A Lady's Home Companion
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom Watson started out sexually servicing his mother and two sisters at age 14, and that was before he even had a girlfriend. By a quirk of circumstances, he and his girlfriend saved his middle school from an attack by some Muslim terrorists, and killed four of the terrorists in the process. Guess what: this got them thrown out of school. Eventually, those two and Tom's sister became vigilantes. Of course, for fun, there was a lot of sex.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Humor   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Violent   School  

As for myself, I had been fucking ever since I could stay hard long enough to finish it out. I started with my mother, mostly because she wanted sex so badly.

My father had run off with a bimbo who worked in the same office as he did, and we never saw him again. At first, my mother tried to make do with dildos, but I could hear her in her room late at night crying in frustration because she could not bring herself off. One night, I could take it no longer and entered her room while she was in an anguish of frustration.

I walked in as she was vainly thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy. I didn't know how long she had been at it, but I could see that she had been crying for some time. "Mom, please don't carry on so. Please let me help you. It is tearing me up hearing you cry because you can't gain the release you seek. I have seen on the internet what needs to be done, and I am sure that I can do that for you."

"Tommy, what can you do? I would gratefully accept any help that I could get, but your cock is too small and won't stay hard long enough to do me any good."

"Mom, remember that I just turned 14, and now I can stay hard until I come. My cock may not be as big as a grown man's, but it should be enough to get you off. Please let me try to relieve your pain. If my cock doesn't work, maybe I can do something with that dildo."

"Okay, if you really want to help me, I can't turn you down. Take off your shorts and climb up here with me between my legs. Are you sure that you know how to fuck? I have heard about those movies on the internet, but I have never seen one."

"Don't worry, Mom. You can tell me if I am doing something wrong." She had already put aside the dildo, and it was so much larger around than I was at that time that I had no trouble seeing her pussy hole. She had recently shaved off all of her hair at or near her pussy, so I could see everything she had, including her clit that was straining for attention.

I knee-walked between my mother's spread thighs and let her guide my cock into place between her pussy lips. I pushed forward as soon as I was in place and had no problem sinking in until my pubic bone pressed against her pussy. I did not quite have the alignment to press on her clit, so I wiggled about until I did touch her on that most sensitive organ. Mom squealed when I made contact, and she immediately started to have a mini-orgasm.

I'd had no chance to start stroking, and that was just as well. Her vagina was stretched so far open by that giant dildo that I could not have done much good at the moment. However, as soon as she came down from her mini-orgasm, she grabbed me in her arms and hugged me to her breast. I was almost smothered by her frantic kisses as she blubbered her thanks over the orgasm that I had just given her.

"Oh, Tommy, that was the first time that I have come in a very long time. It wasn't the biggest orgasm I ever had, but it did remind me of what I have been missing. Please, I beg of you, please try to fuck me so that I can have another one. If I do, I know that I will sleep good for the first time in ages."

Well, you can bet that I wanted to come, too, so I was completely in agreement with her request to try again. Fortunately, the spasms that her pussy and vagina had gone through with that first come had caused her vagina to lose most of the stretch from that monster of a dildo. Her vagina was not nearly so loose as it had been, and it actually seemed to be an adequate fit for my current cock size.

Her cunt was not what anyone would call tight at this point, but it seemed tight enough. I began to stroke with my cock the way I had seen it done on the net, and Mom seemed to appreciate my efforts. I am sure that I did rub against her G-spot some of the time, but I had neither the skill nor the size to do it consistently at this time. Nevertheless, Mom definitely felt it every time I did rub her there, and she also rejoiced at those times when I banged her clit.

Anyway, I kept stroking until I came, but Mom had not come again. I was at the age when I didn't shrink much when I came, so I continued to stroke. I was getting tired toward the last, but Mom did come in a major orgasm before I burned out. She was ecstatic, of course, and did another one of her hugging and kissing bursts of enthusiasm. I hugged her and kissed her back, because I was delighted that my virginity was gone, and I'd had such an appreciative partner.

