Cavanaugh's Last Throwdown
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Western, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It is time for Cavanaugh to find other employment than as a lawman. Things are getting a mite to hot in the old west. It is not just the bad guys but the constant demand on his reproductive services by needy females.

The saddle and the other gear was getting mite heavy now but Luke could see the twin streaks of silver shimmering in the heat waves rising from the desert floor. He would be at the railhead in less than an hour even at his slow pace. His right hip was starting to trouble him where he had taken a slug last summer in the sheepherder fracas down in Cochise County. He mentally said a silent thank you, God to the heavens above and hoped they wasn't watching him none to close because he was inclined to go off the straight and narrow a shade too much these days. Luke was glad he was able to make it to the railroad line without having to abandon his cherished Mexican leather saddle that he had special ordered down South of the Border near Chihuahua. It was none too soon in his opinion because the last of his water was fast running out.

Way off in the distance, he could see the smoke rising from the westbound train. It was right on schedule and that was unusual in these uncertain times. Even though there was no station here at the crossing with the dirt road that ran all the way back up into the foothills, he knew the train would be sure to stop because the water tank was a required stop. The water was pumped up regular by the pair of Chinese oldsters hired to keep it filled at all times.

They saw Luke resting on his handsome saddle in the shade of the tank and gave no indication that they were in the least bit inquisitive about his presence.

Luke refilled his water bottles and took a slow swig of the sweet-tasting stuff. It was a miracle how good water tasted when you were thirsty. On the other hand, whenever he came anywhere near a saloon, water was the last thing he wanted to answer his need for liquid refreshment.

The train hissed to a shuddering stop and the Chinese workers got busy.

Luke threw his gear up into the mail-car and jumped on board the train. The security guard recognized him as the long-standing senior marshal in Indian Territory and made no inquiry as to his riding the train for no charge. He tucked his saddle down under the stacks of mail sacks and took a swig from the bottle of premium rye offered by the elderly mail clerk. It was raw stuff probably made by some enterprising yahoos right out here in Indian Territory and not from some fancy factory back East.

He moved back into the passenger car and saw that the seats were only half-filled with people. The conductor looked his way and spied the badge on his belt nodding his head and affecting disinterest in his business. The other passengers, mostly not as observant, just gave him a cursory glance and figured him to be another cowpoke down on his luck and minus a steady mount or employment.

Directly across from him was a female dressed like a visitor from the East with a measured distain for all around her including the dirty, dusty cowpoke far too close for comfort. He doffed his hat to her showing respect but she studiously ignored him as beneath her concern.

They left the water tower and had progress only a couple of miles when the train jolted to a sudden stop. The young woman was dislodged from her seat and wound up perched on his lap in a fair degree of disarray. He reached down and steadied her but his hand unfortunately rested squarely on her swelling bosom that was heaving with some consternation at his effrontery. She squirmed on his lap causing an immediate erection and making the poor woman blush with humiliation at his familiarity.

She returned to her seat but glared at Luke with some level of animosity because she had been handled so cavalierly by his hands and his cock.

After some minutes, the girl realized she was being unfair and with a perfectly modulated voice addressed Luke.

"My pardon, sir, I see you are a gentleman and not taking advantage of me. My name is Penelope Winthrop and I am traveling to Crossbow to be the new schoolmarm."

Luke looked intently into her pretty face and replied.

"Marshal Luke Cavanaugh, Miss Winthrop, no need to ask my pardon. You are welcome to sit on my lap anytime."

Penelope laughed and knew she had been a complete fool. It was just that she was a bit gun-shy around men ever since the incident with the drunken cowboy right after crossing over into Indian Territory. She had fallen asleep in her seat and was shocked to discover hands under her skirts and right up on her private female slit as if she were a wife of many years. It really irritated her that the touch was not entirely unwelcome since it had been many months since her deceased husband had played in her female garden.

Of course, she screamed loudly.

The two cowboys seemed surprised and told her,

"Calm down, sister, we are just playing. No need to get all fluttered up. If you don't want us to poke you, we won't poke you. It sure would help make the trip go faster, though."

Penny did more than flutter. She screeched, she swung her parasol managing to break it over one of their heads, and she pushed them out into the aisle. The conductor came down the aisle and told the two to sleep it off in the caboose and not to bother the female passengers.

After an hour or so of interesting conversation, Penelope allowed she was in need of some "shut-eye" and asked the Marshal if he would mind furnishing his shoulder for her pillow.

