The Looters of Rule Number One Is to Survive
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Post Apocalypse, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Violent, Prostitution, Military,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is a 12 chapter story that narrates the "Looters" Point of View in the original core story of "Rule Number One is to Survive" This block is far more erotic than the original story narrative so all readers should be warned about the scenario. The characters are almost all new and only a few crossover interactions will be present. The same will be true with the final 12 chapter block that looks at the scenario from the Military or Government forces Point of View.

Desmond Hunter and his younger brother Deshawn were hard at work removing the tires and wheels from a bad BMW that had wandered into their sphere of street operations that stopped short of actually stealing the entire vehicle. They had not adhered to such niceties prior to the time that Deshawn had reached the magic age of 16. Back then, anything went because he could always cop a plea for juvenile court which was a total joke. Desmond had followed the same rules of the game up to the time he had passed 16 and neither one of them had a valid rap sheet for a felony conviction.

Now Desmond was the ripe old age of 20 and his younger brother was sweet 18. If either of them ever felt the urge to steal a car, they would outsource it to an under 16 confederate who was in need of earning a "finder's fee".

Neither one of them ever remembered ever having seen their elusive father who was most likely a figment of their mother's imagination and not a real person at all. Theirs was a family that had milked the system for several generations ever since the innovation of the "Great Society" under the Democratic President from the great State of Texas, L.B. Johnson. The cycle of dependency seemed to snowball out of control in the major urban areas until it reached epidemic proportions just before Day Zero at the beginning of World War III.

Desmond was not a handsome fellow and any thought of steady employment as an independent contractor Pimp was out of the question. He had a hard enough time finding females his own age that would be willing to go out on a date with him. Deshawn, on the other hand, was a handsome lad who caused many a pussy to flutter just as soon as he opened his hypnotic mouth. He was able to get girls to bend over right out in public without any thought about their reputation or possible pregnancy. His biggest problem was his dangerous attraction to white women which hurt his street rep. and turned some more mature people of color into enemies. He had a whole stable of runaway white girls from faraway places that spent a lot of their time on their backs earning big bucks for the good-looking young man.

Deshawn also like the best of everything and he needed the cash to keep himself in the style that he knew he deserved. His older brother was upset with his younger brother's attitude but he had to admit it was Deshawn's thing and he didn't hide it from anyone.

The radio on their car was blasting out some prime rap when the Emergency Broadcast System broke in to announce the dire circumstances of the joint North Korean and Venezuelan actions.

Deshawn was really pissed that they had interrupted his music and was ready to find a tape and turn the radio off but his older brother stopped him and listened intently to the news of the attack. Deshawn was one who considered news and the like as "not his concern" and was only interested in new styles, new pussy, and new opportunities to make money.

Desmond was the quiet one but he was always interested in what was going on around him and actually listened to the teachers in school and read all the textbooks from front to back memorizing everything. Of course, he did his best to disguise that fact and pretended it all "Don't mean a thing!"

He recognized immediately that this was a "reset button" on everything. Desmond didn't want to get his brother too upset but he firmly insisted that they cease their work on the BMW and that they return to their fenced warehouse to regroup and make some plans for the new world getting ready to burst their happy little bubble.

The scene at the warehouse made it all seem like nothing was going on in the rest of the world. Lazy Jimbo was screwing a white bitch from the other side of the freeway behind the Dempsey dumpster. She was chewing her gum real fast so he knew the girl was getting it real good from Jimbo's super-sized cock. Her name was Doris-something and she was fairly intelligent, but had fallen on hard times when her mother got sent to a correctional institution somewhere down in Arizona. Ever since that time, she had taken up residence in a corner of the warehouse and was quick to service any of Desmond's "boys" whenever they had an urge. She didn't seem interested in making any money and in fact, was a little too plain of face for successful street-walking.

The Brown brothers were re-painting a nice little Volkswagen that had been spirited away from a car-rental lot when a stupid clerk left the keys inside. It was just begging for a new home and they were more than willing to find one for it. It would have to be outside their neighborhood because no self-respecting black man would be seen dead in a Volkswagen.

Tawny was doing her nails in the office with the little TV turned on to a soap opera. The stupid soap opera was still being broadcast but the entire bottom half of the screen was blocked out by the announcement about the attacks taking place. He could tell she was pissed off by the way she kept throwing sideways glances at the screen like it was something personal. She was kind of paranoid like that looking to fight if any white person looked too long at her for no reason. Tawny was kind of down on white people because her first boyfriend dumped her for a blonde cheerleader up in Anaheim. Besides, she was little on the hefty side and her bubble butt was hanging off the edge of the office chair.

Desmond thought her butt looked awful good no matter what size it was and he often carried out the most ridiculous orders from Tawny just to insure she put out for him when the lights went out. The more he worked to do her bidding, the more she abused his devotion. He almost lost it when he found her bending over for a Mexican cab driver just to get out of paying for an expensive ride from downtown L.A.