I lay there for a while between her thighs and across her tits: Mom just did not want to let me go. I did stay plugged into her cunt for a time, but I eventually shrank enough to pull loose. That was when Mom finally conceded that we were finished for the night and turned me loose. However, she did insist that I sleep in her bed for the rest of the night.

By the next morning, which was a Friday, Mom had decided that I was to sleep with her every night, and we would use her bed. Mom had a king-size bed, and there was plenty of room. We got up and she hurried to fix a breakfast for me, my two older sisters, and herself. At that point, my two siblings had no idea of the monumental change that had taken place the previous night, and were acting just like regular teenaged girls. That included picking on me. Thus, they were startled when Mom came down on them so hard for what they were doing. The two girls backed off, but I could tell that they wanted an explanation for the change in Mom. Well, if they were going to get an explanation, it would have to come from Mom.

We left for school and Mom left for work. The dishes had been dumped into the sink and covered with water, but nothing else was done until after school. We siblings split the household chores, but saved that for after we got home from school.

Man, I had a terrible time in school that Friday. I wanted to shout to the rooftops that I was no longer a virgin, but I knew how much trouble Mom would be in if the word got out about us fucking. Therefore, I bit my tongue and kept quiet, despite the pain and suffering that caused my ego.

When we got home, my sisters and I did the necessary chores, and I did my homework. I was still in middle school, but both my sisters were already in high school. Therefore, they did not have as much homework as I did and managed to finish theirs before Mom got home from work. Therefore, they were always the ones delegated to fix dinner. The girls were not exactly what I would call gourmet chefs, but what they did fix was tasty and ample for our needs. We didn't have the money to splurge on fancy food, anyway.

That evening, Mom got home from work a little early, and I was still working on my homework in my room. That gave my sisters time to quiz Mom on why she had such a change in attitude over their teasing me. They could tell that my status in the household had risen remarkably, but they did not know why, and they were determined to discover the reason.

Naturally, Mom didn't want to talk about it, but the girls wormed the information from her eventually. Both girls were on the Pill and had indulged in coitus with one or more high school boys, so they were sympathetic when Mom finally let them in on the problem that I had helped her with. Naturally, the discussion made dinner late that evening, but I was clueless when I was finally called to eat.

During dinner, I was amazed at the way the girls showed me new respect. They never once tried to tease me beyond a little gentle joking. Hell, I knew something had happened, but I had no idea what it was. Maybe I could find out from Mom what it was later tonight when we shared her bed.

Both girls had dates that night, so we kind of rushed through dinner, and they left to get ready for their boyfriends to call by. Mom and I normally did the dishes on Friday nights, and this night was no exception. The girls left the house before we finished in the kitchen, and they were hardly out the door when Mom began to cry. At least, this time it was not tears of anguish, but a kind of tears that I had never seen before.

"Mom, why are you crying? Have I done something to make you unhappy?"

"No, Tommy, it is just the opposite. These tears are those of happiness. I just realized that I have not been this happy since about a year after I married your father. Back then, he helped me in the kitchen the way you are doing, and I had an evening of fun to look forward to after we went to bed.

"Oh, I hope that I am not imposing on you by assuming that you would want a repeat of last night. Please don't assume that you must service me every night, though I am sure that I would enjoy it."

"Mom, I want us to make love every night! At least, I look at it as making love, and I hope that you do too. It's not just the sex that I look forward to, it's also my chance to make love to you in a way that I have never had a chance to do before. Mom, to me you are special, and not just because you are my mother!"

That was when Mom really began to cry! I thought that I had done something terribly wrong, but she assured me that these were more tears of happiness. We watched TV for a little while, and then she suggested that we take a shower together.

I was dumbfounded! I had never thought of taking a shower with my mother: that was something that was totally outside of my mental grasp. She looked at my face and took my hand to pull me toward the bathroom. "I can tell that I have surprised you, Tom, but I want to do it before the girls get home and complain about us using all of the hot water."

Okay, that was a plausible explanation for taking the shower now, but the whole concept was what was giving me problems. Then it dawned on me: Mom was treating me as if I were her current husband. I was convinced when, as we were walking toward the bathroom, Mom said, "By the way, don't call me Mom anymore. I think that you ought to call me Betty, now that we are sleeping together."