Soon, she was snuggled down on his muscular chest and his hand was draped quite nicely on her well-curved hip. It was the placement of that hand that drove Penelope to throw caution to the winds and pull the marshal's other hand straight into her garden nook after lifting her skirt for his secret entry into her heated private spot without being observed by the other passengers.

Marshal Cavanaugh discovered from his inquisitive explorations that the modest Miss Winthrop was wet with anticipation of a spirited insertion. With that special intelligence, he hastened to lift her skirt in the rear and spread her open for a quiet poke in the darkened railway car. After an eternity of slow entry and even slower withdrawal, she began to whine with the unmistakable female manner of one on the verge of spilling her juices without further delay. When she gushed between her legs, she quivered like a person afflicted by some rare disease that made her shake without control.

The marshal had to admit to himself that she was a rare breed of female complexity. She was shy and demure, yet she had a spark of sensuousness that ignited his fire of passion and filled him with the need to test every opening on her person.

He knew that he had hit a bonanza of female companionship when he pushed her head down into his lap and she did not hesitate to take his throbbing cock deep inside her high-class mouth. The sight of her well-dressed figure and her sensuous lips wrapped around his cock was enough to push Luke into a long drawn-out shooting of his copious load straight down her "Greenhorn" throat. The fact that she swallowed the entire wad without complaint put her down in his books as top-notch poking material.

When they pulled into Crossbow, both Luke and the new schoolmarm exited together and he took her to his private apartment over the jail. She protested but he told her the hotel was often a scene of shootings and even rapes when the cowboys ran out of money. They might mistake her for one of the female tarts who took residence there for entertaining multiple partners each and every night.

Penelope had to giggle at the marshal's serious tone because she had the thought that if the schoolmarm position did not work out for some reason, she still stood to make a lot of money just doing exactly what the marshal just described. She hoped he didn't read her mind because it was most decidedly an improper thought for a lady of good breeding.

They both had a couple of shots from the marshal's special stock and he followed her up the stairs to the wide bed with nice clean sheets provided by the cleaning lady employed by the marshal's office.

Lucas lifted her knees up over her shoulders and slipped his sizable cock deep inside her pretty pussy. Penelope tried to take it like a lady but her base instincts betrayed her and she started to whimper like a little lovesick calf looking for its mama. The marshal looked down at her with those knowing eyes that stripped her soul bare of any pretense.

She wanted his cock in deep and he knew it.

Lucas did not spend his seed inside her vagina. He watched her go through two beautiful orgasms before he flipped her shapely body over and started to play with her pretty backside.

"Oh, marshal, a lady doesn't accept attentions back there. Please do be more circumspect."

The word "circumspect" was notably slurred probably due to the high alcohol content of the marshal's private stock. He disregarded her demurral knowing it to be false and inserted his talented finger deep into her quivering brown eye. She gasped and then started to hump into the mattress like a person possessed by a devil sucking her into a spiral straight down to hell itself.

He replaced his lubricated finger with his dripping cock and she pushed up in silent offering of her anal cherry to his total delight. Her confused anal muscle relaxed and Luke slid inside in full possession of Penelope's beautiful ass. She started to hump like a woman possessed and she did not stop until she reached a screaming orgasm. Lucas hoped the jail was sufficiently sound-proofed that her screams were not misunderstood to think he was torturing a prisoner.

They rested for a spell with him still buried inside and she lifted her lips for his tongue to play with while he had her under complete control. It was a strange feeling for the shy and sedate Penelope who had only made love to her god-fearing husband in a single missionary position their entire married life.

When Luke finally withdrew from her clutching rectum, she sobbed not in shame but in the fact that she was deprived of the sense of fullness that she had experienced for the very first time.

"Oh, Luke, that was so special. You make me feel so good. I hope we can be close because I will feel so lonely here with no friends of my own."

When she looked over at the marshal, Penelope noticed that he was breathing awful steady and then she realized he was sound asleep even though his cock was still standing straight up at attention and ready for action. Silently, she took it into her mouth tasting the bitter scent of her back door entryway but the temptation to use it the way she wanted without him in control was almost obsessive and she milked him with her tongue for some more delicious cream.

After that, she just put her head on his chest and fell off into a peaceful and sound sleep never hearing the gunshots from the direction of the hotel. It was just some cowboys whooping it up and having a high old time at the expense of real hotel guests.

(Part 2 will see the arrival of Penelope's 18 year old niece wanting to see the "real" West in person.)

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