When the cab driver saw Desmond's gun, he hightailed it out of the area so fast the dust didn't settle for at least 15 minutes. Tawny told him that the driver had taken advantage of her because she was a poor black girl and made her take it despite her reluctance. Desmond knew it was all a big lie but was too smart to call Tawny out on it for fear of getting cut off for being too hard on her.

He called them all together outside the office and gave them the picture even though his brother Deshawn was busy combing his do and inspecting his nails in a completely bored attitude. Tawny was trying to see what was going on with the soap opera. All the others, especially Doris got the message and asked him what they could do to have a better chance. He told them to get an RV fueled up and two of the four-wheel drive Jeeps that seemed to go almost anywhere. Jimbo went with him to the storage locker and they loaded up the RV and the two Jeeps with all of their hardware. They were low on the shotgun ammo but had plenty for the street-sweepers that kept their warehouse off-limits to the encroaching Hispanic gangs that seemed to crop up over and over again.

Everyone piled into the vehicles and he told them they had to stop at Wal-mart on the way out of town. Fortunately, they were early enough to find the canned goods and water and other supplies he felt would help them stay alive a little bit longer. They headed into the valley and away from the main freeway so they could avoid the rush that was sure to start any minute.

When they stopped at the little combination gas station and liquor store on the back road, the owner told them that the gas had jumped from $4.00 a gallon to $25.00 a gallon because of "supply and demand". Desmond just smiled and told him to fill all the vehicles up. Inside the store, the old lady that was working the register gave him a wary look as he told the boys to stock up on plenty of beer and several bottles of his favorite vodka. She almost fainted when he pulled out the long pistol and told her to "hit the floor". When she was slow to respond, he whacked her on the side of her head knocking off her spectacles and dropping her like a cow shot in the head. Doris looked at him and Jimbo started moving the cases of beer a little bit faster.

Outside the old guy filling up the vehicles got the picture right away and didn't even ask for payment. Desmond saw him in the rear view mirror running back into the store to see how his wife had fared.

About five miles further on, they came across a car blocking the road. Inside were a man and his two daughters listening to the radio give out some dire warnings. Desmond approached the car and asked what the problem was.

"Well, mister, I can't get the damn thing to start and I know it ain't gas because I just filled up."

The two young girls in the back seat giggled and he heard one of them whisper to the father.

"Pa, he's a black man. Is he one of the one's you told us would be running around raping white women left and right?"

The man was red-faced and told the young girl of about 18 to hush up. The other girl was more mature and seemed off in her own world ignoring everything around her.

Desmond pulled his gun and told them all to get out of the car. They all responded quickly and stood on the side of the road looking scared. Then, he signaled Jimbo to push the car off the road and out of the way. Just as he turned back to the group next to him, he saw the man pull a nasty-looking automatic from under his jacket and swing it up to start shooting. Desmond had no choice but to put a bullet in the foolish man's head and shove the automatic inside his belt after putting on the safety. The two girls were huddled together looking like they were in a crazy movie.

Desmond got his brother up from the last Jeep and told him to give it to the younger sister real hard and good because he believed she was really looking for it bad. Deshawn just smiled and took the girl by the hand to the deserted car and pushed her into the back seat. A few minutes later the girl's squeals of passion made her sister look over with a questioning look on her face.

"Is your friend screwing my little sister, mister?"

She was so nonchalant about it that Desmond had to laugh. It was pretty obvious neither she nor her sister were too upset about the loss of their father, but she was upset because her sister was "getting it" and not her. He decided she needed a lesson in manners and took her up to the RV. Doris was inside reading a book that looked kind of deep. She saw they needed some privacy so she moved into the small kitchenette area and they went into the back bedroom with the bed that stretched across the entire width of the RV. He didn't fool around with any foreplay or bull-shit kissing.

She told him her name was Candy.

He told Candy to get face down on the bed and not look back. He told her he didn't want to see her white face when he was fucking her. She giggled and put her head into a pillow hiding her face. Desmond yanked her panties down and saw she had a beautiful ass. He just wished it were black instead of the pasty white, but he slipped his thick black cock into the back end of her soaked pussy slit from behind and she started cursing and talking dirty like a street whore who got shortchanged by a John.

Candy was making such a racket that Doris came from the other end of the RV to see what was going on and she stood there watching as Desmond banged the white girl's behind frantically with his blood-engorged cock. He could see that Doris was taking care of herself as she watched and she winked at him when he looked back over his shoulder at her.

He picked up the pace on the young girl and she whined her appreciation into the silent RV. The puddle of cum on her ass cheeks looked erotic and he didn't make any attempt to clean her up.

"You can ride with us or stay here. The choice is up to you."

Candy went to find her sister. They both came back to the RV and Candy told him her sister's name was Julie but that everyone called her Juicy because when she was small she had trouble pronouncing Julie. They both got onboard the RV and Doris made them some tea.

The drive into the valley was smooth after that and they started to look for a small town that could accommodate their group and be easy pickings for their control.

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