We entered our bedroom and shed our clothes. The girls were not due in for a couple of hours, so we marched down the hall to the bathroom without a robe or any other covering. We took our shower, making a point to insure that all of the naughty bits were thoroughly clean. As extra insurance, Mom, NO, make that Betty, dropped to her knees and used her mouth to make sure that my cock was clean. I am circumcised, so she had no problem reaching every surface of my cock that justified attention.

Betty had to catch me as I stumbled back when I came from that blowjob. It was my first, and I could now understand what the boys at school were so excited about. Betty caught me to keep me from falling, but I recovered quickly and helped her to her feet. We dried each other off and walked down the hall toward OUR bedroom.

Just as we got there, there was a loud noise at the front door and Margie, my elder sister, burst into the house and ran toward her mother's bedroom. She was boiling mad and about to explode! It was easy to see that she would be in trouble if she could not find somebody to vent to. We had not yet had a chance to close the door and Margie barreled into the room showing the level of wrath suitable for a Greek god.

Of course, we were both naked, and we were facing the door when Margie blundered in. At first, she never noticed our lack of clothes but simply ran to her mother and embraced her as if she could repair any hurt. Completely ignoring me, Margie almost shouted in her frustration. "Mom, I never want to see that bastard, Jimmy Hawkins, ever again in my life! He had me all set up for a rip-roaring good fuck, and then he popped his surprise. Not only did he want me to fuck him, which I have done a couple of times before, but he expected me to pull a train of four of his worthless friends.

"I would have fucked him as much as he wanted tonight, but he pissed me off when he just assumed without asking me that I was willing to fuck his four friends. Anyway, we had one hell of a row, but he finally brought me home. Now I am so turned on that I don't know where to look. If I don't have a fuck tonight, I feel like I will explode! What am I going to do?"

"Margie, get hold of yourself! I am sure that we can work something out to satisfy you. I have already told you that your brother is a first class fucker, so why don't you ask him to help you out? I thought that I was going to have him for myself alone tonight, but I am willing to share if he is willing. Of course, I am not going to force him to fuck you if he doesn't want to."

Margie said, "Oh, Tom, will you help me out? Normally, I would not even consider fucking my brother, but this is a special case. Please fuck me, I beg you."

"Okay, Margie, I'll fuck you if that is what you and Betty want. The question is, who goes first?"

The way Margie's face lit up, there was no question that she wanted to be first. Betty nodded, so Margie began tearing her clothes off, and tearing was the proper word. She was in such a hurry that she ripped her panties apart when she could not get them off quickly enough. Betty laid a towel on the bed and Margie climbed into place. She lay on her back and raised her knees. I knew what to do, so I had no trouble following through on her obvious invitation.

This was pretty much the standard missionary position which I knew well from the internet. I rubbed my cock along Margie's pussy slit and picked up enough lubricant to penetrate her. Margie was in such a hurry that she was holding her pussy lips open and urging me to hurry up. Well, I moved as fast as I could and pushed my cock past her pussy lips. Margie was so slick and ready that I could not have paused if I had wanted to. My cock went in as far as possible on that first stroke, and I bumped her clit. Margie was so turned on that that was enough to trigger her first orgasm. She bounced her hips around on the bed, and I felt like I had the proverbial tiger by the tail!

In no way was I ready to come, so I just held still and let Margie burn out her first come of the night. Once she had come back to Earth, I began to stroke, attempting to bump her clit and rub her G-spot with every thrust. Margie's vagina was much tighter than Betty's had been last night, so I had a much better record with rubbing her G-spot.

I continued to stroke as best I could and Margie continued to have orgasms. I counted six, but I may have missed some. Her last orgasm came with mine, and I shot her full of jizz to the point that some oozed out around my plunging cock. Margie let out an ear piercing scream with that last orgasm and simply collapsed in a dead faint. I was worried at that, but Betty insisted that it was Margie's expression of a superlative come, and I should take it as a compliment.

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