Emma said with a smile. "Besides I owe her because of my Dad."

"She knew?"

"Oh yes, didn't encourage it, but accepted the fact that I was a horny teen with a daddy thing and let me work it out of my system."

"Lot of wives would have gone mental."

"Mum's always been fairly liberal in her views, though she made damned sure I was on the pill and Dad wasn't neglecting her either. Shame the way they drifted apart in the last five years, but I think that was down to Michelle seducing Dad and not wanting any rivals."

I had risen to the occasion by then, due in no small part to Emma's revelation that her Mum might be interested and took Emma's hand and lowered it down onto my cock.

"Oh lovely!" she gasped. "Take me Paul, take me good and hard!"

I turned Emma over onto her knees and moved behind her to slide my cock into her doggy style and began long, slow, steady, powerful strokes into her, feeling her responses grow with each penetration of her tunnel of love. I gradually picked up the pace as Emma's moans and groans peaked ever upwards in volume until I was vigorously slamming my cock into her, feeling her internal muscles clamping hard at each full penetration until with a loud scream she orgasmed under my relentless pounding. Normally Emma isn't very vocal in our lovemaking but this time she simply cried out in passion and ecstasy, until, finally, my second orgasm overwhelmed me and I gasped out my own chorus of pleasure. I unloaded my seed within her in three hard spurts.

We collapsed together on the bed and cuddled each other.

"Do you think Mum heard that?" Emma asked.

"Dunno, why?"

"Never hurts to advertise," she said with a wink.

"You tease," I chuckled as Emma snuggled even more into me and prepared for sleep looking radiantly happy and contented.

"I love you, Paul," she murmured.

"I know. I love you too."

Sleep came easily to both of us that night.

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