Wormholes Are a Serious Business
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

science fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Doctor Sandra is ready to conduct a new experiment but she is all caught up in her fears that her fellow project members are trying to steal her secrets. They are mostly Chinese and seem a bit to inquisitive about her new project...The Wormhole Transmission System. Her new personal assistant Miss Oh is getting closer and closer but Sandra can't help her feelings of desire. It is time for the first trip on the Wormhole Machine.

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The experiment with the solar flares measurement data base was termed "A great success" by the Houston gaggle of scientists, but Doctor Sandra Miles was less than confidant because of her Chinese counterpart Doctor Lau's comments that she had incorporated too many undefined events. She thought about that for all of about two minutes when she realized it meant the Chinese must have analyzed her data separately in their own internal system. That would not have alarmed her except for the fact she knew some of the elements had the possibility of being used for an offensive weapons system.

Suddenly, Sandra looked around her small lab and she was acutely aware that two of the five first line assistants were also Chinese and that her entire IT team was also Chinese or Chinese American. She had always been sort of color-blind when it came to finding employees for her project so she had to honestly say the result was completely of her own making.

She decided that now was not a good time to upload the new project she had devised. It would explore the feasibility of transiting wormholes into a different plane of existence. Her research indicated that travel in a wormhole would almost certainly result in a time-space shift of significant impact.

Tiny Miss Oh, her recently hired personal assistant, had been hinting to Sandra that she simply must see her new residence in the penthouse suite. Sandra was of the opinion Miss Oh was probably sexually attracted to her in a self-styled deviant expression of feminine dominance. In all honesty, Sandra would have to admit she was terribly obsessed with the idea of Miss Oh using her body in a totally unladylike manner. Now, there was an outside chance, Miss Oh was trying to get "up close and personal" with her for another reason entirely.

Still, Sandra decided it was worth the risk and invited the petite oriental female to her penthouse hideaway and prepared a meal that would fire up the hot oriental girl's hidden desires and make their meeting a very memorable one indeed.

Sandra had been bitterly disappointed in her turncoat boyfriend Dominick who had done the dirty deed with her younger sister Meg behind her back when she was working overtime on the project. She had come home unexpectedly one late evening and found them in the shower together and they were not just trying to conserve water in an effort to be "Green".

She was really upset because she thought the stand-up from behind hump in the shower was something special for them alone. She could have sworn that the handsome young scientist was obsessed with her heart-shaped bottom. Obviously, Dominick was more than willing to try his "from behind standing up" routine on any nubile female who would stand still long enough for him to get his cock buried in their snatch.

Miss Oh was giving her a nice neck rub to thank her for the sumptuous meal. The girl had done it to her several times before, but this was the first time she was lowering her head to the girl's nimble fingers in the privacy of her inner sanctum. The dinner had been a great success. It was fun to watch the fastidious girl with lips to die for crack the lobster's hard shell to dig out the tasty meat inside. The sight of the buttery juices dripping down from her delicate fingertips and from the corners of her juicy mouth was enough to make Sandra's slit start to seep her own juices in uncontrollable little rivulets down the insides of her panty hose.

When little Miss Oh reached her hand out to cup her bosses womanhood, Sandra knew she could feel the sure signs of her guilty depravity. Her rear cheeks were tightly closed to protect her buried star quivering in anticipation, but the devious Miss Oh was soon stretching it open with two of her talented fingers. Soon, the devious beautiful girl was rubbing her clitoris in just the right spot with her other searching hand. Sandra gave up any pretense of being anything other than a perverted horny female hoping to have her itch scratched every which way but loose.

The wise female visitor turned up the volume on the stereo to drown out the shivering moans of her experimenting hostess as she was forced to let it all go like a wanton street-walker. The secret desires of her disastrous University years were finally set loose just like the juices exploding from her pulsating vagina.

The girl sat on her chest and asked her questions about the project.

Sandra knew she was being "pumped" not only in her pretty pussy, but in her knowledge of the "Wormhole" technology. It was all right with her because she knew the beautiful little Chinese girl would stay close to her satisfied slit like a bee around pollen to keep getting tidbits of the process. She knew how to lead her on shamelessly but still manage to stop short of giving her the actual details needed for success.

It was just the way Dominick would feed her a few inches of his thick demanding cock and then slapped her bottom when she was having far too much fun taking it deep inside. She hated when he teased her like that but was smart enough to realize it was just what she really wanted.

Miss Oh stayed the night in her bed cuddled up like a little Teddy bear from her toy box. Sandra let her sleep undisturbed because she looked so cute with her open mouth and her tiny quivering nose. She wondered what the girl looked like when she was taking cock from some rude fellow with a demanding attitude. She looked delicate like a hand-painted porcelain flower vase but still nubile and resilient down in her feminine core. Sandra decided Miss Oh was probably one of those females who could take untold levels of humiliation and degradation from male equipment and still bounce back with a bright and happy outlook on life and pleasure. She wished she could say the same for herself, but she knew her tolerance for blind submissiveness was curtailed drastically after her experience with the clueless Dominick.

