Sandwich Bar Girl - the Sequel
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Grant after spending the weekend sampling the carnal delights of young Tess returns her home to her mum Tanya. He finds her aunt Ronnie there too, and finishes up taking her aunt to his apartment for a sleep-over (not much sleep tho). They are joined in the morning by Tanya for what develops into a sensual threesome.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Cheating   Incest   Sister   Anal Sex   Squirting   Cream Pie   Size  

The evening spent with Tanya (Tess's mum) and her sister Ronnie (the nude lady from the beach) was very pleasant and relaxing. I quickly became at ease with them. I had been a little apprehensive meeting them after I had spent the weekend fucking 17 year old Tess especially since I was a 55 year old 'dirty old man'.

When it was time to leave, Ronnie asked if I could give her a ride home. Apparently she had been dropped off at her sisters by friends earlier in the afternoon. When she slipped into my BMW Z4 convertible she said to me with a giggle "Now I know how you charmed the panties off young Tess".

"I'll have you know that she slid topless into my bed on Friday night claiming to be afraid of the storm. And I resisted fucking her until the morning ... just in case she changed her mind" I explained and continued "I don't normally go around fucking teenagers."

"Hmmm ... but how about her 35 year old aunt then?" she asked with a huge grin on her face.

"Depends" I responded.

"Depends on what" she retorted.

"Depends on whether her aunt needs to go home to her bed ... or she can spend the night in mine" I replied.

"Oh ... show me to your bed then. I want to get up close and very personal with your wonderful cock again ... I was so jealous of the little bitch on the beach" Ronnie added.

10 minutes later we had made it inside of my apartment door. We were locked in an embrace with our lips mashed together with tongues duelling as we pulled at each others clothes. In less than 30 seconds we were naked and I was picking her up and carrying her out onto my veranda where I had a large day bed. The night was pleasant and ideal for fucking under the stars.

"Ooohh ... I thought the bedroom would be first port of call" she suggested.

"Hmmmm ... if you are a gusher like her then I don't want to be changing the bed sheets before we go to sleep together" I replied.

"Oh ... is she a gusher?" Ronnie queried.

"Most definitely" was my reply as I slid between her legs to bring my face close to her naked pussy with its petite clit piercing. Sliding my tongue between her pussy lips to part them and expose her inner lips and wet canal entry, I licked and teased her until she was moaning continually.

"Oh fuck ... oh crap ... oh my god" she gasped as a major cum rocked her body. Her juices flowed over my lips and tongue, wetting my face and dribbling down my neck. Her hands went to the back of my head as she tried to keep my tongue and lips in contact with her very excited and wet pussy.

With her cum on the wane, that was my cue to slid a finger into her tight hot pussy and seek out her g-spot. It wasn't hard to find with me soon stroking it as I licked her clit and pulled on its ring. She was so close to another explosion. With a couple more strokes and licks I sent her over the edge into convulsions as a massive cum rocked her body.

She was a gusher too. Her juices splattered all over my face and hands as I tried to devour her tangy juices. That was an impossible task given the amount of juices that she expelled in a few seconds. I gently removed my finger from her pussy and slowly crawled up to lay beside her as her body continued to have orgasmic aftershocks. I held her and presented my cum splattered face to her to kiss.

Ronnie actually licked her juices off my face before she kissed me.

"Oh wow" she finally gasped when she was able to speak.

Her hand went down and found that my cock was very hard, ready and waiting to plunder her pussy.

"Stay there" she said as she straddled my hips with her very wet pussy lips kissing my hard shaft as she slid up and down it to lube me with her juices. Satisfied that I was sufficiently wet she repositioned my cock to the entrance of her pussy canal. With a firm push she slid a little of me into the tight confines of her pussy.

"Oh god" she groaned as she orgasmed with just a couple of inches inside of her. Her pussy muscles grabbed my cock and held me tight for a few seconds before allowing my cock to resume its journey inside of her.

It was slow progress into her pussy as she had an orgasm every couple of inches, and with 10 inches to insert, she had a few very strong cums. Finally her ass rested on my hips with my cock fully embedded in her pussy.

"Oh fuck me ... that feels so fucking amazing" she gasped as I flexed my hips and cock deep inside of her.

My hands went to her tits to lift and caress them. She had a set of D-cup tits that were topped with dark brown nipples which were just so hard at the moment. I played with her tits and nipples as she churned her pussy against my cock.

"Did you think to get these babies pierced too when you had your pussy pierced" I asked her curiously.

"Hmmm ... I was drunk when I had my clit pierced. Girls night out that went wild when I was a teenager" she admitted with an embarassed grin.

"I love it" I admitted "It was great to pull on your ring when I was licking your pussy".

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck..." she groaned as another smaller cum rocked her body as she just sat there on my cock. When that cum had waned, we talked some more.

"Tess licked my pussy so well this morning ... just like you did not long ago ... you taught her well" she added with a grin.

"You're not a stranger to having your pussy licked are you?" I asked.

Ronnie thought about that question for a while before she answered.

"No ... I'm not. Tanya and I are very close as sisters" she admitted, leaving words unsaid.

"Hmmm ... that is great to know" I added.

Then Ronnie floored me with the next comment "You know that she and I discussed you when you went to the bathroom. She suggested that I try to get you into bed ... and give her a report when I visit her again".

"Where would this be leading?" I asked.

"To bed of course ... she and I like to share ... and its been a while since we have shared a guy together" she commented.

I laughed out loud. Ronnie looked at me with a questioning look.

I then filled her in with an explanation "You see Tess suggested that I meet her mother and try to seduce her ... Tess said that her mum needed a fuck cos she hasn't had any lately".

That really cracked up Ronnie with her laughing loudly. The effect of that was that her pussy moved around on my cock quite a bit and that led to the resumption of a vigorous fuck session with Ronnie plunging up and down on my very hard and fat cock.

"Ahhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhh ... oh fuck..." she gasped as a massive cum rocked her body with her juices streaming down my cock. The extra stimulation was too much for me this time, with my balls expelling their cum load deep inside of her hot pussy.

"Oh ... fuck you ... I'm cummmmiiiinnnggg" I gasped as I pumped her pussy full of my hot cum.

Ronnie gasped "I can feel you ... I can feel your cum squirting into me".

For the next couple of minutes we fucked energetically as we tried to prolong our mutual cums to the max. Finally she collapsed on top of me with her massive tits pressing into my chest as it heaved from her exertions. Our lips came together as we shared a deep and lingering kiss.

Ronnie fell asleep on top of me.

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