The Weekend Visit
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - young boy spent the weekend at his friends house

I spent the weekend at andys house. His mom was there, but his dad was going on a weekend golf outing with his friends.

I could tell she was mad at her husband for going, so Andy and I stayed out of her way. We could hear them arguing before he left!

After he left Andy and I watched tv in the living room. I went in the kitchen to get some water and his mom was standing at the sink crying. Being the sweet little kid I am, I consoled her and wrapping my arm around her waist, I ask her what was wrong. She of course said nothing, but starting leaning over and looking under the counter for something. I could see down her loose fitting blouse and could tell she didn't have on a bra. She looked up and saw where I was looking, but didn't say anything to me, just let me look ... wow I thought

She asked me to help her find a small pot to heat water in, so as she looked under the counter some more, I looked down here blouse. Her nipples got very hard,,,, she kept looking up at me, almost as if to make sure I was still looking down her blouse. I told her she was pretty, and I was glad she had stopped crying. She laughed and leaned over some more. She asked me what was andy doing, I said watching a western, she relaxed and kept looking under the counter. She stopped leaned over and rubbed her chest against my arm and went to another counter and leaned over again. I followed, very close too, bumping into her butt when she stopped and leaned over. I said I was sorry, and she smiled ... saying that was ok, she didn't mind if I bumped into her more often ... wow I thought.

She said she would heat the water later, but was going to go change and I should go watch tv with Andy. Disappointed I went back to the living room and watched tv with andy ... stretched out on the floor. After about an hour she came into the living room and sat with us. I noticed she had on the same blouse, but had taken her slacks off and was wearing a skirt, a very short skirt. Wow, I thought. When she sat on the couch she showed a lot of leg. When I looked up she was looking at me staring at her legs. She smiled ... wow I thought.

I positioned myself to look up her skirt if I got the chance ... and she didn't disappoint me. She changed her sitting position several times and I got a look all the way up to her white cotton panties...

When the movie was over, she said for us to go to bed. She went out of the room before we did and after a few minutes we crashed in andy's room. Him on his bed and me on a pallet on the floor.

She came in and asked me was I going to be ok there, I said sure ... I do it a lot at home when we have company. She kissed Andy good night and hugged him. AS she left Andy said jokingly that Steve didn't get a hug. I blushed and she laughed, coming to me, leaning over kissing my forhead too. Giving me a good long look down here blouse again ... God her nipples were hard. She left but after a few minutes came to our door and ask me would I help her in the kitchen find that small pot to heat water in ... I almost broke my neck getting up.

I followed her closely to the kitchen bumping into her butt a couple of times and she seem to enjoy it. In the kitchen not only did she lean over giving me a view of her breast, but then squatted giving me a close view up her skirt. She had taken her panties off ... wow ... I thought. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and I could see her pussy lips ... they looked so warm and inviting. When I stood up she was staring at the tent in my pj bottoms ... god I was hard ... She had a strange look on her face and said for me to come with her to the living room. She turned out all the lights and asked me had I kissed a girl before ... I said sure ... but then not much. She leaned back on the arm chair of the couch, pulling my face to hers, kissing my lips and hugging me. I was touching her thighs as we kissed, looking down I saw her skirt was pulled up around her waist and she was touching herself. she stopped, and as she pulled me close to her, she slid my pj bottoms down, letting my rock hard penis out. She pulled me into her and I felt the heat and wettness of her. Needless to say I exploded quickly and she held me inside her forever it seemed. I never did go soft and she started sliding me in and out of her for several minutes and then all of a sudden I felt another wave of heat down there, she moaned and let out a big sigh.

She pulled up my pj bottoms and said I better get to my pallet.

Off to bed and sleep I went!! Wow I thought,

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