Right now, she was filled with the desire to know Miss Oh better. She wanted to plumb the depths of the beautiful girl to see if she would give up her budding flower of female mystery in exchange for some information on her latest project. It was a risk but one she was willing to take to explore her own sense of sensuality in the arena of female-to-female relationships. Her degrading acceptance of "bending over" for any hard cock that came along was over. It was time for her to spread her wings. Well, perhaps not her wings, but the more plebian spreading of her knees to experiment in Miss Oh's pretty garden. She wanted to irrigate, to fertilize, and to till and plow Miss Oh's bushes with her deviant tongue. She had an overwhelming need to feel the girl's skin hot against her body shaking her with the touch of feminine flesh filled with juice and pulsing with emotion.

Sandra locked herself inside her office and studied the diagram on the hidden blackboard. If her calculations were correct, the simulated "Wormhole" would be able to transport not only one person but two persons with some equipment to a destination known only to the random nature of the Universe. She felt that the shift would be more in the nature of transmission to an alternate existence rather than a shift in actual time. Of course, that was difficult to assess, since the relativity of the space-time continuum was not fully understood. She hoped her theory was correct in her speculation because such a shift could possibly tear the fragile fabric of time and change both the future and the past. It was a risk but the alternate dimension scenario seemed a lot more likely considering all of the possible combinations of "Wormhole" travel.

She had decided to take Miss Oh with her on her journey to she knew not where. It would give her an opportunity to observe the beautiful girl in a stressful situation and to gauge her loyalty to serving the needs of her body. If she proved unreliable, it might be necessary to leave her behind as a permanent visitor to another dimension. Sandra hoped that would not be the case because she had an unspoken desire to test the flexibility of Miss Oh's feminine entrance and even her tiny star hidden discreetly under her buried thong. She was certain they would stretch adequately for her pointed tongue but she was also interested in how the petite girl would manage to accept the ten inch strap-on device that she had recently purchased under a false identity.

They conducted the experiment at the laboratory after everyone else had left for their homes and the place was empty except for the two of them. Miss Oh thought that Sandra merely wanted her on her knees between her legs and was already busy working on the edges of her French knickers with her educated tongue. She gently pulled the girl to her feet and whispered,

"We are going to take a little trip, you and I. It will be a place of mystery and filled with the spice of the unknown. Are you willing to go with me on my journey, little darling?"

The breathtakingly beautiful girl looked up at her superior and nodded her head in complete submission. It was so sincere that Sandra was certain it could not be an act even though she suspected the girl's actual motives. They both strapped into the seats of the console and Sandra activated the "Wormhole" sequence that counted down the zero launch of the "Wormhole" gateway. She looked over at the panting Miss Oh and saw the girl was filled with fear and need to run away from the unknown. Sandra reached out and grabbed the girl's hand patting it in a reassuring manner.

Miss Oh looked up at Sandra with pleading eyes and opened her mouth to say something. It was right at that moment the "Wormhole" engaged and they were both sucked into a maelstrom of chaotic proportion. Whatever Miss Oh was trying to say was lost in the vortex of spinning concentric circles.

It was the sound of birds chirping nearby that woke Sandra up as the dark turned slowly into dawn. It was a dawn of an unknown dimension. She had no idea what awaited her and the lovely young girl in her arms still dazed by the unorthodox mode of travel.

Her experimentation kit was at her feet and she saw the water bottles next to it. Sandra saw the reversal switch sitting right inside the experimentation kit and she knew their return journey was only a few inches away from her hand. That was a relief but she was not eager as yet to leave this unknown place until she had determined what exactly was at the end of this "Wormhole" rainbow.

Sandra had to giggle when Miss Oh woke up and looked around completely disoriented with her surroundings. The beautiful girl crawled away a short distance, squatted down and made her water, with a guilty look in her eyes, looking straight at her travel guide.

She was tempted to do the same thing, but was restrained by a need to know if they were being observed by others first.

The Sun was rising in the sky but it was actually two Suns and not just one. That confirmed the fact they were definitely in an alternate dimension and quite possibly in another world.

The grass was green, the mountains shimmered in the distance and the birds were busy looking for their breakfast in the damp morning air. Miss Oh wiggled back into her arms and clung to her like she was a life jacket in a raging storm at sea.

A metallic sound clanged out loud in the distance. It sounded like it was far off but was getting closer. Suddenly, a vessel of sorts appeared far down the valley. It was similar to a design of hover-craft they were just beginning to develop back home. Only this craft was extremely large and it seemed to be quite advanced in comparison. Hatches popped open and long lines of "ants" scurried out and formed into ranks ready to search the area. She saw the "ants" were actually hazmat-suited humanoids with arms and legs and they were all carrying dangerous looking weapons of an unknown design.

A circular device on top of a tracked vehicle was spinning wildly and finally stopped with a long spoke pointing right in their direction. She saw the "soldiers" peel off and start to converge on their position a lot faster than she thought humanly possible.

There was no doubt in Sandra's mind that they were the prey!

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